insure sätze

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Insure sätze (in englisch)

  1. Ah! You wish to insure yourself.
  2. Insure against street accident too.
  3. Insure that the stem is tightly in.
  4. TOMIC cannot insure what it doesn’t know.
  5. Insure that the heater is in good condition.

  6. Thomas was trying to insure getting a yes.
  7. They help insure that a goal is achieved on time.
  8. They are the only things that insure our survival.
  9. I went upstairs to insure that I looked presentable.
  10. I have taken great care to insure that all the.
  11. Syndot was working to insure the encroachment would.
  12. An aside…As to why Jehova would insure that their.
  13. Many insurers either will not insure a patient with an.
  14. It is a moral responsibility to the citizens to insure.
  15. In order to maintain stability in Japan and insure the U.

  16. Crusades was to find, preserve, and insure the survival.
  17. In order to insure I won, I picked an especially cheap meal.
  18. He has to insure the house, maintain it and then market it.
  19. She wanted to insure that there was no way out for the girl.
  20. There was a deliberate decision to first insure the entire.
  21. They can help keep you organized and insure that you have a.
  22. Insure crawl space vents for proper ventilation of all areas.
  23. Conceive beyond money, or embrace the collapse it will insure.
  24. Campaign to Insure Mental Health and Addiction Equity, 256.
  25. To fill up the reel spool and insure an adequate reserve in case.

  26. We took steps therefore to insure that he should not see his wife.
  27. Are the present precautions enough to insure you against robbery?
  28. In this amazing intimacy every care should be taken to insure success.
  29. He fiddled with the ‘closed’ sign to insure it was properly placed.
  30. These are some of the requirements that will insure peace and tranquility.
  31. I have copyrighted this form so that I could insure that it be used in a.
  32. In the example, the car owner paid $1,000 to insure the car for 12 months.
  33. There is no doubt that some form of due process should be in place to insure.
  34. Okay Roger, so ya need a hundred million to insure this Rally, correct?
  35. Allow more time getting to and from your destination, and insure your tickets.
  36. This will insure that you get the rest and recovery that your body needs to be.
  37. That’s how the Campaign to Insure Mental Health and Addiction Equity was born.
  38. The reason for the Impact study was not to insure compliance – it was solely to.
  39. The option buyer paid $3 to insure 100 stocks of XYZ at a price of $90 for 30 days.
  40. She knew I was coming, and I was sure to walk quietly, to insure it was a surprise.
  41. And no doubt built to insure the privacy of the deliberations that were held here.
  42. First, Lieutenant James did not insure that communications would be installed in time.
  43. Each man in the lethal trio looked the other two over to insure nothing was out of place.
  44. Overpopulation is the oldest genetic tactic to insure the survival of a species there is.
  45. She was always of the first ones in presenting to the church to insure the best position.
  46. But there's also no question that smart buying isn't at all sufficient to insure success.
  47. All you can provide me with as a reason is as a hostage to insure my sister's cooperation.
  48. Providing housing, food and water for our bird allies will help insure good insect balance.
  49. It is not the purpose of true religion merely to bring peace but rather to insure progress.
  50. In a society without money where everyone cooperates to insure the well being of everyone.
  51. And is it not better to submit to some inconveniences, eventually to insure a free trade?
  52. If there were no losses, no one would need to insure and then TOMIC would be out of business.
  53. Recent legislation, for example, designed to lower the cost of drugs does more to insure the.
  54. This type of business enterprise or program also adds eyes and ears to the community to insure.
  55. There was nothing in the nature of this highly competitive business to insure future stability.
  56. Such is his plan; such are the efforts and sacrifices he is making to insure its accomplishment.
  57. They can pick and choose who they want to insure and the price they want to charge for insurance.
  58. You can help insure that birds will visit often by providing bird feeders in and around your yard.
  59. AIG was selling credit insurance, credit default swaps (CDS), to insure mortgage-backed securities.
  60. The February 27, 2007 edition of USA Today had the headline, Forever stamp may insure against hikes.
  61. He replayed Hampton's words in his mind several times to insure that what he was hearing was right.
  62. This will better insure the safety of the homes and ranches along with the surrounding countryside.
  63. This is easily understood by realizing that it took great wisdom to insure that the messages of the.
  64. It is up to the investor to take note of this and make changes accordingly to insure optimal returns.
  65. He would insure that any report they dare filed with the council, would be discredited and destroyed.
  66. Sir, in the administration of this Government two things alone are necessary to insure its durability.
  67. Check for plant growth directly outside vents to insure that it’s not inhibiting proper ventilation.
  68. Before digging into the ice, the captain had to obtain borings, to insure working in the best direction.
  69. As we continue to move ahead, it can be instructive to create psychological checkpoints to insure progress.
  70. This legal limits that was established by the Feinstein-McCain Campaign reform is another scam to insure.
  71. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery.
  72. The crates were not airtight and additional holes had been bored in the lid to insure necessary ventilation.
  73. This is what the insurance company defines as the minimum amount needed to pay for their cost to insure you.
  74. A prison described to man is self governing, designed to insure deprivation to go down in the dust with Him.
  75. Use these as a way to insure that you remain committed to the simple principles that will secure your freedom.
  76. These rules have been put out to insure safety and happiness for this spirit in this life and the life to come.
  77. It is wholly erroneous to suppose that faithfulness in doing one's daily work will insure the rewards of wealth.
  78. Vincy's answer consisted chiefly in a demand that Lydgate should insure his life—a demand immediately conceded.
  79. Our object now ought to be to recover the ground we have lost, and meet the enemy with troops that will insure success.
  80. In 2003, Pepsi paid Berkshire $10 million to insure against a contest Pepsi held which had a potential $1 billion prize.
  81. But my Father works, and I would work, to improve your earthly state but more especially to insure your eternal estate.
  82. The forward cast or power stroke is delivered in an upward direction to insure the line is propelled clear of the water.
  83. Once inside the house the girls headed right for the kitchen, just to insure there were no little animals hanging about.
  84. Blood tests were done all the time on all who wished to mate; this was to insure there was no interbreeding among families.
  85. This will insure that you get the rest and recovery that your body needs to be able to function effectively during the day.
  86. In order to insure a good reception there, only one irreproachable thing is asked of you; your conscience? No, your boots.
  87. It is also the only way to insure all medical conditions, and all patients, are treated fairly, and that we achieve parity.
  88. It was three o'clock; at a quarter past, a merchant presented himself to insure two ships; it was a clear profit of 15,000.
  89. If Edgar Linton meets me, I shall not hesitate to knock him down, and give him enough to insure his quiescence while I stay.
  90. Over five thousand warriors who were wounded elected to stay behind and insure that our escape was not noticed the next day.
  91. The elections are begun; and I presume no vigilance or industry will be remitted to insure the success of the Federal party.
  92. If messages are not relayed, keep a message pad by each telephone to insure messages are recorded and placed in a certain rank.
  93. Portfolio insurance can be used by a fund manager to insure the value of the securities in a portfolio against a drop in value.
  94. While it will not kill you, it will insure the complete sincerity of your vow, and I think that it is fitting that it be so!.
  95. If you pay to insure your house, however, and it does not burn down, that does not mean the expenditure for insurance was wasted.
  96. In addition, the industry has made a lot of changes in rules and regulations to attempt to insure better conditions for the future.
  97. Their reason for choosing so unusual an hour for a consultation was obviously to insure that there should be no other patient in the.
  98. Last Friday, while trying to impress upon him that only good behavior would insure him a desk in my room, I wrote some of his sayings.
  99. The more pre-planning that is done in advance with all the proper knowledge needed will insure a much more enjoyable and safer journey.
  100. For instance, does this program work for me? I want you to ask yourself this question because the objective is to insure your success.
  1. They are merely insuring their own self-survival.
  2. God’s way of once again insuring that no one knows the.
  3. Begin by insuring that the line is straight and tight to the rod.
  4. The second is a treaty insuring Iran will never try to develop them.
  5. One option is to consider insuring a spouse or child who could qualify.
  6. I shall not rest satisfied with merely employing my capital in insuring ships.
  7. Polk's war thus failed at half its intended goal, insuring the continuation of slavery.
  8. As quietly as she could, she checked around the corner insuring that all was truly clear.
  9. In essence, its light was generated in a vacuum, insuring both its steadiness and intensity.
  10. We have put ourselves in a situation endangering collision with France, and almost insuring amity with England.
  11. Tools cannot understand that what they are doing is not insuring their own survival by increasing their numbers.
  12. Will you charge the same price for insuring homes of equal value in Florida and in the Cayman Islands? Of course not.
  13. Both health wise (unless using the strategies mentioned above of insuring a spouse or a child) and from a financial standpoint.
  14. The risk you were insuring against, the possibility that the stock would surpass its all-time high, would be almost non-existent.
  15. After all, what could be more important than insuring that you have planned wisely, and are well taken care of in your retirement?
  16. Thus, if volatility is in the lower 25% of its historical range, you should always spend a few dollars on insuring the value of the open iron condor.
  17. His orders from the Duke of Orléans were clear: to prevent the royal family from fleeing Paris, while also insuring its security against possible rioters.
  18. It devolved upon him to arrange lodgings and in a general way select places for teaching and preaching, thereby insuring a smooth and expeditious travel schedule.
  19. Jefferson, once a strong critic of slavery who ended the slave trade into the US, took part in efforts to isolate Haiti, insuring its long history of future poverty.
  20. It was a convenient and practical way of insuring that the tower was always occupied, and that all who dwelled or worked within it, were safe, secured, and available when needed.
  21. An insurance firm is insuring against risks that may occur in the future, and managers who have been in the industry for a long time have lived with the fallout of their mistakes.
  22. It did not help that they backed up the forecasts of their models with tons of borrowed money, insuring that if they were wrong for only a short time, the mistake would still be lethal.
  23. But the befooled Anselmo said he would on no account allow such a thing, and so in a thousand ways he became the author of his own dishonour, while he believed he was insuring his happiness.
  24. On the other hand, when volatility is at its highest levels and declining, insuring may be unnecessary; it is likely that the trade was entered when you had a full view of the risk associated with the trade.
  25. The insurance industry got its start from insuring slave ships and slaves, especially from losses where the ships' crews forced to dump slaves overboard if caught smuggling slaves after the overseas trade had been banned.
  26. Once the franchisee has entered into the franchise agreement, the Master Franchisee may aid the franchisee in site selection, build-out, equipment acquisition, training coordination and in opening, operating and insuring quality control.
  27. The study compared seven federal employee health plans that had added parity and paired the findings with results over the same period of seven other plans—not covering federal employees, but insuring a similar group of patients—that did not offer parity.
  28. Now, after so many centuries of futile effort to protect ourselves by the methods of the pagan system of violence, it should be evident to every man that all such effort, far from insuring our safety, tends only to add a new element of danger both to individual and social existence.
  29. They cannot protect us, unless we, as agents of will, choose policies, implement plans, and take decisive actions on behalf of them to help and protect the virtualnisms, and, perhaps, ourselves and the collective good the virtualnism is supposedly designed and dedicated to promoting, insuring and protecting.
  30. The absence of life-boats was not due to their cost, but to the demand for a great promenade deck, with ample space to look out on the sea with which a continuous row of life-boats would have interfered, and to the general tendency to lavish money on the luxuries of a voyage instead of first insuring its safety.
  31. Army and the Second British Army advancing in parallel towards the Rhine, the Second British Army will halt and pivot to redeploy westward to take defensive positions along the east banks of the Rhône and Saone Rivers, insuring the security of our left flank against German counter-attacks coming from the Atlantic coast.
  32. So you might think that the wealthy individuals who paid for the displays and feasts out there are the ones who truly deserve your gratitude, yet they have more than profited from their venture by having the chance to display their wares before such a great crowd, insuring many sales, and by the chance to enter new markets in the future!.
  33. It was for "the forming of a more perfect union, establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquillity, providing for the common defence, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity," and all these benefits for the people that then did, or who thereafter should, belong to, or reside in the territory then embraced by the United States, and none other.
  34. IN return: these domesticated dogs acted as guards, warning the people of any approaching danger, they acted as companions, constantly begging for attention, willing to do ANYTHING for a little love, they ran with the hunters and brought down game the hunters could not bring down, they were the ears, eyes and nose of these nomads, they were invaluable in insuring their survival: and for their sacrifice, for their mindless programmed domesticated worship of their masters… they were given scraps, and whenever a female wanted some meat to add to the stew, a little food was used as bait to lure one of the DOGS close enough so their heads could be bashed in with a cudgel, and they were then gutted, skinned and their meat was eaten.
  1. Heidi Klum's legs are insured for $2.
  2. They say he had only just insured it.
  3. First, there is an asset being insured.
  4. They are bonded and insured to protect.
  5. The hard drive on your PC can be insured.
  6. Emperors insured there is no blood deficit.
  7. They say that he had just insured his house.
  8. It was insured and we are not there any more.
  9. Homes are usually insured on an annual basis.
  10. Plus, the services and credit card is insured.
  11. We will be insured to carry the love of God in us.
  12. Being illegal, they therefore could not be insured.
  13. Our lives in heaven are insured by the blood of Jesus.
  14. Lives insured and a bit invested for fear of accidents.
  15. Even to have been associated with him insured a worst.
  16. And my rental car isn’t insured to cross the border.
  17. In the case of auto insurance, the asset insured is the car.
  18. I hoped Cloudcroft was insured against giant wild boar attacks.
  19. Once it was one of a perfectly matching pair, insured for two.
  20. As it is we felt quite insured it would be as was said last year.
  21. In options the asset being insured is the stock, index, or future.
  22. The contract of insurance is between the insurer and the insured.
  23. Many of these newly insured patients will be covered by Medicaid;.
  24. The amount of FDIC insured banks that have failed is approximately 0.
  25. The car was not insured and he was not in any position to replace it.
  26. The transaction involves the insured assuming a guaranteed and known.
  27. And, each policy can have a different owner, insured and beneficiary.
  28. No person could have insured that Christians would have modified the texts.
  29. If they did not heart my child they can take what they want because I am insured.
  30. I told you yesterday, Im not insured and you could sue me if you had an accident.
  31. If your village had been insured it would be replaced without cost to the community.
  32. But the Tsar's gratitude is short-lived so I insured it for one hundred million Hydrans.
  33. This means He is able to supply the true knowledge, such requirement insured the opposite.
  34. His other assets are the Cessna, which of course is now worth nothing but insured at 60,000.
  35. It was such who form a ‘nexus of loot’ with the insured and the Loss Assessors, he concluded.
  36. Also the higher the crime rate gets the more the people have to see that they are insured to cover.
  37. You should have insured a place for your children in the social scheme years ago—but you didn’t.
  38. Luckily, and much to his surprise, Conseil pulled off a right–and–left shot and insured our breakfast.
  39. Unfortunately, today’s naval battle all but insured that the Japanese will not back down from this fight.
  40. In 2008, a total of 25 FDIC insured banks failed, and through May 2009 another 36 FDIC banks joined the list.
  41. Yelled at, sure, by Rattigan, telling Califia to take back all her lousy predictions that insured the future.
  42. Because the van was insured for breakdowns, the bill for the repair was charged to Backpackers in Christchurch.
  43. The problem we have is that we don’t have it all and we need to be insured or we will have to cancel the Rally.
  44. I’m figuring that if he runs into my truck, I’m calling the cops, and anyway, the truck is insured to the hilt.
  45. You are not insured against it, are you? What will happen to them then? They will be in the street, all of them, she.
  46. When a homeowner defaults on a mortgage insured with PMI, the mortgage insurer pays the lender a percentage of its loss.
  47. In the course of a single year they felled twenty-seven oaks in his forest, and burnt a barn which had not been insured.
  48. This money was sent down by the waggon, and insured by the carriers at an additional expense of three quarters per cent.
  49. We had lost our last $2k from the sale of the Orinda house to the collapse of a state insured S & L (merely a trailer on U.
  50. In an insurance company like Allstate the underwriting department defines the expected losses for a specific group of insured.
  51. We had lost our last $2k from the sale of the Orinda, CA house to the collapse of a state insured S & L (merely a trailer on U.
  52. Or do the insured care enough for the uninsured to stop paying their premiums in protest to help collapse the Insurance Industry?
  53. While indeed encompassing, it however proved to be worded in a way that insured discretion from all royal officers who would read it.
  54. She leaned over the table and said sweetly to me, Why did you set fire to the house? The house was insured for millions, non?
  55. Because CDs are insured by the FDIC, they’re as safe as savings accounts, and—at the time of this writing—just about as exciting.
  56. To Joe Billie‘s Grandfather peace meant only the absence of war and it was war or the threat of war that insured the peace; no compromise.
  57. Otherwise, you have merely insured the perpetuation of each generation not growing up as they were supposed to and as they were designed to.
  58. Then he served somewhere else, and now that he was a weak, old man he had this position, which insured him a good house, an income and respect.
  59. Doors were cut into the watertight bulkheads and were shut hermetically by means of india–rubber seals, which insured complete safety aboard.
  60. Plus, up to $100,000 held in a savings account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which is basically the government.
  61. You simply name yourself as the beneficiary of the policy, and you can get very similar benefits even though you’re not the one actually insured.
  62. If the dealer does have a blackjack, the players are paid twice the amount that they have insured, effectively resulting in a push with the dealer.
  63. In essence, the burdens of higher health care costs that come with growing older have been spread out more evenly across the entire pool of insured.
  64. Anthony and I were the only ones insured to drive; the girls responsibilities were shopping at markets and cooking excellent meals on our gas cooker.
  65. We have insured the confidence of the nation, from the seashore to the mountains beyond them, as far as our population reaches, in our naval ability.
  66. Moreover, I am not sure what the city is insured for, and all the other insurance companies that have insurance on other businesses here in the city.
  67. I lately read a story by Coppée, in which an orderly kills his officer, who has his life insured, and thus saves his honour and the life of his family.
  68. Her shields insured that none of the debris collided directly with her hull, but the constant collisions were strewing the destruction in every direction.
  69. Although traders vary in how much they buy, no more than 10% of the credit received on a sale is necessary to ensure that the iron condor is properly insured.
  70. The $2k proceeds from sale of our house—at huge loss due to prevailing 14% mortgage rates—were deposited into a state insured S&L which then went bankrupt.
  71. She beamed with joy because the enhancements he'd made to himself over the centuries insured that no woman would ever fail to find fulfillment in his bed again.
  72. When we got $2k back on the sale of our over leveraged house, I put it in a state insured S&L that Stan Hawkes, the Navy financial analyst, assured us was OK, i.
  73. Actually, I only had it insured for two thousand dollars, but there had been a miscalculation, and I’d been paying the premium for twenty thousand-dollar cover.
  74. Enormous ingenuity is apparent with some of the loners in placing the water supply higher than the unit and connecting it with plastic pipe so that a gravity flow is insured.
  75. Before dinner was ready to be placed on the table, Beth insured that the tables were all properly dressed with clothes, of brightly colored floral prints and napkins to match.
  76. Price does not rule out more traditional approaches to valuation: reproduction costs of the assets, how much they are insured for, multiples of cash flow, and even book value.
  77. The bank was federally insured and guarded by the local sheriff’s office led by none other than Sheriff Reginald Pantalero, or Willie The Woodman’s Chief Pantalero.
  78. By following some of these very simple guidelines, you’ll be insured a day of fun and protection on your boat! Speaking of protection, this is probably the key to boat ownership.
  79. But once you’ve decided how much cash you need to have on hand, where do you keep it? Most of us choose bank accounts that are insured by the FDIC for balances of up to $250,000.
  80. It was the Soviets' late entry that utterly demoralized a fading Japan and caused its surrender, much like the US's late entry into World War I insured a much faster German defeat.
  81. Then with her little scissors, by the aid of a pocket looking-glass, she mercilessly nipped her eyebrows off, and thus insured against aggressive admiration, she went on her uneven.
  82. Mad telephoned the local car rental company and within half an hour a small hatch-back, insured for multiple drivers, had been hired in her name and delivered to the front of the house.
  83. They would not have to arrest Jesus in public, and the securing of Judas as a traitorous ally insured that Jesus would not escape from their jurisdiction as he had so many times in the past.
  84. The number may sound high to the unknowing, but consider that there were over 7,000 FDIC insured banks at the end of the first quarter of 2009 and only 36 failed over the previous 15 months.
  85. When the subprime mortgages started to default, the underlying mortgage-backed bonds insured by AIG started failing and AIG was caught without enough liquidity to back the securities it had sold.
  86. Before he went away he had a long, private conversation with Crass, who told him that Philpot had no relatives and that his life was insured for ten pounds in a society of which Crass was also a member.
  87. We gave him our address, he mailed the check, I used it to open an account at a state insured S&L, and, you guessed correctly, IT went bankrupt leaving us in a rented two story townhouse with no savings.
  88. And it's sad to think that this deed, which should have been an international deed, which would have insured that any administration went down in history, will succeed only through the efforts of one man.
  89. We just had to give you some perspective on your unique position and situation, before we introduced you to the One---that insured your complete immortality and indestructibility---trust me on that one; it did.
  90. The fees and interest rates are typically lower at credit unions than at a bank, and you get all of the same benefits as FDIC protection for your deposits (credit unions insured by NCUA which is comparable for FDIC).
  91. You are not insured against it, are you? What will happen to them then? They will be in the street, all of them, she will cough and beg and knock her head against some wall, as she did to-day, and the children will cry.
  92. I don't know what he had looked like, except a funeral; with the addition of alarge Danish sun or star hanging round his neck by a blue ribbon, that had given him the appearance of being insured in some extraordinary Fire Office.
  93. By not only prizing and sanctifying their use, but by training their brains to function as a tool through the ritualization of their lives; humans not only guaranteed their own survival, they insured the survival of their tools.
  94. So with serious planning and with the aid of several accomplished persons he does the business, picks up a check for eighteen really big ones and inherits the entire Anton Clegg estate which was mortgaged to hell, but well insured.
  95. They would contact insurance underwriters throughout the country to study their report and a risk analysis (another issue) and come back with recommendations on the size of premiums and kind of coverage we needed to be adequately insured.
  96. The President also called for congressional hearings on mental health parity for the rest of insured Americans—knowing, of course, that this was going to take much longer to achieve and that it couldn’t be accomplished with just a stroke of his pen.
  97. True, these funds aren’t insured by the FDIC, but because they are tied only to US government debt and not to any corporations or banks that might default, the only way you can lose your money is if the government fails to pay its short-term obligations.
  98. Nancy felt total discouragement as she finished analyzing the data from the spying probe: the actions and intentions of King Stan and of his command staff left the Time Patrol no choice but to erase the Imperium if the Global Council’s survival was to be insured.
  99. Economists seem to believe that much of the problem in commercial banking revolves around moral hazard—banks financed largely with government insured deposits could take special risks in lending because if the loans turned bad, the government would bail out the depositors.
  100. Moreover, whenever complicated experiments are in progress, so careful an observer as Gartner would have castrated his hybrids, and this would have insured in each generation a cross with pollen from a distinct flower, either from the same plant or from another plant of the same hybrid nature.
  1. Diversity insures stability; this is not a luxury.
  2. Drawing near to Him insures that His strength will.
  3. It is by this means that the tool insures its own survival.
  4. He is the President of the insurance company that insures our city.
  5. When doing that insures disaster, then the allegation, 'They did that!', is a gulag branding.
  6. It insures the clarity of meat from all defects and all agents which cause diseases (pathogens).
  7. He provides everything with an adequate deal of His Light that insures their life and existence.
  8. MARKET! By the way, selling as lowest price virtually insures your business will always suck.
  9. The architecture of a man’s Parliment gliding at a person’s own will insures his objectives.
  10. This insures there’s always at least one of the two branches making short term profits most of the time.
  11. The stock is at the risk of the borrower, who, as it were, insures it to the lender ; and four or five per cent.
  12. You have enjoyed that parental love which insures laudable self-confidence and which fosters normal feelings of security.
  13. By the emancipation of the slave, a system of education was introduced to the South that insures a lasting blessing upon the whole people.
  14. Remember, an insurance company does not care who it insures, only that it is selling statistically the best product at the highest price, with the most return.
  15. Paying a long term care insurance premium now insures at least partial coverage later for nursing home, home care, and other types of long term care, depending on the policy.
  16. Originally, we were designed to follow one universal adaptive pathway that insures the survival of all living things: the path of the increasingly sensitized dynamic balance.
  17. Before death a man must without fail receive a spoonful of bread and wine; and if there be time to be anointed with oil, that is still better, for it insures his welfare in the future life.
  18. The ethic of objectivity, or impersonality: of any separation between the giver and the receiver insures that there is no human equality, no true caring, no true honesty or love between them.
  19. Casting the displacement also insures that if things go badly wrong and you appear in solid rock, at least you will be in a hollow in the rock shaped like you, rather than being melded with the stone.
  20. This insures that the investment holdings and numbers used in back-testing this portfolio were and are accessible to the everyday man on the street and not only available to multibillion-dollar Wall Street institutions.
  21. For example, if TOMIC insures defense contractors and new legislation from Congress cuts defense spending by half, TOMIC might stop writing options on defense contractors or it might reinsure its position by buying puts.
  22. There is present that natural affection between every normal child and its father which insures an understanding and loving relationship, and which forever precludes all disposition to bargain for the Father's love and mercy.
  23. We get comfort from the consensus, but making the same investment choices as a large number of other intelligent people almost mathematically insures you'll do the wrong thing at the wrong time because security prices reflect that consensus.
  24. The competitive weaning process that only rewards the lucky few in all competitive sports insures that the majority of humans do not even get a chance to develop their potential in any field of endeavour; be it professional sports or the job market.
  25. But, whether the law be benign or not, we must say of it, as we say of the change in the conditions of men to which we have referred: It is here; we cannot evade it; no substitutes for it have been found; and while the law may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it insures the survival of the fittest in every department.
  26. Among the several States commercial intercourse is great, and daily increasing; the constant traffic which the different portions of the country maintain with one another, will give facility to the operations of the Government, and obviate the obstacles which are anticipated; the very commerce which enables the Treasury to remit with ease immense sums to every part of Europe is the result of this interchange among the States, and insures equal facility at home.

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