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    1. knowing the dense foliage would hamper pursuit

    2. “Someone wanted to hamper our investigation

    3. The doctor's supplies, the impromptu picnic hamper that he brought over from the barn the previous evening is empty, save for a couple of sachets of Resolve

    4. Sally called out to me to go into the kitchen where she was packing the last of the picnic into a hamper

    5. ’ I replied, handing her the plates which were still on the table so that she could pack them into the hamper

    6. How he wished there was nothing between them, nothing to hamper the sensation

    7. Dingle does like a tidy garden as much as you like apple and blackberry pie" said Granny as she packed the last of the plates and cups into her enormous hamper

    8. To see a hamper in your dream indicates that you need to find a more productive way to express your negative feelings

    9. steward to put up for me a hamper of provisions, which the half-wild

    10. But it was for the Yule Glow, which meant it would be about the fourteenth year in a row so far for a food hamper

    11. He opened the laundry hamper and stuffed the used items in

    12. Mother Narmada want the pot for? Why will she hamper the

    13. That’s why I brought a hamper of balls

    14. One day Arnie had surprised her by turning up on her day off and took her on a picnic, he had a hamper full of fried chicken, salad, fresh bread and soda

    15. I move to the Asian partition and the hamper filled with bloody clothes

    16. Having lost, the Federalists did all they could to hamper the incoming Republican administration

    17. * Take off clothing and place it in sectional laundry hamper according to lights and darks

    18. emergence of supplements that hamper the process of the

    19. You can find yourself incessantly fantasizing about your fetish -to the point where it starts to hamper

    20. In the morning Perithnea told me that grays had been playing at levitating the plastic clothes hamper and one had accidentally allowed it to fall when it reached the ceiling

    21. The men bend the boy over a hamper and start pulling off his pants

    22. He lifted my hair and smoothed it down my back, so it would not hamper him

    23. One of the prizes was a large hamper containing all sorts of foodstuffs

    24. Notwithstanding the favorable attitude of many of Herod's advisers, and even of Herod himself, there existed a group of his subordinates who were so influenced by the religious leaders at Jerusalem that they remained bitter and threatening enemies of Jesus and the apostles and, later on, did much to hamper their public activities

    25. Though you have awesome talent, a lack of ‘likeability’ will hamper progress these days

    26. Truthfully, even these six weren’t enough to seriously hamper my strength

    27. 'Then my cup of happiness is brimming! But I will not hamper your escape

    28. It is very important to prevent aggression problems as early as possible, since it can hamper your training program

    29. Have a two-compartment hamper in the kids’ rooms so they can sort lights from darks as they undress

    30. "Providing there's no breach of security, no general danger to the citizens of British Columbia or Canada, for that matter, we should refrain from any action that might hamper or prevent the Soviet

    31. As a further precaution, most of the entrances to the Nile had been obstructed with hulks and debris to hamper any vessels attempting to use the waterways

    32. She knew that he was honest, and that he was doing his best to help, and any scrutiny could only be a distraction and hamper his progress

    33. Much change comes in the way of appreciation of sight and that which you refuse to see, because of the energy, can hamper your vision

    34. Blindness would hamper her options of killing herself and returning to Ashley as promised

    35. Nevertheless, Li Hongzhi declined it as the fetter to cultivation, the hamper

    36. ‘’Ken, Nancy told me a number of time about how inter-service rivalry in the American forces and between various government departments would hamper or even sabotage the war effort

    37. Getting emotionally attached can seriously hamper that goal

    38. There they had lunch that was meticulously prepared by Robbie and brought in a special waterproof hamper, which he strapped to the mast of the boat

    39. The nation’s energies were devoted to supporting the bombing offensive and a great number of her best and bravest young men gave their lives to carry it out, though in the end it did little to hamper the German war machine, but much to sow the seeds of post war hatred

    40. 'The skin on the surface is oxidised Bismuth, and too much of that will hamper crystal growth

    41. Don’t go with trouble mind, trouble heart and trouble soul in your life, it will always hamper you

    42. wet stinky towels were removed from the bag and tossed into the hamper

    43. because the chemicals present in them can hamper the movement

    44. Finally, it will also hamper your concentration along with sluggishness in the examination timing

    45. He had slept like a log, what with all the stress of the past few weeks, and a good dinner with one of Denis’s better wines, but he was away from the house just after eight, hamper in the boot, and his rod and tackle on the back seat of the Mini

    46. “And wonderfully relaxing,” said Robin, as he wrestled the hamper out of his boot

    47. “Good grief - look what I’ve found!” said Robin as he put the hamper into the boot of his car

    48. not hamper the progress of the Private Schools either

    49. would seriously hamper that

    50. gave him that day could severely hamper his chances in the highly political

    1. hampered by the bicycles, it became apparent that they were

    2. “That bad tail that she spotted has hampered my investigation more than any other event so far

    3. Their progress was further hampered by

    4. On the contrary, it hampered them, because of

    5. Both had a past, hampered by misfortune

    6. Certain groups in recent generations, however, have been hampered, for political and social reasons, perhaps, by bureaucratic ―visionaries‖ whose (utopic) imaginations and impractical zeal for alternative (economic) reforms have repeatedly impeded economic progress, if not encouraged underachievement

    7. The Republican Establishment, hampered over the years by its high-brow demeanor and perceived indifference to common causes, has squandered an exceptional opportunity to set the political tone over the coming generation; assisted in large measure by the (self) destructive tendencies of Democrats who continue steering further away from popular mainstream opinion(s)

    8. Nevertheless, in an avalanche of events, the government was further hampered and weakened by feature stories that included accounts of atrocities by a government mired with rampant corruption, while the flow of arms from Russia and East Germany to the Sandinistas increased, creating a rebel army from the mobs of protesters

    9. �The President worries too much about his wife's health and his health could be hampered detective if rumors or damaging information about Nancy Patterson leaks to the media

    10. One day Tommy had heard that Martha, then the village postmistress, had taken a nasty tumble from her bike and been severely hampered by the resultant lameness

    11. Hampered by the clumsy spacesuit and weightlessness he turned in slow motion to face the elevator shaft

    12. That gave us the double advantage of attacking when they needed to harvest the last of their crops in and not being hampered by rain-soaked terrain

    13. “Jealous? Then you were hampered by understanding

    14. protection for New Orleans have been hampered by a 35-year

    15. Most to the press ignores the truth that the federal government was stymied and hampered by the slow state-level requests and approvals (required

    16. But who are hampered

    17. “Shape-shifting is exceedingly difficult and dangerous,” Reen countered, “And indetectability would have hampered their enjoyment of social interaction with some of the fine citizens of Latrel, which was part of their objective in coming here

    18. The chain from the handcuff on his left wrist to the briefcase on his lap hampered him only slightly as he moved the throttle

    19. The system of government intervention is the hampered market or just plain interference

    20. His every breath was hampered by the breathing filter he was wearing

    21. The Su-Katii warrior had now removed his helmet as if totally unbothered by the pot shots and continued to casually deflected the arrows that hampered him with a large round shield

    22. Periods of construction on the new building hampered a few prospective memos he submitted for delays as he felt a section equaled many valued opinions

    23. Unfortunately this oversight has hampered our legal system

    24. This contented sense of belonging was being hampered by the fact that his body didn’t seem to want to behave itself

    25. Each new and forward evolution of political sovereignty is (and has always been) embarrassed and hampered by the "scaffolding stages" of the previous developments in political organization

    26. After they had both relieved themselves, James gazed around the toilet noticing a small window high up on the one wall, which might have possibilities…but of course, they would be hampered by the cord, that bound them together at the wrists

    27. They plot against the Master, and in case anything should happen to me, you would not be hampered

    28. 'Nay!' exclaimed the king impatiently, not caring to be hampered by priests on his quest, however skilled in esoteric arts

    29. drifted in and seriously hampered the progress of the horses

    30. known for its silence, because of her hampered speech

    31. Their progress was hampered by the smoke from the fires that blanketed the planet

    32. Direct healing can dissolve these but it is hampered if the diet is remaining the same

    33. Some energy will always flow through any physical form and much more energy can be supplied if it is something that is hampered by a physical passing through in order to reach an area

    34. Direct healing energy can dissolve these but is hampered if you do not change your diet to one less acidic

    35. hampered the license's rapid adoption: the BSD Networking re-

    36. -Social functions are seriously hampered

    37. When governments are involved in, or look the other way regarding illegal poaching and trading, well-intentioned organizations’ efforts are severely hampered

    38. Hampered ability to concentrate

    39. " "I tell you this because I fear that you may be hampered by those religions, which can't save you

    40. "I tell you this because I fear that you may be hampered by those religions, which can't save you

    41. When I say that knowledge is hampered by

    42. The creation of a surplus in agricultural products for the purpose of trade, income from which could pay for capital investment in the process of modernization, was hampered by several factors

    43. Going for Moscow in August rather than October may have changed things dramatically, but would its capture have forced the Russians to surrender? The capture of Moscow would have hampered the Soviets' ability to move supplies, but the question of whether the capture of Moscow would have brought about the collapse of the USSR is questionable

    44. His expensive tailored evening suit hampered him, as Max did his best to fight back

    45. Forcing the legs into the box was being hampered by this swelling, so Star pierced the layers by stabbing in several places

    46. His interference prevented the smooth and timely development of the Luftwaffe, and he hampered the development of rocket propulsion and atomic weapons

    47. Although most other systems were more technologically advanced, they were hampered by higher battery consumption and less third-party developer support

    48. His vision hampered their lack of wattage

    49. Kirk starts running with the group, but he feels hampered by the restrictive gear

    50. The firelight hampered his vision, and he thought it only a trick of the eyes

    1. are hampering the normal function of your tissues,

    2. hampering me to see the hil

    3. It made my mother's company less hampering

    4. These were remedial exercises called “Patterning,” designed to stimulate crawling movements – that crucial part of development that our children had missed, thereby hampering further developments in walking and speech - which are linked

    5. is clear that NEPA “plays’ a role in hampering our ability as a nation to develop efficient supply chains capable of providing Americans

    6. Moreover, one should ponder the many aspects of the current, crept-in socialistic aspects to our economic system in America; namely, the present welfare state and its hampering effect on individuals, oppressive taxation, inheritance taxes, and the many arbitrary and restrictive interferences with private businesses, like requirements of minimum wages and compulsory liability and medical insurance coverage

    7. Lewem hovered obsequiously around Barrad’s every step, hampering his advance and his attempts to appraise the situation – thirty bowmen to the right, twenty heavily armed bodyguards close behind the commanders, plus a massive contingent of men-at-arms beyond them

    8. , but by hampering economic activity it will also

    9. They're obviously hampering our investigation and that's illegal

    10. intimidation, and lack of empathy are widespread are hampering

    11. problems were hampering his climb to super cat-hood

    12. It's hampering his ability to connect

    13. Now that the cynical Hindu politicians made the time-tested tactic of the Mohammedan despots their own – give the poor Musalmans more of Islam that keeps them calm, the franchise of the backward castes combined with the Muslim vote came to dominate the Indian politics, debilitating the country’s democratic vitality, hampering its social integration and degrading its citizens’ intellectual integrity

    14. She might want to find out about me first, after the cautious and hampering way of women,--oh, I wish women wouldn't always be so cautious, but simply get on with their friendships! She might first want assurances that there was some good reason for my being here all by myself

    15. Barnes isn't the only one of us three who has theories--that reticence is a stuffy, hampering thing

    16. Some kind of festival filled the streets, hampering him

    17. “By my faith, my lady, this is the safest way,” he said, taking her hands in one of his, hampering her futile efforts to remove his ring

    18. and heavy cloak hampering her with every step

    19. I was breathing hard and despite my best efforts I was still laughing, which was hampering my efforts to escape, but then I wasn’t really trying to escape

    20. Factors hampering normal sexual function

    21. ly with prevailing obstructive1 disorders (hampering the air pass —

    22. More than once she thought of going away from him during his absence at the mill; but she feared that this, instead of benefiting him, might be the means of hampering and humiliating him yet more if it should become known

    23. What he really cared for was a medium for his work, a vehicle for his ideas; and after all, was he not bound to prefer the object of getting a good hospital, where he could demonstrate the specific distinctions of fever and test therapeutic results, before anything else connected with this chaplaincy? For the first time Lydgate was feeling the hampering threadlike pressure of small social conditions, and their frustrating complexity

    24. Many equity option traders complain of poor liquidity hampering their efforts to enter or liquidate positions

    1. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    2. Granny had arrived with several large hampers and jugs of cool lemonade

    3. There is often a lack of fit with respect to individual goals and work styles that hampers team performance

    4. The evidence was often stuffed in hampers or washed

    5. And this complexity just hampers our concentration on devotion

    6. ‘Maybe, woman could truly experience the beauty of femininity in lesbian lovemaking! Whatever, my same-sex fondness in no way hampers my weakness for the male embrace, does it? It should be no different for Sandhya when she gets her man, so what’s the hitch in being bisexual? It’s a different matter though that Sathyam fails to inspire love in me

    7. And that hampers the fluidity of their thought that is needed to cope up with the realities of the given times

    8. us that our collective thoughts, inspirations and deeds are of the earth, hence of the Seven Spirits of Evil, and consequently create a spiritual barrier between humanity that hampers the ability to

    9. Evil, and consequently create a spiritual barrier between humanity that hampers the ability to

    10. Cocaine is a powerful drug used as a stimulant of the mind that can greatly increase a person's alertness for about one hour, but also tends to interfere with their feeling of pleasure and hampers movement, both of which are controlled by chemical messengers from the brain

    11. Some of the inhabitants of Yonville came out into the square; they all spoke at once, asking for news, for explanations, for hampers

    12. The coarse hardware was spread out on the ground between pyramids of eggs and hampers of cheeses, from which sticky straw stuck out

    13. Nor was he satisfied with this; for, during the time that he had over, he learned to make hampers and baskets

    14. The rover heater is designed to heat air at one atmosphere, and the thin Martian air severely hampers its ability to work

    15. Frederick is a decent runner, faster than Werner, but the commandant seems to count quickly this afternoon, and Frederick’s head start has been abbreviated, and the snow hampers him, and he cannot be over twenty yards away when Bastian raises his left arm

    16. People in Spokane found their picnic hampers and filled them with sandwiches and loaded them in the backseats of their own cars and headed west

    17. Their drivers eased their vehicles under shade trees along the last few hundred meters of the racecourse, then spread picnic blankets on the grass and opened hampers full of sandwiches and cold drinks

    18. One wagon, ahead of the others, bore four stout negroes with axes to cut evergreens and drag down the vines, and the back of this wagon was piled high with the black bucks were equipped with banjo and harmonica and they were rendering a napkin-covered hampers, split-oak baskets of lunch and a dozen watermelons

    19. They swarmed through the rooms, asking questions, opening closets, prodding clothes hampers, peering under beds

    20. However, the solid conductor hampers the flexibility of the cable

    21. They end up modifying their strategy, but when that modification doesn’t improve their performance, or worse, hampers their performance, they modify it again as they search for the answer to improved performance, but further modification only makes things worse

    22. In 1910 people took the trolley out to Chessman's Park with vast picnic hampers

    23. Investors chase performance and commit capital to PE funds after strong years, a pattern that then hampers subsequent performance

    24. Although continuous functioning in such complicated environment hampers the investment process significantly, it provides at the same time a broad spectrum of promising trading opportunities

    25. Although you may feel that clothing hampers your movement, do NOT discard it for it will shield you from the full force of radiated heat

    26. I suppose his nursery was crammed with Christmas presents and hampers full of cakes and things, and he could see I had nothing

    27. Nothing so hampers human liberty as this wonderful delusion

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