shackle sätze

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Shackle sätze (in englisch)

  1. And none will shackle as He shackles.
  2. Shackle sedition? But God is great! He gives.
  3. Shackle the prisoner and place him in a tent.
  4. They put a sort of shackle on my ankles and I was handcuffed the.
  5. I was too agitated to rest and the shackle prevented me from pacing.

  6. When he eventually freed himself from the shackle, he went over to the.
  7. I notice now that it has dark red sheets on it and a shackle at each corner.
  8. No shackle, no fetter, no prison can lock a child of God away from the love of God.
  9. He started to object but was immediately, mercilessly hoisted by the shackle about his neck.
  10. I could even see large, spiked, infernally hot chains, the ones meant to shackle me where I stood.
  11. She did not notice when he placed a padlock on the shackle and yanked it to make sure it was secure.
  12. In addition, there was much rope material cut into lengths appropriate to bound and shackle a kitty.
  13. Renoir yanked him viciously off his feet by the neck shackle, choking the alarm from him before it had a chance to escape.
  14. Phil the FAC had set his code wheel to the Shackle code of the day and easily found the opposing letters to answer the challenge.
  15. And a child with no father would shackle her to the tainted fortune she planned to give up as soon as her acting would support her.

  16. You are worth more to me than anything in my long years, and if I have to shackle myself to you for all eternity, I would, and gladly.
  17. He plunged face first into the snow, failing to catch himself as his hands clawed at the shackle, trying desperately to protect his throat.
  18. Raul had been freed of his shackle to help dispose of the cocaine, although his left arm was far too painful to move and hung useless in a sling.
  19. He smelled the alcohol, sweet and thick on the man’s breath, as the mercenary yanked upon the neck shackle, nearly dragging the boy out the door.
  20. But the moment he releases himself from its shackle, he will dispose of the greatest obstacle standing in his way to God, and there the truth will appear clearly to him without any veil.
  21. In essence, if money interbreeds enough, one could generate enough virtual vapors to shackle and lock the entire actual world, without having ever produced a single meal that could be consumed, a house lived in, or a warm winter coat.
  22. How could France be distressed by the British interdiction of her foreign commerce, when France herself was hostile to that commerce—when she adopted every measure to narrow, to shackle, and ultimately to exclude it? We had even strong evidence that British statesmen began to waver on the subject.
  23. Having revealed that the deeds of the libertines are that which shackle them and that nothing of their actions is neglected, the Almighty wanted to refute their pretense of that the believers deprive themselves of pleasure and bliss when they abstain from giving their spirit its whim or succumbing to its desire.
  24. Long experience of a systematic design in that government to shackle our commerce and subject it to their arbitrary restrictions, leaves no room to doubt of their disposition to pursue that design until the conduct of this Government should convince them of its total inefficacy to produce the object sought for.
  25. But aren't you mistaken in thinking that you wouldn't force him, wouldn't punish him? Don't you shackle him with your love? Don't you make him feel inferior every day, and don't you make it even harder on him with your kindness and patience? Don't you force him, the arrogant and pampered boy, to live in a hut with two old banana-eaters, to whom even rice is a delicacy, whose thoughts can't be his, whose hearts are old and quiet and beats in a different pace than his? Isn't forced, isn't he punished by all this?

  26. When I offered you that resolution, I did hope, and I did believe, that it would have received the immediate attention and unanimous approbation of this House; that regardless of those punctilios which too often shackle the best intentions, and do injury to the best causes, and in compliance with the sentiments and feelings of the nation, we should have immediately expressed our own, thereby giving force to that expression, and have rendered that tribute which is justly due to undaunted valor, and to modest merit; that we should have declared our admiration, and the high sense we entertain of the gallant conduct of the defenders of their country's flag, and the defenders of her rights, and while we gave to some testimonials of our approbation, we should have yielded to all that which is justly due.
  27. The individual type was a kind of shackle put on the feet; the collective type consisted of one chain about 30 metres long,.
  1. Shackling lines move so fast workers have to hustle to keep the line full.
  2. With that, the rotten-hearted Man and Halfling trudged off and began shackling the younglings back to the harness, including Cheeryup and Rowdingle Parfinn.
  3. McCone, DCI (Director Central Intelligence Agency), had told SecState Dean Rusk and SecDef Robert McNamara that he had grave misgivings about sending American men into ground battle while shackling the use of air power up North.
  1. I was shackled to a bed.
  2. Even his neck was shackled.
  3. They were shackled by the.
  4. They are shackled by their own lusts.
  5. They shackled your ankles? he said.
  6. Past shackled to my battered, brave heart.
  7. A child, shackled, sat center of the room.
  8. Handcuffed and shackled, I was driven to the.
  9. Tragus shackled Nerissa to the post each night.
  10. Her shackled hands went for Brookins’s throat.
  11. He shackled his ankles with weeds from the pool.
  12. Tony and Jackson were shackled to the wall with.
  13. Shackled and chained is not how you shall remain.
  14. Rykus’s hands were still shackled behind his back.
  15. Who did this to him? Why is he shackled? I wondered.
  16. When he was securely shackled he took a step forward.
  17. Since Vinny's ankles were shackled to prevent him from.
  18. How the hell could he? He was still shackled to the seat.
  19. His ankles and wrists were each shackled with a metal ring.
  20. Snow-boarding, with its shackled stance, started just a few.
  21. Why am I chained? My wrists are shackled to the stone wall.
  22. Larry unhooded the third person seated and shackled after her father.
  23. The hood was lifted from the second person shackled beside her mother.
  24. The card of the devil shows our male and female characters shackled to.
  25. Lifting her shackled hand to her forehead she rubbed her throbbing head.
  26. Companies were shackled into bondage because of a lack of foresight and.
  27. He was manacled and shackled, and there was a glass partition between them.
  28. She hadn’t explained how Nerissa was to do this while shackled in the byre.
  29. Ursempyre stirred somewhat, unable though to move his feet shackled as they were.
  30. Expectation, like obligation, mocks thankfulness by being shackled to ingratitude.
  31. Man was shackled to the Earth, unable to experience the freedom of birdlike flight.
  32. It now became clearly apparent to Moshe, as he was being shackled, that they had been.
  33. Love's shackled arms embraced the youngest of the Jerusalem 4-∅ suspected anarchists.
  34. Winthrop slowly and threateningly wandered the room stopping where Greg was shackled to.
  35. The hill did not seem very far off, but it was difficult to get there shackled as he was.
  36. The security forces took him out, shackled, into the village, where all the people saw him.
  37. My ankles were also shackled to the front legs of the chair and I could barely move at all.
  38. He’d told his prisoner, when being shackled to him an hour before, that he loved to share.
  39. His wrists were shackled and Surya propped him onto both feet only to punch his solar plexus.
  40. Men confiscated his weapon, shackled his hands, then pushed and shoved him into the relief cruiser.
  41. She could well imagine that Jack was probably shackled, naked, and scared out of his wits downstairs.
  42. Only if I were a vampire, otherwise you would be shackled to a corpse after about forty-five years.
  43. Shackled to the bed in darkness, Doran listened to the sounds of insects as they scurried around the room.
  44. He let James and Marianne out of the car, still shackled together and ushered them into the boathouse….
  45. The three men appeared, still shackled by their legs and to each other, surrounded by a guard of Warriors.
  46. The thought of being shackled to a welded steel frame and parked next to the Plexiglas really bothered him.
  47. Ravan was dressed, shackled, and escorted through a maze of corridors—exiting and entering buildings twice.
  48. He was able to kick himself free, even with shackled hands and feet, and push himself through the gaping hole.
  49. She was still shackled to the bed in the spartan room, held prisoner with apparently little or no chance of escape.
  50. Fish was shackled hand and foot by a chain that ran through a hole in the center of the table to a loop in the floor.
  51. Pale, shocked and numb Grimes was led with his arms and feet constrained back to his cell and shackled to the others.
  52. She would Queer that she should feel nothing now, nothing except a weariness that shackled her think of Mother later.
  53. Bits of raw flesh were still hanging off the tool of torture, the man shackled to the wall limp, probably passed out.
  54. And her wrists, she now became aware of as her cognizance returned, were shackled over her head by thick, rusty chains.
  55. The Marines stripped them and shackled the men to the walls and the naked women to the tables in the center of the room.
  56. Mophi had been unceremoniously dumped and shackled with the others earlier in a lot of discomfort from his recent operation.
  57. Thankfully they had not been shackled together as it had initially seemed from a distance, but were bound simply at the wrists.
  58. YOU MUST ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL! Chris felt himself mentally handcuffed, patted on the head and shackled to a heart made of stone.
  59. I hoped that commerce, sufficiently hazardous and fettered by the present state of the world, would cease to be shackled by ourselves.
  60. Back at the killing field, the girl from Texas was brought to the same place Ashley was, stripped nude and shackled to the wooden pole.
  61. The company was alive, a growing giant that had to be fed, and sometimes sacrifices were necessary, for the giant could not be shackled.
  62. And they shackled him hand and foot and would take of him ne bail ne mainprise but preferred a charge against him for he was a malefactor.
  63. Even considering the circumstances, don’t you think this is a bit much? Krane asked, looking at the shackled woman in the glass cell.
  64. Beloved, The Thief has entered the house, and will steal away all who are willing and not tied, nor fastened down, nor shackled to the house.
  65. But what about my job, my bills, my family? Minimine found herself mouthing the answer that had shackled and boxed her hopes so many times.
  66. They laughed and poked at the boy who stood shackled, silently staring at his feet with blood stained trousers sagging against his too thin frame.
  67. We got out of the car and watched as the transport van containing the prison guards and a chained and shackled Randy Fish was unlocked and unloaded.
  68. Their blades stayed fixed in their hands and their feet remained planted on the earth, anchored and restricted as though shackled by invisible irons.
  69. Grimes stared out of his chamber at the rest of the cells nearby, full of Vietnamese convicts all chattering away, some shackled some stood at the cell doors.
  70. But no sooner had they gone out of sight, than the officer caught the man by the wrist, shackled him with chains and pushed and shoved him to the police station.
  71. Jonah told me that his father had made it himself, from a piece of the very chain that had shackled him to the auction block the last time he was offered for sale.
  72. Merthin just wished there was some way Ralph could be shackled to prevent his attacking people, now that he no longer had Merthin nearby to keep him out of trouble.
  73. When moved from one place to the other, they were shackled at wrists and ankles, blacked-out ski goggles covered their eyes, sound-deadening muffs covered their ears.
  74. Jenkins followed his men into 301 and stood back in disgust as the naked Adrian Clements was placed in irons and shackled to a bedpost without knowing a thing about it.
  75. When he reached the police station he dragged the criminal down from his horse and drove him still shackled, over to where his policemen were sitting safely and quietly.
  76. As the column made its way along the narrow streets, people emerged from their homes to stare at the cold and pale, lean intruder shackled and perched uncomfortably on a horse.
  77. As Ravan clutched at his shackled throat and gasped, the giant would grunt a single, deep throated sound as if to say, Do not betray my master’s trust in me, small creature.
  78. Once they had gone our officer put his pistol in his waistband, took out chains and shackled the criminal’s hands, then he hoisted him onto his horse and mounted up behind him.
  79. But why? Why does it have to be this way?! He’s happy just with the girls, he doesn’t want to have to be shackled to a woman and children; it’s nothing more than stupid tradition.
  80. When normality returned to the control room and the mercenaries had gone to their quarters to drink and brag some more after they’d shackled the new guests and beaten them some more.
  81. The crowd of Jews cheered wildly when Herod Archelaus, without his customary gold crown and purple cloak, rode out of the palace under tight Roman escort, his hands shackled in iron manacles.
  82. The transport vehicle was a black armored van with a steel grille between the front seat and the rear cargo area, where Pretty Boy Fish was flanked by armed guards and shackled to an iron loop in the floor.
  83. Such was their respect for him and his leadership that they would place fresh fruits on a table before him, then they would rush off to apprehend the criminal and bring him back, shackled, within a few hours.
  84. The two mercenaries, Grimes and Akhim were shackled together in a small cell with a hole in the floor and a stone container, which contained filthy water to wash their hands after they had wiped their sphincters.
  85. But there was considerable slack in the chains that shackled his wrists, and before the bullet-shaped head could be withdrawn out of reach, the king gathered this slack in his mighty hand and smote the black on the head.
  86. They just looked at each other and smiled and now, on the street, with shackled hearts, a thousand memories retrieved, a reinstated love weighing on their souls they felt diffident and unsure of their path; of each other.
  87. Bulstrode answered; I mean, by confiding to you the superintendence of my new hospital, should a maturer knowledge favor that issue, for I am determined that so great an object shall not be shackled by our two physicians.
  88. I wonder today if the growth in militancy of the far right-wing did not gain momentum from that siege, when they realised we were shackled and not about to deal with them as harshly as we dealt with black protesters in the past.
  89. Since the unbeliever has not rendered any favor in their previous life, on which they can rely as a means to help their spirit draw nearer to its Creator, you will find that they are shackled by their shame and absorbed by their pain.
  90. How strange was that which they saw!!! They saw the sheikh with shackled hands being driven forward by the policemen, but at the same time they knew that the sheikh himself was sitting beneath the water, holding prayer beads in his hands.
  91. This cannot be denied, nor is there a man who would not prefer a free trade with the whole world, if it could be enjoyed upon equal and honorable terms, to a commerce so limited and shackled as ours is at this time by the belligerent edicts.
  92. I was cautious in studying him, out of courtesy and full awareness that this was a Taltos, this was the mysterious being, and we had found at least one, but then my eyes saw what I should have seen before-the creature was shackled to the wall by his right leg.
  93. If Lucy had been waiting for him he would have had to leave off bridge before his desire for it had been anything like sated,--whatever wives one had they shackled one,--and as it was he could play as long as he wanted to and yet at the same time remain justly indignant.
  94. It now became clearly apparent to Moshe, as he was being shackled, that they had been added to a line of prisoners who were meant to be moved, but to where? He cried out in his resistance, What’s going on? Where are you taking us? Where’s Youssaf, the king’s courier.
  95. What is to be expected when a child is taught at home and church, over and over again, that fantasy is reality? The effects are powerful enough to keep people shackled by intellectual immaturity for their entire lives it what can realistically be called life senctences of naïve ignorance.
  96. Officer Mohammad Amin was almost transfixed as he thought, ‘Oh God! Is this man the pasha?’ For he was the very same man whom the gendarmes had pushed to the floor and whose legs they had shackled! He was the very man whom he had been about to lash! Could this man really be the pasha?
  97. For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away; and in the Hunted, wounded, shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully, and generously, towards me with great constancy through a series of years.
  98. Grimes, Akhim the mercenaries, and later joined by Mophi, had been flown directly to the hospital wing at Trai Giam Chi Hoa prison in Ho Chi Minh City, shackled and under constant guard, they were put in the hot, humid, clammy detention facility with its stained walls, archaic equipment and infested with insects.
  99. Yet that acquaintance which is not associated with spiritual witnessing or tasting cannot release the spirit’s shame of its sins to help it approaching its Provider, and since the unbeliever has not rendered any favor previously in his life on which he can rely to help his spirit draw near to its Creator, therefore you find them shackled by their shame and engaged in their pain.
  100. Chattel slavery and cheap labor an unwelcome introduction into capitalism…captured Africans stripped of all personality and humanity…a mechanism of an oppressive system of human sorrows…victims of avarice and self-appointed superiority…pregnant slaves shackled to fears, her naked breasts heavy with tears, her seed in jeopardy of annihilation in a nation that defended the enslavement of Africa’s babies because black skin made it so…no place to go but Heaven… with the connection to Africa stricken from the reach of her children… but the royalty that flows through the veins of her offspring has managed to elude the adversary’s thievery…it remains unscathed, needing only recognition of its presence…the Transatlantic and watery graves, but those that survived became chained up slaves, yet the royalty remains.
  1. I was still in the shackles.
  2. They wanted her in shackles.
  3. Shackles Of The Unjust, Their.
  4. No shackles, ropes, or handcuffs.
  5. You should be the one in shackles.
  6. I want her behind bars, in shackles.
  7. Slim shuffled along in his shackles.
  8. And none will shackle as He shackles.
  9. They put him in handcuffs and shackles.
  10. With Us are shackles, and a Fierce Fire.
  11. The four constables with the shackles asked.
  12. Instead he raised it to one of the shackles.
  13. Huge muscles flexed and strained the shackles.
  14. There are no shackles on his wrists or ankles.
  15. And throw off the shackles of our oppressors.
  16. That world helps us to escape from the shackles.
  17. She was in no condition, in shackles to save them.
  18. The skinny felon held out his rattling shackles in.
  19. Shackles bound Amaranthe’s wrists behind her back.
  20. Chains hung from the ceiling with shackles at their.
  21. The shackles were tight, even if the fingers were not.
  22. I don’t even have shackles set up for you yet though.
  23. After the shackles came off a civilian elbowed his way.
  24. The shackles had bolts on them to hold wrists and ankles.
  25. The steel shackles fettering his legs and arms were real.
  26. I pictured my wrists going through the shackles with ease.
  27. He rose above the shackles of the world’s transgressions.
  28. This grid is designed so the shackles move across the grid.
  29. Jilin followed him limping, for the shackles impeded his walking.
  30. Once prone, shackles kept its wrists, ankles, and head in place.
  31. The creature jumped back, staring at the remnants of the shackles.
  32. Thus, think twice before making me travel while wearing shackles.
  33. Clothed in shackles and handcuffs, once the other Agents got here.
  34. To dream that you are in shackles suggests that you are in a rut.
  35. He glanced at the rear view mirror and saw the chains and shackles.
  36. I heard footsteps and I grabbed the shackles and snapped them back on.
  37. He ordered the blacksmith to rivet securely iron shackles on my feet.
  38. The man shook his arms and legs trying to break free from the shackles.
  39. When he came out of her he changed his condom and then undid her shackles.
  40. She was back in shackles, hurt, exhausted, and telepathically handicapped.
  41. They had scabbed over completely, where the shackles had worn the skin off.
  42. How did you get out of the shackles I had locked around your ankles?
  43. He took in the scene without a word and set to work at Virginia’s shackles.
  44. One of the guards was removing shackles and cuffs from the Klingon, while a.
  45. She never struggled, only scowled as Dacian chained her arms to shackles that.
  46. Standing in front of the judge, in leg shackles and handcuffs like a captured.
  47. The sheer weight of his shackles would have slain a lesser man with exhaustion.
  48. She celebrated the day, eager to free herself from the shackles of her sad youth.
  49. I know I should throw off the shackles of being human and become more than human.
  50. I glared at the shackles and said in exasperation, Just get off my wrists already.
  51. The man rose and walked awkwardly toward her, his shackles clanking, and she saw.
  52. They still hung from her body by the shackles as she gave a roaring howl, her face.
  53. We placed shackles around their necks, up to their chins, so they are stiff-necked.
  54. Santi pulled out a pair of iron shackles, and he fitted them over Morgan’s wrists.
  55. His limbs were free, but he knew that his shackles were beyond even his iron strength.
  56. It doesn't matter that the shackles were never locked; there can still be the feeling.
  57. Free you from the shackles of this awful bank, so that you can find something better.
  58. Susan Reynolds was in an orange prison jumpsuit and her hands and feet were in shackles.
  59. That will depend, said Nicole standing upright again and tossing the shackles away.
  60. Their convict uniforms were dirty and foul with sweat, shackles clanked despair about them.
  61. She raised her hands to touch the thing, and Jess realised no one had removed her shackles.
  62. He smiled with satisfied hate, raised up his shackles to hasten his pace and pass before me.
  63. The Bashkir crossed the sill with difficulty, owing to the wooden shackles he had on his feet.
  64. He unlocked the shackles and I walked into the center of the witch's circle and stood in place.
  65. Making sure that nobody was around, Cleo pounced forward and broke the electric shackles on Ron.
  66. Shackles were locked around her wrists, and someone with long black hair was shaking her violently.
  67. There were a series of ding dang sound as the shackles that were in their hands fell onto the ground.
  68. I don't know where they are, but I suspect that Andreas isn't spending his time in shackles right now.
  69. Long since he had broken his shackles and now roamed at will among the tombs and abandoned sepulchres.
  70. Only her many handcuffs and shackles prevented her from moving any more than just enough to use the can.
  71. He shuffled across the concrete yard in his shackles and stood in line as the guards read them the rules.
  72. Her arms and legs, layered with swags of slimy-skin, were fastened to the walls with huge, iron shackles.
  73. Again the veins in his temples knotted as he strove to break the invisible shackles which crushed him down.
  74. Ten minutes later, Pooh arrived at the station with an orange jumpsuit on and shackles on his wrist and ankles.
  75. Making sure that nobody was around, Cleo pounced forward and broke the electric shackles on Ron with her powers.
  76. You could be on a bus right now with silver shackles locked to your legs headed to a maximum security nightmare.
  77. There are shackles attached at each corner, fine metal chains with leather cuffs, glinting against the red satin.
  78. The tears rolling down Freeman’s face, the smile breaking uncontrollably on his face as the shackles snapped shut.
  79. Darek struggled against the shackles but the more he struggled, the more the grip tightened around his arms and legs.
  80. A sufficient hole dug, Lord Robert dropped the shackles in and grimaced at the clanking sound they made in the darkness.
  81. Late that night, Lord Robert left the house in slightly damp trousers and shirt, with a shovel and the blood-rusted shackles.
  82. The desire to break free from the shackles of an immoral and criminal lifestyle had been in the planning for a few years now.
  83. The soldier reached behind me and removed the handcuffs from my wrists and then bent down and released the shackles from my ankles.
  84. The tabloids and cops love that shot of the black suspect in shackles paraded through a gauntlet of blue and shoved into a squad car.
  85. Conan tensed, unconsciously straining against his shackles in his abhorrence of dying like a sheep; then he was frozen by a greater horror.
  86. Nothing short of the shackles on his feet prevented him from falling over the parapet of the tower to a well-deserved though ignominious death.
  87. I wore a bright orange jump suit that Joseph had me put on over my clothes before I left my cell, as well as, a pair of handcuffs and leg shackles.
  88. The Cossacks were far off and the Tartars were near, but Jilin made one last effort; lifting the shackles with his hand, he ran towards the Cossacks.
  89. His mind tended to wander free from the shackles of the board and he'd catch himself thinking about Summers, wondering what was going on in her head.
  90. She stared at the knots, trying not to see her bindings as the shackles of failure, trying not to feel as if the last two weeks had been for nothing.
  91. No one stopped their work to watch me but stare they did as I shuffled along in my fine new suit marred only by the presence of the guards and my shackles.
  92. The five took her to the wall of the cavernous room and sat her on a bench of rock before stretching her arms out to either side and cuffing them into shackles.
  93. At the entrance of the chamber, the soldiers tied his hands and feet with Slythian shackles, which were crafted from the hard scales of the serpents of Lornhark.
  94. The feelings and sensations she had suppressed rose to domination in her now, as if the queenly robes she had cast off had been material shackles and inhibitions.
  95. I needn't explain to you the joy that courses through my very soul when I've helped to free the shackles of the mind that have been encased by any number of things.
  96. After centuries of Papal oppression exemplified by the dogma of sexual sin, the Christian West broke loose from its puritanical shackles, as though with a vengeance.
  97. She could barely lift her head, and her wrists were restrained, albeit with strong, self-attaching straps, not metal shackles, but she was in no condition to attack.
  98. Have faith in yourself, do not rely on the faith others expect you to have on mere words and phrases that do nothing but often place oppressive shackles on your existence.
  99. Frank rolled his eyes, incredulous that he was begging these two asswipes to come back and work for him when they should have been put in shackles for their insubordination.
  100. If it is a valid move, then the volumes on the initial break will be well above average and rising, as the market finally throws off the shackles and starts to build a trend.

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