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    1. DE is totally harmless to mammals if eaten and is recommended to be given to your animals as part of their diet

    2. Harmless to humans

    3. It was such a small and harmless looking thing, yet Ackers knew that whoever held that Chip had the power to circumvent the world’s technological safeguards

    4. flame harmless, preserves the hair on our head - “and the smell of fire

    5. Those particles were slow and carried almost no energy at all, but they were far from harmless

    6. I think that they are horrible but harmless

    7. say that the Lottodung is a harmless but not a docile creature”

    8. "I thought yaag was harmless?"

    9. I saw the starship, so I believe him, but I had been with him for many weeks before that and knew he was harmless so I'm not afraid of him, just the starship

    10. Although flirting is relatively harmless, you are playing with another’s emotions

    11. Something you can do that is fairly harmless is to glace over at the one your interested at

    12. the removal of the tonsils, was considered a harmless

    13. A harmless activity, I thought, in a pleasant part of the country

    14. 15That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst

    15. ‘Really?’ Andy commented, patting himself on the back mentally as he admired the impression he was making – respectable and harmless

    16. It’s a documentary on about something or other … harmless enough but, to my horror, I find there are tears running down my face

    17. “Contact with people is pretty harmless most of the time

    18. “Don’t worry, they’re harmless

    19. But utterly harmless – it couldn’t have been

    20. Ava wasn't afraid for Alan if he was with these people, if nothing else, they were harmless, almost completely without hostility

    21. He started to worry that perhaps the wraiths weren’t as harmless as he first thought

    22. It was harmless, sis

    23. harmless I had seen

    24. On the other hand, it may be harmless fantasy

    25. UBO: So basically, what you're saying is that you could have been wearing sandals for the last thirty years and there's no problem; but if you wear them today, you're going straight to hell? And, in that case, what has happened in the last twenty-four hours to have rendered such an apparently harmless activity a mortal sin?

    26. harmless as kittens in that state, but the

    27. I thought they were annoying but harmless

    28. It’s left some tiny residue in the tubs but it should be harmless

    29. “Do we really have to remove the bomb?” asked Debbie, “If what Phil said about the device in the computer is true then the bomb should be virtually harmless

    30. harmless worm had its own defences that killed

    31. "Hello, Bishop! Don't worry, she's scatty but harmless

    32. but otherwise appeared harmless

    33. Comes across as the purest of the innocent, and absolutely harmless

    34. harmless, and came over to eat

    35. Many small, harmless creatures cried before he ate them, but that’s what he did and, as many knew, he was rather good at it

    36. "I hope this quilt is harmless if it IS

    37. The enraged soldiers soon ceased to discriminate, and several harmless pacificos were shot plucking mangoes, and many insurgents were killed at night by pickets, for not answering the foreign challenge promptly

    38. Kissing women on the street may be harmless horse-play, and it was mere curiosity that prompted the soldiers to enter private houses and roam around, but Latins do not understand these things

    39. You need to understand that main objective in making a bomb harmless, has everything to do with evidence, and finding the bomb maker for a fatherly talk about his liberal tendencies in life

    40. She had to write something that Reese would understand – but that the soldiers would find harmless

    41. University, checking medical files on toxicology about all those harmless drugs

    42. It may start with a relatively harmless protest or sympathy

    43. The Motion Picture industry has enjoyed a long running fetish with strong, physically intimidating women routinely beating up on or otherwise skillfully out-maneuvering the obnoxious designs of pretentious, self-centered males filled with a heightened sense of their (own) self-importance; convenient foils portrayed as anachronistic, insensitive, chauvinistic types deserving an occasional thrashing every so often from women scorned or in response to inopportune or unsolicited (sexual) banterings or harmless wisecracks intended to make a definitive statement about strong women coming of age

    44. harmless when he sleeps

    45. The property management guy had told me that she was harmless, just a little off the wall and quickly losing whatever marbles remained

    46. His mind raced with conjecture and the possible reasons: none seemed even remotely harmless

    47. She’s pretty harmless, although she has a sharp set of claws if you tease her,” explained Brendan

    48. Ethan put his hands up and grinned like an idiot, trying to look the part of a mildly insignificant, completely harmless fool of a journalist

    49. When did his brother turn into a man driven by greed and power lust? When did that shy kid he had drawn into harmless mischief so many times become such a cynical bastard?

    50. They’ll be as harmless and slow as slugs

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