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    1. Her appreciation grew as she realised that the scenes depicted, although looking like innocuous country views, were actually Errd … could it be that she was wrong, that whoever worked here was not involved in the immigration operation?

    2. innocuous as it may seem

    3. As Mrs Brown waffled on about their flock and the prizes they had won, Andy peered out of the window at the moor over which he had struggled so hopelessly only the day before – it looked so innocuous from inside the car

    4. It looked innocuous enough – a two storey brick building

    5. as innocuous as possible, but still held his breath

    6. Although on the face of it innocuous,

    7. Ralof genuinely hoped to see the Breton soldier again, in the same innocuous circumstances – not only for the friendly drinks but also to relate what he had recalled

    8. The Code of the Warrior, therefore, is an innocuous enumeration of the

    9. Rather that asking directly for the information we want, ask other, more innocuous, questions that allow us to deduce the information we want

    10. The first sign was an innocuous cough, quickly followed by the spitting up of a thick yellow pus, often laced with blood

    11. We ended up on fairly innocuous terms

    12. After commenting that I was a Canadian and making some innocuous comment about how cold the winters were in Canada, Cooper wrote my name, current address and phone number in a little black spiral wire hinged notebook

    13. For his part, Cooper wanted to keep the conversation innocuous until he had more information and could make notes at the hospital

    14. The most innocuous mistake could kill him

    15. They talked of Beth and of events in Truman’s youth – innocuous things, avoiding cocaine and massacre

    16. That young fellow there, who is so skilled at being innocuous, is Kenesir of Sming, a famed recordist

    17. Some innovative assignments seem as innocuous as they are significant

    18. Admittedly that was a distortion of the original intent of options, but a closer look shows that government regulations are not as innocuous as once assumed

    19. C was just asking Julie innocuous questions but all she knew was that this is a woman asking questions about her Michael

    20. “But Bob wanted to list them as though they were to be used for mining and land-clearing purposes to make them appear innocuous

    21. The fuses will be returned to the United States on a military transport and stored in some innocuous DOD warehouse in the boonies until the incident blows over

    22. And of course the Booze Barons aren’t going to let other drugs, no matter how innocuous, take any of their profits

    23. It appeared fairly innocuous, decorated as it was around

    24. He was a little afraid of me but he’d never experienced anything traumatic enough to scar his psyche so he left only innocuous sensations for me to read

    25. Avoiding unsettling reading, television programs and films just before bedtime, he watches innocuous nature or technology programs instead late in the evening, often with a glass of warm milk or herbal tea

    26. The wals had been redecorated with an innocuous flower print relieved by some stripes in places (not a pattern to Chelsea’s liking at all), but there was the familiar brass bedside lamp and the old hooked rug, faded but still strong

    27. Reyes chose Amazon woman, who was named Jaylene Smart, while Monroe selected a woman who looked like an Iowa farm girl, moon-faced and innocuous looking

    28. She spent the time writing up reports on the previous day’s work and only used her phone to text Darren with an innocuous message about what time she would be back in Abermôr, and to text DC Potter asking for him to ring her when he had the chance with the latest progress report

    29. The events that led to the exposure of the lies and manipulations, carried out by the political and corporate classes, began with a seemingly innocuous item on the national evening news in the US

    30. Then he uses the explosive wrappers again over innocuous weighted boxes and takes them to his normal bomb shipping department

    31. I believe that the law must be considered on trial itself, as many people become victims of lengthy sentences (25years) for smoking a joint, or some other innocuous thing

    32. Each message may seem innocuous, while others dealing with system updates are to be expected

    33. Nestled snugly on the Beaumont, in the front of a deck-level, dark blue container box was an innocuous looking, octagon-shaped metallic canister, the size of two bass drums stacked on top of each other

    34. Pulled like a bow this relatively innocuous looking artefact could at twenty paces propel a stone through a panelled door

    35. ‘ war against fear’, or some innocuous term, that would signify that the ‘terror’ phase was over,

    36. And even an innocuous remark from Lizzy, an inconsistency in repeating the story or maybe even an attempt to pry into our sex life, such as it is, could be trouble

    37. questions were of an innocuous nature – you know – ‘Do you really, really, love Allah?’ – that

    38. This apparently innocuous exchange in fact hid prearranged coded phrases with much more sinister meanings

    39. For some reason they took this game very seriously and the social order often times revolved around which child could dominate this seemingly innocuous game played with a red rubber ball

    40. Initially these relationship hooks or plugs seem pretty innocuous to the astral spirit, at first glance appearing very light, maybe even golden and brightly colored but energy connections in

    41. Initially these relationship hooks or plugs seem pretty innocuous to the astral spirit, at first glance appearing very light, maybe even golden and brightly colored but Psychic Energy Connections in

    42. ’ (Come on! How many bloody kebab shops where there in Istanbul? Friggin’ millions!) he stopped outside an innocuous looking house and dived in

    43. It being innocuous and all, the owner of the tricorder, whose name I must protect, must not have noticed it

    44. Carolyn was visibly shaken by the innocuous conversation

    45. The innocuous idea is to elaborate, how and why energies of changes need to be viewed in holism and totality

    46. seemingly innocuous question that Hillary had asked her that day she had

    47. this purpose and have generally been considered to be relatively innocuous to humans

    48. He was getting tired of her innocuous statements

    49. ” Now you understand the reason for the senseless solicitation of self-disclosure and seemingly innocuous and pointless inquiry

    50. “These evolving systems of conspiracies for their own sake are Nisms: parasitic transganics that insinuate themselves into other systems to manipulate their host's acts towards their own nismatic ends, while benefiting from both the anonymity of the incognito secrecy and the publicly innocuous face of the infected host

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