heaving sätze

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Heaving sätze (in englisch)

His chest was heaving as he.
Sam smiled, his chest heaving.
His chest was heaving for air.
Nereus was heaving and gasping.
He started retching and heaving.
The road was heaving with traffic.
Heaving a sigh of relief, I sat down.

The horse darted south, bags heaving.
Beyond the heaving waves that tossed.
Heaving the cruel stone, come Tityus.
The ocean began heaving and thrashing.
The main square was heaving with people.
They coughed and spit water out, heaving.
Her weak chest kept heaving with emotion.
The warmth was Clara's breathing heaving.
She collapsed in a heap, heaving and sobbing.
Heaving deep breaths and shaking with emo-.
Her breathing was ragged, her chest heaving.
Her chest was heaving in desperation for air.
Finally, heaving a deep sigh, he took it off.
Heaving the might of our shoulders against it.
She collapsed across his chest, still heaving.
Our heaving and the stench of our puke caught.
Wiggam said, heaving himself up from his chair.
His shoulders and breast were heaving with sobs.
Deville collapsed into the booth, chest heaving.
Chest heaving, Jillian told him what had happened.
And on its limitless, heaving breast, the ships;.
Her mouth is still open, and her chest is heaving.
The Beast let out a great heaving whisper: “No!”.
She went ape shit, arms windmilling, body heaving.
As he put his head down, chin into his heaving chest.
His chest was heaving as his breathing became faster.
Even cats know that inducing a dry heaving spell, and.
I could hear a young woman puking and dry heaving away.
I stood at the bar patiently and by now it was heaving.
A ferocious cry came from the many-legged heaving mass.
Her chest rapidly rose and fell with her heaving breath.
They both spent a few moments dry heaving in the corner.
Heaving a heavy sigh she knew it was pointless to argue.
He heaved a heavy sigh.
He heaved a long sigh.
She heaved a large sigh.
Mark heaved a deep sigh.
And when, as he heaved.
I reached down and heaved.
The woman heaved the crank.
We heaved a sight of relief.
She heaved a sigh and said.
Samantha heaved a long sigh.
His chest heaved in and out.
I heaved a sight of relieved.
She heaved a sigh of relief.
He heaved a sigh of relief.
I felt as if I had heaved a.
The Doctor heaved a long sigh.
For the canvas heaved, exhaled.
Her breast heaved with emotion.
We heaved the log a second time.
He took breath and heaved a sigh.
And heaved the unregarded sigh;.
Thomas heaved breaths in and out.
Chance heaved an exasperated sigh.
The saint heaved a sigh of relief.
Lucy heaved herself up onto the.
His broad chest heaved in and out.
Avdyéich heaved a sigh, and said:.
Inwardly, I heaved a sigh of relief.
Roman heaved the torch like a spear.
With some effort the Doctor heaved.
Kate heaved an inward sigh of relief.
The trench quivered and heaved with.
The old man heaved a sigh, and said:.
Gary heaved and inward sigh of relief.
She heaved the bucket at Haki's torch.
He heaved her up with ease behind him.
He heaved it all down the trash chute.
My stomach heaved when I saw the wound.
You're not … He heaved a deep sigh.
A yard of fretted water heaved between.
His breast heaves.
Diedie heaves a deep sigh.
The lady heaves a deep sigh.
The white surf heaves and sprays.
My chest heaves and, as I focus.
The dry heaves only made me feel worse.
Each time, he heaves heavily and exhales faintly.
My stomach heaves, but it’s not because of Sean.
He nods, relaxes his fists, and heaves a long sigh.
She fell to her knees with dry heaves, as she’d.
Far down below, the blue water heaves and glitters.
I tried, but only dry heaves and old memory came up.
With a roar he heaves one of the villagers through a wall.
This forced out a few dry heaves from a couple of my crew mates.
She slides aside the small dining table and heaves open the hatch.
He bent over, holding his stomach, wanting for the heaves to cease.
The chief justice heaves a deep sigh and looks towards the audience.
Then began the driving tumult on his side, and the responsive heaves.
He heaves his booty, tugs askew his peaked cap and hobbles off mutely.
Then she stuffs her nose between the pages and heaves a long, gigantic sniff.
The dry heaves would have made me scream in pain if only I could have spoken.
My tears have miraculously ceased, but I’m left with dry heaves racking my body.
The ship moved with a grating noise, the wail quavered with the heaves of the rope.
With repeated heaves by both of them they were able to get the end out into the water.
In the end, murmurs Volkheimer as the truck heaves away, none of us will avoid it.
He heaves it like a stone on a table in front of the rows of Erudite and Dauntless traitors.
He heaves the bag downstairs and adds it to the pile of stuff by the front door - this heap is getting quite big.
He quickly adds up the figures from this year, dividing the Santas by the Jesuses and he heaves a relieved sigh.
From it falls distill'd the charm that mocks beauty and attainments, Toward it heaves the shuddering longing ache of contact.
She avoided more heaves and struggled to get up off the soldier she’d landed on, who also struggled to help her up by the chest.
My stomach heaves, and I double over, my body no longer able to tolerate the alcohol, and I vomit spectacularly on to the ground.
She was running, tumbling, racing down the stairs as fast as she could go, taking them two at a time, her breath coming in great heaves.
One of them heaves her bosom—barely zipped into a fake fur–trimmed garment that would do well to cheat the wind—over the counter.
When the heaves and subsequent dry heaves had subsided, he struggled to lean forward, but fell back from the stabbing pain in his kidneys.
The relaxed heaves break by a quick trigger pull that jolts through her shoulders, spreads out over her chest, and dissipates into the ground.
I was quartering my area now with my sight and my breath was coming in shallow heaves whilst my nerves were as tight as a virgin’s knicker elastic by the shot.
Then began the driving tumult on his side, and the responsive heaves on mine, which kept me up to him; whilst, as our joys grew too great for utterance, the organs of our voices, voluptuously intermixing, became organs of the touch.
Little Pearl at first clapped her hands, but then lost, for an instant, the restless agitation that had kept her in a continual effervescence throughout the morning; she gazed silently, and seemed to be borne upward, like a floating sea-bird, on the long heaves and swells of sound.
Moby Dick heaves in sight, as Ahab pounds across the deck and the men gather at the rail to stare at the great white wonder, and Queequeg, in this moment of delivery, cannot possibly return to his self-nailed coffin, as Ahab cries to the men to row, row, and row again, out of his silence, this stillness, this damned and becalmed sea.
While someone raced to the sickbay, Robert fought with himself, surrendered, rolled the enemy onto his back, pressed his thin shanks as hard as he could into his belly, then released them suddenly, repeating this several times until, with a shuddering of breath, a fit of coughing and gasps and heaves of his puny chest, Lance’s colour gradually returned.

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Stand by to heave to.
With a heave and ho, Mr.
I heave sigh after sigh;.
Now heave to, or face.
I thrash around, then dry heave.
All together! Heave away, boys!.
With a violent heave Sam rose up.
A sound that made her stomach heave.
She resisted the temptation to heave.
With a mighty heave I got him to the.
On the next heave stomach contents were.
I CRAWL ACROSS my mattress and heave a sigh.
He saw her ears flip twice, and her chest heave.
Swell: wind generated waves; the heave of the sea.
She clutched at her chest, which started to heave.
With a heave they pulled the double doors open and.
Its throes will heave our exuviae from their graves.
All the heave offerings of the holy things, which the.
He was driven towards her by every heave of his pulse.
He felt his stomach heave and had to dash to the toilet.
Before I could blink or heave again, Belgrave was there.
She then pulled out her hand and began to dry heave; a.
Ryan kicked his leg and gave one huge heave to throw Mrs.
After the second dry heave, my mother determined that the.
I looked at him for only a second before starting to heave.
The departing ships when the sailors heave at the capstan;.
He doubled over and began to heave, but his stomach was empty.
He fell, as if someone'd given a heave on the cord, wriggling.
It was this disgusting smell that made The Chief Of Police heave.
Davie begins to heave as soon as the lid moves away from the tank.
Here, help me with the capstan and we'll heave the anchor down.
We will fire on you if you do not heave to, the Klingon said.
Bending over to put on her socks and boots made her want to heave.
But finally I'd heave a great masochistic sigh and cry, Okay, Cal.
As the smell of burning flesh hit her, Dawn felt her stomach heave.
You will heave to and prepare to be boarded, the Klingon said.
Jamie, heave! Ha! There! Out of the way, wife! Up, boy, higher!’.
And then she’d awaken, heave a great sigh of relief, and rest easy.
When Mei Yinxue saw them exiting out of the room, she began to heave a.
A cold feeling constricted her throat and she convulsed in a dry heave.

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