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Heave in einem Satz (in englisch)

Halt! Heave to.
with a mighty heave.
Stand by to heave to.
With a heave and ho, Mr.
Heave the anchor short!.
Now heave to, or face.
I heave sigh after sigh;.

the laden slavers heave to,.
in my tiny stomach to heave up.
would heave upon seeing it?.
I thrash around, then dry heave.
With a violent heave Sam rose up.
All together! Heave away, boys!.
She resisted the temptation to heave.
A sound that made her stomach heave.
With a mighty heave I got him to the.
heave himself out of the waist-deep gully.
On the next heave stomach contents were.
was inducing herself to dry heave and vomit.
as I lifted it and watched its chest heave.
I CRAWL ACROSS my mattress and heave a sigh.
silently to and from the heave of the water,.
heave, rust encrusted iron cracked and gave way.
makes my head heave towards the breaking waves.
began to vomit and dry heave over and over again.
He saw her ears flip twice, and her chest heave.
She clutched at her chest, which started to heave.
Swell: wind generated waves; the heave of the sea.
while dry little sniffles caused her chest to heave.
With a heave they pulled the double doors open and.
I was heaving, too.
His chest is heaving.
His chest was heaving.
It's heaving out there.
Heaving out brown stuff.
This heaving, raging sea.
Caleb's chest was heaving.
& heaving out his scrutiny.
against his heaving rib cage.
her breast heaving with fury.
His chest was heaving as he.
Sam smiled, his chest heaving.
His chest was heaving for air.
Nereus was heaving and gasping.
He started retching and heaving.
The road was heaving with traffic.
tired of my heaving heart and her.
heaving, moonless, threatening sea.
Heaving a sigh of relief, I sat down.
heart pound within his heaving chest.
Standing still with chests heaving,.
Of hills beyond the heaving waters,.
Beyond the heaving waves that tossed.
Heaving the cruel stone, come Tityus.
The horse darted south, bags heaving.
The ocean began heaving and thrashing.
The main square was heaving with people.
eventually, the room was heaving with it.
He heaved a.
I heaved a sigh.
He heaved a sigh.
Her chest heaved.
Jon heaved a sigh.
She heaved a.
The ground heaved.
Sam heaved the rock.
He heaved a large.
Kevin heaved a sigh.
Lucy heaved a big.
Michael heaved a sigh.
Her shoulders heaved.
Rory heaved himself up.
He heaved a heavy sigh.
He heaved a long sigh.
water heaved and shoved.
She heaved a large sigh.
Mark heaved a deep sigh.
Moncharmin heaved a sigh.
And when, as he heaved.
heaved a collective sigh.
Rhone heaved his silver.
I reached down and heaved.
The dragon's chest heaved.
His breast heaves.
Diedie heaves a deep sigh.
The lady heaves a deep sigh.
The white surf heaves and sprays.
My chest heaves and, as I focus.
heaves cold breaths on the bandit,.
The dry heaves only made me feel worse.
brains out, with several gigantic heaves.
crawled a few paces away and had dry heaves.
and tried to throw up only producing dry heaves.
Each time, he heaves heavily and exhales faintly.
My stomach heaves, but it’s not because of Sean.
few more heaves, and it finally appeared to be over.
She fell to her knees with dry heaves, as she’d.
Far down below, the blue water heaves and glitters.
He nods, relaxes his fists, and heaves a long sigh.
I tried, but only dry heaves and old memory came up.
full of puke heaves ready to be catapulted into midair.
With a roar he heaves one of the villagers through a wall.
He heaves a sigh and looks at Denson, That was Prince.
dry heaves, he began to spit out the next batch of garbage.
This forced out a few dry heaves from a couple of my crew mates.
my side, puked several giant heaves and then barely stood up and.
With a groan, he heaves himself back up to a sitting position.
She slides aside the small dining table and heaves open the hatch.
The chief justice heaves a deep sigh and looks towards the audience.
He bent over, holding his stomach, wanting for the heaves to cease.
Then began the driving tumult on his side, and the responsive heaves.
could scarce hear the sighs and murmurs, the heaves and panting that.

Synonyme für heave

heave heaving lift raise retch gasp pant puff gag buckle warp heft billow surge