hedgerow sätze

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Hedgerow sätze (in englisch)

  1. There was a hedgerow.
  2. There's Something In The Hedgerow.
  3. There’s Something In The Hedgerow.
  4. This was the something from the hedgerow.
  5. Next to them, a hedgerow ran the property line.

  6. They used to sneak in through a gap in the hedgerow.
  7. They were moving in a ragged combat line down the hedgerow.
  8. A hedgerow surrounded the patio, with occasional breaks in it.
  9. This was the hedgerow country, or bocage as the French called it.
  10. They were thankful for the hedgerow cover when they could get it.
  11. With each tug she was pulled further and further into the hedgerow.
  12. But she pressed on through the hedgerow and Hal let out a long sigh.
  13. The brook ran through the hedgerow, and there was a cattle wade in the gap.
  14. He aimed it towards the nearest hedgerow and stamped the pedal to the metal.
  15. St Lo and Caen finally fell and the Allies emerged from the hedgerow country.

  16. Moving quietly in and out of the hedgerow up which Holly and Bluebell had come.
  17. Alice joined him with a basket of hips that she had gathered from a nearby hedgerow.
  18. He approached the hedgerow again, higher up than before and nearer to the storm drain.
  19. Don’t stray too far off, Denis told him, and he tore off again into the hedgerow.
  20. I'm sure my hair will turn white, thought Zach as they climbed out of the wild hedgerow and.
  21. The top of the hedgerow is a mess of shattered branches – the hedging machine has been along here.
  22. Bluebell, Acorn and Pipkin came with them to the foot of the hill and watched them down the hedgerow.
  23. Powerfully drawn, he ran out of the hedgerow toward the scattered toward him with his unnatural smile.
  24. Suddenly from beyond the high hedgerow came a sound that caused Zach's scalp to tingle to its very roots.
  25. One spring evening he helped me retrieve a special scarf that had gotten tangled in the hedgerow thicket.

  26. Nicholas Rosetti straightened the fall of his jacket and set off toward a hedgerow that marked the edge of a road.
  27. In less than twenty minutes, she was standing at the hedgerow, peering cautiously through the French doors of the patio.
  28. Except that the third car to approach Billy’s hedgerow head butt slows as it passes, flashing brake lights in the late afternoon gloom.
  29. His spirits had risen, and he heartily enjoyed a good slip in the moist earth under the hedgerow, which soiled his perfect summer trousers.
  30. At first, she had been thankful to be away from the church, and had enjoyed admiring the view and watching the birds feeding in the hedgerow.
  31. Suddenly, Abi runs out of the garden with Ben but before Sally can go after her, she comes back carrying a fistful of flowers from the hedgerow.
  32. They had to stop dead in their tracks at one point because a bank of fog rolled aside to reveal Miss Simone stepping carefully through a hedgerow.
  33. Berndt’s concerned eyes upon her, she pulled herself together and strode purposefully over to where Starlight was busily nibbling at the hedgerow.
  34. We have been making extensive searches along the hedgerow and are now just starting up with some heavier working materials to help lift up the grass.
  35. Anyone who was caught short anywhere else would have to find the nearest point of cover for their modesties sake, be it hedgerow, tree or high grass.
  36. As it climbed the mound at the base of the hedgerow, its guns were pointed hopelessly skyward and its underbelly was exposed to fire from antitank guns.
  37. Field edging hedgerow spotted with brazen blackberry blossom, petals white against the green, issued a mute warning of the shorter, colder days that were to come.
  38. Billy has to jink right as he approaches a hard right hand bend, narrowly avoiding the chevron signage in the hedgerow, and, oblivious to the state of the road behind him, he slams on the brakes, white lining, and slides to a halt.
  39. A patrol leader, more than a mile from Efrafa, limping up a hedgerow in the rain, would come upon the General squatting like a hare under a tussock of darnel, and find himself required then and there to report what he had been doing or why he was off his route.
  40. Shall we brand every appeal to arms within a city's limits without taking the object into a consideration? Then note the infamy of Brutus, Marcel, Arnould von Blankenheim, Coligny, Hedgerow war? War of the streets? Why not? That was the war of Ambiorix, of Artevelde, of Marnix, of Pelagius.
  41. Three years ago, this was nothing but a rough hedgerow along the upper side of the field, never thought of as anything, or capable of becoming anything; and now it is converted into a walk, and it would be difficult to say whether most valuable as a convenience or an ornament; and perhaps, in another three years, we may be forgetting—almost forgetting what it was before.

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