hedge sätze

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Hedge sätze (in englisch)

  1. Or peed into the hedge.
  2. I was obliged to hedge.
  3. A history of hedge funds.
  4. Zach peered over the hedge.
  5. These are the hedge funds.

  6. This will provide a hedge.
  9. Why not hedge your bets?
  10. I’m not even a hedge knight.
  11. My friend and hedge fund guru J.
  12. This is a sign of hedge closing.
  13. Hedge funds, Befriend the Trend.
  14. Constantly be prepared to hedge.
  15. A noise rustled out from a hedge.

  16. A shadow stepped out of the hedge.
  17. Hedge knights, if you believe them.
  18. A low hedge parted the two estates.
  19. The hedge limited that to 90 cents.
  20. This, of course, is no hedge at all.
  21. She pointed to the tall green hedge.
  22. Don’t hedge yet, it screams.
  23. I dodged out of sight behind a hedge.
  24. What is the size of the delta hedge?
  25. Perhaps he is a hedge knight after all.

  26. Options are used to hedge against risk.
  27. The delta hedge involves buying 50 * 0.
  28. There are many ways to hedge you position.
  29. He ran over to the hedge maze and dived.
  30. Risk reduction – using options to hedge.
  31. Hedge that bet by also buying the July 58.
  32. You simply can’t use this index to hedge.
  33. The knight of the golden hedge, he thought.
  34. Perhaps other hedge funds will then follow.
  35. Seconds later the hedge trimmer did the same.
  36. The hedge knights did not prove hard to find.
  37. Over the hedge another man was staring boldly.
  38. Our Councils at the leading hedge of teckino.
  39. They Don’t Hedge What You Think They Hedge.
  40. I could hedge a back spread any way I wanted.
  41. The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund value chain.
  42. I leaped into a hedge and then froze in place.
  43. The size of the hedge depends on a few factors.
  44. Hedge or the valley of the Brandywine beyond it.
  45. Then you are limited to using options to hedge.
  46. I tossed the phone into the rosemary hedge and.
  47. Given this, what should be the correct hedge?
  48. As one hedge fund manager says, Shorting's easy.
  49. It stood out way too much against the dark hedge.
  50. Maybe he didn’t get behind the hedge in time?
  51. It is this function that allows us to cross hedge.
  52. The Forest drew close to the hedge in many places.
  53. It came from the hedge along the side of the field.
  54. The trader made 10 cents profit on his delta hedge.
  55. At last they came to a narrow gate in a thick hedge.
  56. An enforcer stepped out of the shadows of the hedge.
  57. Shame, sobbed the faraway voices in the hedge.
  58. He was pruning the hedge that bordered the sidewalk.
  59. It’s a hedge fund with 50 billion under management.
  60. John Paulson, the hedge fund manager of Paulson & Co.
  61. You look like a pair of cows staring over a hedge.
  62. It was fixed solidly into the structure of the hedge.
  63. There was a jenny wren's in the hedge by the orchard.
  64. Many investors use shorting as what’s called a hedge.
  65. His body tumbled into the green, leafy hedge and was.
  66. How Can You Hedge Your Own Life in the Forex Markets?
  67. Daniel climbed over the hedge to look at the other side.
  68. Actively managed funds (mutual funds, hedge funds, etc.
  69. His target was just ahead, crouched behind a low hedge.
  70. I lean over the hedge and ask her how the weekend went.
  71. Gavroche peeped through one of the breaks in the hedge.
  72. She pauses a moment in her inspection of a frozen hedge.
  73. If I wanted to hedge by selling stock, that was simple.
  74. She hurled the potion into the leaves of the thick hedge.
  75. Of course, if the purpose of the option was to hedge an.
  76. In effect, you are being paid to hedge these currencies.
  77. Anyway, I went, and suddenly I heard voices by the hedge.
  78. Here are the results for good hedge plant in SIPs:.
  79. Holmes tied the dog to the hedge, and we hastened onward.
  80. There are some Gryphons on the other side of the hedge.
  81. Contrasting the annual returns of two hedge fund indices.
  82. It takes two attempts to reverse the car out of the hedge.
  83. Hedge funds have considered hiring their game’s talent.
  84. The pond was deep under a hedge and overhanging oak trees.
  85. I turned my attention to the hedge immediately ahead of us.
  86. Holmes tied the dog to the hedge, and we hastened onwards.
  87. Hillary watched as Samantha walked over to the green hedge.
  88. Over the hedge line, Tony spotted the dark car darting in.
  89. They rustle in the ditches, they tug and hang on the hedge.
  90. They found Bluebell by the hedge at the bottom of the field.
  91. But should she hedge at the end of each day, flatten out?
  92. Some of these hedge funds might have been highly leveraged.
  93. He was looking for bird’s nests in the hedge at the time.
  94. In addition to trading and managing a small hedge fund, Dr.
  95. A water logged ditch ran along the field side of the hedge.
  96. Building the Option Trader’s Hedge Fund is a big endeavor.
  97. He jumped over a low place in the hedge at the bottom, and.
  98. Fortunately, the original hedge was not our only transaction.
  99. I think perhaps a non magical hand might attempt this hedge.
  100. So that's why you were so keen to clip the hedge yesterday.
  1. This is known as gamma hedging.
  2. This is your first form of hedging.
  3. Can Math Solve This Hedging Problem?
  4. A big thing to watch out for is hedging.
  5. There is no hedging effect as in part a).
  6. University of Massachusetts hedging study.
  7. Math Details: The Hedging Hall of Mirrors.
  8. As with insurance, there is a cost to hedging.
  9. Currency hedging will be explained in Section 4.
  10. Hedging : Protecting assets from currency fluctuations.
  11. This pattern is useful in risk management and hedging.
  12. This, of course, is the whole objective behind hedging.
  13. The first purpose is to show the importance of hedging.
  14. The entire dynamic hedging process is shown in Figure 8-4.
  15. Max was also hedging his bets and creating an alibi in Ray.
  16. When hedging, you can use stock or options or a combination.
  17. And that Cam knew too, and for some reason, Cam was hedging.
  18. We saw this principle at work in Chapter 8 on dynamic hedging.
  19. The grass had recently been mowed, and the hedging recently.
  20. So all things being equal, hedging European stocks is a wash.
  21. There are clearly many different ways of hedging our 10 calls.
  22. A summary of basic hedging strategies is given in Figure 17-7.
  23. This is consistent with the dynamic hedging examples in Chapter 8.
  24. The result is if $900 is the cost of hedging, 60 of the VIX Jan 20.
  25. The dynamic hedging examples in Chapter 8 are typical gamma spreads.
  26. Headlights sweep away beyond the hedging at the front of the house.
  27. It might have to do with how options are used in hedging strategies.
  28. At first glance, it appeared that Enron was placing money lost in hedging.
  29. Lastly, hedging cost needs to be considered when evaluating historical data.
  30. Such phenomena invite not only direct exchanges but also hedging operations.
  31. Retail traders lack the ability to trade and execute many hedging strategies.
  32. The hedging decision would start with an outlook for the overall stock market.
  33. I had a bunch of calls, read something about hedging, and bought a put on IBM.
  34. The result of this hedging is that the trade becomes purely a volatility trade.
  35. In theory, we can replicate an option position through a dynamic hedging process.
  36. Consider the classical strategy of volatility trading with delta-neutral hedging.
  37. Then we’ll tackle the hedging because it can have a dramatic impact on the specs.
  38. FTSE 100 is a liquid index used for hedging currencies, commodities and you name it.
  39. However, hedging physical holdings is super easy if you know how to read the squeeze.
  40. Hedging costs money in the form of insurance premiums, and lower return on investments.
  41. Does the trader need to re-hedge? What is the overall result of his hedging activity?
  42. Consider a few examples of entities that use the futures markets for hedging purposes:.
  43. This is called hedging, and it is still the primary purpose of the futures markets today.
  44. We haven't given up, but as a percentage of the hedging we do it's currently the smallest.
  45. The order in which price changes occur can affect the results of a dynamic hedging strategy.
  46. This is confirmed by the results of a dynamic hedging simulation for the 80 put and 120 call.
  47. Companies crisscross the thin line between hedging and speculating, using inside information.
  48. The only thing that can protect you, apart from advanced hedging techniques, is the stop order.
  49. An alternative to hedging with S&P 500 put options would be to purchase January 2011 VIX calls.
  50. Therefore, delta hedging does not capture pure volatility risk as cleanly as variance swaps do.
  51. The hedging transaction would be a cost of $5,400, determined by purchasing four contracts at 13.
  52. This chapter will highlight the growth of VIX futures contracts as a trading and hedging vehicle.
  53. This use of VIX options as a cheap hedging vehicle has led to the quick growth in trading volume.
  54. One might think that hedging the currency would have increased one’s return from British stocks.
  55. The hedger can then combine his knowledge of options with the practical considerations of hedging.
  56. Watch out for hedging or you can back the wrong mine; one without the zippy share price you crave.
  57. The hedging and speculating function that these instruments serve is only one piece to the puzzle.
  58. After all, there WAS a certain divinity hedging a minister, even a poor, unworldly, abstracted one.
  59. The top of the hedgerow is a mess of shattered branches – the hedging machine has been along here.
  60. Any option purchase or hedging strategy should begin with a price opinion on the underlying security.
  61. To get a better idea of hedging in action, consider a hedging strategy that the airline industry uses.
  62. I’d have played the move for what it was; instead of hedging my longs, I’d have just gotten short.
  63. This is a simple example of a hedging transaction, and more complicated examples exist in all markets.
  64. The execution phase is over and it is on to the maintenance of hedging, profit taking, and adjustments.
  65. But for most traders, using the futures contract represents a practical solution to the hedging problem.
  66. He was accompanied by his beautiful Italian assistant, Angela, It was clear that hedging had its benefits.
  67. It usually costs about 1% per year for the hedging, that cost appears in what is known as tracking error.
  68. Given these drawbacks, hedging a position with a basket of component stocks is impractical for most traders.
  69. This is because of the different uses of options between traders who use options for speculation and hedging.
  70. The theoretical models specific to commodities are the hedging pressure hypothesis and the theory of storage.
  71. At the same time, many of the model assumptions about dynamic hedging seemed to be violated in the real world.
  72. Apparently, investors are willing to accept some losses in exchange for hedging away market volatility spikes.
  73. Hedging activities are not constant, and at any given time calls and puts can become overpriced or underpriced.
  74. The rest of the available trading months are for people who are looking at hedging many years into the future.
  75. Higher-level skills such as tape reading, spread trading, and hedging could be taught to more advanced clients.
  76. Then F = E(S) + RP (RP is negative due to the hedging or insurance activity of producers), so on average S > F.
  77. What most traders want is a hedging instrument that is easily traded and correlates closely with the cash index.
  78. While some currency trades serve the hedging needs of importers and exporters, most transactions are speculative.
  79. He pulled the receiver out from under his jacket and went to throw it into the laurel hedging behind the gatepost.
  80. The cost of this replication is equal to the sum of all the cash flows resulting from the dynamic hedging process.
  81. Gold is a good asset for hedging against inflation and also for asset preservation during times of global turmoil.
  82. Currency hedging has important effects on short-term portfolio behavior, but little in the way of long-term impact.
  83. The entire dynamic hedging process for our hedge, with adjustments made at weekly intervals, is shown in Figure 8-1.
  84. I say in theory because this currency hedging usually costs something, and that cost is not counted in the MER listed.
  85. If you are net long in either a stock or an options combination, hedging by selling stock short is the best way to go.
  86. Skew is a term for how cheap or expensive calls and puts are relative to ATM options in reaction to hedging activities.
  87. These situations may involve a liquidation or give rise to technical operations known as arbitrage or hedging.
  88. A consistent program of hedging an equity portfolio with VIX instruments can result in underperformance of a portfolio.
  89. When I asked my host whether his traders were hedging or speculating, he looked me straight in the eye and said, Yes.
  90. It can guide them on the overall magnitude of their risk and also on how to mitigate this risk by hedging appropriately.
  91. Even if we use an index futures contract as the hedging instrument, we still need an underlying price to evaluate options.
  92. It is in fact not difficult to find short periods where hedging actually increased the risk of a European stock portfolio.
  93. Let’s look at one other dynamic hedging example, this time in the form of an overpriced put in the futures option market.
  94. Selling a covered call against a long stock position is one of the most popular hedging strategies in equity option markets.
  95. You should also understand the concept of hedging at multiple levels and how you might incorporate hedges into your trading.
  96. However, if consumers have greater hedging needs than producers, the futures price curve can slope upwards (be in contango).
  97. For instance, the cost of fully hedging a complex portfolio with options can easily run over 10 percent on an annualized basis.
  98. After establishing this outlook, the cost of VIX calls relative to S&P 500 index put options hedging would need to be analyzed.
  99. Clearly, this is not a perfect solution to the hedging problem because the futures contract and the cash index are not identical.
  100. The purchase of a protective option and the sale of a covered option are the two most common hedging strategies involving options.
  1. That way all risks are hedged.
  2. Nothing much to tell,’ he hedged.
  3. The option to be hedged has a delta.
  4. Yeah, about that, Cecily hedged.
  5. Well, it’s that, uh, he hedged.
  6. The hedged European index yielded a 13.
  7. Positions can be hedged with the use of options.
  8. What makes you think he’ll do that? she hedged.
  9. When you bought those options, you hedged NOTHING!.
  10. To mitigate this risk, your position needs to be hedged.
  11. No one has proven that they aren’t real, I hedged.
  12. It is fully hedged and has a reasonable expense ratio of 0.
  13. Risk aversion does not matter if positions could be hedged.
  14. This great avenue, hedged in on the sidesby thousands of chairs.
  15. Any residual deltas can be hedged away with the underlying contract.
  16. In theory, each strip must be dynamically hedged to remain delta neutral.
  17. Before I depart, never to bother you again, Tammas hedged, Is there.
  18. Naked options: short positions not hedged with other option or stock positions.
  19. Parable: There was a certain householder, which planted a vineyard, and hedged it.
  20. Probably it would be better if he listened to the recording, Katherine hedged.
  21. A gold mine which has hedged its future productions will not rise with the price of gold.
  22. Said CEO Paul Bibby, The elimination of hedged contracts is transformational for OceanaGold.
  23. The brokers don’t care if the trader is successful or not, they will have any risk well hedged.
  24. I have never once hedged with a basket of actual financial stocks, and I doubt I am alone in this.
  25. A call option with a delta of 50% (½) needs to be hedged with 1 lot of the spot for every 2 options.
  26. The annualized standard deviation for hedged European stocks (Morgan Stanley Capital Index-Europe) was 14.
  27. Shadows stand at hedged distances, everyone, it seems, obeying the same summons to come out into the night.
  28. Unlike the unhedged carry trade, the “crash-neutral” or “hedged” carry trade exhibits positive skew.
  29. The trees, the neatly hedged off fields, cattle who seemed serene and oblivious to the troubles of the world.
  30. The Sheriff paused and Angela could almost hear the tumblers in his head rolling about as he hedged his thoughts.
  31. Ford was much more expensive than GM, so the obvious idea is to buy GM and sell Ford for a lovely hedged position.
  32. It’s divided into sections; the hedged area with swings and benches and footpaths paved with quarried flagstones.
  33. The Company camped beside the Stone, but they slept little, because of the dread of the Shadows that hedged them round.
  34. But when you own a position that consists of options instead of shares, risk can be identified, quantified, and hedged.
  35. All history shows that such an arrangement, however hedged in by the most solemn treaties and declarations, cannot last.
  36. This currency risk can be eliminated (hedged) by selling forward a pound contract in the futures market at nominal cost.
  37. But the hedged trader is covered for this loss by being short half as many lots of the spot product which have fallen 10 cents.
  38. No wonder, then, that the minute I finish cutting the hedged bamboo I am preparing to go back to the other end and start again.
  39. All of the foreign stock index funds recommended in Chapter 8 are unhedged, and the only low-cost foreign bond funds are hedged.
  40. Dimensional Fund Advisors has two fine short-term global bond funds (hedged) with reasonable expenses, if you decide to go that way.
  41. Spread Position – A hedged (risk-reducing) position consisting of two or more different options on different sides of the market (i.
  42. Hedged global government bonds had an SR near one, partly due to the yield decline, but also because they enjoyed several structural benefits.
  43. Collar A long (short) underlying position that is hedged with both a long (short) out-of-the-money put and a short (long) out-of-the-money call.
  44. Adjusting for the annualized gains from sharp yield falls between 1985 and 2009, the SR for hedged global government bonds would be close to 0.
  45. The garden is long and thin, hedged on both sides with an old, mossy path of paving slabs running down the middle from a small patio area by the house.
  46. We know from synthetics that an in-the-money option hedged with an underlying contract is equivalent to an out-of-the-money option of the opposite type.
  47. As can be seen, the hedged portfolios (the loop on the left) have both lower return and lower risk than the unhedged portfolios (the loop on the right).
  48. One aspect of what I consider more is that when the market's overvalued, my clients expect me to figure it out and be hedged and out of harm's way.
  49. If the market remains close to its current price, a position that is hedged by selling at-the-money options will show the greatest amount of appreciation.
  50. Spot price movements can be relatively easily hedged away (by delta-hedging), whereas changes in implied volatility can only be hedged using other options.
  51. But that shoulder, which rose to the height of the fifth wall, was hedged with great ramparts right up to the precipice that overhung its western end; and.
  52. Had I not planted a little garden before the bower? Had we not hedged it in with rush? A sheep might have browsed off the hedge in a moment, it was so large.
  53. The index PC ratio is usually very high (more put buying), which reflects an institutional mindset that wants to stay hedged against any unexpected move lower.
  54. For example, during the rapid depreciation of the dollar that occurred in 1984–1986 and 1994–1995, unhedged portfolios greatly outperformed hedged portfolios.
  55. Then, realizing from the sound of her voice that she could not have convinced me with a tone so unconvincing, she hedged with: It was my own suggestion, really it was.
  56. This effectively hedged his profits and locked in gains of nearly 50 percent, excluding his 15 percent dividend yield and the premium income he got writing puts and calls.
  57. With micro-inefficiencies where good substitutes (highly correlated assets) exist, arbitrageurs can put on relative value trades so that some of the risk in arbitrage is hedged.
  58. The later the trade, the more intense the hedging nearer to expiry vis-à-vis a more stale position that suddenly gets near the money and in play and was likely hedged long ago.
  59. Lyndon hedged but later instructed Estes to tell Wallace to go talk with the man and see if there could be a deal made, and to do whatever had to be done to take care of the problem.
  60. By now, of course, you are sophisticated enough to know that just because unhedged foreign stocks are slightly more risky than the hedged variety, this does not imply adverse portfolio behavior.
  61. At this moment a loud voice from behind the group which hedged in the prince and Nastasia Philipovna, divided the crowd, as it were, and before them stood the head of the family, General Ivolgin.
  62. Interestingly this is not due to the 1923 hyperinflation (because both the long holding of bonds and the implicit short position in bills lost everything, so these netted out in the hedged return).
  63. This regularity can be converted into a profitable trading strategy, namely correlation or dispersion trading, where volatility risk is hedged by selling index volatility and buying single-stock volatility.
  64. Spreads offered more security because it was buying one option and selling another, meaning part of the position was already hedged and the trader likely had to sell less underlying to hedge the position entered.
  65. If hedged positions drive you crazy because you know you'll have a losing side as well as a winning side, then perhaps you should trade options more as a speculator - forming opinions and acting on them accordingly.
  66. The resultant hedged bond generally has considerably lower risk than the unhedged bond, since the currency value change in the bond is exactly counterbalanced by the opposite change in value of the futures contract.
  67. This would lead me to conclude that the mere existence of SKF did not have all that much impact on XYZ trading, especially since much of the SKF volume represents quick trades up and back and is never hedged with actual stocks.
  68. Recall the greater risk in arbitraging away overall market valuation: given a lack of close substitutes for a position in the market index, directional equity market or bond market risk cannot be effectively hedged or diversified away.
  69. Swann also learned that the stock was being ignored because most of its gold production had been hedged (meaning, they had presold it) at fixed prices ranging from $550 per ounce to $750 per ounce, severely impairing the profitability of the company.
  70. In this position, our follow up procedure is similar to the Free Trade in that our option purchase is hedged by the sale of a further out-of-the-money option if the market moves in our favor, and the short option we had originally sold is repurchased and profits taken.
  71. The stock can miss earnings expectations and fall precipitously, allowing you to sell the shorter-dated option, and then short covering moves the price back higher, leaving the longer-dated option at little risk or far enough out-of-the-money that it can be protected or hedged cheaply.
  72. Initially, rather than calculating the theoretical value of an option, Black and Scholes tried to answer this question: if the stock price moves randomly over time, but in a manner that is consistent with a constant interest rate and volatility, what must be the option price after each moment in time such that an option position that is correctly hedged will just break even? The answer to this question resulted in rather intimidating-looking equation.
  73. Irritated convictions, embittered enthusiasms, agitated indignations, instincts of war which have been repressed, youthful courage which has been exalted, generous blindness; curiosity, the taste for change, the thirst for the unexpected, the sentiment which causes one to take pleasure in reading the posters for the new play, and love, the prompter's whistle, at the theatre; the vague hatreds, rancors, disappointments, every vanity which thinks that destiny has bankrupted it; discomfort, empty dreams, ambitious that are hedged about, whoever hopes for a downfall, some outcome, in short, at the very bottom, the rabble, that mud which catches fire,—such are the elements of revolt.
  1. The hedges were grey with dust.
  2. It matters how the trader hedges.
  3. Unkempt about those hedges blows.
  4. The lot was surrounded by hedges.
  5. The trader delta hedges the trade.
  6. Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.
  7. Parable of the Pipeline, by Burke Hedges.
  8. There seemed to be no hedges round Herr Dremmel.
  9. We’re leaving for the hedges, not for Coldmoat.
  10. The tall green hedges stretched ahead as far as.
  11. It seemed that the hedges had got badly overgrown.
  12. Recall that you margin off the fly, not the hedges.
  13. The lawn had been cut recently and the hedges trimmed.
  14. Chris Hedges – War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning.
  15. Hedges Crystal Skull of Love in the 1960’s-1970’s.
  16. I skirted fields, and hedges, and lanes till after sunrise.
  17. War in the end is always about betrayal, Hedges opined.
  18. We should have stayed out in the hedges, sleeping under trees.
  19. Instead, he had slunk home, in the shadows of hedges and alleys.
  20. The lawn didn’t need mowed and the hedges were already trimmed.
  21. Most of it was blocked by overgrown hedges and fallen tree limbs.
  22. Some she knew home of the McLure family, behind its low box hedges.
  23. Up ahead, she spotted an opening in the hedges and headed toward it.
  24. They were like two hedges of brambles, bristling with sharp thorns.
  25. As it turns out, Audrey hedges, and then finds it in her heart to.
  26. Yards fronted the path with either flowering hedges or storage sheds.
  27. Thorny, disheveled rose hedges lined the entrance to the Abyssal Cairn.
  28. Puts represent bearish bets or hedges, and calls represent bullish ones.
  29. After a while he left the road and walked close to the hedges and shrubs.
  30. At the same moment they became aware that the hedges on both sides, just.
  31. The hedges are all leafless now, except where an evergreen is to be found.
  32. It appeared to be coming from a long slit at the base of one of the hedges.
  33. He protects them and hedges them round by strong plants, to break the cold.
  34. He walked on a few paces, and went off to look over the tops of the hedges.
  35. Both of these instruments are used as hedges against a drop in stock prices.
  36. The realm has as many hedge knights as hedges, and all of them have feet.
  37. Over the hedges skipped a club beat infused with the time of night: midnight.
  38. She strode across the white cobblestones and scaled the hedges that bordered.
  39. Purchasing a VIX call hedges downside market exposure; that’s not in dispute.
  40. In a matter of hours they reached the wild rose hedges before the Abyssal Cairn.
  41. As they reached the high hedges that surrounded the cottage, the sky became gray.
  42. The lawns were cut; the sidewalks were edged, and the hedges were neatly clipped.
  43. The brown birds dashed over the hedges where the rose-hips stood naked and scarlet.
  44. What he thought of as the sky was the horizon, usually broken by trees and hedges.
  45. The hedges moved with the wind and their young cygnet wasn't in front of it in the.
  46. Come for a row, or a stroll along the hedges, or a picnic in the woods, or something.
  47. What’s a hedge knight to do when even the hedges are brown and parched and dying?
  48. Some of them are enclosed only by hedges, which lends a cheerful aspect to the street.
  49. Instead sunlit meadows and hedges bursting with white and purple blooms surrounded it.
  50. Hunter and Sophie walked side by side through the perfect flowerbeds and sculpted hedges.
  51. As a consequence, Lord Peter Foxworth had us to dinner the other night to discuss hedges.
  52. Beyond it a rutted lane ran between low well-laid hedges towards a distant clump of trees.
  53. Unlike financial assets, commodities (especially energy) tend to be good inflation hedges.
  54. The house, half glimpsed between the hedges, revealed itself to me as I passed between them.
  55. Parliaments were inordinately successful, and Benson and Hedges expanded by leaps and bounds.
  56. The trade is relatively inexpensive, hedges effectively, and has somewhat predictable returns.
  57. Intuitively, low-yielding currencies like the yen can serve as useful recession hedges for U.
  58. Across the green of the hedges and the field beyond, she could just see the sparkle of the sea.
  59. Smith bought twenty four beers, a bottle of Jack Daniels and three packets of Benson and Hedges.
  60. However, some mines still have hedges in place, or hedge some of their production; but not all.
  61. The father swan looked at the ruffling hedges, flapped its wings towards the policeman’s arms.
  62. Philip’s mother had insisted on him buying a property with hedges, as she was very proud of hers.
  63. How did I know it? Much as I know'd the birds' names in the hedges to be chaffinch, sparrer, thrush.
  64. All the hedges surrounding Louisa’s house were still in bloom, their fragrance hung in the hot air.
  65. As a result the enemy became bolder, hopping their swift planes over hedges and hillocks to harass us.
  66. Hedges and trees tore past in a green blur and a throaty roar throbbed out from the engine compartment.
  67. As she squeezed through the hedges, the tip of her house was just beyond the heat waves of the horizon.
  68. They started before dawn one clear August morning, going due north in groups along the banks and hedges.
  69. Jenks’s home was low, stately, surrounded by decoratively trimmed hedges and bright, blossoming azaleas.
  70. The girls walked off in one direction to some hedges on the far side, leaving George with Willie and Zach.
  71. The sprays of flowers on the fences and hedges that lined the path seemed dedicated to the grief she felt.
  72. She stepped off the back deck and started toward the tall row of hedges that separated his house from hers.
  73. Index hedges have different characteristics from equity hedges and are often quite skewed to the put side.
  74. Equities are poor inflation hedges over short horizons: rising inflation tends to push equity prices lower.
  75. At last, when it was clear that the rain was going to sour smell of flowering privet from cottage hedges below.
  76. The car slowed as it approached a row of high dark hedges, then stopped just outside the looming black iron gates.
  77. Varying shades of green covered the countryside, the hedges and fences turning the fields into a life-size jigsaw.
  78. They saw tiny blue fogs in the shadows of trees and hedges, all the time that there was bright sunshine elsewhere.
  79. So what does this have to do with options? There are two main ways the general public hedges long stock positions:.
  80. It crossed fields and slipped through hedges, meandering among the uninterested farm animals and the unseeing trees.
  81. Why, it was not even necessary to buy them: one could gather them from the hedges by the road side and in the fields.
  82. As soon as they left his high hedges at the east of his fenced lands they turned north and then bore to the north-west.
  83. On Saturday, May 17, 2003, New York Times reporter Chris Hedges was booed off the stage at Rockford College in Illinois.
  84. There were hedges that, in the summer, the gardener shaped like animals, and a swimming pool with emerald-colored tiles.
  85. He noticed they were now on a road, a sluggish river of luminous grey channelled between the rolling fields by low hedges.
  86. In some cases the hedges and shrubs at the front were slightly overgrown casting a lot of dark shadow across the entrances.
  87. You should also understand the concept of hedging at multiple levels and how you might incorporate hedges into your trading.
  88. Wear one whenever you have to kick up leaves, mow the lawn or trim hedges, and you should reduce the symptoms you experience.
  89. This was a consequence of its bankers forcing OceanaGold to enter hedges in order to secure financing for capital expenditures.
  90. The lender has noticed the animal's front lawn is a little overgrown, but the hedges are trimmed and there is no rubbish about.
  91. His mother, bleeding from a shotgun pellet, made her way along the hedges in broad daylight, with Woundwort limping beside her.
  92. In the midst of these gardens and hedges he caught sight of a small house of a single story, the window of which was lighted up.
  93. Now, its cast shadow seemed to forbid entry while the hedges at either side of the lane, appeared to lash out with their thorns.
  94. The faster the Benson and Hedges business expanded, the more difficult it was to finance its requirements for larger inventories.
  95. No one claims that the high walls of Italy and France or the impenetrable hedges of England would invariably suit the climate here.
  96. A fresh breeze was blowing; the rye and colza were sprouting, little dewdrops trembled at the roadsides and on the hawthorn hedges.
  97. Thickets of trees lined the road, and behind the trees were private properties, separated from each other by fences and high hedges.
  98. Tiny buds on the hedges, vivid as copper-green, were opening into rosettes; and thrushes called, and blackbirds shrieked and scolded.
  99. I modeled Oceana, and I realized that, once the hedges were gone, they were selling at about four times free cash flow, says Swann.
  100. Cardiff looked back at the summer drift of green lawns and green hedges and golden sunflowers and said, Where are the children?

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