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    1. This was the illustration given by Kenneth Copeland, a famous

    2. illustration of a headstrong person! He would not listen to any idea that was not his

    3. It spun at them, and as Tig watched the dying alien ship falling on them like a terrible illustration of inevitability, the fear left him like a rat jumping ship

    4. The case of Huldah who prophesied in the time of King Josiah is a good illustration of this (2 Chronicles 34:22-28)

    5. An illustration of an inference

    6. " Let me give you an illustration

    7. with the toes at the maximum distance from the head and the chin pressed firmly into the middle of the chest, as in the illustration

    8. was a perfect illustration of what I meant

    9. But a young man, who, instead of applying to trade or to some profession, should employ a capital of two or three thousand pounds in the purchase and cultivation of a small piece of land, might indeed expect to live very happily and very independently, but must bid adieu for ever to all hope of either great fortune or great illustration, which, by a different employment of his stock, he might have had the same chance of acquiring with other people

    10. The purchase and improvement of uncultivated land is there the most profitable employment of the smallest as well as of the greatest capitals, and the most direct road to all the fortune and illustration which can be required in that country

    11. The different state of many different branches of the British manufactures during the late war, and for some time after the peace, may serve as an illustration of what has been just now said

    12. As an illustration, let us consider our occupations

    13. In Rome it became a science very early, and gave a considerable degree of illustration to those citizens who had the reputation of understanding it

    14. To have gained a prize in the Olympic, Isthmian, or Nemaean games, gave illustration, not only to the person who gained it, but to his whole family and kindred

    15. President Ivanov was someone who had been democratically elected – though could there have been a more stark illustration of the flawed nature of democracy? In centuries past, people voted for the radical alternative seemingly out of desperation, for whoever seemed convincing enough that they alone held the key to a better future

    16. Here is an illustration of what I mean by meeting a customer

    17. East Timor is yet another illustration of Kissinger's indifference and incompetence

    18. A still better illustration is the task of washing dishes

    19. Thoreau's choice may serve as a whimsical illustration

    20. Maharaj provided a shining illustration of this rule

    21. All illustrations and images in this book do not necessarily portray the view of the author or owner of said illustration or image, nor do the authors agree with the content of this book

    22. The cut-out cremation illustration on the cover of the book is credited to Henry Mühlpfordt

    23. Figure 8- Step by step illustration of the event

    24. As an illustration, my father, who delighted in home gardening, each spring planted tomato seeds in carefully cultivated soil furrows

    25. As an illustration, I recall becoming outraged with an academic advisor in my postgraduate studies – at the time, I felt that the advisor had clearly not acted professionally and I had suffered grievously as a result

    26. As an illustration, we might remember hurtful words, prompted by anger, spoken to us in the past

    27. An illustration of awareness of cause and effect in health matters is seen in traditional Chinese traditional medicine

    28. As an illustration, within our everyday ethical framework, we may think that not returning too much change given to us in a shop is a fairly forgivable sin

    29. As a specific illustration, a person has an illness, or setback

    30. Of course the illustration above is fictional but it still shows

    31. rather good illustration that faith and fear cannot mix!

    32. Now Jesus also used marriage as an illustration of the closeness of the believer to Himself

    33. Here again Paul uses an illustration from agriculture, so that just as Christ, after

    34. In the last phase of verse 7 Paul uses covetousness as an illustration

    35. way of illustration, the simile of the potter and the clay, and then extends the principal to show the

    36. Verses 2 to 6, Paul here uses a biblical illustration to bring home the meaning of what he is

    37. writing about, in this illustration, a quotation is used:- 1 Kings 19: 10

    38. 19 But the occasion now invites us to give an illustration of temperate reasoning from history

    39. The night before, at dinner, Rhonda had suddenly said that she‘d like to try illustration, to illustrate children‘s books, and she had talked about how she‘d like to start with a fairy tale that was ―in the public domain

    40. The best illustration of these divergent sources may be found in the biblical book of The Exodus

    41. The best illustration of these divergent sources may be found in the biblical book of The

    42. As an illustration, a river and a channel have essentially the same

    43. The practice of „Bh ā gne ’ 18 would be a better illustration to depict this trend

    44. On the one hand, a good illustration of the possessive thinking of the communists is:

    45. This illustration of Parrish sitting on the throne (commode) on the scales of Justice speaks for itself

    46. photograph or illustration, they can be incorporated into the design of

    47. Given that all internal illustration work is completed to an

    48. Below is a simplified illustration of how this looks relative to the sample SAP core process and the output that relates to producing reports:

    49. In summary, from the overall description and illustration of the sample enterprise in this chapter, it should now be possible to see that the Re/OrgSystem is a highly systematic process

    50. Legs spread wide open like an illustration for a gynecology journal

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