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    1. This man came here honestly from YingolNeerie, in the flesh, on a big flaming starship like Jorma had seen in sci-fi movies all his life, and pictures in the news twenty one decades ago

    2. She knew all that from pictures

    3. Again, this was something she had seen only in pictures, it was a famous monument

    4. External objects, such as images of the deity, pictures or forms in nature

    5. There were dozens of them and he had to go thru pictures, but he found the right one

    6. Health related issues for over the age of 50, scientific discoveries, satellite and telescope pictures of recent discoveries are some of its highlights

    7. but the most trusted draughtsmen precisely because I did not want to see pictures or

    8. She’d have been about three when she died and I was a typical thirteen year old boy – not at all interested in babies, but I do remember some very clear pictures

    9. "It's the starship," he yelled, I saw pictures of it in a schoolbook taken back at the turn of the century

    10. He didn't have a book about it, but he had seen the pictures in news magazines twenty decades ago

    1. The author pictured standing naked by a pond

    2. Theo pictured a round, pale friendly face at the other end

    3. For a moment Tig pictured all of them dying at these consoles and the junks flying on to warn Hardway

    4. He had pictured their mission as being basically simple

    5. She was exactly what he pictured a beautiful Elf woman to look like when he was a child reading fairy tales

    6. A thonga is a lower, wider, eight legged version of what Alan always pictured a 'cow' would be like

    7. He grinned to himself as he pictured her in some very explicit poses

    8. The first stage of the Plough Posture is pictured in figure 44, page 137

    9. The Shoulderstand is pictured in

    10. I pictured food in the pot and someone, perhaps the cook from his ship, wiping down the wooden table then shaking out the cloth through the window - not realising he was scattering seeds

    1. "Wow," Jorma was impressed with this revelation, though he found it hard to picture

    2. You probably can see the picture

    3. I barely remember Earth and when I try to picture it in my mind today I notice the fields covered with ribbonleaves and archwoods shading the houses

    4. I say the word 'palm tree' today but my mind brings up the picture of a nullbreak hangleaf

    5. Her side of the headboard was picked over, the light stuff was gone, a picture of a home in the inner canals remained, a feathered set of hair rings was gone

    6. She looked like she couldn't picture it at all

    7. All of those parts of the picture are affected by aging

    8. Underling say he needed this report? Henry could picture it now

    9. "I'm an American, far removed, but I can picture four tons of aluminum

    10. With toddlers, suggest that parents show your grandchild a recent picture of you as you talk over the phone

    1. He gazed out the window, picturing himself gently leaping from cloud to cloud as they descended Juneau

    2. "Hmmm," Violet said, picturing her pony army traipsing over the hills, nickering and shoving dumb boys out of the way

    3. She was picturing this huge combine in a one acre garden

    4. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens

    5. lot of time thinking about his family, picturing Marguerite’s

    6. Still, she couldn’t help picturing their deaths

    7. As the large band of badgers marched towards their destiny, the column passed directly beneath Cherva's hiding place and he stared down at them in contempt, picturing their lingering deaths in the coming battle

    8. He stood on the spot picturing his dad’s good looks, (they used to say he was a dead ringer for Dirk Bogarde), and Stan’s endlessly fuming pipe

    9. I was then picturing him running to one of his bookshelves and grabbing a science book and saying something like: what you are experiencing Phil is the phenomenon known as olfactory taste osmosis

    10. Either we are a physical image of God, which some would say is anthropomorphism at its worst, picturing God as we see ourselves; or we have within us, in some manner, an image of God, that is not material

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    picture in English

    image representation semblance similitude piece drawing illustration portrait painting photograph account portrayal delineation cinema motion picture movie delineate describe draw imagine paint represent

    Synonyme für "picture"

    painting picture exposure photo photograph pic icon ikon image impression mental picture video film flick motion-picture show motion picture movie moving-picture show moving picture picture show pictorial matter characterisation characterization delineation depiction word-painting word picture scene envision fancy figure project see visualise visualize depict render show representation semblance similitude piece drawing illustration portrait account portrayal cinema delineate describe draw imagine paint represent