impact sätze

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Impact sätze (in englisch)

  1. I had made an impact.
  2. The combined impact is 6.
  3. Colors too have an impact.
  4. The Impact Of The Strikes.
  5. Yeah, that is an impact.

  6. He winced under the impact.
  7. Both have an impact on you.
  10. The sound of a loud impact.
  12. Imagine the impact of that!.
  13. Bill calls his system, IMPACT.
  14. There was a thunderous impact.
  15. No, the impact assessment is.

  16. His body shook with the impact.
  17. However, the impact in their.
  18. After takeoff and the impact.
  19. Whatever it was, it had impact.
  20. The impact wasn’t too severe.
  22. It helped to cushion the impact.
  23. But impact was only inches away.
  24. And the net business impact of.
  25. It had no less impact on Deshavi.

  26. The metal boomed with the impact.
  27. The impact stopped me on the dime.
  28. The impact made a sickening thud.
  29. Orland realizes the impact this.
  30. His words had an impact on Eugenie.
  31. My knuckles sting from the impact.
  32. The negative impact is at least 5.
  34. The impact onto the grass was hard.
  35. Who they were was having an impact.
  36. This can have a huge impact on how.
  37. It will have a huge impact on things.
  38. He had such a strange impact on her.
  39. We can see the impact that we as a.
  40. From here, I’d splatter on impact.
  41. You can impact your spouse's choices.
  42. Notice the impact of the word of God.
  43. Sparkling impact points lit the path.
  44. What matters is that he made an impact.
  45. Impact cratering is also affected by.
  46. She took the impact with her shoulder.
  47. Sadly, this travesty would impact on.
  48. This has had a huge impact on my life.
  49. For down gaps it does have some impact.
  50. And he has a big impact on this school.
  51. Therefore, the impact of cocaine is a.
  52. Does this impact the vote today?
  53. The impact the molten heat burning in.
  54. We had no chance to avoid the impact.
  55. What impact will it have on my future?
  56. Garcia braced for impact and suddenly.
  57. Danny had felt the impact but not much.
  58. The thud of his impact was heard over.
  59. The few whose impact was long lasting.
  60. The sermon had a big impact on the nuns.
  61. The impact went visibly up Yuki’s arm.
  62. The documentary began to have an impact.
  63. What impact would this have on my life?
  64. Growth and impact are more important.
  65. The impact of darkness and silence again.
  66. Vinny sped up to hit it with full impact.
  67. They are a negative impact in your life.
  68. We are in this to make the most impact.
  69. She made impact with the leader's skull.
  70. The impact of his leaving home, leaving.
  71. The force of the impact nearly shook me.
  72. Projected backward by the impact of the.
  74. The intensity and momentum of the impact.
  75. The direct impact is that it reduces the.
  76. The impact of the teachings of Christ in.
  77. Immediately prior to impact, the fly was.
  78. The impact was not what she had hoped for.
  79. Only retrospectively can their impact be.
  80. Severed in half by the impact, the entire.
  81. And that means looking at long-term impact.
  82. Twenty minutes to impact, Captain, Lt.
  83. Bang! Her right leg numbed from the impact.
  84. The impact and shock made Ali fall on the.
  85. The two men in the Ford had died on impact.
  86. This step compresses the impact of the two.
  87. This creates a negative impact to children.
  88. We’ve less than a minute before impact.
  89. Energy & Fuels reports an Impact Factor of 2.
  90. The balloons absorbed the impact of landing.
  91. She would have died at the moment of impact.
  92. That will make more of an impact than just.
  93. Want to understand the real impact of this?
  94. The impact mobile is having can be hard to.
  95. The long-term impact of not having a moral.
  96. The impact sent reverberations down her arm.
  97. She dodges another rock impact within inches.
  98. He gritted his teeth, bracing for the impact.
  99. They stumble from the sudden impact of force.
  100. But it wasn’t quick enough to avoid impact.
  1. They are dedicated to impacting the.
  2. I could see the magic was impacting her, too.
  3. You can always tell whether the word's impacting people.
  4. This room was already impacting his immaculate grey suit.
  5. Mick ran to the road as the thud of two pedestrians impacting a.
  6. That is, these policies are impacting our standard of living by.
  7. The missiles traveled straight and true impacting the cruisers and destroying them.
  8. The signals coming from the objects impacting our home worlds would be the worst in that case.
  9. Yes, you said your heaven is being destroyed, I think you are referring to the impacting bodies.
  10. She heard many bullets whistle by her, with more bullets impacting against the sandbags of the parapet.
  11. High-pitched squeals in the monitors indicated the aerial minelets were chasing and impacting upon the enemy.
  12. We like it when expectations are very low and we have a contrarian view on a broader issue impacting the company.
  13. Actions always have consequences – impacting both ourselves and others, because we are all part of the web of life.
  14. Is the information being gained by analytics impacting boardroom decisions or business strategies at all? If so how?
  15. My parents are far from famous but they have made the same impacting sacrifices that millions of others make everyday.
  16. The downside is that it would be slower to catch changes in average true range thus negatively impacting profitability.
  17. If you have ever missed a dive or belly flopped from even a short dive you know the violence impacting water can cause.
  18. To dream that you have been rear ended indicates that something from your past is still impacting your present situation.
  19. However, the issues of some sort of large overnight stock market move impacting the settlement of VIX derivatives did exist.
  20. With forty-eight lasers impacting each interceptor, none lasted more than half an hour from the time it left the moon to the time it was destroyed.
  21. Instead of impacting each other and creating emotional waves, members of an intelligent group benefit from combining their knowledge and expertise.
  22. The operating suites deployed to the surface could either be left behind or returned to the ship without impacting its ability to function in space.
  23. Tel half-gasped, half-choked, his hateful glare turning to panic, and he abruptly pitched forward, his head impacting the stone tile with a dull thud.
  24. The individual evenly spaced thumps from the missile payloads of white powder impacting the ship’s aft section could be felt the length of the ship.
  25. Once you have addressed the question of risk, you will need to consider how fear of failure may be impacting your progress towards your financial goals.
  26. What looked like a lance of fire then appeared in the sky above the stricken airfield, impacting on the airfield and creating a carpet of small explosions on the ground.
  27. His anger about the entire situation was affecting him physically and he knew he’d better get it under control before his feelings started impacting his relationship with Philip.
  28. In other words, all the toxins and fatty acids given off by visceral fat are swept up by the blood and dumped into the liver, negatively impacting the production of blood lipids (cholesterol).
  29. The children playing in the middle of the square were slow at first to react until the first mortar bomb, its fall barely audible, blew up after impacting against the roof of a house in the village.
  30. If neither of these options are available, adopting the brace position will offer you the best chance of survival in a crash because it stops you from impacting too heavily on the interior of the car.
  31. So did you think over my proposition? Laura leaned into Mike and lowered her voice, I hope you did, because this other guy is selling a shit load of those mystery pills, and it’s seriously impacting me.
  32. These mergers could reduce the number of large, national health insurance providers from five to three, further consolidating the power and leverage of this industry and impacting tens of millions of consumers.
  33. It continues to string together a series of impacting experiences in the author’s existence at a more mature, informative and extensive level as far as the new human relations that have recently emerged in his life is concerned.
  34. So what I did mentally was, I learned mentally to erect a wall, or a boundary inside me, to stop his words impacting me, because even though I wasn't a Christian, I knew intuitively they would hurt me, and they'd get in and affect me.
  35. While Saulniers’ tanks hit the eastern slope near the top of the hill, spraying the ridge with burning napalm, Teulier’s tanks missed the hill clean, flying just over the ridge and impacting in the jungle at the foot of the hill.
  36. A mere four minutes later, the first American 105mm shell screamed overhead before impacting the ground near the road at the foot of the hill, exploding and projecting in the air quite a few of the running dark silhouettes running towards Hill 260.
  37. That is, these policies are impacting our standard of living by drastically increasing energy costs and decreasing the ability of our states to create jobs, foster entrepreneurship, and give manufacturers the ability to compete in the global marketplace.
  38. As I have hinted above a person may be having unresolved issues that are not dealt with, the thing is influence is not only about people directly impacting on your affairs but, baggage that you carry as a person can also greatly influence the path your life and relationships take.
  39. This attitude is invariably impacting on the standard of education in many societies because of the wrong signal it sends to students that: no matter how hard you may study, you need to supplement it with either financial or sexual gratification, especially by the female students, in order to scale through their examinations.
  40. Recovering into level flight at an altitude of less than 150 meters and now being 800 meters to the South from the hill she had targeted, she looked behind her and was pleased to see that the two fireballs from her impacting napalm tanks now covered the southern half of the hill top, precisely where the machine guns had been.
  41. Remember, this is all a result of what the Impacting Incidents,.
  1. It impacted the earth in a.
  2. This directly impacted one of the.
  3. No, I want to be personally impacted.
  4. This impacted me by totally stopping.
  6. Pro bono surgery is an impacted backlog.
  7. This philosophy has seriously impacted me -.
  8. Interviews are impacted by individual style.
  9. We have not impacted the world as we could have.
  10. The DNA gets impacted and affected by iniquity.
  11. She impacted the water sooner and thanks to her.
  12. Blessings that could have impacted our world in.
  13. Their names would be impacted, diacritical: Jûngjø.
  14. It was this movement that impacted the life of Brandon.
  15. She didn’t know how her humble speech had impacted us.
  16. These options were actually impacted in a different way.
  17. He impacted the side of the road and rolled, coming to.
  18. How the headache impacted you: Were you able to function.
  19. Adesire has weight impacted by right or wrong for the score.
  20. What departments will be impacted by this initiative?
  21. The pipe into the wall moved slightly as his elbow impacted.
  22. Iratus flung himself to the side as the missile impacted, and.
  23. The car impacted and the engine buckled, throwing me forwards.
  24. Waa faqri! he cursed as his head impacted something solid.
  25. Before there was a child to be impacted by the inevitable divorce.
  26. Four palms impacted on one another and simultaneously produced two.
  27. In the end, our reputation will be greatly impacted by the way in.
  28. Something impacted violently against the car, before it flipped over.
  29. In these cases, the etheric double had been impacted by the physical.
  30. The time factor is most impacted by the resilience of the potential buyer.
  31. Proctor’s influence radically impacted HBCUs, our nation, and the world.
  32. All of this impacted on the Irish in England and the attitude between both.
  33. His lack of respect for God impacted others for bad - Look at the narrative.
  34. The October put options were also impacted by the settlement value of the VIX.
  35. He had been certain for decades now that a major moon rock impacted that city.
  36. Nothing was seen, just heard and imagined, as the van impacted with the rocks.
  37. His greed has impacted this city in ways we’re only beginning to understand.
  38. The first missile impacted and exploded as the F-84 came down to 10,000 meters.
  39. By its trajectory it should have impacted somewhere in the western Zhlindu basin.
  40. Children are also impacted by this eclipse and make dramatic personal changes too.
  41. Have you ever made a decision that later impacted your life in such a way that you.
  42. With fecal impaction, the fluids might not be enough to break up the impacted stools.
  43. Organizations and individuals alike are being and will continue to be impacted by VCR.
  45. There are other male role models that have impacted my life, but once I start calling.
  46. They can both move or, in this case, one will be more severely impacted than the other.
  47. Two crossbow bolts impacted into the ground where she had been standing seconds before.
  48. He should have seen that face long ago on himself, Freeman and everyone his life impacted.
  49. Every position is impacted by different forces going from a macro level to the micro level.
  50. I just had no concept of how much my bipolar disorder and my drinking had impacted my life.
  51. Although Dolores was my Angel, there is more to this story on how she impacted my life.
  52. Only the areas directly impacted by the Yellowstone ash plume have yet to come back on line.
  53. But when both Rings impacted on one another, the Ring that Mei Yinxue threw, seemed to have a.
  54. The K’tinga class aft of the Path Finder disintegrated as its warp core was directly impacted.
  55. The full meaning of what she had said impacted Jean at once, leaving him speechless for a moment.
  56. These other factors are not impacted through the buying and selling pressure on option contracts.
  57. In addition, when just investing in one style of stocks, diversification can be negatively impacted.
  58. Currencies, real estate, inflation, stocks, and bonds are all impacted when commodities are on fire.
  59. Even so, some of the missiles did get through and impacted the armored mushroom top of the battleship.
  60. You could smell the dusty, impacted, prolonged, and dark-clothed smell of the little men way over there.
  61. Most of the Health Care Facilities between club Bliss and the impacted zones were being overwhelmed by.
  62. They would continue to decelerate and by the time they arrived, the asteroid would have already impacted.
  63. Scant seconds later, the projectiles impacted and dozens of warships were sent to the bottom of the ocean.
  64. His long-life interest in culture has taken him to extensive traveling and has impacted his style of writing.
  65. The mere volume of their fire was enough to ensure that dozens of bullets and shells impacted on the scoutship.
  66. All the rest of that day I spoke of the Creator, His word and how He had impacted my life and others whom I knew.
  67. The corpses impacted against the vehicle with incredible force, crushing the steel body and leaving imprints in it.
  68. And then there were just the ordinary people that Chantry had impacted the fruit of his many philanthropic endeavors.
  69. The total number of people impacted by famine or characterized as malnourished in the world is over one billion people.
  70. Each of these has posed a challenge to our heroine, and as such each has been impacted by the various ways of human senses.
  71. Malthus missed living at a time that would eventually come—namely when affluence inversely impacted the size of the family.
  72. Falling on his Midheaven, this transit impacted on TR’s HOPE – it gave him something to set his sights on or to shoot for.
  73. Through the shower of hot lead and sparks, she watches as ricochets bounce back and forth between the impacted, armored cars.
  74. What's impacted you is the spirit released when the words were spoken, and so a spirit of death and murder comes against you.
  75. The solid line shows the VIX, which approached the 80 mark during the financial crisis that impacted the markets in late 2008.
  76. An empty shoreline stared back, but a series of high, clumsy ripples from whatever had impacted the surface eddied towards her.
  77. From anguish to joy, Therese Iverson’s cancer journey has impacted our spiritual cancer support group for the last nine years.
  78. This price matching is more for a neutral position that would not be impacted by small price changes in the underlying security.
  79. Much is fluid, much based on times and calendars are impacted by actions and the thoughts, minds, and energy of those on your plane.
  80. There is no moisture, no dew, no rain that could have impacted her surroundings, so for it to look like this is completely baffling.
  81. And for my passionately intense mother, who imparted extraordinary standards, and the four fathers who each impacted my life uniquely.
  82. Do you have any idea how much energy impacted the hardened battle surfaces of the ship? Hundreds of tons of rock crashed into the ship.
  83. A strange thing occurred during the early part of rehearsals for the film, something that greatly impacted Marilyn’s marriage to Arthur.
  84. The Earthly condition provides a huge test for the souls and through reincarnation, the level of energy of the planet itself is impacted.
  85. He came up into the lounge room and sat with us and listened to those in the family who spoke about how his behavior impacted upon their lives.
  86. When price movement is erratic, especially accompanying a breakout from a previous price range, the averages used in oscillators are impacted.
  87. The issue of destiny which is the product of the true path lives under a new code twisted to bring home to Satan more people impacted by ties.
  88. In a last reflex before they impacted the first trees, Catherine pulled the canopy ejection handle, then protected her face with her forearms.
  89. The wave impacted first the big moon orbiting Shouria, then swept over the surface of the third planet, blowing away its atmosphere and oceans.
  90. It is but natural that the urge to grow and the need to split would have impacted on the plunamic memory to impart a sense of separation to it.
  91. If a business is recession resistant then its earnings will not be impacted as the economy enters a recession, thereby making it easier to value.
  92. In addition, any change in plans or unexpected delays can be immediately impacted on the project and assessed in terms of most probable outcomes.
  93. It should be known that there are many who are positively impacted by your energy even though the desired outcome is not presently visible or measurable.
  94. The P I ships had moved away long before the missiles impacted their target and were already assaulting the cruisers which were the next size smaller ship.
  95. A spiritual-psychological life manifest through consciousness, personality, intellect, and emotions, and impacted upon by the imposition of others’ behaviours.
  96. The occupants of the shuttle are reported to be still alive, but their craft impacted near an active sulfur volcano and is quickly being buried under hot sulfur.
  97. The development of the fetus can also be impacted depending on the amount of exposure that a woman has had to these products during the early stages of pregnancy.
  98. I lay there with my face wet with tears for a while, feeling my whole body impacted with the force of the emotion I had felt, the love I had poured out to the child.
  99. He agreed with the astrophysicists, it would be at least a thousand years before humans could survive on this planet again if it was impacted with a body this size.
  100. And it was the war which also impacted on the lives of others from Sinclair Road: Phokion, who had served in the army reserve, had left to a new life in South Africa.
  1. Longer term impacts of OBEs.
  2. You know how a trade impacts the Greeks.
  3. Comet impacts deposited water on the Moon.
  4. And this love of apps impacts young and old.
  5. First impacts in about 20 seconds, Captain.
  6. Oliver asks a question that impacts the couple.
  7. Where there are potential negative impacts on.
  8. This in turn impacts the entire society negatively.
  9. Every one of those impacts felt like Tig’s fault.
  10. This impacts our operational doctrine contrarywise.
  11. The market you choose impacts your strategy selection.
  12. The anticipated speed of execution impacts the value of.
  13. This significantly impacts what you can say – and the.
  14. The report examines the impacts on jobs and the economy.
  15. However, the impacts might be even worse insofar as they.
  16. This is something that has so many negative impacts on you.
  17. An engaged audience will ponder the impacts of your points.
  18. Our hull plating will withstand the impacts with ease, sir.
  19. The Federation Supreme Court passed a ruling that impacts us.
  20. As far from the action as Joseph was, he could feel the impacts.
  21. SG 3 Analyze and Address Causes and Impacts of Selected Incidents.
  22. The thought " What if it happens again? " has three main impacts:.
  23. A man can either be free or made a mold under impacts of no answers.
  24. This eclipse impacts on Uranus pretty directly, and sideswipes Pluto.
  25. A migraineur’s lifestyle impacts the severity and frequency of the.
  26. It certainly wouldn't have been enough to cause the earliest impacts.
  27. Let’s move on to another part of psychology that impacts our trading.
  28. Both my shots are hits, we heard the sound of two impacts quite clearly.
  29. The nature of strategic value is that it directly impacts on the ability.
  30. This shows that certain types of impacts do not affect the etheric double.
  31. This eclipse impacts on both Uranus and Pluto, but more directly on Uranus.
  32. Being in your 3rd house it impacts on your car and communication equipment.
  33. What was confirmed as the work of love in impacts and numbers becomes bliss.
  34. The grand rally of ZTA in Zulimistan left instant impacts throughout the world.
  35. The Lunar Eclipse of the 15th occurs in your 12th house and impacts on Mars.
  36. Another problem we saw that impacts heavily on the area’s environment was the.
  37. If the implications, impacts or consequences of certain happenings are somewhat.
  38. What will be the impacts of giving a written statement ? We usually promise in life.
  39. As the car impacts this bloke jars backward and goes flying on to his ass on the floor.
  40. While the impacts of this slipping from the effective towards the merely pleasing may.
  41. In order to illustrate the impacts of the sickness on the intentions of the superordinate.
  42. As illustrated in the previous sections, the combined impacts of illegal file sharing hurt.
  43. This is important because it impacts the tools that they offer and the margins they provide.
  44. It is reiterated here, so you can see the context of how it impacts you becoming influential.
  45. Or you can explore some entirely different aspect of the potential cultural impacts of cloning.
  46. In fact, your celebrity status could have some negative impacts on your progress here at the.
  47. By the same reasoning, volatility impacts the selection of markets and the price of insurance.
  48. The qualification requirement typically impacts a small number of EMBA students, says Freixes.
  49. Going back in her office, Nancy brought out two curved armor plates with bullet impacts on them.
  50. The other guns of the fort however kept firing, despite dozens of impacts on its concrete shell.
  51. For most advertisers, this amounts to hundreds of wasted impressions and negatively impacts on CTR.
  52. The P I ships pitched up so that their heat shields took the brunt of the impacts from the debris.
  53. The specific market force that impacts implied volatility is the net buying or selling of options.
  54. They could hear the distant cries of procrastinators and the thuds of impacts from the siege engines.
  55. A change in an individual alters the collective; a collective's evolution impacts the global organism.
  56. Hail, weather storms and other negative environmental impacts would also not have existed before this time.
  57. They slammed stunned dinosaurs to the ground with impacts Jaume could almost feel from half a kilometer away.
  58. You have to look at the bigger picture, at the long-term impacts, to determine what’s best for the majority.
  59. In addition to the EMV score, You will find out which emotion inside your customer's your headline most impacts:.
  60. Some of the most important breakthroughs with enormous impacts on everyone’s lives are the ones we hardly notice.
  61. They could improve the environment, but too many times they do more harm than good, including sociological impacts.
  62. His world became a tiny, echoing metal chamber and the impacts of Camellia’s two-legged trot jarring up his spine.
  63. He barely had time to complete his message before the canopy of his cockpit exploded under the impacts of dozens of.
  64. As the series of impacts continued in quick succession, an irritated Commodore Nousma shouted at his Weapons Officer.
  65. Earth is the perfect distance from its sun, the right size and has the lowest amount of impacts from objects in space.
  66. If you are tempted to give more than the other side asks for think carefully about how that impacts on their behaviour.
  67. Your sense of self directly impacts your relationships, work, health – in short, the quality of your life as a whole.
  68. The people have become the media power, and the impacts of this shift are far reaching for the unexpected and uninformed.
  69. They had watched pieces fall from the sky and seen the impacts, but nothing prepared them for what they found on the surface.
  70. He instructed his followers to commit acts that must have had harshly adverse impacts on their hitherto nearest and dearest.
  71. Instead of shredding them, it slammed into the junk and peppered the hull with little flashes and hot spots from the impacts.
  72. Now see the adjusted FCF numbers (without growth Capex), and how it impacts the valuation characteristics of the business (fig.
  73. When a business is growing, expenses typically grow at a faster rate than revenues, which negatively impacts short-term earnings.
  74. I don’t want to get in the middle of that, said Eirg, pointing to the sparks bursting between the impacts of their weapons.
  75. The AvgLength parameter is also made available as an indicator because this averaging also impacts the number of indicated reversals.
  76. By the multiple bullet impacts on them, he guessed that they had been killed by some of the robots that had swept through the Ghetto.
  77. Negative impacts can change your brand equity, customer satisfaction indexes, loyalty, value perceptions and ultimately the share price.
  78. Attempts at dialogue with the company failed to ensure a significant decrease of environmental and water quality impacts from the project.
  79. Prevention of present and future harm should equal or better the harm of war; with the merit of lives determined by their impacts on others.
  80. She didn’t see the impacts of her six bombs when they hit, seeing red despite her G-suit and nearly passing out from the centrifugal force.
  81. A congressman lying to the citizens, however, is perfectly ok when he is trying to hide the actual effects and impacts of another federal law.
  82. Inside the EC-142E, Ingrid clearly felt and heard the impacts of multiple 20mm shells on her plane and clenched her teeth, expecting the worst.
  83. Phases 1, 2, and 4 all can lead to Phase 3 which directly raises one’s vibrational frequency, and in turn positively impacts one’s trading.
  84. There were deep gashes in his thighs, calves and forearms, and great bruises showed on his limbs and body from impacts against the stone floor.
  85. This ruling class of Defense and Attack Control Center (DAACC) and Green House has converted the good impression of Zulimistan into bad impacts.
  86. You can feel this wave field all the time supported by your heart and soul of love, and it positively impacts not only you but also the surrounding world.
  87. This eclipse occurs in your 4th house of home and family and impacts on both Uranus and Pluto (more directly on Uranus; with Pluto it is a ‘sideswipe’).
  88. To protect the dinghy from meteorite impacts, the area outside the airlock was protected by a protruding metal roof which was covered with a thick layer of ice.
  89. Without further warning an ice shelf broke off loudly at that company’s fore when the tundra below was rocked by multiple impacts coinciding with coruscations.
  90. He could see a few 20mm shell impacts on his NARWHAL, but they appeared non-critical, while two gunners on the nearest ship had been hit and were down on the deck.
  91. Anything which you do that impacts the Public, the public interest, the public flow of information must be measured in the activities that relate to your marketing.
  92. Fort Drum’s main guns were firing their fifth salvo when the lead enemy minesweeper started sinking, reduced to a blazing wreck by multiple impacts from medium guns.
  93. The impacts of industrial restructuring and energy efficiency changes cannot be entirely separated because this would require more detailed information than is available.
  94. Suddenly caught in the cannon and rocket crossfire from the three AC-10s, the submarine quickly absorbed seven direct 127mm rocket hits and dozens of 30mm shell impacts.
  95. How does that difference manifest itself? As we saw when discussing collars, one way skew impacts our risk reversal is the distance the strike prices are from at-the-money.
  96. It is often beneficial to seek professional counsel when confronting a phobia that seriously impacts your life, but developing a relationship with God is even more important.
  97. The vehicles and guns were either destroyed outright by direct impacts, peppered with large, red-hot steel fragments or blown away and overturned by the series of powerful blasts.
  98. I grew up in the next decade with the advantage of reading this quote and seeing a picture of him slain and partly submerged in a river, which today still strongly impacts my values.
  99. Rockoff, The Long-term Impacts of Teachers: Teach Value-added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood (September 2013) / 50 Smart women now have so many more job options: See Marigee P.
  100. Turned from hunter to hunted, the British pilot anxiously started yet another tight turn but felt multiple impacts on his aircraft at the same time that he saw tracers pass by his canopy.

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