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    1. with in your life because those associations are going to affect your life

    2. Of course if your nutrition is better and you’re losing weight and you start to feel healthier, that is going to have a drastic affect on your self-confidence

    3. Your decisions don’t really affect your life

    4. We are here to affect and influence the

    5. If a child has not been given correct information, relevant to our perception, about questions he may have asked about God, birth, death, gender difference and so on, then the incorrect or insufficient impressions could affect his life all the time

    6. Planting during the wrong time of year also exposes plants to insects that would not normally affect your plants, if they planted at the right time

    7. Medfly spraying of Malathion or any other chemical is wasted effort and will not affect the real cause of the Medfly spreading in southern Calif

    8. Remember that it can affect the soil health as well as the plants health if over used

    9. Ricci watches Ali Ben Ali out of the corner of his eye to see what affect his words are having on him

    10. But, maybe, there is a way out: Conscious dream control and intervention in the astral plains may affect the flow or reality

    11. personal decisions that will affect their future ability to qualify for either area of service

    12. We were half afraid that coming across might affect your mind … you’d been very young when your mother ran away with you and you had spent your formative years on Earth

    13. The grace and character that we achieve in Christ now will actually affect who we are then

    14. “If they get Ethereead then it will affect the whole of Jodechi”

    15. One of the factors that will affect the efficiency of the skin creams is its ability to penetrate quickly into the skin

    16. For those interested in how free-radicals affect the skin, let it be said

    17. As I have said, Yoga will affect your way of life, even against your will; it will alter your attitude towards many things and one of these things is the food you eat

    18. I went onto the grass and did a cartwheel and started to walk away, the idea of what I had done starting to affect me, not fully knowing if it was right or wrong

    19. I smile at her trying not to allow the shadow of Berndt’s mission to affect me too much

    20. I would much rather go through this than a life time of struggling with the direct afflictions of an imbalance taking affect daily and maybe that's why it did

    21. Engaging in adventurous activity can have the affect of

    22. Alcohol can ease your inhibitions and affect

    23. He wished she wouldn’t affect any styles from that world, much less bring the narcotics here

    24. different characteristics of love based and lust based relationships, and how they affect you as a person

    25. What is an assembly binding redirect? Where are the places an administrator or developer can affect

    26. “We could not, however, have imagined how this would affect them,” continued Tarak

    27. The best thing about these audio programs is that they can affect impressive changes in very little time

    28. Simply grab your journal and a pen and start writing your thoughts about the experience(s), how they made you feel when they happened, and how they still affect you now

    29. trapped emotions can affect us physically, and how

    30. worsening, it was beginning to affect her gait

    31. within us, they may adversely affect us

    32. you’re using the energy of your thoughts to affect the

    33. was exerting a very strong subconscious affect and was

    34. Trapped emotions affect you in two distinct ways,

    35. Trapped emotions affect the

    36. The same beneficial affect occurs in your own

    37. conscious control over all of the events that affect your

    38. How Your Thoughts Affect Others, 92

    39. It began to affect the production and morale of the entire shop

    40. That could affect the move

    41. The uniqueness of a green bear didn't affect me as much as the fact he was shot and killed

    42. War affect the dragons?”

    43. Although he tried to keep an open mind and never let his personal views affect his profession integrity, what he had heard about Chas Middlesex had not attracted him to the man

    44. 'And the consequences of your actions will also affect

    45. the wine took its inevitable affect

    46. Instead it took this dire situation to affect their pocketbooks and bank accounts to impinge upon their own attentions

    47. ” She was looping thru all of the ways this was going to affect her trip

    48. This could affect substrate production, but could also mean deaths of specimens in the biology labs

    49. "You can't us it then –" she insisted, "I refuse to let it affect Jim's property

    50. "It'll also affect Mr

    1. Memory is the worst affected by hunger as the brain requires a minute-to-minute supply of glucose for its normal functioning

    2. All of those parts of the picture are affected by aging

    3. Description of Disease: Canes turn brown from tips, plants most affected in colder climates, right after winter protection is removed, not a disease itself but can led to disease attack

    4. If the body movements are shaky with trepidation, physical aging has affected the person

    5. main part of kidneys was already affected in the womb”… We were

    6. not to be affected by people’s reactions; call things that are not as though

    7. this is very simple: the life of God comes back to the very affected

    8. garments affected, and the smell of fire was not on them

    9. been affected by this flu!” Yes, many people may have, but this flu will not

    10. The rest 98% is affected by the unconscious, which is genes, as well as other external imponderable factors

    11. We will be affected but we will survive it

    12. After an excruciatingly difficult fifteen minutes in which she tied herself in several knots, she gave up trying to explain stone technology only to get horribly bogged down virtually immediately in the various historical differences that had affected modern day cultures … comparative history had not been her strong point

    13. niece’s arrest and realizing how it must have affected her

    14. affected by the flash

    15. Michael was hovering protectively near her, but she wasn’t affected like the others

    16. The production of collagen is affected when the skin is exposed to reactive oxygen

    17. Ash was only a dog, yes, but his death had affected everyone

    18. Andrew was deeply affected by the tale of Ash and his heroic death

    19. That small act so affected him that he quickly turned around

    20. Her red hair was stunning, framing her face in such a way that he was affected deeply

    21. The hole has been fixed and your studies will not be affected

    22. “Such a terrible, terrible waste; you can understand how deeply this affected us all

    23. It epicentred in Bhuj, though it affected many parts of

    24. Based on the principle that everything is energy and that our energy is affected by everything that we come into contact with, Krystalya Marie‘ has developed an entirely new method of

    25. These changes had affected her more than he had thought

    26. Create an Energy Shield - a flexible, protective force that allows you to remain in a space filled with fear and negativity without being affected by it

    27. is affected by it

    28. her tears flowed, she said, “Oh, yes, that affected me

    29. to one instantly affected the other, with no regard to

    30. you are dehydrated the testing will be affected in the

    31. affected by his trapped emotion of hatred

    32. The musicians are in a holding pen above the dance floor, the music flows about the room and all are affected by it

    33. Turning she looked up at Kai and for the first time he could see how deeply she had been affected by the attack

    34. ‘I reckon that tummy bug has affected your brain, Sarah

    35. “We have adepts that have learned their own minds so well that they can tell which neuron is affected by a state change,” Daedelus told her

    36. ’ Ann said, her face reflecting how much this fact has affected her

    37. ’ I said, equally affected by the concept of having to go home but loathe to show it

    38. How it had affected my view of God

    39. Only Andy was affected by Chas’s death and not attempting to hide it in any way; his face was paler than usual, his eyes flicked from face to face as he tried to emulate his fellows in their insouciance

    40. Despite the usually rather relaxed attitude affected by the

    41. affected not to have heard the sound

    42. ‘Mr Simthwaite left the hostel during the night after you left, Mr Hust, it appears that this affected Mr Hartley-Jones’ sanity …’

    43. Making a show of speaking to the constable sitting by the door, Jarvis affected not to be concerned that the other man was ignoring his arrival

    44. ‘Yes, from what we can piece together, it seems that the failure of the project affected his mind, it appears that he dug up the body of your brother and hauled it into the hostel to the bedroom he shared with his wife

    45. His common sense said that was a very foolish thing to do, considering how her physical presence affected him

    46. game that for the past hundred years no matter who you were affected you in some

    47. Rubbing her forehead, she wondered if the bump had affected her more then she’d thought

    48. At times our bodies cannot contain all of God and we are physically affected by his presence

    49. Mil ions of people were affected here by the winds blown in from Chernobyl

    50. I was with a YWAM team on a mission trip in Haiti, which is a country heavily affected by voodoo

    1. I assured him that I could undertake the role without affecting the

    2. relationship is still affecting the world even today

    3. affecting your ability to achieve your goals

    4. affecting your ability to succeed

    5. The congregation needs to be actively involved in input of decisions affecting the Lord's work

    6. to slowly dissipate, so negative things may still be affecting

    7. affecting the foundations then

    8. with suggestions and affecting passions;

    9. Yoga, in affecting the glands, establishes a rhythm in the body so that you do not feel a desire for food that you do not need

    10. Here too the malaise affecting the land is clear to see

    11. feelings about it could be affecting her negatively in

    12. was still affecting her, and in such a dramatic way

    13. the creation of trapped emotions, often affecting the

    14. It has severely reduced the male population and apparently is now affecting the females and the continuation of their species

    15. picture on the back of your t-shirt is affecting you

    16. trapped emotion is affecting the mindbody

    17. but apparently they were still affecting him

    18. was imbalancing his hind-quarters and affecting

    19. Mechanism Affecting Release of Trapped Emotion, 140-141

    20. It’s just as well that there was a great heap of dictation waiting for me … at least with that I didn’t have to think about what I was doing … not consciously … it’s odd how I can just transfer the words I hear through the headphones to my typing fingers without actually affecting the rest of my brain … meant that, while my fingers efficiently typed the words going into my ears, my mind was busy walking on the hills with Simon

    21. The disciples of Jesus were accused of being drunk with wine because the Spirit of God was affecting them so deeply (Acts 2:13)

    22. To dream that someone is in tears indicate that you need to rethink your actions and how your behavior may be affecting those around you

    23. Approaching the Lyridian-7 region, this was the edge of where the phenomenon was known to be affecting space with its most intense sign-wave

    24. “I think the mountains are affecting the beacon’s signal

    25. After hundreds of years, the golden arrows lost power, affecting mortals no more than common drinking water would

    26. Raiya didn’t know if it was the wine affecting her mind, but she knew then

    27. With the layer of water above the atmosphere removed, a weaker magnetic field and new water to landmass ratio on the surface of the planet, affecting gas composition, air pressure and an altered level of protection against cosmic radiation, the previous conditions on Earth would be changed forever and forgotten over time

    28. it was affecting his marriage

    29. Those ones who had died had died slowly: some chemical deprivation through altered brain activity, or affecting the actual life support machinery through its connection

    30. ‘The nav says we're heading towards town, but the distance reading keeps skipping and resetting itself – I first thought it was some effect of the storm affecting satellite com

    31. It was an odd moment, like something had changed in the atmosphere, affecting the mood

    32. Or just L-Seven-Six affecting his mind

    33. We pray Your Most Gracious Majesty to know that we have appointed our trusty and well beloved, grandson, Prince John Ossoo Ansah, son of the late Prince Ansah, of Ashanti, on our behalf to lay before your Majesty divers matters affecting the good estate of our kingdom and the well-being of our subjects, with full power for the said Prince Ansah as our ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to negotiate and conclude all such treaties relating to the furtherance of trade and all matters therewith connected as your Majesty shall be pleased to entertain

    34. Corporations footing the bill should be allowed (some) input into areas directly affecting a company‘s performance; for example, suggested coursework compatible with a company‘s business requirements or communicating effectively

    35. He mentioned also a buildup of barnacles that was affecting her maneuverability and slowing her considerably

    36. Cooper must have sensed how this was affecting me

    37. Bloggers highlighting habitat ruination affecting the survival of orang-utan populations in Borneo and Sumatra, state that millions of acres of rain forest habitat are cut down each year to make way for palm oil plantations

    38. Since the observer has mass, and bodies attract mutually according to their mass, the mass of the observer must have bent the trajectory of the first object—hence affecting the outcome of the observation

    39. attacking me in the spirit realm, severely affecting my emotional state

    40. "She cries over every affecting thing the minister says

    41. Changing your thoughts in a positive direction (love) can bring about spectacular results in your life, affecting both your physical life and that of your spiritual enlightenment as well

    42. the machinery is becoming inefficient, and it’s badly affecting

    43. and how that was affecting you now, by reflection

    44. “Jupiter could be affecting the signal

    45. Should they, as it were, rebel against their own rebellion, they are told they must not judge what is affecting them

    46. thereby affecting the events?

    47. a cloud obscures the sun without in any way affecting it, so does

    48. cannot observe a phenomenon without changing or affecting it

    49. enduring, generally affecting the NDEr for the remainder of their life

    50. ocean, the ever-present, but not affecting its peaceful power

    1. Recent Memory Loss that Affects Job Performance

    2. Only once, in a rare demonstration of sincerity, he admitted that the subconscious affects human behaviour only by 2%

    3. It actually affects us when we are willing to give self over to that spirit

    4. Our view of eternity and what comes after our life actually affects and puts in motion how we will live and what will govern our lives now in the present

    5. What other deities are wise as our God is wise? What other deities have given and continue to give wisdom that affects time and eternity? Rocks do not speak

    6. To have this view that we are headed toward a consummation, and that consummation has to do with the rule of God over creation, affects every other aspect of the faith

    7. in the body, further complicating the adverse affects tobacco brings

    8. This asana affects four of the most important endocrine glands —the pituitary, the pineal, the thyroid, and the parathyroids

    9. It is because of its many benefits and because it affects the most important gland in the body, the pituitary, that the Headstand has been called ‘The King of Asanas’

    10. Ardha-Matsendrasana primarily affects the adrenal glands which are situated above each kidney, thus sending them a richer supply of blood

    11. Nerves and ligaments of the spine arc subjected to a healthy pull, and the spinal nerve roots and sympathetic system are toned so that this posture beneficially affects the entire organism

    12. People judge mental illness through hearsay or the severity of the affects, however mental illness is only as dangerous as the individual behind the wheel

    13. That stops me dead in my tracks, Alastair has never, but never, told me how my performance affects him – technically, yes, personally, never

    14. I have experienced trauma in my life, and although I don't suffer because of it, it still affects my life in some ways

    15. When someone is dehydrated, it directly affects their

    16. reality affects the systems of the body, just as our

    17. To change the purpose of something in a way which affects an

    18. function it is that you desire to discontinue and how that affects other

    19. everything that happens to one of us affects everyone

    20. ’ He said firmly, the flush on his cheeks showing clearly just how strongly the concept affects him

    21. There’s a headland there which affects the way the tides flow

    22. voice in this matter – it affects us every bit as much as it

    23. Our identity affects our actions

    24. Your loss affects the prosperity of the entire town,’ said

    25. When it reaches our sun, which, as we know is simply a massive ball of fire, it affects it in such a way as to distill the Life-Light into an energy that we can use

    26. Rapists and serial killers will fall into the same medical category: they suffer from a disorder that affects behavior

    27. Continually be aware of your state of thinking, which affects your speech and

    28. Though, you should know that the water affects inhibitions

    29. It affects every aspect of your life

    30. He may no doubt buy too much of either, as he may of any other dealers in his neighbourhood; of the butcher, if he is a glutton ; or of the draper, if he affects to be a beau among his companions

    31. Nobody affects the character of liberality and good fellowship, by being profuse of a liquor which is as cheap as small beer

    32. The way we use our thoughts greatly affects our physical and mental health

    33. Too often, however, we do work that negatively affects happiness, and then have to spend much of our leisure time undoing these effects

    34. It watches everything, but nothing affects it

    35. It also affects

    36. That would be unfortunate, especially as it affects this area

    37. Currently action may only be taken when corruption negatively affects overseer critical functions

    38. So far as it affects stock, it is assessed, though not with great rigour, yet with much more exactness than that part of the land tax in England which is imposed upon the same fund

    39. In France, the great easily submit to a considerable degree of inequality in a tax which, so far as it affects them, is not a very heavy one; but could not brook the arbitrary assessment of an intendant

    40. be regarded as one of those pedantic pieces of hypocrisy which, instead of gaining credit with anybody, serve only to expose the person who affects to practise them to the suspicion of buing a greater knave than most of his neighbours

    41. “There has never been anything like the taint in any of my memories though there may be information I hold that could help us find a way to avoid its affects

    42. Some time passed before Carl said, “I cannot cure the infection, but I can alter its affects

    43. when something happens to one member of our community, it affects us all

    44. “It will be interesting to examine your cadaver and see if the disease affects women differently than men

    45. It affects you every day whether you like it or not

    46. News which affects each and every one of us

    47. ―unintended‖ results justified in every manner that oftentimes provides a convenient outlet for informed individuals who were (consciously) aware of the probable affects of their actions to begin with

    48. No doubt it affects their thinking and general behaviour

    49. The settlement also affects firefighters, whose contract is linked to that of the police

    50. Nevertheless, the transformation that most affects tourists is one that has been imposed in that beautiful city, as well as in the capital of the country, as a result of September 11, 2001

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