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    1. Also inside was the logic fabrication machinery, weapon stores, and the other incidental machinery needed by the expedition

    2. incidental crowd of individuals and is not interested in

    3. A fast vessel with auxiliary steam power, leaving the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the first of January, would reach Sydney in Australia in forty days, adding twenty days for incidental interruptions, and leaving the coast of Australia on the first of March, passing through the whaling ground between New Zealand and New Holland, and the Caroline Group, touching at Ponape, and allowing 30 days for incidental interruptions, would reach the Ladrone Islands by the first of June

    4. You see, there is the small matter that sixteen of the nineteen hijackers were indeed from one or another of the Arab countries, plus the not so incidental fact that Osama bin Laden hails from Saudi Arabia

    5. For the growing number of African Americans who are prospering economically, incidental to government programs and more in keeping with their own private initiatives, innumerable others continue languishing economically and socially

    6. although such crimes are oftentimes incidental to race

    7. Its specific aim or, as a point of argument, subject of intent, is not necessarily the overriding factor (however) but rather an ancillary consideration with respect to intent; that is to say, incidental to pre-existing intentions as such intentions and ensuing actions may (otherwise) produce unintended results triggered by original intent in whatever manner the outcome was unintended

    8. Intentions are (oftentimes) incidental to their effects, or the absence thereof!

    9. Balance of Power seldom aligns itself with Duty and Honor; more so, perhaps, with the (incidental) prospect(s) for economic gain

    10. It's like an incidental effect of inclusion

    11. To put in place things that cause the incidental effect of inclusion

    12. As a separate phenomenon from the Black Sea flood story, what might have been the cause of the Mesopotamian version? I’ve already said that it could have come from beyond the headwaters of the Tigris-Euphrates river system as a catastrophic release, an incidental causative from the rapid retreat of the northern ice cap

    13. incidental charges that may be incurred

    14. M: Happiness is incidental

    15. Normally very different things! The initial realization of the amounts (usually larger than we think!), involved on incidental, discretionary and impulse buying is an eye-opener for most and ends up saving families all kinds of money they never knew they had

    16. ƒ Other examples of incidental money-guzzlers are parking meters, donuts, shoe repair,

    17. “It is, and I don’t mind telling you that there was an incidental and crucial reason why it was chosen

    18. “The death of the security guard was probably just incidental,” he said

    19. Now it was merely incidental that he was the son of a famous movie actor

    20. ‘Twas sensed by Me, this gathering was not an incidental one; nor merely called to honor Me, albeit My return was key

    21. What happens ‘out there’ is purely incidental

    22. And it was this incidental occurrence, in connection with the presence of Jesus and the supposed miraculous curing of the lunatic, that gave origin to the legend that Jesus had cured Amos by casting a legion of devils out of him, and that these devils had entered into the herd of swine, causing them forthwith to rush headlong to their destruction in the sea below

    23. “The dream studies were incidental to the

    24. This includes elimination of incidental airing of candidates for non-political reasons of interest near an election

    25. However, the ship was incidental and just a smokescreen to locate a specific German submarine which had been rammed and sunk by the ship! Paul only knew of the submarine and its cargo of gold bullion, because his brother David had done a lot of research on it

    26. in time of war, and the "incidental" deaths of civilians in time of war (that is, deaths that occurred as a consequence of what could be

    27. The Sat Guru "channels the incidental cause of all evolution, the energy of the soul, which removes the samskaras or energy

    28. Neither Doyle Shuler, Smart Retire Plan, LLC, Multiple Streams Marketing, LLC, Barefoot Retirement, Dove Ventures, partners, agents, employees, providers, nor related corporations and partnerships, nor any advisors or investment providers will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, inadvertent or punitive damages or any damages what so ever, whether in an action based upon a statute, contract, tort, including but not limited to negligence or otherwise, relating to the use and application of this information

    29. Yes indeed bucko, incidental accusations

    30. The choice for this particular frame section is not incidental

    31. But material prosperity is only an incidental concern of the Geeta and

    32. The footprint of the act and the bloodprint of its effect must be calculated not as incidental damage of collateral importance, but as the End Game itself, e

    33. Scattering themselves throughout the park, people, head and shoulders covered in self-decorated bags, litter themselves as the disposable and incidental waste War trashes the world into

    34. she could not help but feel that they had not been purely incidental

    35. When Money comes before life, tell me which is being sacrificed to whom? When an illusion supersedes compassion, who then is the primitive priest savagely ripping out beating hearts to offer to a golden idol? These incidental inconveniences and trivial tragedies, how often do you sanction them, while proclaiming yourself a humanitarian as you publicly guilt tithe to the cause that bears your foundation's name? Do you know the uninvited poor whose heads you anonymously airlift drop Morganics experimental foods and Whoremart blood-woven garments upon? Are you only giving to a stereotype and only giving the basic necessities of life? Because isn't that all a stereotype needs, just enough to stay alive? How do you know what to give them, if you do not know them? When we ask those in want to share their needs, we are asking them to trust us with their greatest intimacy, their deepest vulnerability

    36. It was hard to fret over incidental things like breaking into a lighthouse when faced with such stunning, natural beauty

    37. conceived in Spain Don Juan's libertinageis wholly subsidiary and incidental

    38. debit is ordinarily allowed except by way of interest, incidental charges, insurance

    39. - Incidental Income related to purchase and sale of assets and liabilities

    40. And when objections are pointed out, they are met with, “Oh, well, that is only incidental and unimportant,” and so dismissed

    41. this is not an incidental coincidence since the religion of Bön that

    42. An incidental allusion, purposely thrown out, to the day of the week, and the day of the month, set him thinking and counting, and evidently made him uneasy

    43. He made all manner of gestures while he spoke, as if in incidental imitation of some few of the great diversity of signals that he had never seen

    44. Exceedingly moody and dejected was the sorely wounded Don Quixote, with his face bandaged and marked, not by the hand of God, but by the claws of a cat, mishaps incidental to knight-errantry

    45. All these things are part of the forward movement; they are incidental to the evolutionary process of completing society

    46. "Did I?" she replied, in an incidental and forgetful way

    47. A king and a prince at last in death, with incidental music

    48. " An incidental but favourable mention of his name in Mr

    49. He saw that Russia has splendid land, splendid laborers, and that in certain cases, as at the peasant’s on the way to Sviazhsky’s, the produce raised by the laborers and the land is great—in the majority of cases when capital is applied in the European way the produce is small, and that this simply arises from the fact that the laborers want to work and work well only in their own peculiar way, and that this antagonism is not incidental but invariable, and has its roots in the national spirit

    50. The betrayed husband, who had figured till that time as a pitiful creature, an incidental and somewhat ludicrous obstacle to his happiness, had suddenly been summoned by her herself, elevated to an awe-inspiring pinnacle, and on the pinnacle that husband had shown himself, not malignant, not false, not ludicrous, but kind and straightforward and large

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    incidental incidental expense minor expense accompanying attendant collateral concomitant consequent ensuant resultant sequent accidental nonessential incident chance fortuitous unplanned random lucky casual