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    1. Rivron banked his hundred thousand and thanked his lucky stars that Kira was an awkward bitch

    2. You may be lucky once or twice but history has not produced a single investor who has made money regularly by timing the market

    3. You're lucky I'm not a jealous sister," she said from the phone

    4. The lucky ones discover friendship and when you are true friends then love can last

    5. It was lucky that disease was not very contagious, but there was a scare thruout the city for awhile and it turned out quite a few had been infected

    6. ‘Well then, you’ve had a lucky escape then, haven’t you?’ I shouted back at him

    7. They have been lucky until now

    8. Who's the lucky girl?"

    9. When I was rambling on about Emma as a child … Molly commented on how lucky I was to have a grandson

    10. So far they had been lucky, perhaps, or fated

    11. ‘She’s been lucky … got away with a broken arm, though her head has taken a bashing

    12. The general consensus is that she’ll be lucky to escape with nasty concussion to say the very least

    13. Wrigley said, "We’re lucky the Squidies never send SAR teams to look for their survivors

    14. ‘I was one of the lucky ones, you know, Kate

    15. It wasn’t until he came home that I realised how lucky I’d been

    16. Oh, yes, I was one of the lucky ones

    17. It looked sandblasted after their journey, but they now knew how lucky they were to arrive at all as a ballistic projectile

    18. Despite the fact that everyone she’d spoken to played down the seriousness of the attack, Kara had worked out, by dint of garnering minute details from every staff member in the hospital she had come in contact with … as well as picking Angie’s brains and prising information out of the policeman … that she’d been extremely lucky to survive

    19. She was bloody lucky that hiker came along when he did

    20. ‘It went both ways – we always felt lucky having him

    21. She was lucky enough to catch some packets of real traffic

    22. He knew he was lucky to be alive

    23. "Alan, Luray and I are lucky we were not hurt in that stampede

    24. they had a lucky escape

    25. Does the big lug know how lucky he is?”

    26. And for your information, I’m pretty lucky too!”

    27. and she thanks her lucky, lucky stars,

    28. they really had a lucky escape

    29. We are all so lucky, and so blessed!”

    30. ‘Ah … that was lucky

    31. Daniel explained his thoughts to the riders concluding with the fact that he knew, ‘we can’t penetrate their hide, but if we could get a lucky shot and take out one of their eyes, then we would stand a better chance fighting them

    32. ‘You have been very lucky

    33. ‘I think I’m pretty lucky too

    34. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden in which case you should always practice before an open window

    35. “You were all commenting on how beautiful Lady Sally was and how lucky Michael was to have her

    36. At least he didn't try to bring someone else in with him, that was lucky

    37. I look at her sceptically as I contemplate the coming days … I don’t think lucky is a word I’d apply myself at this particular moment … still, I do have that soothing lotion Gilla promised me

    38. One of them, in an insane rush towards Lady Isabol, got a lucky hit on Jackson, flaming his left arm and leg, and singeing Lady Isabol on her left side

    39. She got a lucky hit and took out the bulls left eye

    40. Daniel took the brunt of the flame as the bastard got a lucky hit

    41. The fisherman’s was a happy soul and he thanked his lucky stars for the gift that they had made to him of a strong and purposeful wife

    42. 'You are a very lucky man to have such a good friend

    43. Finally, with that hook of uncertainty still snagging and scratching at their hides, they decided to seek out a talisman, a lucky charm that would protect their love for each other forever and ever more

    44. Playtime is hell – the kids can’t go out into the playground because of the rain, so they’re all rampaging around in the hall and, lucky old you, it’s your turn to cover the phones

    45. He says to tell you that you are a lucky man

    46. We would have to get extremely lucky to chance on a quasi-boson that had some connection to the impactor

    47. I’d knocked myself out and was sprawled on the ground – the lucky thing about it was that because I was feverish I didn’t try to save myself at all, so landed fair and square in the middle of a bush which broke my fall’

    48. about this, aren't you lucky you weren't in the shop already when it happened?

    49. He sincerely believed he was lucky to get away with his life

    50. how lucky she was and how happy she must be

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    favorable favourable golden lucky prosperous accidental incidental fortuitous unplanned random chance casual