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    1. We cannot jeopardize the security of the nation for the mind of one

    2. That method, which has been preserved to this day, made sure no one in Men of Midas would go on to do something foolish that might jeopardize the organization and its ringleader

    3. That it might jeopardize them

    4. Captain Jhordel’s actions, I refuse to subscribe to the notion that she would needlessly jeopardize

    5. I am not convinced, however, that the party‘s (so-called) failure was due entirely to an absence of Will, although some Republicans have arguably abandoned the good fight over ―divisive‖ issues that many perceive might otherwise jeopardize their political standing among moderate or left-leaning voters, but rather to a concentration of judicial/political power vested in our nation‘s courts and among its political supporters who, until quite recently, enjoyed large majorities in both Houses of Congress

    6. Any day, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, she and Truman would cease to exist as themselves, and any contact with their present lives would jeopardize them

    7. He nevertheless had a pessimistic, if not morose, opinion about what the future would hold, and informed Colling he would not jeopardize them by returning to the villa again

    8. in dire straits, our country should not jeopardize thousands of manufacturing jobs

    9. Most of the leaders of this city risked their lives to protect it from Jeanine and died, and I will not jeopardize it now for the sake of sating your selfish curiosity

    10. Blood collected earlier than a few hours from the time of death would jeopardize the efficiency of the spell

    11. “Do they always erase the memory of their clients?” I asked, hoping this wouldn’t jeopardize Jesse position in the agency

    12. As the national unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent, and federal, state, and municipal finances continue to be in dire straits, our country should not jeopardize thousands of manufacturing jobs

    13. I was miserable and genuinely feared that my negative attitude might jeopardize their all-important mission

    14. wanted Amanda in Holland and how I’d gone out of my way to jeopardize her chances there

    15. Many misconceptions exist and I fear they jeopardize our chances of obtaining a true verdict- justice

    16. I wanted to go back for Claude, but he wouldn’t want us to jeopardize our mission for his dead body

    17. traceable, which could jeopardize Bentley's safety

    18. the night with you if it wouldn't jeopardize your reputation

    19. ‘Are rapes and murder the only issues on trial in this singular case? Was not Suresh the violator as well as a victim at the same time? What about those who blackened their faces in this sordid drama of human depravity? Are they any innocent? Well, it was as if the parents insensibly combined to collectively jeopardize their son’s life

    20. But, soon it dawned on him that he had to be wary of his conduct so as not to jeopardize her fair name

    21. He told me that his clan would not jeopardize their promised realm for the nasty lean flesh of man

    22. "Would you have us jeopardize the safety and security of Stavka for the dreams and desires of a stupid and irrational peasant?"

    23. We can’t do anything to jeopardize our own positions

    24. He didn’t mind the continued risk for himself, but he couldn’t jeopardize them, too

    25. The ship’s engineers devoted most of their energies and attention to the life support systems because a failure of any major component could jeopardize their ability to survive the trip

    26. child to become a latchkey kid may jeopardize his/her safety

    27. José Arcadio, who left the seminary as soon as he reached Rome, continued nourishing the legend of theology and canon law so as not to jeopardize the fabulous inheritance of which his mother’s delirious letters spoke and which would rescue him from the misery and sordidness he shared with two friends in a Trastevere garret

    28. · What is the benefit to their list? This is vital because they have spent a lot of time and money to build that list and to also cultivate the relationship and they will not jeopardize that relationship for a poor product

    29. of the job, you can't be "assertive" with them, as this would jeopardize your relationship with your good client

    30. would jeopardize his situation with Hope

    31. � Above all, she did not want to jeopardize her chances to be able to recuperate Mike and Ingrid from the year 1941

    32. pain, but arresting Dan without evidence would jeopardize the sheriff’s

    33. She thought contact with the dealers would probably jeopardize all their plans and be a terrible risk to Max

    34. Given the past trouble this establishment had had with the local authorities with respect to counterfeit items and the sign committee—which had forced a replacement of the old neon flamingo sign with a more subtle, less flashy design—Max seriously doubted the management would jeopardize more negative publicity or more hostility with the city and its agencies

    35. If this is more than brake failure or driver error, it could still jeopardize the project

    36. seriously consider whether these pills could jeopardize your health

    37. dare you put her on local television!?! Not only have you further jeopardize her safety, but you’ve made her out to be your little whore and for what, rating and profits?”

    38. “Sorry, Torres, but I can’t allow your past to jeopardize this mission,” she said

    39. I will not jeopardize that

    40. He would not jeopardize his reputation by bringing unwanted attentions to an officer of the law

    41. in both letters, not wanting to jeopardize Helga and her family

    42. But, would the Hindu majority, recovering from the humiliation of a thousand years of alien rule, suffer a foreigner taking the capital seat of Hindustan? The Congressmen, and more so women, though seem not to mind, unmindful of the perils of having a person of foreign origin as the country’s Prime Minister! Wouldn’t every nation be a hostage of its own history that lends itself to color its people’s thinking towards the other countries and their peoples? Could an Israelite origin Prime Minister be objective in India’s ties with the Palestine? What about India’s relations with the Western world under the premiership of some naturalized Iranian or an Iraqi? Wouldn’t an Indian political head of Bangladeshi origin, nursing a grouse of his sister’s molestation by some Punjabi fauzis during the crisis in his parent country be tempted to settle scores with Pakistan with India’s military might? Why, could any such one be what he or she should be as India’s Prime Minister; without a native Indian at the helm of affairs, won’t India’s detractors exploit the handicaps of a foreign origin numero uno to jeopardize the Indian national interests?

    43. Anything missing may jeopardize or create strained sexual relationship between the partners

    44. Naturally, there are offenses that are prohibited because they jeopardize the site and the safe auctioning of items

    45. Our house had electricity and water, and I led a fairly normal teenage life—right up until I had to leave and jeopardize my safety (and consequently my future) for the sake of a girl I’d only just met

    46. If one of those players is hurting, upset, feeling neglected, angry because the coach overlooked him earlier or his girlfriend dumped him, that one player can jeopardize or sabotage the entire team’s success

    47. about his integrity and intentions would jeopardize the task of locating the bomb

    48. was real and that any premature exposure of the terrorists could jeopardize the well-being of

    49. “He spent years building a good client base and an unshakeable reputation as being honest and ethical so he's really adamant about behaving professionally and not doing anything that wil jeopardize his business

    50. an obligation to his company, the legacy he built with his own hands and his good reputation, to not allow personal maters jeopardize professionalism

    1. If she was the rat, she wouldn’t have leaked about that attack and jeopardized her brother, and if she was bugged, the Justicars would know that if they killed her brother their rat would stop functioning as she would be mourning him

    2. The litany of abuses predicated in the name of free expression, or proxy ―decisions‖ made on behalf of others who are unable to make informed decisions, are understood by the hordes of mentally ill people roaming the streets, who should be otherwise institutionalized for their own safety, if not for the safety of our society, for that matter, who remain on the streets, unable to properly care for themselves, mandated by civil rights organizations fearful that their rights may be jeopardized, people otherwise incapable of making a rational assessment of their own condition; not to mention conferring legitimacy to sexual deviancy in all its varieties that many of us have casually resigned ourselves to as ―simply‖ alternative lifestyles or championing (equal) protection under the law, that, in some instances, should call for censorship, or implausible assumptions regarding the ―unborn,‖ (Abortion) remanding millions of innocents to an early grave, a convenience for women fretting over their figures or professional careers, abetted by spineless politicians, who for expediency sake, continue advancing legislation denying them (―unborn‖) their own inalienable right to choose, had they the means, or encouraging a culture of death (Euthanasia) for the convenience of (the) would-be custodians of the terminally ill or perhaps to (simply) reduce the increasing costs of Healthcare, or the legalization of drugs because that too is a convenient alternative for a number of individuals who have seemingly lost the will to rid our society of rampant drug abuse and therefore justify such (hare-brained) schemes from the vantage point of opportunity savings or reduced social costs, or movements to eliminate God from the public consciousness lest society be reminded of its sins or perhaps because many of us have (conveniently) chosen to become our own gods

    3. When Almendral suggested, in relating the substance of Hottman’s complaint to him as my boss, that Merritt's being upset jeopardized the lab’s chances of winning the re-competition of the five-year renewal contract, I told him bluntly that that idea was absurd

    4. This unauthorized and untimely act would have jeopardized His mission

    5. My response was that I had not breached my oath, nor had I jeopardized the security of the Alliance

    6. I do not believe that real harm can befall me; I do not believe that my lifework can really be jeopardized by anything my enemies might wish to visit upon me, and surely we have no violence to fear from our friends

    7. The forty-eight states suffer the ravages of war only when the federal government's sovereignty is in some way jeopardized

    8. Greg finally decided his ship was so overloaded it jeopardized his ability to lift off

    9. Though subtle yet extremely complex, it would require enlisting the assistance of one of the suspects who was still very mysterious and capable of killing a man out of hatred or vengeance; such a plan jeopardized the entire investigation in a way, especially if this individual was indeed the killer, but he felt the carefully calculated risk was far outweighed by the benefits that could be derived from such a scheme

    10. We will maintain our independence and objectivity and not have it jeopardized in any way by either internal or external pressure

    11. in the cost of bankruptcy, future cash-flows are jeopardized and the value of the company

    12. have jeopardized your sale or relationship with the client

    13. Unfortunately, politicians have acted criminally in squandering the Social Security trust fund, and have seriously jeopardized the ability to meet huge future obligations

    14. Jeopardized by the news, he picked up a copy in anxiety, and ran home in fright

    15. "You not only jeopardized your own safety, but you put the company in danger

    16. We remain fearful of the Silence because the truth of it is so vast and fathomless that we as humans apprehend that once we looked fully in the eyes of the Silence then our very existence as social entity will be jeopardized

    17. They had to realize that their plan was jeopardized if I told my family about the threat

    18. The tragedy now is that had the agreement been presented as a surprise, it would have enabled our continuing support which is now jeopardized

    19. The basket being large and heavy, Car had placed it for convenience of porterage on the top of her head, where it rode on in jeopardized balance as she walked with arms akimbo

    20. Seemingly innocuous workarounds may have jeopardized the integrity of the study

    21. The story—“So Far to Go Alone”—not only made Marilyn look like a fabulist but also jeopardized the credibility of the publication and the writer of the feature, Jim Henaghan

    22. Moreover, he thought his own career might be jeopardized by his new association with her, and he wasn’t sure what to do about it

    23. Because there were two boats in his wake, and he supposed, no doubt, that they would of course come up to Pip very quickly, and pick him up; though, indeed, such considerations towards oarsmen jeopardized through their own timidity, is not always manifested by the hunters in all similar instances; and such instances not unfrequently occur; almost invariably in the fishery, a coward, so called, is marked with the same ruthless detestation peculiar to military navies and armies

    24. Now, as it shortly turned out, what made this incident of the Rachel's the more melancholy, was the circumstance, that not only was one of the Captain's sons among the number of the missing boat's crew; but among the number of the other boat's crews, at the same time, but on the other hand, separated from the ship during the dark vicissitudes of the chase, there had been still another son; as that for a time, the wretched father was plunged to the bottom of the cruellest perplexity; which was only solved for him by his chief mate's instinctively adopting the ordinary procedure of a whale-ship in such emergencies, that is, when placed between jeopardized but divided boats, always to pick up the majority first

    25. And though the other boats, unharmed, still hovered hard by; still they dared not pull into the eddy to strike, lest that should be the signal for the instant destruction of the jeopardized castaways, Ahab and all; nor in that case could they themselves hope to escape

    26. We should adopt the continental system, in which our liberties and independence would be jeopardized

    1. It also affects their performance and jeopardizes not only their future but also the future of those in their care

    2. Stupefies And Jeopardizes Our Future, by Mark Bauerlein, is a book with plenty of warning

    1. "Why not? It allows him to leak information for the Justicars without jeopardizing himself much, and it constantly throws us off

    2. So we began searching for a plan that could save your realm without jeopardizing our own defenses

    3. Leaving the wealth to the Israelites to divide amongst themselves would have caused immense dissent and delayed the advance, and invariably, discontent would have set in, jeopardizing the vision

    4. same time, she is as intent on keeping us from jeopardizing our

    5. wanted to be a mother for David, but had been forced to part with him or risk jeopardizing her

    6. you can without jeopardizing your own safety

    7. The point is, if your relationship or marriage means that much to you, do what you can to protect it, without jeopardizing all the other important aspects that matter, in and about your life

    8. of jeopardizing their lives and the capture of the shooter

    9. able to slowly lose weight without jeopardizing your health in the process

    10. Jeopardizing his health

    11. Ozone was getting too much attention and I felt it was jeopardizing our operation

    12. jeopardizing recovery and performance respectively

    13. Deserting the die-hard Musalmans of Medina at that stage would have amounted to jeopardizing the future of Islam which he so painstakingly nurtured

    14. Trager�s so worried about dropping the ball, he might end up jeopardizing the fleet for nothing, he thought

    15. “Yes we did, but he is not as good as you were, this guy is jeopardizing our business”

    16. What would my children think? Did I stand the chance of jeopardizing my identity as

    17. meant jeopardizing their relationship, unable to remember the last time he had

    18. jeopardizing the success of a whole project

    19. He had taken to dealing with the man personally and being outside the country was jeopardizing his control over the situation

    20. She threatened to file for divorce immediately before the next presidential campaign, thereby jeopardizing his chances of being reelected

    21. The company changed its credit policy to easier terms or is giving incentives for sales, thereby jeopardizing future sales

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