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    1. Today however, it radiated nothing but menace

    2. The low menace in his voice reminded me of my father on report night, and for the first time in my life I sensed the difference between love and hate

    3. But his nuttiness just diluted all the menace and turned it into farce

    4. She had seen them hanging around the car boot sale all morning but thought nothing much about their presence other than that they exuded the normally confused menace of seventeen year old boys

    5. Cyberia soon realised that the normally confused menace presented by a group of teenagers in a crowded car park was nothing like the real, in your face, blade wielding menace that they could deliver on the corner of a quiet, backwater city street

    6. We have come from across the sea to ask for your aid in fighting the black menace on our shores

    7. I must have planned a dozen ways to damage that menace but most of them meant endangering his innocent passengers

    8. But it brought me to my senses, seething with frustration and anger, 'He's a total bloody menace

    9. There was more treasure in those boxes than most had seen in their entire lives but to them it just brought menace, a threat to their existence on the mountain

    10. him, shooting stars of menace across the room

    1. Now just give me the damn keys,’ Jodie menaced through gritted teeth

    2. “I’m talking to you, asshole!” Mike menaced

    3. A shiver raced up Truman’s spine as the knife menaced scant inches from her flesh

    4. ” He menaced then smiled,

    5. ” He menaced then smiled

    6. At least it was of earthly matter; it was a crawling death, but it threatened only physical extinction, whereas these other horrors menaced mind and soul as well

    7. The men who were work-ing along the rows felt possessed by a strange fascina-tion, menaced by some invisible danger, and many succumbed to a terrible desire to weep

    8. She did not need to see to realize that the flower beds, cultivated with such care since the first rebuilding, had been destroyed by the rain and ruined by Aureliano Segundo’s excavations, and that the walls and the cement of the floors were cracked, the furniture mushy and discolored, the doors off their hinges, and the family menaced by a spirit of resigna-tion and despair that was inconceivable in her time

    9. Having only just got going, the driver, was unwilling to pull over for some daffy tourist who should have stuck to the dish of the day, until Mark pulled on the saving the day trousers and menaced the guy into pulling off the road at whcich point I gratefully relinquished the cheese sandwich and most of my internal organs

    10. Harald and the pilot lay at her feet, trussed like chickens and menaced by the dog

    1. Then The Man turned to Menachem and spoke menaces softly as he caught his breath

    2. Ted understands the difference between a consideration and a question delivered with menaces

    3. Their Breton mother, true to form in all of her formidable petiteness and feistiness, swore to protect her tall and broad-shouldered Redguard husband from any and all menaces with everything in her – promising to rip them apart with her bare hands, even

    4. So, in adherence to some kind of perverse morality, these little menaces were never deployed as a long-range offensive weapon

    5. trap that menaces every rambler in the forest of

    6. “Yeah Yeah Yeah it has turns into a terror factory and perhaps we have become an epitome of war and hatred but like I said we didn’t call for these menaces to the society

    7. Standing three feet away in the middle of the road he seemed larger than any of his family members, distant brown menaces in a field

    8. menaces conceived in the continuity of a fearful reaction to otherwise inviting propositions

    9. A few feet below it a stuffed Polar bear menaces the hotel guests

    10. Multitudes hear these menaces without a pang, and 'take sittings’ to listen to them, if eloquently set forth by a tragical preacher

    1. Sniders walked around the room with a menacing stare

    2. He wore a menacing look on his face

    3. " She grimaced at her reflection, making her pretty face as menacing as she could and then thought of the girl with the stain in her crotch

    4. The same big bruisers as the previous night, Rafa and his hulking, menacing, terrifying side-kick

    5. On the tactical display, the Squidy was a blank, gray region, like a menacing, disembodied shadow

    6. With a physical urgency usually reserved for athletes and Special Forces troops, Miss Jones launched herself into a standing position, braced her legs upon the pavement and picked up her handbag in the most menacing way that she could manage

    7. supplication to this menacing phantom dressed in red

    8. pavement and picked up her handbag in the most menacing way

    9. He washed his hands and started out, on a parallel path to the river, which this morning seemed less menacing

    10. I saw a great yellow face, greasy, with heavy, double-chin, and two sullen, menacing gray eyes which glared at me

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    menace threat endanger imperil jeopardise jeopardize peril threaten impend loom intimidate portend hazard caution threatening intimidation