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    knock off

    1. “You mean,” I continued, “that the guy who decides to knock off the local bank or break into a house to steal something doesn’t have complete free will?”

    2. and knock off 1 month

    3. I called Tess in the evening, knowing that in California time she’d be ready to knock off at work

    4. He stole both my and Dixie’s wedding bands and her engagement ring, the really good “knock off” Rolex that my scientist girlfriend had given me “back in the day,” my U

    5. the man if he would be willing to knock off another

    6. yet though, he still had some rough edges to knock off and needed to develop a

    7. It was one thing to kill an itinerant ranch hand but quite a different matter to knock off a man of Martin‘s stature

    8. 'If I knock off the top grey stone, the phone will ring within the next ten seconds

    9. “Dammit, Buddy! Can you knock off the Texas Longhorn accent! You know I hate that one!”

    10. “Let’s knock off early tomorrow

    11. Finally, knock off came, and after saying goodbye to everyone, I drove into town

    12. The officers shot off the hinges of the door and aimed along the side of the door, hoping to knock off a few more of the locks

    13. Odd, because as far as Caramarin knew, there was nothing to get excited about a load of knock off Chinese

    14. “Why don't you guys knock off for the rest of the day and I wil have new marching orders

    15. He could live on bread and wine--the wine in straw bottles-- for after doing Greece he was going to knock off Rome

    16. spent the morning painting picturesque views and quaint scenes for his master, and had been allowed to knock off for a smoke

    17. 'E just told me to knock off

    18. slipped a couple into my muff when I was playing with them then always hanging out of them for money in a restaurant for the bit you put down your throat we have to be thankful for our mangy cup of tea itself as a great compliment to be noticed the way the world is divided in any case if its going to go on I want at least two other good chemises for one thing and but I dont know what kind of drawers he likes none at all I think didnt he say yes and half the girls in Gibraltar never wore them either naked as God made them that Andalusian singing her Manola she didnt make much secret of what she hadnt yes and the second pair of silkette stockings is laddered after one days wear I could have brought them back to Lewers this morning and kicked up a row and made that one change them only not to upset myself and run the risk of walking into him and ruining the whole thing and one of those kidfitting corsets Id want advertised cheap in the Gentlewoman with elastic gores on the hips he saved the one I have but thats no good what did they say they give a delightful figure line 11/6 obviating that unsightly broad appearance across the lower back to reduce flesh my belly is a bit too big Ill have to knock off the stout at dinner or am I getting too fond of it the last they sent from ORourkes was as flat as a pancake he makes his money easy Larry they call him the old mangy parcel he sent at Xmas a cottage cake and a bottle of hogwash he tried to palm off as claret that he couldnt get anyone to drink God spare his spit for fear hed die of the drouth or I must do a few breathing exercises I wonder is that antifat any good might overdo it the thin ones are not so much the fashion now garters that much I have the violet pair I wore today thats all he bought me out of the cheque he got on the first O no there was the face lotion I finished the last of yesterday that made my skin like new I told him over and over again get that made up in the same place and dont forget it God only knows whether he did after all I said to him 111 know by the bottle anyway if not I suppose 111 only have to wash in my piss like beeftea or chickensoup with some of that opoponax and violet I thought it was beginning to look coarse or old a bit the skin underneath is much finer where it peeled off there on my finger after the burn its a pity it isnt all like that and the four paltry handkerchiefs about 6/- in all sure you cant get on in this world without style all going in food and rent when I get it Ill lash it around I tell you in fine style I always want to throw a handful of tea into the pot measuring and mincing if I buy a pair of old brogues itself do you like those new shoes yes how much were they Ive no clothes at all the brown costume and the skirt and jacket and the one at the cleaners 3 whats that for any woman cutting up this old hat and patching up the other the men wont look at you and women try to walk on you because they know youve no man then with all the things getting dearer every day for the 4 years more I have of life up to 35 no Im what am I at all 111 be 33 in September will I what O well look at that Mrs Galbraith shes much older than me I saw her when I was out last week her beautys on the wane she was a lovely woman magnificent head of hair on her down to her waist tossing it back like that like Kitty OShea in Grantham street 1st thing I did every morning to look across see her combing it as if she loved it and was full of it pity I only got to know her the day before we left and that Mrs Langtry the jersey lily the prince of Wales was in love with I suppose hes like the first man going the roads only for the name of a king theyre all made the one way only a black mans Id like to try a beauty up to what was she 45 there

    19. “What did you think, Michelle? We were in this just to knock off a couple of fat-cat billionaires? Our fight’s with the state

    20. This was to knock off being pirates, for a while, and be Indians for a change

    21. – In estimating distance you have covered allow 3km (under 2 miles) per hour, but going uphill knock off a third

    22. ’ Stand out for eleven thousand; one thousand you can knock off, but not more

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