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    1. without there being an opportunity to exercise or liquidate

    2. difficult to liquidate, leaving the writer with

    3. If a straddle is to work well, it is often desirable to liquidate both positions at the same time

    4. and where it is difficult to liquidate the position, it is feasible that you could be assigned on both legs on separate

    5. very short notice, otherwise he may be required to liquidate

    6. My task was to finish off the closing of all of the wholly owned divisions such as mine, Engineering, and then to liquidate the parent holding company

    7. However, before the State can be abolished, a period of dictatorship of the proletariat is essential to liquidate remaining bourgeois elements

    8. Therefore, forex dealers can liquidate their customer positions almost as soon as they

    9. With her parents gone, she told Bentley to liquidate her father’s

    10. “I think it’s a good idea, but we have got to move urgently, it is harder and harder to liquidate, and gold keeps rising

    11. Hu Lyang eventually feels so hounded by Rory, whom he has tried desperately to liquidate, that he decides to leave South Africa - extracting revenge before he does so

    12. Sometimes it’s smarter to go ahead and liquidate the property and save yourself the constant out of pocket expenses

    13. long USD/JPY started to liquidate their positions and exited the market

    14. will surly liquidate the nether mortals,

    15. file chapter eleven and reorganize rather than liquidate; they have assets and obligations

    16. Since the decision to reorganize or liquidate rests with trustees, they need to analyze

    17. title is conveyed (and who is called on to liquidate the property if

    18. • Need to liquidate to retire

    19. He used the fortuitous occasion of his father's murder to liquidate anyone who opposed him, even implicitly

    20. So to liquidate this stock before take-over

    21. The Almighty decides to liquidate the twin towns, and tells Abraham of his intentions

    22. that I can easily liquidate

    23. You have a year to liquidate

    24. 1) A list of all assets you could liquidate if you had to

    25. to which a corporation or other entity can quickly liquidate assets and cover short-

    26. "Why, the family of the deceased, his representatives, his heirs, or the merchant himself, if he is not dead, or his friends if he is only hiding, liquidate his business

    27. Perhaps you would like to liquidate your brother's affairs?"

    28. liquidate my b-b-brother's af-f-fairs, to p-p-prevent the f-f-failure

    29. Our old friend, who is honorable to his finger-nails, intends to liquidate the debts of the Maison Grandet of Paris

    30. Prior to 1929, speculators could buy stocks on a 10% margin, which worked great in bull markets but forced them to liquidate when prices slid, pushing the market lower during bear markets

    31. A trader who went long volatility below that level should liquidate when the target volatility is achieved or the period associated with peak levels arrives

    32. You could liquidate the long volatility position and switch into a short option (a short put for bulls) or "leg" into a vertical spread

    33. With full allowance for possible error, there was no doubt at all (in 1931) that White Motor would liquidate for a great deal more than $8 per share, or $5,200,000 for the company

    34. Shortly thereafter the management decided to liquidate the property

    35. When applied to a stock selling below break-up value, the Wall Street view may be amplified into the following: “Although this stock would liquidate for more than its market price, it is not worth buying because (1) the company cannot earn a satisfactory profit, and (2) it is not going to liquidate

    36. They should not be told that it would be unwise for them to liquidate, when in truth it would be profitable but inhumane

    37. A general desire to liquidate these loans later on induced a heavy volume of sales which drove the price down

    38. But then, when you discover that Graham had painstakingly established that he could liquidate GEICO for at least what he paid for it, it becomes clear that Graham was taking very little financial risk

    39. Could we have found a buyer who would continue operations, I would have certainly preferred to sell the business rather than liquidate it, even if that meant somewhat lower proceeds for us

    40. That means being able to analyze the liability side of the balance sheet as well as the asset side, and understanding the legal pathways through which bankrupt companies move as they either reorganize or liquidate

    41. Put simply, if an economic entity cannot be made creditworthy, sooner or later that entity has to reorganize or liquidate

    42. If Target wants to liquidate, it can do so by distributing $31 in cash to its stockholders

    43. Target, however, need not necessarily liquidate

    44. Put simply, if an economic entity—corporate, government or individual—cannot be made creditworthy, sooner or later it will have to restructure its obligations or liquidate

    45. If an economic entity—corporate, government, or individual—cannot be made creditworthy, sooner or later it will have to restructure its obligations or liquidate

    46. An outsider holding a completely marketable security of a company with a perpetual life should give weight of close to zero to market performance whenever he knows or has reason to believe that the security’s real worth is not closely related to current market prices, and when he knows that he will neither need to liquidate in the near future nor to use the security owned as collateral for borrowings

    47. The company has less need to reorganize or liquidate

    48. In many recent cases—Lehman Brothers, AIG, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac—it would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to either reorganize or partially liquidate each company in order to rehabilitate it

    49. How far might the value fall from 7 before the trader has a chance to liquidate the position? And what might cause the value to change? For options, these are reasonably complex issues that only hard work and practice can really teach

    50. In the most extreme case, where the trader does not have access to the funds required to cover the variation on the futures position, he may be forced to liquidate the position

    1. There is still liquidated your life, without love this

    2. Liquidated, although he’s kept up a small franchise on the clubs

    3. both of them, with the elites liquidated by the

    4. Accordingly we took the third option and liquidated the company and started again with someone else tied in and understanding loyalty

    5. In early October 1942, the ghetto was liquidated and the Germans sent all remaining five thousand Jews to Treblinka

    6. That old stock simply must be liquidated

    7. liquidated and losses or forgone profit opportunities may then

    8. So are state-sponsored terror and a variant of genocide in which a group of humans are liquidated not on the basis of race, but on the basis of social class

    9. Those elements who resisted were liquidated

    10. This particular example would have given the scalper 21 pips profit if the short position was liquidated at the price of 1

    11. liquidated the long position earlier

    12. The trade is liquidated not as a result of a logical response to the price action of the marketplace, but rather to satisfy the trader's internal risk controls

    13. liquidated his accounts and stole all of his belongings

    14. He would have to threaten to expose the Organisation to the DEA or Police and he knew that by going this route, his life would be at stake – and he also knew that Hu Lyang was totally implacable and would not hesitate to have him liquidated as quickly as possible…so, how to proceed?…there was also his family to think about

    15. Yes, we were not cast into camps or liquidated for speaking our minds, but the new villages were miniature camps and any dissent made pariahs of dissenters

    16. accountant here, liquidated your estate, cashed in all your trusts and bank accounts,

    17. 19 investments were liquidated

    18. If they are liquidated, even at virtually any price, the damage caused to the bank’s reputation by doing so will be irreparable

    19. “Once a whole clan of ninjas was liquidated because they used spiritual knowledge with selfish motives

    20. “As is usual in such cases, when they started to use spiritual practices for gaining their own material enrichment, they were liquidated

    21. ‘They were liquidated in 1999

    22. Their majority liquidated, the Bhuta-Ganas had no choice but to withdraw

    23. snow-melt has already been diverted and liquidated to

    24. Shoved in whatever space remained, there were statues of various deities, (some serving as bookends), incense burners of all manner of shapes and sizes, stones and crystals (most natural formations, but some shaped into cubes, spheres and pyramids), animal pelts, dried branches and bunches of herbs, candles and candleholders, Tarot and rune sets still in their boxes-- in short, whatever had remained of her father's inventory seemed to have been liquidated here

    25. As in liquidated

    26. are liquidated will God bring forth his mercy

    27. ally liquidated at $6

    28. They preach: “When a common stock sells persistently below its liquidating value, then either the price is too low or the company should be liquidated

    29. The very unusual story of Texaco—founded in 1901 as Texas Fuel Company, eventually merged into Chevron a century later—offers useful lessons about liquidations, even though Texaco was not liquidated and, notwithstanding its bankruptcy filings, was never insolvent

    30. Eventually, competition caught up with Bradlees, which filed a second bankruptcy petition in December 2000 and, this time around, was liquidated

    31. On the other hand, if such positive earnings developments failed to materialize and if this happened before the liquidation value of the firm was significantly damaged, then the company could be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to its shareholders

    32. When a common stock sells persistently below its liquidating value, then either the price is too low or the company should be liquidated

    33. If the company is not worth more as a going concern than in liquidation, it should be liquidated

    34. Thus one of the outstanding businesses of the country was considered by Wall Street in 1938 to be worth less as a going concern than if it were liquidated

    35. Yet in 1938 this outstanding business was considered on Wall Street to be worth less than its current assets alone—which means less as a going concern than if it were liquidated

    36. For example, if you buy a business for $8 million that can be sold or liquidated for $10 million and promptly take either course, you can realize a high return

    37. If the department store is to be liquidated, merchandise inventories are indeed a current asset, convertible to cash within 12 months at prices that conceivably could be close to NAV, although much less than NAV may be realized if the merchandise is disposed of in a GOB (going out of business) sale

    38. If the distressed credit is to participate in a reorganization, there will be an estimated reorganization date; and if the debtor is to be liquidated, there will be an estimated winding-up date

    39. Dividend income tends to be unimportant, also, where a company is not essentially a going concern, but rather is in a resource conversion or a workout situation (that is, with prospects of being liquidated, acquired, or reorganized), because of the expectation by shareholders that realization will be obtained on a more advantageous tax basis than if dividends were paid

    40. The paper trail will help him uncover these other attractions, perhaps providing hints that future earnings might increase dramatically; that large cash distributions to stockholders are likely; that a company is a takeover candidate; that it is likely to be liquidated or recapitalized in whole or in part; or that a security is priced inexpensively compared with other companies, based on its history

    41. Instead of a 32 percent premium’s being paid to OPMI investors (assuming that old XYZ was liquidated or that Newco had purchased XYZ common stocks rather than XYZ net assets), perhaps only a 20 percent premium was paid, with the missing 12 percent going to XYZ management and control people as bonuses and parachutes

    42. Sometimes a company will be liquidated pursuant to Chapter 7 or a Chapter 11 liquidation plan

    43. In addition, if some classes of claimants and interest holders approve the plan and other classes reject it, the bankruptcy court may confirm the plan over those rejections via a cram-down if the court determines that the plan does not discriminate unfairly, that it is fair and equitable to each class, and that the rejecting classes will receive more under the plan of reorganization than they would if the company were liquidated

    44. If the case is converted to a Chapter 7, a trustee is appointed, and the company is liquidated

    45. Too Big to Be Reorganized or Liquidated in an Uncontrolled, Contested Proceeding Whether Out-of-Court or in Chapter 11

    46. However, many derivative strategies require carrying an offsetting stock position to expiration, at which time the stock position is liquidated

    47. When positions are initiated, when they are liquidated, how the positions overlap, and the relationship between different instruments (e

    48. Once the strategy has been executed, it will usually be carried to expiration, at which time the position will be liquidated through a market-on-close order to either buy or sell the component stocks

    49. Moreover, transaction costs can accrue not only when the strategy is initiated or liquidated but also whenever an adjustment is made

    50. By 2003, Pillowtex was liquidated as foreign competitors destroyed pricing within the industry

    1. When a man fails, he is dishonored; but when he merely liquidates, he remains an honest man

    2. If the company liquidates, that is the end of the story, and the holders of debt will be paid with the proceeds from the sale of assets according to their place in the claims line

    1. his case it was a means of liquidating his indebtedness and establishing an

    2. wouldv’e felt stupid for liquidating the CD

    3. The arrival of the Saumur banker for the purpose, it was said, of honorably liquidating the affairs of Grandet of Paris, was enough to avert the shame of protested notes from the memory of the defunct merchant

    4. Traders who have open positions with paper profits should consider liquidating and going to the bank with profits

    5. In this category are included questions of capitalization set-up, of dividend and expansion policies, of managerial compensation, and even of continuing or liquidating an unprofitable business

    6. In the context of equity investing, the authors prize stocks that sell below their current asset, or liquidating, value

    7. They preach: “When a common stock sells persistently below its liquidating value, then either the price is too low or the company should be liquidated

    8. The preferred was given a stated par of $25 but had all the attributes of a $100-par stock ($6 cumulative dividends, redemption and liquidating value of $100)

    9. In 1931 liquidation of the company’s assets was begun, and a total of $17 per share in liquidating dividends on the preferred had been paid up to the end of 1933

    10. But the question may well be raised: Is the loss of a subsidiary necessarily a direct offset against the parent company’s earnings? Why should a company be worth less because it owns something—in this case, an unprofitable interest? Could it not at any time put an end to the loss by selling, liquidating or even abandoning the subsidiary? Hence, if good management is assumed, must we not also assume that the subsidiary losses are at most temporary and therefore to be regarded as nonrecurring items rather than as deductions from normal earnings?

    11. By the liquidating value of an enterprise we mean the money that the owners could get out of it if they wanted to give it up

    12. It is true that one company often sells out to another, usually at a price well above liquidating value, also that insolvency will at times result in the piecemeal sale of the assets; but the voluntary withdrawal from an unprofitable business, accompanied by the careful liquidation of the assets, is an infinitely more frequent happening among private than among publicly owned concerns

    13. The first rule in calculating liquidating value is that the liabilities are real but the value of the assets must be questioned

    14. The calculation of approximate liquidating value in a specific case is illustrated as follows:

    15. In studying this computation it must be borne in mind that our object is not to determine the exact liquidating value of White Motor but merely to form a rough idea of this liquidating value in order to ascertain whether or not the shares are selling for less than the stockholders could actually take out of the business

    16. Current-asset Value a Rough Measure of Liquidating Value

    17. It will be seen that White Motor’s estimated liquidating value (about $31 per share) was not far from the current-asset value ($34 per share)

    18. , that the current-asset value affords a rough measure of the liquidating value

    19. Prevalence of Stocks Selling below Liquidating Value

    20. Our second point is that for some years past a considerable number of common stocks have been selling in the market well below their liquidating value

    21. It seems to us that the most distinctive feature of the stock market of those three years was the large proportion of issues which sold below their liquidating value

    22. Many, however, who might have known the fact would have justified the low price on the ground that the liquidating value was of no practical importance, since the company had no intention of liquidating

    23. When a common stock sells persistently below its liquidating value, then either the price is too low or the company should be liquidated

    24. If it is worth more as a going concern, then the stock should sell for more than its liquidating value

    25. Hence, on either premise, a price below liquidating value is unjustifiable

    26. But in many cases also the fact that an issue sells below liquidating value is a signal that mistaken policies are being followed and that therefore the management should take corrective action—if not voluntarily, then under pressure from the stockholders

    27. The White Motor instance is typical of the genesis and immediate effect of a sale or merger, as applied to an issue selling for less than liquidating value

    28. Within the years 1932–1934 regular and liquidating dividends were paid, aggregating $28

    29. There is scarcely any doubt that common stocks selling well below liquidating value represent on the whole a class of undervalued securities

    30. Examples: This latter point will be illustrated by the following comparison of two companies, the shares of which sold well below liquidating value early in 1933

    31. This brings us to the second line of reasoning on the subjects of stocks selling below liquidating value

    32. WALL STREET HOLDS THAT liquidating value is of slight importance because the typical company has no intention of liquidating

    33. ) And a logical reason for devoting thought to this question would arise precisely from the fact that the stock has long been selling considerably below its liquidating value

    34. Our object has been to clarify the issue and to stress the fact that a market price below liquidating value has special significance to the stockholders and should lead them to ask their management some searching questions

    35. In the first place the stockholders’ attention may be called officially to the fact that the liquidating, and therefore the minimum, value of the shares is substantially higher than the market price

    36. A special endeavor should be made to establish a dividend rate proportionate at least to the liquidating value, in order that the stockholders should not suffer a loss of income through keeping the business alive

    37. In July 1929 the president circularized the shareholders, presenting an intermediate balance sheet as of June 30 and emphasizing the disparity between the current bid price and the liquidating value

    38. In 1927 continued operating losses had resulted in a market price well below liquidating value

    39. They voted to continue the business, with a new operating head; and the decision proved a wise one, since good earnings were realized, and the price advanced above liquidating value

    40. In the previous chapter attention was called to the extraordinary discrepancy between the market level of White Motor’s stock in 1931–1932 and the minimum liquidating value of the shares

    41. This reasoning has a concrete application in analyzing issues selling at less than liquidating value

    42. But if an investor had bought the stock, say, at $8 per share in 1930 (the low price in that year was 6), he would more logically have appraised the stock in his own mind on the basis of its liquidating value rather than its book value

    43. My personal list begins with the Management Assistance Liquidating Trust—perhaps my first true value investment—and includes Public Service of New Hampshire 18% second mortgage bonds trading at par; Executive Life Muni GICs trading at 25 cents on the dollar in the wake of a trial court judge’s decision later declared on appeal to have “no basis in law or reason”; and Gentiva common stock, a spin-off resulting from a merger that was trading at about a third of its working capital

    44. Around the same time Ira was enlightening me about the options market, my friend Chris Stavrou introduced me to Management Assistance Liquidating Trust when he faxed me the 10-Q, adorned with his handwritten notes

    45. But this development is quite unrelated to our point of discussion, which turns upon the fact that in a sale or merger full recognition should always be, and is ordinarily, given to liquidating value, even though the current market price may be much lower

    46. 3 A very similar situation existed in 1938 in connection with the various bond issues of National Bondholders Corporation, which was engaged in liquidating various properties and claims

    47. The bond market is in shambles; the French and Arabs are liquidating their holdings at literally the rate of billions a day…

    48. , net-net asset value) as the equivalent of “minimum liquidating value” we can discuss with some degree of confidence the actual relationship between the market price of a stock and the realizable value of the business

    49. The Williams theory, to be realistic, could be restated to posit that a common stock held by noncontrol stockholders is worth the sum of all the net after-tax cash expected to be realizable in the future from ownership of the common stock, with such net cash being realizable either from cash disbursements by the company (whether in the form of dividends or otherwise, such as liquidating in whole or in part), and from sources outside the company (whether they are stock purchasers or lenders willing to treat the common stock as collateral for borrowings by the shareholder)

    50. As a matter of fact, because certain controlled affiliates appeared to have values substantially in excess of the market prices used to determine Baker Fentress’s net asset value, it was a fair guess that a realistic liquidating value for the Baker Fentress common stock could approach $80 per share

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