launch sätze

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Launch sätze (in englisch)

  1. I got into the launch.
  2. If they can launch 165.
  3. It might not launch at all.
  4. Then we launch our strike.
  5. The launch of float seems.

  6. He could launch from there.
  7. The launch area is clear.
  8. From there, we will launch.
  9. Cay, design it to launch.
  10. After the initial launch of.
  11. The launch was their sacrament.
  12. It doesn’t really launch us.
  13. I was just about to launch an.
  14. Consider The Best Launch Season.
  15. What's Mine to launch his singing.

  16. It could have a special launch on.
  17. History will record that launch NCI.
  18. The rocketship clears the launch pad.
  19. You’re cleared to launch when.
  20. It was the launch pad guard; he had.
  21. The earliest it would launch is 2006.
  22. After the launch, we will give it a.
  23. I figure out when I want to launch a.
  24. Who cares about the launch day and date.
  25. Stand by for launch of Life-craft Three.

  26. The company is also expected to launch.
  27. It was scheduled to launch next month.
  28. I’ll launch the buoy, Garcia said.
  29. AISD helped launch the sports careers of.
  30. Discount is given during launch of a new.
  31. When the time for launch came, the Nation.
  32. Ask ’em all for help with this launch.
  33. Garcia, put out an SOS and launch the buoy.
  34. We will launch when Kellyn is finished.
  35. There was a complication in the launch.
  36. Since launch, only the minor functions of.
  37. A score that would launch everybody, into.
  38. Project missed its Thanksgiving launch date.
  39. That could launch this investigation again.
  40. It was a perfect place to launch their raft.
  41. Moses growled and prepared to launch an at-.
  42. Since its launch, the technology was a hit.
  43. Then we will launch another attack together.
  44. My launch was piped away and took me ashore.
  45. So, we don’t just this swarming the launch.
  46. We can launch the spy probe when you wish.
  47. Roger that, Houston, Launch Control said.
  48. What about the bomb launch? Martina said.
  49. The launch of War Club went off without a hitch.
  50. He was almost close enough to launch her attack.
  51. So, there’s a balloon launch in the morning.
  52. And look at the size of Chuck’s launch!.
  53. I could not launch, to those, superior universes?
  54. He climbed into a launch and began to follow them.
  55. And now on a motor launch, somewhere off New York.
  56. He watched a glider launch into the lift and rise.
  57. Here is how you can launch disk defragmentation:.
  58. Do you usually launch from the same place?
  59. It is always up to you to launch the boat, put to.
  60. But to the high seas launch, my thought, his memory.
  61. The marines report that they are ready to launch.
  62. But its crew looked ill as Choco’s launch hove to.
  63. We should launch a search for Annabeth immediately.
  64. I’ve decided to launch a campaign to expose abusers.
  65. Our motor launch was also destroyed in the collision.
  66. There were no muzzle flashes, launch trails or smoke.
  67. It may be a launch, winning through coaching, online.
  68. I put ‘Optimize Product Launch Software Better than.
  69. Before I could launch any kind of an objection I found.
  70. We have it down now where I think our launch process is.
  71. Sadly, most of us will never even clear the launch tower.
  72. Now, it was my turn to launch an offensive, I began to.
  73. We were about to launch a product and we forgot to write.
  74. My clan don't have a thousand ships to launch after me.
  75. That’s consistent with what we saw during the launch.
  76. You see, over there, that’s a police launch on its way.
  77. All that will be left are the launch poles, some anchor.
  78. The VCO began to launch profane words and accusations at.
  79. Let’s have it out! Here, I’ll launch the first strike.
  80. Should we launch the remaining fighters? asked Jones.
  81. I launch all men and women forward with me into the Unknown.
  82. Soon SWAT would launch smoke bombs and storm Checks Cashed.
  83. We people of MFP are now at your heads to launch an attack.
  84. Your other hand is then free to launch a counter attack.
  85. Flash, who was about to launch himself off the deck, paused.
  86. I could never have enough money to launch a scholarship.
  87. Return to Launch Pad 032 immediately for clearing of …'.
  88. That’s the VIP section, the invited crews for this launch.
  89. You can also use hashtags when you want to launch a contest.
  90. We fly to a certain airfield, refuel, and launch from there.
  91. Why not? Ares 4 won’t even launch for another five years.
  92. Here is the viral component I used to launch The Weekend.
  93. She noticed the motor launch secured to the stern of the yacht.
  94. I tried to launch a magazine over there but I couldn’t find.
  95. The below chart shows the launch times for this unit have not.
  96. Instead of having to launch if your revolution is sustained?
  97. The generation opened with the launch of the Dreamcast in 1998.
  98. MESS WITH ISRAEL! They have five submarines to launch nukes now.
  99. If Alan did that Kelvin would launch a military attack on Alan.
  100. So, when could you proceed with a launch, at the earliest?
  1. Eisenhower in launching the combined.
  2. When you run MMC (by launching the Mmc.
  3. How? They are still launching escape pods.
  4. This would entail launching new ideas, new.
  5. He must be launching from a remote location.
  6. They don't fuss about when launching the boats.
  7. As he spun, he saw the clown launching itself.
  8. Jason of the planned launching of Kepler in 2008.
  9. They obstruct the seeker of truth by launching a.
  10. Launching of the Non-cooperation Movement (1920-22).
  11. When the boat was finished, the launching was very.
  12. It’s always wise to test before launching a campaign.
  13. And it would be useful to practice launching the Ravens.
  14. Daisy explained about Mimi launching the attack on her own.
  15. And launching at his wife a shrug of the shoulders which M.
  16. It hit the inside of his thigh, launching him into the air.
  17. A shake of the head stopped him from launching into excuses.
  18. Coordination and the launching of XUSING Project’s Portal.
  19. Although both combatants were launching incredible blows at.
  20. G: Yes, I suggest launching in July, just after the World Cup.
  21. However, Comrade Stalin insisted on us launching our invasion.
  22. Jamil briefed all persons before launching the Missile attack.
  23. Silas flew full speed, launching himself into Barnes full force.
  24. Dogs that I could've easily destroyed in my prime were launching.
  25. If this guy was the one launching the crusade, there’d be harm.
  26. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.
  27. You should think about them before launching a war you cannot win.
  28. It fires into the sidewalk, launching exploding chips of concrete.
  29. Once the cat serious launching an attacks, with or without warning or.
  30. First I tried launching myself off one wall and slamming into the other.
  31. Yes, sir! Launching the confirmation signal now, Rodric confirmed.
  32. Both the SaLing and the second ship were launching everything they had.
  33. The attacks only stopped when the Allies captured the launching grounds.
  34. Neville caught them up and they scrambled across the launching pad in a.
  35. It was a popular launching site for kayakers and had a small parking lot.
  36. It could have been her army launching an assault on the worlds of the Makii.
  37. Redleigh’s voice came over the intercom, Life-craft Three launching!.
  38. Sometimes it’s helpful to create a series of videos when you are launching.
  39. Different vaporizers manufacturers are launching different types of vaporizer.
  40. Juan looked over to the area roped off for launching and saw the area was clear.
  41. The alien ship was fast approaching Vulcan orbit and was launching hundreds of.
  42. Takina thought about launching an attack, but it was teeming with trolls outside.
  43. Regardless of the frustrations involved in launching your own newsletter, never.
  44. Hurd, with a seething red face, dropped to the floor behind the small launching pad.
  45. It also has hangars and launching bays for dozens of attack craft and interceptors.
  46. Purpose of uploading a site: Knowing the actual purpose of launching a site is very.
  47. He looked at us and said, How about launching a raid on Uthyr’s Last Stand?
  48. It is a testing conducted by the some users after launching it and gathers a feedback.
  49. America is launching into its third century: without any understanding of its own past.
  50. Formation of the Khilafat Committee and the launching of the Khilafat Movement (1919-20).
  51. They threw themselves before me, making the sign of the cross and launching into prayer.
  52. While their enemies spent years launching an assault, they conquered worlds within a day.
  53. In any case, it now seemed that the launching of the expedition had been fully justified.
  54. The creature acted, launching at the tree, and catching its long claws in the smooth bark.
  55. Ingrid fired just before Shirley, launching twelve 127mm rocket with devastating accuracy.
  56. I’ll fucking kill you! he screamed, launching himself at me with animalistic fury.
  57. Marco finishes launching several thousand tons of rocks into the atmosphere of the planet.
  58. Yuki considered launching a couple of stinging comebacks, but decided to take the high road.
  59. Lori was there, arching an eyebrow to her cameraman and launching a question at Mayor King.
  60. Katherine initially focused her attention on the helicopter launching pads out on the water.
  61. It highlighted the arrogant folly of launching operation Barbarossa, and his overconfidence.
  62. The next round had not yet been notched in the launching bows when Yigal sprang upright and.
  63. Normally, a stock should pull back a little as volume dries up before launching out of a base.
  64. Undoubtedly, he considers this high-profile case a launching pad for bigger and better things.
  65. We lose no Time in launching it, yet that Time seems as Hours, nay Centuries, nay Eons, to me.
  66. He was hoping to build a political consensus behind launching an all-out attack on the Taliban.
  67. Again, this is no different to launching a marketing campaign to sell a warehouse full of goods.
  68. More specifically, launching of the military efforts has brought more terrorists into the fold.
  69. Therefore, instead of launching the SS-27 nuclear missiles, it simply threatened to launch them.
  70. If he lost one, he hardly paused for breath before launching wholeheartedly into the next phase.
  71. It hit the tiles they were fighting on, and the tiles shot up, launching both of them in the air.
  72. Hit it! Mitch did just that, launching the muscle car out onto the open THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  73. Richard here has been telling me all about your army and your plans for launching a revolution.
  74. This caused a time out in the launching as the judges re-examined the fuel chosen for that rocket.
  75. Each class also usually has several students who use the class as launching pads for new businesses.
  76. In Iron John, Bly also translates a poem from Dante, which served as a launching pad for this forum.
  77. The Russians energetically exploited their success; launching further attacks with devastating effect.
  78. Yeah, said Zaphod, and the only possible way of stealing it was to be at the launching ceremony.
  79. The clouds gave way, the birds parted, and at last we landed at the great launching area of Cape Kennedy.
  80. This is not always the case but it is a common feeling to be afraid of the one who is launching the attack.
  81. They erupted with huge boulder launching out of the ground with explosions of dust and bombarded the mech.
  82. The situation was deadlocked until the army took the usual Latin American step of launching a military coup.
  83. Prices could return all the way back to the upper boundary before reversing and launching a powerful uptrend.
  84. We have completely re-worked internal advertising concept and are launching the new ads management interface.
  85. Sure enough, it was an entrenched spot where the terrorists had been launching from, or it sure looked like it.
  86. The bowmen began loosing as they advanced, without breaking ranks, launching their quarrels with a whir and tang.
  87. The Bush administration took the problem head-on by launching an attack on Afghanistan in order to end terrorism.
  88. Today it was surrounded by a seething mass of Thunderheads launching themselves relentlessly at the stone walls.
  89. The link came up, and it was just as he feared the missiles had come out of their silos unto their launching pads.
  90. The president made an opening statement lauding the successes of PAX and their guest before launching into business.
  91. He then made the mistake of waiting to turn first before launching some decoy flares, a delay that proved fatal to him.
  92. Hurd was standing on the opposite side of the launching pad, and the two loaders were walking back to get another scent.
  93. In the middle of the room near the launching pad stood a patroller with black stripes around the sleeves of his uniform.
  94. We reach the lake, close to where Simmons house must have been, and begin the complicated maneuvre of launching the boat.
  95. To try to make that number, the company burned through billions of dollars, launching new models in many market segments.
  96. Endurance is more than seeing a project through to the end; endurance turns one success into the launching pad for another.
  97. A terrific bombardment by both the Germans and ourselves was in progress just prior to the launching of our Somme offensive.
  98. Wind the clock forward to 1996 and Jobs is now back running Apple and launching new products and services that change the world.
  99. We are launching an investigation into your arcology‘s uncanny ability to predict social and market trends way above the norm.
  100. If we cannot get early agreement to that, then there is probably little point in launching the other aspects of this initiative.
  1. I launched it at $9.
  2. It launched me into a.
  3. He launched skyward at 3.
  4. This was launched in 2005.
  5. A knife was launched at him.
  6. Leaf launched himself at the.
  7. The skiff was launched to sea.
  8. Flash launched himself at Silas.
  9. A winged demon launched itself.
  10. Presupply 309 was launched third.
  11. We then launched Ganook’s boat.
  12. Blondie and Brownie launched first.
  13. He launched a Kickstarter campaign.
  14. Her two eldest sons were launched.
  15. Once launched there was no recall.
  16. It launched itself in the air and.
  17. The minions launched an organized.
  18. But moves gracefully once launched.
  19. He launched himself into the bushes.
  20. In 1999, he launched the website www.
  21. Louis quickly launched into his theme.
  22. The MAV launched with incredible force.
  23. That bill launched the journey of West.
  24. He launched himself at the baboon and.
  25. We got a message that it had launched.
  26. The face that launched a thousand ships.
  27. Next, a new spy probe was launched, 848.
  28. Mitch reluctantly launched into the story.
  29. In 1999 he launched a full-scale invasion.
  30. Roye and Stoecklein launched freejokebooks.
  31. Dad! She launched herself into a hug.
  32. He launched himself across the street and.
  33. Sue launched herself off of the chair as I.
  34. The toy train that launched a hundred deaths.
  35. Parliament and police launched investigations.
  36. We know Al-Harron was launched as a missile.
  37. They should have launched space ships by now.
  38. Launched: 24 April 1990 on the Space Shuttle.
  39. When she nodded she was ready, Cam launched in.
  40. He pointed at the ship that had launched the.
  41. Four years ago they joined forces and launched.
  42. RCC launched a counter-reformation, and eventu-.
  43. When I was young, we simply launched rockets.
  44. The President launched immediately into his own.
  45. The brave warriors launched out their ropes in a.
  46. I launched my second book, The Gravy Train, at $0.
  47. Silas launched from the rail amid calls of protest.
  48. Not all trends are launched by classical patterns.
  49. Nerissa selected her largest stone and launched it.
  50. Instead, it was Susan who launched into an attack.
  51. But then Marilyn launched a campaign for the part.
  52. From there he launched his attack against the Shah.
  53. The whole crew probably knew they launched in 2376.
  54. She took a pillow and launched an attack on my head.
  55. When he launched the bar at her head, she caught it.
  56. Terminus launched off Andrew’s shoulder in a flash.
  57. You see results within minutes of having launched it.
  58. Adam was launched off the hill like a model airplane.
  59. Rhee actually launched attacks on North Korea first.
  60. The Al-Harron was launched as a military expedition.
  61. Al-Harron was launched to go after the mother world.
  62. With a swift movement, he launched himself into the.
  63. I picked up the same rod and launched it at him again.
  64. We launched a site and we forgot to test it in Firefox.
  65. He then launched into the first chords of Tea for One.
  66. They couldn’t tell who’d launched the fresh attack.
  67. The plant launched with 15 employees, and now has 50.
  68. Nevertheless he launched into his monotone version of:.
  69. Brasil had launched three bussards just before the war.
  70. A stray drop of magma was launched out of the core and.
  71. Emily launched off of the bed, catching Damon off guard.
  72. Why? I snarled myself as I launched a roll at him.
  73. At one point he launched into a treatise about cosmic.
  74. Then I launched out into the path that was opened to me.
  75. It was gone, launched one-way into the great cyber-ether.
  76. In 1955 the army launched a coup and sent him into exile.
  77. Jeff took a run up and launched himself over the crevasse.
  78. April and Jen launched into a conversation about how hot.
  79. With a leap, she launched several slashes down at the Hero.
  80. Hungry, was all he said as he launched himself at me.
  81. While Darek was occupied in thought, the wolf launched an.
  82. The beast reared back and launched itself from the ground.
  83. The strength that launched my voice like an arrow is gone.
  84. But a year later they regrouped and launched another attack.
  85. As soon as Greg came into view she launched herself at him.
  86. Cardiff launched a second rock, narrowly missing the other.
  87. The bell rang and Millicent launched her attack immediately.
  88. In growing panic he launched himself back towards the door.
  89. With that, Jean launched into a long account of the return.
  90. Boone Pickens launched a hostile takeover bid for Gulf Oil.
  91. Mars launched a communication to Earth every evening at 1800.
  92. With a roar of anger and bloodlust, they launched an attack.
  93. In the midst of this silence, a cracked voice launched this.
  94. Silas putting on a burst of speed, launched upward into him.
  95. May 2003, when the RCMP first launched its own investigations.
  96. The Path Finder launched, shooting from the exit at warp one.
  97. The wolf launched forward at his prey with his teeth leading.
  98. The criminals launched their united attack on the house of M.
  99. Once the product is launched it will be there for many years.
  100. There were no women on the deck when that boat was launched.
  1. Even launches with nothing to hide.
  2. Miles launches into the atmosphere.
  3. The velocity peaks and he launches.
  4. Good launches rarely happen by accident.
  5. It comes as a charity launches a webpage.
  6. The Gooch collects himself and launches back at her.
  7. It launches a very interesting process in the brain.
  8. Lynn launches a plastic cup at him, which he deflects.
  9. Ralph cries out and launches himself at the blacksmith.
  10. Satan interference lies in the details of his launches.
  11. Furthermore, it is the performance of ritual that launches.
  12. An armada of launches and pleasure craft was following them.
  13. Yet the State Council insisted all launches be shrouded in secrecy.
  14. Follow Mike as he launches another viral mammoth into the IM world!.
  15. Verse 19 to 33, Paul launches into the impossibility of judging God!.
  16. Holy Ghost Baptism launches you into a reality of it, in terms of Power.
  17. What’s wrong? Simon launches the question out from his mind into the air.
  18. The snow-raven spreads his wings once more and launches towards the circle.
  19. I propose that every able ship launches immediately to face the Riaz fleet.
  20. Frenzy helps him put them out and then launches a bolt of electricity at Ameana.
  21. Dave launches into a story about one of the occasions when he got stuck on the motorway.
  22. She launches into the story of our first day, and my body relaxes, but I still feel heavy.
  23. Of the eighteen craft which had entered the Loire estuary, only two launches returned home.
  24. Actually, the way I came up with the bonus for these kinds of launches is I would just use.
  25. Maybe a sports announcer then? We could watch launches while munching on popcorn and hot dogs.
  26. Jaden launches a pair of nanoeyes; they quickly pierce the atmosphere looking for Marco’s ship.
  27. He had participated in several launches back in those days that few history texts even took seriously.
  28. He nocks his best throwing spear into the atlatl (spear-throwing device) and launches it into the herd.
  29. Reagan bounds onto the stage to the strains of Hail to the Chief and then launches into his speech.
  30. She smiles when she’s ready, looks up at the captivated throng, and launches eloquently into her speech.
  31. This way, other nations could not infer from lack of openness which launches contained classified payloads.
  32. If all goes well, they’ll start communicating with the AI before it launches any of the Russian missiles.
  33. Jutta picks up the phone beside the bed and dials nine numbers and Max launches an airplane over the street.
  34. Billy launches grapeshot at the Lexus and grins as the stones ping off the metalwork on the rear driver's side wing.
  35. In the coaching launches idling in the water behind the shells, Al Ulbrickson and Ky Ebright were decidedly nervous.
  36. In militaristic terms, think of this time as an army resting before it launches its next offensive (trend continuation).
  37. I am more confident, though never certain, about a trade when a smaller pattern launches a breakout from a larger pattern.
  38. If the decision to evacuate our landed troops is taken, then we will use the motor launches of our warships to pick up our men.
  39. To be fair, both companies have had their fingers burned recently with new product launches, the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380.
  40. It shows that the market has touched and rejected a short-term bearish extreme, and afterwards it usually launches a short-term rally.
  41. Marlene launches into a description of the simulations, and I let her voice, and Caleb’s voice, wash over me as I finish my sandwich.
  42. For example, Coach conducts more than 10,000 customer interviews every year before it launches new luxury handbag and accessory products.
  43. For those who bought the early launches however, this force feedback controller will provide you with that extra level of immersive fun.
  44. This fictitious law, this writer encompasses with mathematical formulæ founded on nothing whatever; and then he launches it on the world.
  45. Plus there are all sorts of other buttons and levers and pulleys and I’m pretty sure one of them launches nuclear bombs or calls the Pentagon.
  46. If you find answers that are consistent and reasonable, you know that the business has a higher probability of executing on new product launches.
  47. Since it is linear movement that is also the circular movement ΠΠ2 that launches Π the value of 7 can never be excluded from the factor forming Π.
  48. Before Colbert can finish the sentence, the cat launches itself out of his arms and walks over in Loki’s direction, tail swishing madly back and forth.
  49. It will help guide our planes to the best position possible prior to attack and will also warn us if that possible carrier launches fighters at our planes.
  50. In a panic, someone from the left flank launches a flamethrower right into the group: he watches in disbelief as a human bonfire takes place right before him.
  51. First, off launches can be active locations filled with families and moving rigs/trailers, so always drive with caution and be aware of youngsters running aroud.
  52. Most advantages are temporary, such as when a business launches a new product that is superior to the competition’s product, and many advantages decline over time.
  53. In addition to commandos aboard the Campbeltown, other teams would travel in motor launches which would have the advantage of easy navigation in the channel into St Nazaire.
  54. To avoid that fate the Obama regime launches massive, vicious, and unrelenting cannonades of smears, calumny, and personal attacks to destroy the character of Tea Party people.
  55. Navy destroyer and two coast guard cutters had taken up positions among the usual flotilla of yachts, sailboats, launches, dinghies, and canoes assembling near the finish line.
  56. Theo beat his sticks together and the band launched into Julie Moolie in the same way that a car launches into a brick wall – chaotically, but successfully, and impossible to ignore.
  57. The plot is simple, but horrifying: A crazed American general, convinced that the Russians are somehow weakening American manhood, launches an unauthorised nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.
  58. You should become especially concerned whenever management launches new growth initiatives outside of its core business, which increases the probability that management is about to make a mistake.
  59. Nick launches into the treasure hunt, how it was our tradition, how I always remembered hilarious inside jokes, and right now this was all he had left of me, so he had to complete the treasure hunt.
  60. There’s laughter, but then Goldstein launches into a dead-serious description of the various steps toward achieving the unshakable deliverance of mind, the cessation of craving without remainder.
  61. Two villas, ordinary folk would call them palaces, were perched majestically on brown, rocky hilltops overlooking sandy coves complete with luxury launches and yachts anchored in the deep, clear azure water.
  62. Ahead of them, launches and gigs spread out across the broad river, watchful in case the Harchongians felt adventurous enough to try any boat attacks but mostly busy with lead lines, running lines of soundings.
  63. Will launches into his story, and I nod along like I’m listening, but all I can think about is staring down the side of the Hancock building, and the image I got of the marsh full of water, restored to its former glory.
  64. The idea is that comes out of cultural anthropology and has that we identify a whole bunch of ways to create been applied to all manner of business, brand and this swarm effect where the experiences and the product launches.
  65. In recent years she had not even had the curiosity to go to Manzanillo Bay, where seaplanes landed on the water after the police launches had warned away the fishermen’s canoes and the growing numbers of recreational boats.
  66. In the boat, Joe had no idea how things stood, except that he was vaguely aware that he hadn’t seen any boats falling away behind him—nothing but the flotilla of motor launches trailing the field, carrying officials and Riefenstahl’s cameramen.
  67. As the freshman boats approached the stake boats at the starting line, the coaches’ launches fell in behind their respective crews, their inboard engines sputtering and gurgling as they idled, with white exhaust fumes burbling from the water behind them.
  68. After losing a hard-fought reelection bid to the legislature, Jeffrey Lynn assumes control of the hometown newspaper and launches a bitter attack on the man he holds responsible for his defeat, Donald Crisp, the powerful head of the town’s biggest business.
  69. This not only launches the first of a series of elegantly designed [by Jack Cole] production numbers and marks one of the great star entrances ever made on the screen, but is typical of the entire film—which has taken something not too original (the Cinderella theme) and dressed it up like new.
  70. Glancing northwestward, my brother saw the large crescent of shipping already writhing with the approaching terror; one ship passing behind another, another coming round from broadside to end on, steamships whistling and giving off volumes of steam, sails being let out, launches rushing hither and thither.
  71. Then the hyacinths or the roses are presented:--'I have brought thee a small thing,' says the friend, presenting; and my step-mother, who has been aware of their presence the whole time, but, with careful decency, has avoided looking at them, starts, protests, and launches forth on to heaving billows of enthusiasm.
  72. I’m at Pirriwee Drugstore on the weekend, said Miss Barnes, because I’ve got a terrible urinary tract infection—I’m seeing someone new, anyway, sorry, too much information—and I’m standing at the counter, waiting, and all of a sudden Thea Cunningham is standing at my side, and honestly, I didn’t even hear her say hello before she launches into this story of how Violet was so upset after school the other day because Chloe told her that her hair clips didn’t match.
  73. In those days when He has brought a grievous fire on you; where will you flee and where will you find deliverance? And when He launches out His Word against you; Will you not be frightened and fear? And all the luminaries shall be affrighted with great fear; And all the Earth shall be affrighted and tremble and be alarmed; And all the angels shall execute their commands; And shall seek to hide themselves from the presence of the Great Glory; And the children of Earth shall tremble and quake; And you sinners shall be cursed forever; And you shall have no peace.
  74. In those days when He has brought a grievous fire on you; where will you flee, and where will you find deliverance? And when He launches out His Word against you; Will you not be frightened and fear? And all the luminaries shall be affrighted with great fear; And all the Earth shall be affrighted and tremble and be alarmed; And all the angels shall execute their commands; And shall seek to hide themselves from the presence of the Great Glory; And the children of Earth shall tremble and quake; And you sinners shall be cursed forever; And you shall have no peace.
  75. Close inshore was a multitude of fishing smacks--English, Scotch, French, Dutch, and Swedish; steam launches from the Thames, yachts, electric boats; and beyond were ships of large burden, a multitude of filthy colliers, trim merchantmen, cattle ships, passenger boats, petroleum tanks, ocean tramps, an old white transport even, neat white and grey liners from Southampton and Hamburg; and along the blue coast across the Blackwater my brother could make out dimly a dense swarm of boats chaffering with the people on the beach, a swarm which also extended up the Blackwater almost to Maldon.
  76. The chaotic port with merchandise moving in and out on rattling horse drawn carts, the cavernous customs building where we had to wait for hours while the routine somehow unravelled and eventually someone would arrive and meticulously search our belongings and then the wonderful ride on a launch, maneuvering between giant liners to reach our own modest, little Fouadieh and up its rickety, suspended staircase to the main deck, to be shown our cabin and then, the anxiety over, to enjoy the few remaining hours in the port, watching ships come and go and head for the entrance of the Suez Canal and custom and police launches weave their way between the ships on undoubtedly important errands in the murky sea full of bluish, pulsing jelly-fish.

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