plunge sätze

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Plunge sätze (in englisch)

  1. You plunge deep into amber water.
  2. I was running to plunge after her.
  3. Her heart had really taken a plunge.
  4. Desperate, I plunge into her mind.
  5. She made a plunge and seized a skirt.
  6. If he fails, he will plunge to his death.
  7. When you do any work, plunge yourself in it.
  8. Just then more than ten men plunge toward.
  9. To plunge on the one hand into the sensual.
  10. She wanted to plunge the blade into his flesh.
  11. She lifted it over Yeltsa to plunge into her.
  12. Ma and Jed had fallen into the Plunge Pool!.
  13. The steep plunge of 2008 did not allow.
  14. Plunge eggs into ice water; let stand 5 minutes.
  15. Mexicans expected not to plunge right into the.
  16. The world would plunge cruelly on…without her.
  17. When the particles plunge they collide with other.
  18. Satisfied, Sarah continued her plunge into the woods.
  19. Jed and his mother threw me into their Plunge Pool.
  20. I'll plunge into the matter without further preamble.
  21. The biggest thing that happened was taking the plunge.
  22. I find that I really hang back; but I must take my plunge.
  23. The shock hit Rob like a plunge in an icy mountain stream.
  24. Then he drew his knife back to plunge it into the boulder.
  25. Without hesitation, Jackie climbed out and took the plunge.
  26. I should never have let Ma throw you into the Plunge Pool.
  27. That liquid in the Plunge Pool had turned him into a bird!.
  28. That’s not a Plunge Pool, said Bryony, shaking her head.
  29. To remove this gas plunge about 500 grams of ALUMINUM per ton.
  30. I would have given a thousand pounds to plunge my face into that.
  31. I am about to plunge into the night without even seeing her again.
  32. Just do some more research on the company before making the plunge.
  33. A row! arrah a row! The Virgin be blessed, a row! Plunge in with ye!.
  34. Do not just plunge into the water and start thrashing about, to put it.
  35. Zhan Donglai coldly laughed and just he was about to plunge forward at.
  36. She jumped aside, allowing the fowl avalanche to plunge down the trail.
  37. We teeter at the brink of sanity---a mindless chasm awaits our plunge.
  38. They dared not pass through the plain and plunge into the forest beyond.
  39. I wanted to plunge into the hidden articles, but Valera quashed that idea.
  40. The word (devoted) means: to worship and to plunge into loving it the most.
  41. Fascists plunge Greece into civil war was the headline the BBC used.
  42. He would just position the blade’s point above her heart and plunge it in.
  43. The story’s headline read: Stocks Plunge to Lowest Point Since Election.
  44. It is not a withdrawal from life, but a plunge, a deeper involvement, into it.
  45. So I took the plunge and asked if he knew why the Khakhan wanted the big ships.
  46. Coward! She commanded herself to plunge the blade and quit behaving like a wimp.
  47. A man could, however, plunge into that wall of fog and it was necessary so to do.
  48. As she watched the needle plunge into her arm, she felt a sympathetic pain within.
  49. The Alliford Bay started to plunge, buck and swerve wildly through the angry waves.
  50. An urge to plunge into this tempest begged, but dream or no, I didn’t quite dare.
  51. So plunge into the truth, find out who the Teacher is, believe in the Great Sound!.
  52. Gebal halted short in his headlong plunge, as if he had encountered a solid barrier.
  53. So what could it be? And what was in that Plunge Pool? Chemicals, or something?
  54. Without any reservation, Texas stands as an awesome place to plunge into bass fishing.
  55. This time the plunge was at the front while the back was high - right up to the neck.
  56. During the summer of 1980, Agatha and her family would go to the Brea plunge to swim.
  57. This doesn't mean of course that you dash out there and plunge into something you know.
  58. He was already off balance and had no way of stopping his forward plunge into the pond.
  59. For it's true, one grand plunge if you're not careful and no place to put her tombstone.
  60. The grandfather and grandson sat in awe as they watched part of a cliff plunge into the.
  61. Haven shook her head to clear any confusion that still lingered and took the plunge into.
  62. With horror-filled eyes, he watched her plunge a red dagger into his belly and draw it up.
  63. I was suddenly unsure if I wanted to plunge headfirst into a potential Obake infestation.
  64. This time she would dodge the strike and manage to plunge the blade into the cat’s side.
  65. Generally, great relative performance in any one year is followed by a plunge in the next.
  66. Be patient! be not tempted to indulge in a lawless plunge into cheap and sordid adventure.
  67. It is about keeping this city safe from the people who intend to plunge it into hell!.
  68. There will be nothing left but to bottle up your five senses and plunge into contemplation.
  69. To plunge into society meant to visit my superior at the office, Anton Antonitch Syetotchkin.
  70. We sit on the bleachers and watch the fit guys in their swimming trunks plunge into the pool.
  71. Little potatoes with hot cores into which he and Marie-Laure would plunge forkfuls of butter.
  72. He kissed her fiercely, and then she was straddling him, his cock poised to plunge inside her.
  73. To Hal, it was inconceivable that such a well-known and powerful company's stock could plunge.
  74. The sun hung low and impossibly big in the pink and blue sky, ready to plunge into the Altantic.
  75. She raised the dagger, ready to plunge it into his chest, and carve his ribs away from his body.
  76. If you’re interested in the domestic crude oil transportation market, take the plunge with OSG.
  77. The other two photographs were smaller and showed people around the world reacting to the plunge.
  78. But there were enough hints that he had finally decided to shed his reluctance to take the plunge.
  79. But Mitch was about to plunge a knife right into one of those boys! That‘s attempted murder!.
  80. Despair taking me, I plunge deep into the pointless misery I have not experienced since I came across.
  81. It was just possible that it would not work, but I was afraid that would plunge her into sadness again.
  82. The January 22, 2008, issue of the New York Times was headlined: World Markets Plunge on Fears of U.
  83. The language used was conservative—the markets “tumbled”; they didn’t “plunge” or “crash.
  84. Throwing his arms out, Thomas flailed, reaching and grabbing to stop his plunge to the hard stone below.
  85. Beyond the gun, beyond the embrasures, ramparts plunge forty feet to the green and white plumes of surf.
  86. I was the only person there and desperately wanted to plunge naked into Scarpa Flow, but it was too cold.
  87. For a split second he was disorientated and it was all it took for Aya to plunge her hand into his chest.
  88. The government knew if the bailout was granted, ordinary Greeks could plunge Athens into absolute anarchy.
  89. The March 13 edition of the New York Times headlined: Markets Plunge in Wide Sell-Off; Nasdaq Falls 6%.
  90. She made a great plunge into filialness and, swiftly blushing, picked up her mother-in-law's passive hand.
  91. In fact, in most cases, since you were too afraid to take the plunge, the worst thing to happen to you is.
  92. Men dread the uncertainty into which they would plunge if they were to renounce the familiar order of things.
  93. So, in eff ect, I lived on an island where I could, at any time, plunge into the ravine and have adventures.
  94. With shaking hands, I lit a cigarette, watching Aunt Martha plunge the trocar into the cow's swollen abdomen.
  95. There is a drive to continue the intellectual creativity, to plunge again into logic, analysis and intuition.
  96. Bryony wondered why he might be so scared of taking a dip in a Plunge Pool, but she was soon to find out why.
  97. He stumbled, began to fall, and his backward-reaching hand scrabbled to stay his plunge off the swaying limb.
  98. In that time, I've been an avid supporter of others who decide to take the plunge in the self-publishing pool.
  99. As sick as he was, her supportive companionship assured him he was right to take the plunge with this person.
  100. Zoom past the isolated hilltop, plunge down the other side, rolling out and down and across the valley beyond.
  1. Therefore plunging into its depths.
  2. Plunging her taloned hand into his.
  3. Rosetti was plunging out of the car’s back door.
  4. Plunging onward, he made his way toward the spring.
  5. His mother screamed! There was a jolting, a plunging.
  6. And the feet and wildly plunging bodies followed them.
  7. The door closed in her face, plunging the cell into blackness.
  8. Last, she pulled on a formfitting shirt with a plunging neckline.
  9. Sim had accelerated impressions of plunging walls, dust, confusion.
  10. What, plunging the world back into religious wars, retorted.
  11. The stone that clipped his head sent him reeling and plunging back.
  12. They got pockets too, he said, plunging his hands deep into them.
  13. The van was airborne for about 20 feet before plunging into the lake.
  14. Every light within the room went out, plunging the space into darkness.
  15. It shut behind her with a musty thud, plunging her into deep blackness.
  16. She felt an immense tearing in her chest, like a stiletto plunging deep.
  17. Still, he continued on, plunging into the fog and feeling his way along.
  18. But there was a ladder underneath, plunging down into a murky blue light.
  19. The carousel wheeled faster, shrieking, plunging, going roundabout-back!.
  20. Alternately climbing out of the darker shadow of one hill, then plunging.
  21. Then it turned and ran, plunging into the bushes and disappearing once more.
  22. Anna entered the cave and the wal closed behind her plunging her into darkness.
  23. When preparing to pocket, you have a choice of plunging, ramping, or helixing.
  24. Instead of plunging deep into the swirling mists as she anticipated, the notes.
  25. So you are coming to us? murmured the latter at last, plunging in medias res.
  26. Dacian slid off the edge, only just catching the ledge to stop himself plunging to.
  27. This gave him a plunging neckline that would have confirmed to anyone unfortunate.
  28. The last they saw of Chatterton he was plunging through the edge of the tiny forest.
  29. When he started plunging into her at a regular tempo, she moaned and moved with him.
  30. I settled for a plunging back silver sequined cocktail dress, and black ankle boots.
  31. They dug their heels into the ground to stop it, and held it, plunging, between them.
  32. Garcia followed her, observing the cliff face rushing by before plunging into the ocean.
  33. It had a plunging neckline that snaked down between my breasts, all the way to my navel.
  34. The raven made no sign that he’d heard and Simon could sense no more words plunging in.
  35. But still, Rafe knew damn well the smallest mistake could send him plunging to his death.
  36. She found her dress on the fourth try-on it was a Giorgio Armani plunging bias cut pewter.
  37. At the same moment the giant candlewheel fell from the ceiling, plunging the room into gloom.
  38. It's no good plunging headlong in that slap-dash way; there's no knowing what it may lead to.
  39. An insistent tugging at his hand told Moshe that he had not released Sari before plunging into.
  40. And just because they’re plunging, by the way, doesn’t mean that you should sell immediately.
  41. Just as that thought had popped into his head, the lantern finally died, plunging him into darkness.
  42. Without it I’m not sure I would have been able to stop myself from plunging down to join the rivet.
  43. The women just exited the room slamming the door behind her plunging me back into darkness once more.
  44. He began stroking her pussy with his cock, plunging all the way in and all the way out, again and again.
  45. I found myself plunging over the roads of Washington, as dedicated to the sea as any migrating lemming.
  46. They sprang away, stumbling over roots and among vines in the dark, no two plunging in the same direction.
  47. The League proved totally unable to stop aggressive nations plunging the world into the Second World War.
  48. The Doctor was at the wheel steering the boat which was now leaping and plunging gently through the waves.
  49. At this point Hugh intended to continue his exploration by plunging his fingers into the orifices before him.
  50. Dunk was digging, plunging a spade into the hot, dry earth and flinging the fine sand back over his shoulder.
  51. AJ was as quick as lightening and came up behind the distracted doctor, plunging a syringe deep into her neck.
  52. She pulled the comb back and stabbed down again, this time plunging the sharp handle deep into a rolling eye.
  53. Long, wavy strawberry blond hair tumbled over the shoulder of a shimmering silk blouse with plunging neckline.
  54. There is only plunging night and owls calling from the trees and bats straining insects above a roadside ditch.
  55. Plunging herself into the cold water, she considered heading toward the area she had last seen Trevain fishing.
  56. The agonized boy was trying to stop the two of them from plunging through the night sky to a cold watery death.
  57. He swept out onto the wharfs and jerked the plunging stallion back on its haunches at the very lip of the pier.
  58. She was sure at any moment they would go plunging off the barrier-less road and down an embankment into a gully.
  59. Out they went, plunging well over their ankles into the soft new snow, and went round the house in every direction.
  60. Focusing his mind on the Dark Healing, Skelda quickly dropped into a trance, plunging down the First Path of Darkness.
  61. He increased the speed of the engine as visibility improved, and they were soon plunging along through rolling waves.
  62. Lori’s hand came back up with a pair of scissors and Asia lunged back out of the way of their plunging swipe at her.
  63. Sebastian wasn’t conscious to see the cave collapsing inward or the Guardians and Arrows plunging into the wreckage.
  64. She drained the energy out of the trinial deposits in this cavern in mere seconds thus plunging us into near darkness.
  65. His original battle plans had gone awry and he knew full well of Hood’s susceptibility to long-range plunging shells.
  66. Then she put her arms about him quickly and kissed his mouth, plunging her tongue into his in a wild abandoned manner.
  67. The papers had already driven her to the edge of madness and it would not take much of a push to send her plunging over.
  68. An insistent tugging at his hand told Moshe that he had not released Sari before plunging into this all-male environment.
  69. With the momentum from the swinging motion his feet flew up towards the beasts face plunging the sword deep into its eye.
  70. Taking in as much of the fresh air as she could, she hesitated only a moment before plunging into the fire engulfed house.
  71. Slipping into her own gown, she hunted desperately, for something to set off the plunging neckline, of pearls and brocade.
  72. Then I heard his feet plunging down step by step away from this unreal world above to a more terribly unreal world below.
  73. Now, this raises questions about the industry, but it also gives you a context to explain your stock’s plunging returns.
  74. With Alex, the relationship seemed to be either grinding up a long hill or plunging perilously toward the depths of despair.
  75. Thomas’s hands were up in the air, as if he were standing at the very edge of a precipice, afraid of plunging to his death.
  76. I could not have endured the horrid screeching as the stake drove home, the plunging of writhing form, and lips of bloody foam.
  77. Plunging his hand into her chest from behind, his hand grasped her heart and pushed it straight through into the humid night air.
  78. Placing Alice, then, on the same animal with Cora, he seized the bridle, and commenced his route by plunging deeper into the forest.
  79. So this cover was associated with two prominent investment themes: the plunging stock market theme and the corrupt corporation theme.
  80. He had granted him his way and Elm vowed to himself that it would be he who’d be plunging his sword into Pine's paltry, penal heart.
  81. The victim advanced under the blows that rained upon him from both sides, his whole body plunging, his feet dragging through the snow.
  82. Laying Aspen on the bed, Sebastian slipped his hand into Aspen’s panties, plunging inside her, dragging a succulent cry from her lips.
  83. This animal type of plunging at her with a hard cock, only to have it slip out, was almost the very essence of fucking with a young boy.
  84. He tried to get between the wheel and swing oxen to jump the cart tongue, but the plunging of the hurt ox on the other side prevented it.
  85. About the time she was gasping for breath and moaning loudly, he changed the rhythm, plunging deep inside her heat, as far as he could go.
  86. The spear-tip poked through the buttered tarp and the blankets, hitting Halfdan just over his belt-buckle and plunging deep into his guts.
  87. You have to understand that— He was interrupted by Maileena’s sudden shriek and the feeling of someone plunging at him from behind.
  88. Everything is open and everything is known, and all the time, the wild plunging sensation drags them through the tunnel into another realm.
  89. A long iridescent slip-dress drapes a light as air layer of lace over a slip-liner and the plunging neckline cuts a body-carved silhouette.
  90. She slipped her fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck, her fingers plunging into the curly masses, which were fanned across the mat.
  91. The car, off which it had come, had rushed on, as far as the curve, and hung a moment, headlights reflected, before plunging into the river.
  92. All of a sudden, the car was plunging vertically downwards again as the Earth came up, for a moment, and then it was pulling out of its dive.
  93. After plunging the blade of the hatchet in the water, he took a small piece of soap which lay on the window sill, and commenced his ablutions.
  94. As the bailiff approached Cara, she reached over to the judge’s dinner plate and grabbed a steak knife, plunging it into the bailiff’s neck.
  95. Ottilie, attended only by her maid, came down to the water’s edge, threw off her peignoir, and, plunging into the water, found Somerset waiting.
  96. She tried to pull away from him, but he was holding her hips tightly, plunging into her again and again, tearing her apart with his enormous penis.
  97. It expressed the concentrated and happy resolution you see on the face of a man who on a hot day takes a final run before plunging into the water.
  98. A sixteen-legged cedar turtle, more than sixty feet long, they crossed Mercer Street and headed south on Westlake, plunging into downtown traffic.
  99. Or was some one, somewhere, really calling to her? A cart was plunging and bouncing down the grassy tussocks that dip from the coast road to the beach.
  100. Nicky pulled up one more length of the net, then tied it off, plunging her arms into the inky black water and taking hold of Sterling by the shoulders.
  1. A white face plunged down.
  2. Cinder plunged to her knees.
  3. He plunged into the darkness.
  4. Tears plunged down his cheeks.
  5. Into the darkness they plunged.
  6. Again he crouched and plunged.
  7. Leaf plunged his silver sword.
  8. Willie plunged out of the house.
  9. I estimate now that I plunged.
  10. He turned round and plunged home.
  11. Tragus plunged into her very hard.
  12. The blade plunged deep into its.
  13. He plunged into the silent streets.
  14. Her body plunged towards the water.
  15. She hesitated, then plunged ahead.
  16. Stratos had plunged into his novel.
  17. Boylan plunged two quid on my tip.
  18. And he plunged deep, bringing them.
  19. Henry Morgan plunged to his purpose.
  20. We plunged into the dark woods on.
  21. White plunged in, spouting legalese.
  22. The stock plunged into the low $20s.
  23. And she plunged into the water head.
  24. Miriam plunged home over the meadows.
  25. When she died, Marian plunged into.
  26. He plunged his finger into her warmth.
  27. Thus plunged in thought, I walked on.
  28. And into the water plunged the other.
  29. He plunged resolutely into the gloom.
  30. Instead he plunged through the centre.
  31. Its blade plunged into the serpents.
  32. And he plunged ahead into the darkness.
  33. They were plunged in complete darkness.
  34. We swerved and plunged into the tunnel.
  35. Then he seemed to be plunged in thought.
  36. Will plunged his hands into his pockets.
  37. Again Gavroche plunged into the obscurity.
  38. Manda plunged into it without hesitating.
  39. The stock immediately plunged 20 percent.
  40. After taking a breath, I plunged in again.
  41. Then I ordered a Corona and plunged ahead.
  42. The horse meanwhile had plunged into the.
  43. I was plunged into the deepest of despairs.
  44. He plunged one of his hands into the cool.
  45. For a long time I sat plunged in reflection.
  46. The lounge was plunged in profound darkness.
  47. Morel had not much time; he plunged forward.
  48. Darren's heart plunged down into his stomach.
  49. The remark plunged Harald into further gloom.
  50. His stomach lurched as he plunged downwards.
  51. Morris's bowie knife plunged into the heart.
  52. Then the Titanic plunged to the ocean's bed.
  53. Into those menacing depths they had plunged.
  54. They plunged into the control room and froze.
  55. Buildings plunged up, hot, into the blue air.
  56. So I plunged in again, eager to reassure her.
  57. Jim plunged off, and walked through the crowd.
  58. At the same time, his cock plunged inside her.
  59. He plunged the syringe into the alien’s chest.
  60. The scribe shivered and plunged into the trees.
  61. The boat plunged again, then wallowed awkwardly.
  62. The horses snorted, swerved, and plunged heavily.
  63. Immediately, the house was plunged into darkness.
  64. The Syrena plunged along through mounting waves.
  65. They plunged like arrows shot from Mount Olympus.
  66. Another year later, however, it had plunged to $6.
  67. And with a single bound he plunged into the street.
  68. Krimshaw slipped and nearly plunged into the abyss.
  69. Clawing the air to bring her paws up, she plunged.
  70. Together they plunged through wind and nothingness.
  71. When she went she plunged bodily down like a stone.
  72. He did not wait for acknowledgement and plunged on.
  73. Sweet Mother of God, Franco's plunged me into the.
  74. London plunged past them, and his face was murderous.
  75. Jean Valjean had plunged into one of these reveries.
  76. She plunged into her coat and stomped into her boots.
  77. Alyosha sat plunged in thought, considering something.
  78. He heard nothing, plunged onward, and did not see me.
  79. Everything had plunged through a trap-door once more.
  80. Our now bare chests touched, and his tongue plunged.
  81. We turned and plunged into the cave which led to home.
  82. The troll reached the river, and plunged in after them.
  83. At once the road turned left and plunged steeply down.
  84. The parlor was plunged into a ringing vibrant silence.
  85. The creek plunged further into the depths of the earth.
  86. He plunged the blade of the hatchet deep into the gash.
  87. He rolled again as the pointed joint plunged into the.
  88. Without thinking, her bike plunged in the new direction.
  89. They were plunged into hot water and soaked in soda ash.
  90. It seemed as if we'd plunged into a pool of quicksilver.
  91. Poland, into which they immediately plunged with Pestsov.
  92. Each time the plane plunged, the men braced for a crash.
  93. Following Bjorgolf’s lead, they plunged into the gloom.
  94. The blood-red lighting, still ablaze, plunged the train.
  95. Nations plunged into civil wars that served to decimate.
  96. A knife was plunged up to the hilt in Rita's left breast.
  97. Finally, she shut her eyes and plunged her hand right in.
  98. The snake plunged into Ash’s mouth and down his throat.
  99. Nereus plunged into the water and turned into a slimy eel.
  100. Eyes glinting emerald he plunged into the dancing inferno.
  1. It plunges into the light now entire.
  2. Where did that come from? She plunges a knife into.
  3. He stumbles on the steps, recovers, plunges into gloom.
  4. The headline was, ‘Stock Market Crash Plunges US into Depression.
  5. He plunges to the floor and night has already taken him when he reaches it.
  6. With that, the snow-raven plunges downwards, lands between himself and the scribe.
  7. The operation was performed amidst the fiercest yells and the most convulsive plunges.
  8. The Spirit plunges into the Matter, which leads to the ascension the Matter into heaven.
  9. He tears off his overshirt and plunges himself and it into the cooling, cleansing water.
  10. He turns and plunges into the deeper darkness, knowing that Simon follows closely behind.
  11. She plunges her face lays into the stomach of the girl even though the girl is still alive.
  12. Her voice plunges through his skin and ransacks his thoughts with its stridency and its truth.
  13. He wrestles with her, forces her back upon the rude couch, and plunges his knife into her throat.
  14. Some people say that the manager just plunges his hand into the heap and takes the first that comes.
  15. In that moment, and not caring what may come from his actions, Ralph opens the door and plunges inside.
  16. Here was the New York Times headline that morning: Market Continues Four-Month Rout; Dow Plunges 390.
  17. Monseigneur, he precipitated himself over the hill-side, head first, as a person plunges into the river.
  18. The February 28, 2007, edition of the Chicago Tribune was headlined: China Market Plunges, Dow Follows.
  19. He plunges forward and presses his lips to mine before pushing me down to the mattress, lying on top of me.
  20. The jest falls, no matter where; and the mind after producing a piece of stupidity plunges into the azure depths.
  21. This boy cannot leave unless he plunges into the waters of the lake, where as you know he will not come out alive.
  22. Niles steps forward and plunges the needle into Tobias’s neck, squeezing the cloudy, bluish liquid into his veins.
  23. Then back to the car, back to a subsonic sixty, back to gaiety, back to kisses and swerves and near plunges in the sand.
  24. The sheer fact of the scribe’s skin plunges Ralph’s blood into unaccountable heat and Simon’s gaze locks with his.
  25. The great bird plunges towards the earth and Ralph raises his arms to avoid the attack, but he is not the raven’s quarry.
  26. This gets confirmed when price kisses the 20 MA on a relief rally and then plunges lower and the 50 MA shows a downward slope.
  27. What the hell do you think you’re doing? campaign chairman Tommy Thomas says to Reagan as he plunges into the audience.
  28. But the raven plunges between Simon and himself, the adamantine strength of its wings beating away Duncan’s desperate grasp.
  29. Glorifying in his newfound strength, he plunges into the depths of icy rapids and clambers to the heights of seven mountains.
  30. A sense of constraint is already creeping in when Regan plunges into the cavern of Grand Central, darker even than the night outside.
  31. The torrent, swollen by the melting snow, plunges into a tremendous abyss, from which the spray rolls up like the smoke from a burning house.
  32. It is frequently covered up by drifts, and, it is said, sometimes plunges from on wing into the soft snow, where it remains concealed for a day or two.
  33. You’re investing for the long term, and when you look back, day-to-day changes (even the cataclysmic plunges of 2008) will seem like minor blips—which they are.
  34. Thus you see that who plunges his spirit in vice and does not purify it by drawing near to God passes from one distress to another, and from one misfortune to another.
  35. The giant pachyderm writhes his serpent-like trunk in air and plunges forward open-mouthed, trumpeting with pain from the keen claws of the tigers hanging on his flanks.
  36. Suddenly he finds something give way within him; what he has hitherto suffered he can bear no longer, and he plunges his knife into the breast of his oppressor or his enemy.
  37. It seemed to me to be nothing more serious than the racing of the screw, which often occurs when a ship plunges her bow deep into a heavy swell, raising the stern out of water.
  38. Cooled by trade winds, miles of beautiful beach and thousands of friends you have not yet met, the reef here plunges to depths of 110 feet where octopus, moray eel and barracuda thrive.
  39. Especially in solitude of the immense desert or amid the conglomeration of gigantic mountains man unintentionally plunges into the thoughts of immensibility of the Universe, infinity of the Cosmic space.
  40. When this fact becomes known, the stock price sharply jumps up to the acquisition price level (thereby raising the historical volatility), and the option price plunges (thereby decreasing the implied volatility).
  41. With that, she takes the cypress leaves remaining in the hand as yet untorn by the wolf, gazes at Sloth with such a look of love and acceptance that it splits him open and then plunges her fingers and the leaves into the animal’s mouth.
  42. Crazy legal theories, have proliferated, exemplified by fraud-on-the-market lawsuits, which postulate that plunges in OPMI market prices are evidence of insider fraud because the common stock never would have achieved high prices in efficient markets in the first place if insiders had made full disclosures.
  43. Good God! Who is there that could properly describe the rage that filled the heart of our Manchegan when he saw himself dealt with in this fashion? All that can be said is, it was such that he again raised himself in his stirrups, and, grasping his sword more firmly with both hands, he came down on the Biscayan with such fury, smiting him full over the cushion and over the head, that--even so good a shield proving useless--as if a mountain had fallen on him, he began to bleed from nose, mouth, and ears, reeling as if about to fall backwards from his mule, as no doubt he would have done had he not flung his arms about its neck; at the same time, however, he slipped his feet out of the stirrups and then unclasped his arms, and the mule, taking fright at the terrible blow, made off across the plain, and with a few plunges flung its master to the ground.
  44. As Kathy reaches the top of the second flight, suddenly a big large knife plunges hard, right into her abdominal! Kathy lets out a bloodcurdling scream! The knife, which is being held by a hand wearing a black glove and an arm wearing a long thick black sleeve, then plunges right into Kathy's chest! Kathy screams out in pain again! She is being stabbed! Blood splatters everywhere! The glove covered hand repeatedly plunges the large knife hard and fast into Kathy's chest and abdominal areas several times! Blood is all over Kathy! She continues to let out a horrible scream! The knife then plunges hard and fast into Kathy's neck! It plunges hard and fast into Kathy's neck several times! Kathy falls down the stairs and lands on the bottom of the flight! The glove covered hand and sleeve covered arm suddenly pulls the hallway door on top of the second flight and angrily bangs it open! The glove covered hand and sleeve covered arm angrily goes into the hallway, away from the staircase doorway, still holding the bloody knife as the staircase door slams shut! A second hallway door on that same floor suddenly bangs open, then slams shut!.
  45. For, come, tell me, can there be anything more delightful than to see, as it were, here now displayed before us a vast lake of bubbling pitch with a host of snakes and serpents and lizards, and ferocious and terrible creatures of all sorts swimming about in it, while from the middle of the lake there comes a plaintive voice saying: 'Knight, whosoever thou art who beholdest this dread lake, if thou wouldst win the prize that lies hidden beneath these dusky waves, prove the valour of thy stout heart and cast thyself into the midst of its dark burning waters, else thou shalt not be worthy to see the mighty wonders contained in the seven castles of the seven Fays that lie beneath this black expanse;' and then the knight, almost ere the awful voice has ceased, without stopping to consider, without pausing to reflect upon the danger to which he is exposing himself, without even relieving himself of the weight of his massive armour, commending himself to God and to his lady, plunges into the midst of the boiling lake, and when he little looks for it, or knows what his fate is to be, he finds himself among flowery meadows, with which the Elysian fields are not to be compared.

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