liven sätze

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Liven sätze (in englisch)

  1. Tired and weary souls it is able to liven.
  2. At noon, things were beginning to liven up.
  3. Put some fresh fragrance in the air conditioner and liven up.
  4. Many different herbs and spices will not only liven up our foods, but improve our health as well.
  5. I mean, I’m sure the students that come here wouldn’t mind a splash of colour to liven up the area.

  6. Lemon and limejuices as well as the zest from citrus fruits, really liven the flavors of the foods you are about to consume.
  7. Spock and Stu started to liven up a little; Pon stayed and chatted about Kim for a while about how he was unsure what to do about the situation with Ca.
  8. In an effort to liven the atmosphere somewhat, Falcon and Adrian began talking about an upcoming charity golf tournament the band and crew were set to play in.
  9. While if you stick to consciousness, even though the same result is attained, you can at least flog yourself at times, and that will, at any rate, liven you up.
  10. He had been to the Pits before to see fights, and Girkax was brought out to liven up the crowds by tearing up pigs and cows, but he’d never seen it in an actual match.
  11. Why don’t we try to liven you up some, eh? How about some friendly cards? He removed a gold-and-green deck with what appeared to be the Harrods’s logo from his inner pocket and riffled the cards with enthusiasm.
  12. While the gorgeous deciduous trees like maples and oaks are pretty in the spring and summer, and stunning in the fall, in the winter they can leave your backyard landscape looking barren and lifeless without some evergreens to liven things up.
  13. By the second set, people had quit pretending to ignore us, but just as the place began to liven up, some boorish, drunken English bloke forced himself into the center of the crowd, his hands roaming uninvited over a girl who was pressed up against the front of the stage.
  14. Those wanderings led him to the prostrate red-light district, where in other times bundles of banknotes had been burned to liven up the revels, and which at that time was a maze of streets more afflicted and miserable than the others, with a few red lights still burning and with deserted dance halls adorned with the remnants of wreaths, where the pale, fat widows of no one, the French great-grandmothers and the Babylonian matri-archs, were still waiting beside their photographs.

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