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    1. Negative thoughts and actions initiate health problems and more importantly do not allow we to recover fast

    2. hands on the sick, and they shall recover

    3. To help the tree recover, you must first keep the ants from climbing the tree

    4. Sometimes you need to get away in order to recover

    5. Is he beginning to recover?"

    6. ‘No … but they’re keeping her heavily sedated for the next day or so to give her head a chance to recover

    7. They couldn't be sure what condition the planet would be in when it did recover

    8. There were no proven models of that atmosphere and climate, some worry that the climate could be tipped by the impact and that the planet would never recover

    9. It took me a few seconds to recover from the effort of speaking

    10. As I gradually recover, he sits down, watching me

    1. ‘She never recovered consciousness, Mrs Wynell

    2. consciousness and recovered a great

    3. Dad’s family never really recovered from being bombed out and by the time I was in my teens they had more or less died out

    4. When I recovered, I began looking for those to whom I could be a

    5. ‘She’s not recovered consciousness, Mum

    6. Some of those martyrs's brains could be recovered, Bahkmar knew that many of them were in Al-Harron's crew, but didn't know who they were

    7. He’d definitely been taken aback but recovered fast

    8. So how is life in Nepal? I hope you have recovered from the fever you mention in your last communication

    9. "Are you recovered enough to be horny?" she asked

    10. But you are strong and, although it was touch and go for a very nasty time, you recovered

    1. "Venna?" he choked and took a long time recovering, nearly losing control of the boat

    2. Recovering quickly from the attack, Silence kicked the gun out of his hand

    3. Believe me, when you are recovering

    4. "I am looking for the room where the two assault victims are recovering

    5. The lion in black tossed his mane and stood tall once again, recovering his

    6. If they destroyed it and killed all aboard that would remove the witnesses of his foolish mission but get no closer to recovering Alan

    7. ’ Wiesse said, recovering from his faux pas

    8. Having warned you that I have no magic formula dreamed up by the ancient Yogis with regard to recovering a slim, beautiful figure, let me discuss the first step in this ‘battle of the bulge’

    9. When the guard asked what was wrong with her son, she said that I had been physically ill and I just sat there normal, partly recovering from the heave

    10. ’ Garth said, recovering his poise and releasing the stone

    1. ” Why would God need to recover His remnant a second time? He recovers them a second time because the current state of Israel is the first time

    2. at the bottom of the garden recovers and starts first time

    3. Chapter 24: Sally recovers

    4. Gradually, she recovers and we stand there together at the window, looking out on the lambs in the field

    5. that the action of ejectment was invented, by which the tenant recovers, not damages only, but possession, and in which his claim is not necessarily concluded by the uncertain decision of a single assize

    6. “It’s a good idea Fletcher, but there’s no way I can carry her until my arm recovers

    7. “I have just been to see Rosie with Mabel e have aid our goodbyes I do hope she recovers as she is such a trooper

    8. With each workout, your body recovers faster, yet you’re not working at a level that makes overtraining a danger

    9. A native, when ill and alone, will crawl into any nook, cover up his face and await death till he recovers or really does die

    10. I will pray that she recovers fully

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    convalesce recover recuperate go back reclaim find regain retrieve recoup revive heal mend rally come round better salvage redeem rescue