mien sätze

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Mien sätze (in englisch)

  1. Mien, like the huge 472.
  2. The cold reply with gloomy mien.
  3. Although he had a pleasant mien.
  4. It can also mean the state, condition or mien.
  5. I will respond to Mien accordingly and endorse Laplante’s actions.

  6. To break the gloomy silence, the painful thoughts and my cheerless mien.
  7. Who are you going to trust, Boran? Mien can be replaced, but not Laplante.
  8. The first page is extracts from Mien Kampf which are still relevant today.
  9. The scarred man’s eyes widened, but he quickly resumed his suspicious mien.
  10. The so-called experts enlisted by Mien missed by a light-year on this subject.
  11. He was a Man nearly as terrible as his Bird, with a similar Beak, Eyes, and Mien.
  12. He had the same impassive mien as his older brother but inside he was in turmoil.
  13. Also, no offence, but despite your serious mien, you seem young… and inexperienced.
  14. SATURDAY: You are serious-minded and reserved, and possess a dignified mien and bearing.
  15. When Larocka held the security man’s eyes, he straightened and resumed his stern mien.

  16. His heart heavy, Kern had no choice but to conduct the vote called for by Bartok and Mien.
  17. Mack said, Vice is a monster so frightful of mien, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.
  18. The words were barely uttered, when he encountered a savage of gigantic stature, of the fiercest mien.
  19. I love the Romans and I decided to make my very own version of the Ten Commandments from my book, Mien Kampf.
  20. Farah Tolkonen is defending the actions of Miss Laplante but Mien still is calling for Laplante’s dismissal.
  21. The passers-by stared at him in surprise, and some of them thought his attire suspicious and his mien sinister.
  22. The young Mohican cast a glance at his father, but, maintaining his quiet and reserved mien, he continued silent.
  23. BLOOM: (Shuddering, shrinking, joins his hands: with hangdog mien) O cold! O shivery! It was your ambrosial beauty.
  24. The hair was the same, also the profile, so far as the cap permitted a view of it, the mien identical, only more depressed.
  25. Administrator Mien does not expect you to do more than a few of the top priority projects this coming year, Doctor Tolkonen.

  26. Magua was conspicuous in this party, both by his fierce and savage mien, and by the air of haughty authority he yet maintained.
  27. Pine dismissed Hemlock who glared back at Pine with a blackened mien and instead continued to question him further about the trip.
  28. The six pinioned ruffians were standing, and still preserved their spectral mien; all three besmeared with black, all three masked.
  29. Two young ladies appeared before me; one very tall, almost as tall as Miss Ingram—very thin too, with a sallow face and severe mien.
  30. Abandoning everything to the greedy grasp of those around her, the mother darted, with distraction in her mien, to reclaim her child.
  31. Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he; But, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door—.
  32. Heroes, whose selfless deeds caused them to be remembered as with a god-like mien, proliferated within the Pantheon of the Hellenes.
  33. Elise picked at the food proffered by the silent man and noticed his subdued mien, a posture she construed as the calm before the storm.
  34. A gray-haired old man of patriarchal mien, wearing a box-coat and gray trousers, and attended by two men, attracted particular attention.
  35. As for the controversy concerning this Miriam of Magdala, Mien overlooked something that Tolkonen didn’t: the misogyny factor in history.
  36. One warrior in particular, a man of wild and ferocious mien, had been conspicuous for the attention he had given to the words of the speaker.
  37. The wheel revolved while the Grandmother sat as bolt upright, and with as proud and quiet a mien, as though she had not the least doubt of winning.
  38. Science and Education Administrator Mien, you and Administrator Rox will coordinate the creation of this project, with Miss Rox in overall charge.
  39. One felt that under other conditions of education and destiny, the gay and over-free mien of this young girl might have turned out sweet and charming.
  40. She was no more the slim, girlish mien of old but a sturdy young woman nearing thirty whose face had lost its delicacy and some but not all of its beauty.
  41. And fear, yes, but the fear wasn’t dominant, as I’d previously recalled; it was only one element in an extraordinary mien of twisted and tortured emotions.
  42. Coming closer, he distinguished among them a lady of graceful mien, on a pure white palfrey or hackney caparisoned with green trappings and a silver-mounted side-saddle.
  43. Now Kate whisper’d something in his Ear, and now suddenly he wore a troubl’d Mien, his Moustache seem’d to droop, his Mouth quiver’d as if he should begin to cry.
  44. Administrator Mien understands that it takes time to train personnel properly, but the Time Patrol does have a few qualified members that could be put to good use right away.
  45. He had the mien of the chief of the eunuchs in the slave mart, discovering a Venus among the blowsy females, and the air of an amateur recognizing a Raphael in a heap of daubs.
  46. They could tell by his tone that contemptuousness was creeping back into his mien and though fat, sloppy and securely trussed, Jack Pappadoupoulis wasn‘t to be taken lightly.
  47. The old gray wall began to advertise a similar fiery lettering to the first, with a strange and unwonted mien, as if distressed at duties it had never before been called upon to perform.
  48. The one who was seeking to escape had an insignificant mien and not an impressive appearance; the one who was seeking to seize him was rude of aspect, and must have been rude to encounter.
  49. Dohkturov, a little man, sat opposite Weyrother, with an assiduous and modest mien, and stooping over the outspread map conscientiously studied the dispositions and the unfamiliar locality.
  50. Dohktúrov, a little man, sat opposite Weyrother, with an assiduous and modest mien, and stooping over the outspread map conscientiously studied the dispositions and the unfamiliar locality.
  51. Let us be realistic for a second; for those of you who have read Hitler’s book Mien Kampf you will know that Hitler was a visionary, he saw what was happening with the Jews so he stopped it.
  52. Seeing, however, my smiling face and the Princess’s frightened mien, as well as overhearing the appalling rubbish with which I concluded my speech, he turned red in the face, and wheeled round again.
  53. Near the Rue des Billettes, a man of lofty stature, whose hair was turning gray, and whose bold and daring mien was remarked by Courfeyrac, Enjolras, and Combeferre, but whom none of them knew, joined them.
  54. Me and Virna are sorry to disturb you like this, but the Global Science Administrator, Daran Mien, is under increasing pressure to show a practical return for the heavy investment put into the Time Patrol.
  55. She had the mobile face frequent in those whose sight has decayed by stages, has been laboriously striven after, and reluctantly let go, rather than the stagnant mien apparent in persons long sightless or born blind.
  56. The Computer Revolution, the promise of placing a heavenly mien upon Mankind, proclaiming that the arrogance of knowledge is sufficient to all things temporal and eternal, has arrived and is master of all that it surveys.
  57. As the reader perceives, slang in its entirety, slang of four hundred years ago, like the slang of to-day, is permeated with that sombre, symbolical spirit which gives to all words a mien which is now mournful, now menacing.
  58. After a short group discussion, Rox’s motion was accepted by the Council, with Global Science Administrator Daran Mien, who was overseeing the mandate of the Time Patrol, directed to enlist the help of the Time Patrol for the project.
  59. Munro started, as if the last trumpet had sounded in his ear, and bestowing one anxious and hurried glance around him, he arose and followed in the simple train, with the mien of a soldier, but bearing the full burden of a parent's suffering.
  60. This child's whole person, her mien, her attitude, the sound of her voice, the intervals which she allowed to elapse between one word and the next, her glance, her silence, her slightest gesture, expressed and betrayed one sole idea,— fear.
  61. But the Unseelie Princes just shocked the hell out of me, proved themselves to be ambitious and goal-oriented, willing to adopt a mien of civility to achieve their aims, and channel what used to be a maelstrom of uncontrolled hunger into deliberated action.
  62. Thus it was that Lazarus sat at the festive table among his friends and relatives—his face the face of a corpse over which, for three days, death had reigned in darkness, his garments gorgeous and festive, glittering with gold, bloody-red and purple; his mien heavy and silent.
  63. It might be, on this one day, that there was an expression unseen before, nor, indeed, vivid enough to be detected now; unless some preternaturally gifted observer should have first read the heart, and have afterwards sought a corresponding development in the countenance and mien.
  64. When Rhett told her with the proper sober mien that he was moved to contribute by the memories of former comrades in arms, braver than he but less fortunate, who now told her Scarlett had said Captain Butler was in the army but, of course, she hadn’t lay in unmarked graves, Mrs.
  65. Shortly after this, several bands of dancers of various sorts began to enter the arcade at different points, and among them one of sword-dancers composed of some four-and-twenty lads of gallant and high-spirited mien, clad in the finest and whitest of linen, and with handkerchiefs.
  66. The night came in, and took up its place there, unconcerned and indifferent; the night which had already swallowed up his happiness, and was now digesting it listlessly; and was ready to swallow up the happiness of a thousand other people with as little disturbance or change of mien.
  67. When he had reached the group in which it was evident, by the haughtiness of their common mien, that the principal chiefs were collected, the stranger paused, and then the Delawares saw that the active and erect form that stood before them was that of the well-known Huron chief, Le Renard Subtil.
  68. Maria Alexandrovna watched the state of siege into which the wretched Afanassy was thrown, with great anxiety; he was answering H'm! to all questions put to him, as instructed; but with so wretched an expression and so extremely artificial a mien that Maria Alexandrovna could barely restrain her wrath.
  69. I see genuine contentment in your gait and mien, your eye and face, when you are helping me and pleasing me—working for me, and with me, in, as you characteristically say, ‘all that is right:’ for if I bid you do what you thought wrong, there would be no light-footed running, no neat-handed alacrity, no lively glance and animated complexion.
  70. Tess, who had been quite unconscious of her action and mien, instantly withdrew the large dark gaze of her eyes, stammering with a flush, "I beg your pardon!" And there was revived in her the wretched sentiment which had often come to her before, that in inhabiting the fleshly tabernacle with which Nature had endowed her she was somehow doing wrong.
  71. Miss Temple had always something of serenity in her air, of state in her mien, of refined propriety in her language, which precluded deviation into the ardent, the excited, the eager: something which chastened the pleasure of those who looked on her and listened to her, by a controlling sense of awe; and such was my feeling now: but as to Helen Burns, I was struck with wonder.
  72. Several bullets struck far from the intended mark—one even penetrated the ceiling; and as the charming creature laughed madly, mocking her husband's awkwardness, he turned abruptly toward her and said, "Look at that doll there on the right with the haughty mien and her nose in the air; well, dear angel, I imagine to myself that it is you!" And he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.
  73. Sometimes, however, coming from those lofty mountains which dominate the moral horizon, justice, wisdom, reason, right, formed of the pure snow of the ideal, after a long fall from rock to rock, after having reflected the sky in its transparency and increased by a hundred affluents in the majestic mien of triumph, insurrection is suddenly lost in some quagmire, as the Rhine is in a swamp.
  74. Here the author's outburst came to an end, and he proceeded to take up the thread of his story, saying that the keeper, seeing that Don Quixote had taken up his position, and that it was impossible for him to avoid letting out the male without incurring the enmity of the fiery and daring knight, flung open the doors of the first cage, containing, as has been said, the lion, which was now seen to be of enormous size, and grim and hideous mien.
  75. Cambrai or the Rue Saint-Jean-de-Beauvais, seeing that face of a youth escaped from college, that page's mien, those long, golden lashes, those blue eyes, that hair billowing in the wind, those rosy cheeks, those fresh lips, those exquisite teeth, had conceived an appetite for that complete aurora, and had tried her beauty on Enjolras, an astounding and terrible glance would have promptly shown her the abyss, and would have taught her not to confound the mighty cherub of Ezekiel with the gallant Cherubino of Beaumarchais.
  76. There was a sort of scholars along either side the board, that is to wit, Dixon yclept junior of saint Mary Merciable's with other his fellows Lynch and Madden, scholars of medicine, and the franklin that hight Lenehan and one from Alba Longa, one Crotthers, and young Stephen that had mien of a frere that was at head of the board and Costello that men clepen Punch Costello all long of a mastery of him erewhile gested (and of all them, reserved young Stephen, he was the most drunken that demanded still of more mead) and beside the meek sir Leopold.
  77. God's eye beheld it! The angels were forever pointing at it! The Devil knew it well, and fretted it continually with the touch of his burning finger! But he hid it cunningly from men, and walked among you with the mien of a spirit, mournful, because so pure in a sinful world!—and sad, because he missed his heavenly kindred! Now, at the death-hour, he stands up before you! He bids you look again at Hester's scarlet letter! He tells you, that, with all its mysterious horror, it is but the shadow of what he bears on his own breast, and that even this, his own red stigma, is no more than the type of what has seared his inmost heart! Stand any here that question God's judgment on a sinner? Behold! Behold a dreadful witness of it!.
  78. Let a notary transfigure himself into a deputy: let a false Corneille compose Tiridate; let a eunuch come to possess a harem; let a military Prudhomme accidentally win the decisive battle of an epoch; let an apothecary invent cardboard shoe-soles for the army of the Sambre-and-Meuse, and construct for himself, out of this cardboard, sold as leather, four hundred thousand francs of income; let a pork-packer espouse usury, and cause it to bring forth seven or eight millions, of which he is the father and of which it is the mother; let a preacher become a bishop by force of his nasal drawl; let the steward of a fine family be so rich on retiring from service that he is made minister of finances,—and men call that Genius, just as they call the face of Mousqueton Beauty, and the mien of Claude Majesty.
  79. With joyful mien, whence I was comforted,.
  80. They know each other well, indeed, replied Hester, with a mien of calmness,.

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