bearing sätze

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Bearing sätze (in englisch)

  1. Have a bearing upon us.
  2. It has no bearing on us.
  3. I was bearing witness to.
  4. This has no bearing on Annie.
  5. How are you bearing up?

  6. His trailer burnt a bearing.
  7. Bearing the brunt of annoyed.
  9. A green runabout bearing ISF.
  10. Losira arrived bearing his tea.
  11. Her imperious bearing was gone.
  12. Her whole bearing more subdued.
  13. Is your wife bearing a child?
  14. It becomes bearing the iniquity.
  15. A red diamond bearing the words.

  16. Exit Dolores, bearing the bodies.
  17. She had a maternal bearing that.
  18. She knew that noble bearing, too.
  19. Bearing much fruit in The Beloved.
  20. Bearing a torch ablaze at the prow.
  21. Bearing witness from the Throne.
  22. He growled, bearing his teeth at her.
  23. I set out bearing only my faith in.
  24. Bearing to waypoint was 278 degrees.
  25. But the child she is bearing is not.

  26. Bearing this in mind, we should ask.
  27. There was a difference in his bearing.
  28. They might have been bearing a coffin.
  29. Remove this seal and the inner bearing.
  30. The sign rises bearing the next command.
  31. Her bearing was one of indignant scorn.
  32. The eyes were sharp, the bearing regal.
  33. He had a military bearing to his manner.
  34. He comes bearing a message from Nathalia.
  35. The Greek grinned, bearing his white teeth.
  36. But it could have a bearing on you two.
  37. I can see Captain Nemo's bearing to this day.
  38. His bearing and weaning takes thirty months.
  39. Extinction, as bearing on natural selection.
  40. He came to the city bearing a white flag.
  41. Bearing their leader along, the Suryavanshis.
  42. Two guards pushed in, one bearing an oil lamp.
  43. Bearing in mind the antiquity of the original.
  44. Her place is in the home, bearing children.
  45. It fitted with his tall, aristocratic bearing.
  46. One of the many house servants bearing an or-.
  47. However, if bearing a child is too much of a.
  48. Which group of them — depends on the bearing.
  49. Her confident bearing said she had nothing to.
  50. Silver walked with the bearing of a true leader.
  51. In fact, we have hundreds of gods, bearing the.
  52. Bearing the badge of faith, to prove them true?
  53. He came upon trees, bearing all sorts of fruits.
  54. But the documents have a most important bearing.
  55. The coordinator raised a sign bearing the word.
  56. Scott brought her in closer, bearing her body up.
  57. He got out bearing a paper bag and a plastic sack.
  58. His hair had grayed; his haughty bearing had bent.
  59. It has some bearing on what happened afterwards.
  60. The chair turned around on its axis bearing Pilate.
  61. Fritz stood inside the cell bearing a tray of food.
  62. Quickly he returned, bearing a large and laden tray.
  63. These ideas had some bearing on what we were doing.
  64. How uncomfortable I felt, bearing my soul like that.
  65. Especially with this storm that’s bearing down.
  66. He arrived bearing candy and cigarettes for the POWs.
  67. Out of London’s tent six men came, bearing the box.
  68. One machine was pushing a gurney bearing a body bag.
  69. The garden was full of trees bearing the false red.
  70. And explain its congruity with the bearing season?
  71. One’s imitation of totemic animal bearing evokes.
  72. He always added that we should do so bearing in mind.
  73. But that had no bearing on my publishing the article.
  74. And if we react, it is because we have been bearing.
  75. There was still a hint of human pride in his bearing.
  76. The Bearing of English Studies upon the National Life.
  77. Albert sprang out, bearing his moccoletto in his hand.
  78. The man from before was bearing on them at their left.
  79. Your fruit bearing hills to the entire world you laud.
  80. The globs of grease had apparently ran off of a bearing.
  81. The primary factors bearing upon this evaluation are:.
  82. Martinez was baffled by the crowd out in front bearing.
  83. I must have been born with a gene bearing your image.
  84. Senta, Elenir, Jista extrapolate bearing and course.
  85. Miller was tall and thin, almost Lincolnesque in bearing.
  86. The sled bearing the man was completely covered in snow.
  87. Catherine reappeared, bearing a tray of knives and forks.
  88. He loosened the bearing bolts and pulled out the piston.
  89. Joe gave him a bearing of where to fly and soon enough.
  90. He knelt down to his son and caressed his face bearing.
  91. Could she do it, bearing in mind that she would have to.
  92. Since Auberge’s absence really had no bearing on his.
  93. The Praefect dryly continued, bearing a hint of a smirk.
  94. Th eir unconventional bearing that is further subjected.
  95. The princess held her head high, her whole bearing regal.
  96. Bearing this thought in mind must have manifested itself.
  97. Josef's confidence increased and with it his bearing and.
  98. Tom rattled the connecting-rod bearing against the shaft.
  99. She headed toward the two elevator doors, each bearing a.
  100. However, there is also research bearing more directly on.
  1. It could not be borne.
  2. As we have borne the.
  3. And borne the mark of.
  4. Surely he hath borne our.
  5. Have you ever borne the.
  7. Across the borne of death;.
  8. This is borne out by Krishn.
  9. As we have borne the image.
  10. This cannot be borne, sers.
  11. It must be borne in mind that.
  12. Lighted Candle in Stick borne by.
  13. From me, she'd borne many things.
  14. Diaconal Hat on Ashplant borne by.
  15. Trifles that have borne their part.
  16. He changes the "we have borne" to.
  17. Khe Iem has borne his warm modest.
  18. Padraic’s eff orts had borne fruit.
  19. Oh I believe it! I have borne witness.
  20. They have borne more than our conduct.
  21. And just as WE HAVE BORNE the image.
  22. With the perfect timing borne of many.
  23. His shoulders had borne a heavy burden.
  24. They had borne witness to her degradation.
  25. I disdain to utter what I have borne with.
  26. I have borne you into this world, child.
  27. As we have borne the image of the earthly.
  28. They had borne immensely with their mother.
  29. Was falsely borne in hand, sends out arrests.
  30. In part, his concerns seemed to be borne out.
  32. Why Fantine? She had never borne any other name.
  33. Jason packed with the haphazard energy borne of.
  34. It would have been more than he could have borne.
  35. Subsequent growths are borne much more painlessly.
  37. Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our.
  38. I was instantly borne away down the stream without.
  39. As WE have borne the image | WE SHALL also bear the.
  40. Ensure that weight is borne through the affected leg.
  41. The enemies were borne along for some time in silence.
  42. Borne upon the wind they heard the howling of wolves.
  44. Behold, Milcah, she also has borne children to your.
  45. Many cases of professional rape are borne out of sheer.
  46. I'd described her in my writings, and she had borne it.
  47. He changes the "we have borne" to "is being sown" and.
  48. I was lifted onto a hurdle and borne back to the castle.
  49. And just as WE HAVE BORNE the image of the earthy, WE.
  50. It should be borne in mind that a peseta would probably.
  51. That had once borne the stamping of old Ocling’s shoe;.
  52. People say that a beauty is borne under a unlucky sign.
  53. Creator’s will since it is borne of greed and arrogance.
  54. I don’t know how I could have borne that kind of horror.
  55. To have her train borne up, and her soul trail in the dirt.
  56. His beautiful body is borne in the circling eddies, it is.
  57. Cecilia have borne the same name as the original managers.
  58. Increase the target weight borne through the affected leg.
  59. Decrease the target weight borne through the affected leg.
  60. I have borne it for twenty years and it is still lingering.
  61. She had borne him two children and was now living with him.
  62. This is also repeatedly borne out in the symbolism of The.
  63. This attitude is borne out by a couple of credible sources.
  64. He would have borne anything from her rather than this visit.
  65. It is also the phase of price action where trends are borne.
  66. This conclusion is borne out by authoritative figures that.
  67. Paul said, And as WE HAVE borne the image of the earthly.
  68. A distant fanfare of trumpets was borne faintly to their ears.
  69. The old men were borne out under the sun and up a little hill.
  70. OF GOD: And as we have borne the image of the earthy [flesh.
  71. With minor exceptions, expenses were to be borne by Corporation.
  72. Ensure that most of the weight is borne through the affected leg.
  73. This hypothesis seems on the whole to be borne out by the facts.
  74. The guardsmen grunted as they saw the burden borne between the men.
  75. But that good deed of hers had already borne fruit, and was still.
  76. Yet someone had loved him, borne him in her arms and in her heart.
  77. The one-year wife is recovering and happy having a week ago borne.
  78. Now - Verse 1 - Now Sarai, Abram's wife, had borne him no children.
  79. Alas Heaven, why did you ask me to be borne as a descendant of.
  80. Full responsibility of any errors in this book are borne only by me.
  81. And a ship was borne by the winds and carried on rocks and wrecked.
  82. He had to admit that most of the danger would be borne by my force.
  83. Such they said was the hatred borne by the Jews to all other people.
  84. He had fallen into unbearably cruel worlds, and yet he had borne them.
  85. He was soon borne away by the waves and lost in darkness and distance.
  86. And Leda had borne normal offspring, not some human/avian monstrosity.
  87. BODY IN THE IMAGE OF CHRIST? And as we have borne the image of the.
  88. Such, they said, was the hatred borne by the Jews to all other people.
  89. The women cosmic travelers have just borne two children in a lifetime.
  90. And during that time, Bezedil was the only child I have ever borne.
  91. She'd borne him what his first two wives had failed to, a son at last.
  92. By 1971, she had already borne him four kids, of which I knew nothing.
  93. And the Father who sent Me, He has borne witness of Me [John 5:36-37].
  94. Muil and borne away towards Isengard against the will of his own servants.
  95. No longer was this fact borne in upon him in some subtle, mysterious way.
  96. There were two other ideas of the kingdom which should be borne in mind:.
  97. GOD: And as we have borne the image of the earthy [flesh and blood] , we.
  98. CHRIST? And as we have borne the image of the earthy (now in this life.
  99. You see, I mistrust you still, though you have borne up wonderfully so far.
  100. THE IMAGE OF THE HEAVENLY [Christ] And just as we have borne the image of.
  1. He bears the scar to.
  2. That bears out his story.
  3. Ogg learned to fear bears.
  4. Love of God bears prayer.
  5. Buying a put is for bears.
  6. Keep out the bears and.
  7. The bears swam across the.
  8. Each bears his own cross.
  9. Even polar bears are hunted.
  10. In his right hand he bears.
  11. Hearne, on habits of bears.
  12. But why are we bears?
  13. Polar bears tread on solid.
  14. North, where polar bears live.
  15. And he bears witness to that.
  16. The Spirit bears witness to.
  17. Brown bears are popular here.
  18. I haven’t seen any bears.
  19. A lot of bears in these parts.
  20. Pastel shades and teddy bears.
  21. Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  22. Stop blaming the victim, bears.
  23. Bear call spreads are for bears.
  24. One who bears their own burdens.
  25. I noticed the tiny teddy bears.
  26. The seed of mistrust bears the.
  27. Bears are wild animals that are.
  28. Chicago Bears and New York Giants.
  29. But there are no bears to be seen.
  30. This is Bears territory, girls.
  31. Mark is down there hunting bears.
  32. Moon bears are drained twice daily.
  33. Bears are a very real danger here.
  34. It was the size of ten polar bears.
  35. Now bears the name of Battlefield.
  36. Rosa bears William a son, Jonathan.
  37. There are no bears on Homestead.
  38. Their present course bears me out.
  39. Because grizzly bears have a low.
  41. It bears no resemblance to a death.
  42. The Bears were killing the Packers.
  43. They take bears very seriously here.
  44. Capper moves to the Brisbane Bears.
  45. It's wonderful how he bears things.
  46. Even though a book bears the title.
  47. Their mass bears witness to apathy.
  48. The prayer in tongues always bears.
  49. Pixies, birds and bears and fairies.
  50. While native Korean moon bears are.
  51. There are bears there, treacherous.
  52. He bears His cross moment by moment.
  53. The genuine always bears the name of C.
  54. You backed me, and put gummy bears in.
  55. Baba had wrestled bears his whole life.
  56. Are there bears where you live?
  57. Native cultures respected grizzly bears.
  58. It bears its signature upon its front:.
  59. Bears was a bit lacklustre, kicking only.
  60. FB - I do believe it bears thinking about.
  61. What will that do, kill a few bears?
  62. Each half bears a dot from the other half.
  63. It is believed that many of the bears in.
  64. They locked in a hug, grunting like bears.
  65. Even bears cringe at the site of this dog.
  66. I have yet to see one of the great bears.
  67. Waterloo bears divine right on its crupper.
  68. The case for bears in Korea is truly tragic.
  69. The person on the news said black bears.
  70. We can speak to the foxes and the bears.
  71. He does not tell you how white Helen bears.
  72. Bears, being much better hunters than Ogg.
  73. But this is not an absolute way bears live.
  74. There were kites and teddy bears everywhere.
  75. Rusty snarled and barked at the large bears.
  76. Teddy bears great and small lined the wall.
  77. It is the only bird which bears up its own.
  78. A good mind bears the same brain of bad mind.
  79. But it bears no resemblance to the disguise.
  80. Stallman's body bears witness to the tragedy.
  81. She had a bag of Gummi Bears in her free hand.
  82. We hunt bears and they are many this year.
  83. But sadly, reality bears out that in such a.
  84. The module quickly bears down behind the hill.
  85. Only one of the bears was out, the polar bear.
  86. And more: he is a tree, yet bears more fruit;.
  87. And with loud shouts rejoicing bears them home.
  88. Very few of us are eaten by bears, these days.
  89. That no soul bears the burdens of another soul.
  90. That would be good for bulls but bad for bears.
  91. France bears this sublime future in her breast.
  92. Bears such an emphasis? whose phrase of sorrow.
  93. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much.
  94. Its main purpose is to keep cheeky bears at bay.
  95. Every human bears responsibility for his doings.
  96. Bears and cougars were chatting at every corner.
  97. The original seed bears the programming for the.
  98. And the sword that he bears was Elendil's sword.
  99. There are always lots of bears and bulls at hand.
  100. Our conversation is all about hunting brown bears.
  1. And the hate they bore.
  2. He was a crashing bore.
  3. Each bore a huge barrel.
  4. I bore witness to food.
  5. I wonder how she bore.
  6. The heat of midday bore.
  7. She bore me rapidly away.
  8. A cry that bore an agony.
  9. What he bore on his brow.
  10. Many bore the bruises of.
  11. He bore his gaze into hers.
  12. Well, that part bore truth.
  13. He bore himself with ease.
  14. This man, too, bore burn.
  15. I bore witness here to a.
  16. She conceived, and bore a.
  17. But it does rather bore me.
  18. I did not wish to bore you.
  19. Because he is never a bore.
  20. She bore his children and.
  21. He would bore you to death.
  22. Then the twelve bore shotgun.
  23. I won’t bore you with.
  24. Alas for Tiny Tim, he bore.
  25. Some I could see bore fruit.
  26. She bore him three daughters.
  27. His blue eyes bore into hers.
  28. He was carrying a small bore.
  29. His weight bore her back down.
  30. A wave of stifling heat bore.
  31. Millie set her jaw and bore it.
  32. His face bore a huge wide grin.
  33. The panels bore nothing but a.
  34. At last, my efforts bore fruit.
  35. The firstborn bore a son, and.
  36. His features bore the ancient.
  37. I met the most astounding bore.
  38. His gory bat bore the evidence.
  39. His eyes seemed to bore into me.
  40. Sarah's servant, bore to Abraham.
  41. He still bore his physical scars.
  42. He bore her comforting in silence.
  43. All bore the marks of devastation.
  44. With thee I conversed when I bore.
  45. He bore for my soul that night.
  46. He bore in his hand with grace a.
  47. I assure you that it will bore you.
  48. Find a drill and bore out the lock.
  49. Each one bore the load of a wild-.
  50. Potiphera priest of On, bore to him.
  51. With that fact bore the suggestion.
  52. She conceived again, and bore a son.
  53. He was the first that ever bore arms.
  54. A poet must never bore his audience.
  55. One of the cards bore the name of Mr.
  56. It bore the words To be handed to M.
  57. One side bore a text from the psalms.
  58. They bore him barefaced on the bier;.
  59. Life without Suraj was bore and wail.
  60. On its brow it bore the star, Liberty.
  61. I was asking Pete here about the bore.
  62. This definitely bore further scrutiny.
  63. Lifting the corpse, they bore it away.
  64. His eyes bore no more excitement but.
  65. In these discussions, Joe bore no part.
  66. If the love you bore for your wife is.
  67. The charter bore the young king's seal.
  68. My bruised thighs bore witness to the.
  69. Now I won’t bore you with a rundown.
  70. When Rachel saw that she bore Jacob no.
  71. Those in the foremost files bore torches.
  72. Even the first fruits bore in your lives.
  73. And cursed the faithless ship that bore.
  74. I won’t bore you with all the details.
  75. I'm afraid your happiness would bore me.
  76. Harry’s eyes seemed to bore into hers.
  77. If his wit's weathercock a blunter bore;.
  78. He sprang forward and bore down on Frodo.
  79. And it bore the same mysterious initials.
  80. The walls bore a calmness in the waters.
  81. He still bore the scars on his left calf.
  82. Eyes bore into the back of Harald's head.
  83. Pa said, Ma’d call me if it was bore.
  84. It bore the signature of Wilfrid Brambell.
  85. He bore and every sweat and blood that He.
  86. Blade’s eye bore a hole in the old slave.
  87. In reality, nothing would so bore a woman.
  88. Once curiosity was satisfied it was a bore.
  89. Which yestereve a courier bore to Pushkin?
  90. Chap you know just to salute bit of a bore.
  91. Several bore repeating crossbows or muskets.
  92. Now, maybe he that bore these things was a.
  93. Isaac was sixty years old when she bore them.
  94. Oh, get along with your spirit, you bore me.
  95. Poor Moscow bore the brunt of his resentment.
  96. A mighty eagle swept down and bore him away.
  97. She bore her nails into her palms to resist.
  98. It bore the words in the Doctor's writing:.
  99. Six miles west south- west of the new bore.
  100. I will not bore you with regards to the teeth.

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1. It was a fine bear.
2. He could not bear it.
3. Bear with a sore paw.
4. I'll bear it in mind.
5. The truth came to bear.
6. Man can not bear the.
7. But bear me stiffly up.
8. Too gentle to bear it.
9. Only a bear could love.
10. He flew at Momma Bear.
11. She could not bear it.
12. A knock to hard to bear.
13. It was too much to bear.
14. No, I could not bear it.
15. We do have bear -alarms.
16. And be eaten by a bear.
17. It is too bad to bear.
18. Then I gave him a bear.
19. Haakon was a bear of man.
20. I was loaded for bear.
21. The burden he must bear.
22. Bear it still for me a.
23. He could hardly bear it.
24. Bear it, however, he did.
25. How did you bear it?
26. And bear it to the chapel.
28. Then the tree hit the bear.
29. That you're my teddy bear.
30. Bear with us, our brother.
31. I could bear it no longer.
32. Though I do bear a grudge.
33. I shall bear that in mind.
34. May 20, 1985: The bear.
35. How could Wulfric bear it?
36. Now, bear these things in.
37. I can’t bear to lose you.
38. This bear was old and sick.
39. So, she had a bear as a toy.
40. It was a bear, he would say.
41. My heart could not bear it.
42. I couldn’t bear to have.
43. He slept with a teddy bear.
44. That man will bear his sin.
45. I’ll bear that in mind.
46. But I find it hard to bear.
47. They are those who bear a.
48. That we our children bear?
49. The son shall not bear the.
50. Big Bear Lake was different.
51. He felt he could not bear it.
52. But bear with me, as there.
53. We bear condolences from Mr.
54. And the angels bear witness.
55. But Smjagol can bear things.
56. He picked her up in a bear.
57. We will bear the same image.
58. I could not bear the thought.
59. Marianne could not bear this.
60. I couldn't bear to lose you.
61. I cannot bear to look at him.
62. Tell me all about it, Bear.
63. I watch the bear for an hour.
64. It will also bear the brunt.
65. The bear snarled and grunted.
66. Jean could bear it no longer.
67. The bear trendline and a.
68. She cries so I can't bear it.
70. Bring all firepower to bear.
71. You must bear the punishment.
72. The bear is basically mauled.
73. Our race can bear offspring.
74. I can't bear to be spied upon.
75. I bear no ill will toward you.
76. Just bear that in mind, Percy.
77. It was almost too much to bear.
78. I can’t bear to look at him.
79. You can bear a little more?
80. I cannot bear to think of her.
81. Please, Joseph bear with me.
82. I slew the lion and the bear;.
83. I'll try to bear that in mind.
84. He will bear their iniquities.
85. I couldn’t bear to be awake.
86. We can only bear with it the.
87. John couldn’t bear to watch.
88. He could hardly bear to meet.
89. I couldn’t bear to lose you.
90. She felt she could not bear it.
91. He could not bear to fail her.
92. Nothing I could bear to touch.
93. Young would go on to bear the.
94. He could no longer bear to see.
95. One contained bear meat swim-.
96. I could not bear my empty home.
97. Bear with me, almost at the end.
98. She will bear you two children.
99. You have not sent my teddy bear.
100. Any branches that do not bear.