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    1. I grasped the material of my hood and slowly, slowly, lifted it, ever mindful of the mirage

    2. It is crucial, therefore to be equally mindful regarding what you

    3. She tried to argue with her grand-mother, but mindful of the rules and of the power of the moving image, she could not change her grand-mother’s mind

    4. They lost no time in opening the crates but were obviously mindful of the meaning

    5. Mindful of his place in the history books, our prince used his

    6. He or she is mindful of slang and subtlety of meaning

    7. mindful of the rules and of the power of the moving image, she

    8. They are mindful of their enormous influence

    9. head over, mindful of an ambush

    10. He said before I began, 'I will show you the path, but you must make the journey yourself;' MamaBelle, I am making this journey and I am mindful of, and most humbly grateful to, all those who have gone before me who have made my new life possible

    11. tore ourselves away, mindful that we still had to get to the

    12. He needed to become more mindful

    13. However, by knowing and being steadily mindful of it, you can perhaps learn to see the world with fewer distortions

    14. In many ways, to be mindful is to see the world as a child, with all of the freshness and wonder that this entails

    15. [84] When you are mindful you are intensely aware of what you are experiencing, and you are not absorbed in the self-criticizing, self-congratulatory, “narational” part of the mind

    16. Being mindful is like watching a game on television with the sound turned off

    17. To be mindful of the body is to be aware of everything the body is doing and feeling, right now

    18. To be mindful, you should be aware of what you currently see, feel, smell, taste, and hear

    19. If you are mindful of the moment, you are free of the past and not straining to see into the future

    20. When you are mindful of what is happening right now, this allows your natural state of happiness to arise

    21. When nothing is happening that prevents you from being mindful, you can stay happy indefinitely

    22. What you want to do is be mindful of your sense of feeling and touch while remaining still

    23. For a few minutes be mindful of only the sounds around you and within you

    24. Be mindful of the fragrances or odors, regardless of how subtle, which come to you

    25. Be mindful of the taste sensations within your mouth

    26. Spend a few minutes being mindful of what you are thinking and what you are feeling emotionally

    27. Try to be mindful of all six senses at once

    28. The mind will find it difficult to focus on more than one sense at a time; however, if you just allow yourself to be aware of each new sense, without letting go of the other, you may find yourself expanding your mindful awareness to include each new sense as it arises

    29. Whatever comes into mindful awareness is enough

    30. The quartet went back to their original gender and proceeded to haul away all incoming enemies, their wigs awry but nevertheless, still mindful of their nails

    31. Provided that the acquisition of (new) knowledge is properly assimilated and that individuals are mindful of what history has taught them, a society should acquire certain advantages over preceding generations

    32. authorities; (ever) mindful of the essential role of religion in society, in promoting an individual‘s moral development without (unduly) seeking to influence that society‘s formal designs

    33. They all understood, whatever their religious beliefs, including those who were not religious at all, for that matter, the inestimable value that religious principles imparted on the spiritual vitality of well-ordered society mindful of its eternal origins; and that true Wisdom was destined to achieve its loftiest expression(s) in the highest moral offices that properly instruct the Conscience of Men lest they fall prey to Tyranny or other capricious designs

    34. Thus says The Lord YahuShua: What is a son, who is mindful of his father’s ways, and pays close attention to his every word?

    35. These same individuals, however, are counted among those critical in their old age of the federal government‘s inability to keep pace with the growing demands of an aging population whose extravagant spending habits over the years were seldom mindful of the need to set aside a portion of their income for a rainy day!

    36. Such friendships achieve their fullest potential or meaning in an environment mindful of each individual‘s guarded values and opinions

    37. Frank sped up the car, mindful of the closeness of the road ahead and the condition of the trail they were on

    38. This rather dim view of convention is never mindful of the perils of excessive tolerance that must inevitably find expression in an environment where unlimited freedom will eventually be unable to sustain itself

    39. Indeed each time the Pilgrim used it, it was as if they were suddenly put inside an invisible bubble of glass that was protective and mindful of their basic comfort

    40. He had to be mindful of his delicate complexion as over-exposure to sunlight would burn and blister his skin

    41. The two men had been very kind and helpful to her, mindful of her dignity as a lady

    42. Founders were ever mindful of the crimes and excesses of the Church and monarchs of

    43. 15 Be you mindful always of

    44. 4 What is man, that you are mindful of him? and the son of man, that you visit him?

    45. 5 He has given meat to those who fear him: he will ever be mindful of his covenant

    46. forgotten the God of your salvation, and has not been mindful of the rock of your strength, therefore shall you plant pleasant plants,

    47. If we are mindful, we will notice the immediate effects of different mind states

    48. Through being mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions, we begin to realize that any happiness we experience comes from previously created positive actions

    49. (1) Being mindful and aware of physical, verbal, mental actions

    50. He was mindful to allow Ravi to have the supporting grasp

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    aware mindful wide awake regardful heedful observant awake