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    1. This is site to create your own Newspaper

    2. One Swedish newspaper called Dr

    3. Russ reaches over and takes a newspaper John has tucked under his arm, begins to leaf through it

    4. Russ keeps on reading the newspaper

    5. Russ spots something of interest in his newspaper

    6. I spin round to see Stephen walking through the gates and across the drive, newspaper tucked under his arm

    7. I looked at the copy of the Irish Sun newspaper on his desk, open at the titty page

    8. A tabloid newspaper lay open as reading material and as a safety net for the droppings of his massive sandwich

    9. ’ Stephen replied, his head in the newspaper

    10. Will he be able to save them from the impending disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor newspaper?

    1. The American manager stalks through the English land, with his pocketbook in evidence, and his plans neatly newspapered

    1. Despite spectacular success and recognition, Roy was restless and ambitious to get into newspapering and broadcasting

    2. is where professional newspapering comes in

    1. Jokes of all shades in all languages get prominent place in newspapers and magazines

    2. One can select magazines, newspapers, sites and TV channels for whom the site provides on-line linkage

    3. She cleared a space amongst the old newspapers and empty tins of cat food

    4. That explains it: I have heard about certain persons lately who, although they are illiterate, have become successful travelling salesmen and earn up to 700,000 drachmas per month! Taking into account that a salesman's commission is no higher than 10%, how do they manage to make sales of 7,000,000 drachmas every month? What do they really sell? Encyclopedias? Come on now! Nowadays you can find cheap and voluminous encyclopedias in bookstores or, even, on offer in newspapers! Why would anyone pay dearly a commercial traveller? Unless they sell other things, other ''services'', instead of books

    5. From there, via one party conversation or another, he landed a series of job offers that culminated with him moving to London as foreign correspondent for Consolidated World News, better known as CWN, one of the many news agencies that supplied stories for the Middle East newspapers and satellite television channels

    6. Our captors denied us newspapers and magazines

    7. Newspapers covered its windows to stop the prying eyes

    8. The Aegean offering a breathtaking chance of an irresistible morning swim, laying calm down between an old brown tailor's shop with its bizarre array of postcards, newspapers and magazines, and a similarly modest one-story taverna - the perfect local

    9. Over the next few weeks both Miss Jones and the young victim appeared in the newspapers and on many of the news and current affairs programmes on the television and the radio

    10. Some newspapers, tiring of the feel good factor inherent in the immediate events of the day, started to ask questions about the presence of such people in the country

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    newspaper paper newspaper publisher newsprint journal daily tabloid publication daily journal