paper sätze

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Paper sätze (in englisch)

  1. I use paper a lot.
  2. On a piece of paper.
  3. I took the paper back.
  4. He put the paper down.
  5. He wrote a paper on.

  7. He handed me the paper.
  8. To be printed on paper.
  9. It was in the paper.
  10. He took out the paper.
  11. Dumb as a paper weight.
  12. The paper is on my desk.
  13. Wow, a piece of paper.
  14. Here's a piece of paper.
  15. I sat and took the paper.

  16. On the paper he wrote:.
  17. Let cool on waxed paper.
  18. I have written a paper.
  19. It is all useless paper.
  20. Avery picked up the paper.
  21. Raise the paper a little.
  22. There is no paper trail.
  23. I have a pen and paper.
  24. And it is no paper tiger.
  25. Pretend to read the paper.

  26. The paper for these text.
  27. Use a wedding color paper.
  28. You're not short of paper.
  29. Copy these on white paper.
  30. Then I looked at the paper.
  31. Or just look in the paper.
  32. Always have a pen and paper.
  33. Thus your paper should be:.
  34. The object was a paper clip.
  35. Line tray with wax paper.
  36. Toilet paper was a luxury.
  37. I want only paper money….
  38. I put the pen to the paper.
  39. Charly glanced at the paper.
  40. I held it against the paper.
  41. They are nothing but paper.
  42. The paper boy hurried away.
  43. Check pH with litmus paper.
  44. She flipped the paper over.
  45. Place on wax paper to cool.
  46. The only paper in the rack.
  47. He looked down on the paper.
  48. Tim stared at his test paper.
  49. Paper had no such drawbacks.
  50. At last he put pen to paper.
  51. I opened the piece of paper.
  52. The rolled paper sat on top.
  53. In that paper he has given.
  54. Place pretzels on wax paper.
  55. Place on waxed paper to dry.
  56. This paper killed his father.
  57. The Paper Plane and the Moon.
  58. The owner of the paper left.
  59. That’s what the paper said.
  60. Place on wax paper until set.
  61. She nodded down at the paper.
  62. He glanced at the paper and.
  63. He opened the paper bag he'd.
  64. Every paper I read and each.
  65. Mary looked up from the paper.
  66. Let pasta dry on paper towel.
  67. The Power of the White Paper.
  68. Write it on a piece of paper.
  69. Use the paper and pencil to.
  70. John opens the paper, reads it.
  71. Billy took the paper and read.
  72. On paper, they are just words.
  73. This is where paper currency.
  74. Only one line marked the paper.
  75. Prior to the advent of paper.
  76. He snatched the paper from Dar.
  77. I turned parts of that paper.
  78. His eyes scan the paper again.
  79. She was given paper and a pen.
  80. The Paper Palace even came up.
  81. He passed the paper to George.
  82. I stepped on a piece of paper.
  83. She holds out a piece of paper.
  84. The paper and tobacco turned.
  85. People read it in the paper.
  86. The pen scribbled on the paper.
  87. Oded holds up a piece of paper.
  88. In other news, The Great Paper.
  89. He handed me a paper dictionary.
  90. He read my stories in the paper.
  91. Paper was strewn all around me.
  92. It was a strange sort of paper.
  93. I blinked and dropped the paper.
  94. George read and reread the paper.
  95. Taking the same piece of paper.
  96. Have they no more pen and paper.
  97. He hated the endless paper work.
  98. During those days paper was not.
  99. I smooth out the paper and look.
  100. They were used to pen and paper.
  1. He had been working with Slyme, who was papering a large boarded ceiling in a shop.
  2. From the window of the room where Slyme was papering, one could see into the front garden.
  3. His home and garden were his hobby: he was always doing something; painting, whitewashing, papering and so forth.
  4. They were papering the walls with a new white paper covered with lilac flowers, instead of the old, dirty, yellow one.
  5. Aureliano Segundo finished by papering the house from the front to the kitchen, including bathrooms and bedrooms, and threw the leftover bills into the courtyard.
  6. Usually, they would have presented a united front, both prominent, papering over the cracks in their relationship—- she for the sake of her son and Sir Anthony for his own sake.
  7. Some of the rooms upstairs being now ready for papering, Slyme was started on that work, Bert being taken away from Owen to assist Slyme as paste boy, and it was arranged that Crass should help Owen whenever he needed someone to lend him a hand.
  8. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house.
  9. A new chapter in a novel is something like a new scene in a play; and when I draw up the curtain this time, reader, you must fancy you see a room in the George Inn at Millcote, with such large figured papering on the walls as inn rooms have; such a carpet, such furniture, such ornaments on the mantelpiece, such prints, including a portrait of George the Third, and another of the Prince of Wales, and a representation of the death of Wolfe.
  1. The walls are all papered.
  2. The walls were papered with oak paper.
  3. The soffit above the cabinets, papered with a.
  4. The windows of the bookshop were even more papered over than before.
  5. I’ve pored through his letters, and I’ve papered my walls with his prints.
  6. There was another job at a lodging-house - two rooms to be painted and papered.
  7. The dining-room of the same house was papered with a beautiful and expensive plush paper.
  8. The walls were papered with photos from magazines, newspapers, record albums, book jackets.
  9. Werner’s cot in the attic, the wall above it papered over with her drawings of imaginary cities.
  10. Plain papered walls, ascetic chairs, a moldy piano, and a couple of usherettes seemed extremely bare.
  11. Officially, the cracks were papered over and the leaders of each community referred to the others as brothers.
  12. The doors opened, and we walked to my door, marked by the huge collage of pet memes that Lisette had papered it with.
  13. Not unless you're utterly determined to write, year in year out, walls papered with rejection slips, without being published.
  14. The walls were papered with posters and event notices—activist stuff, rallies for the poor, Free East Timor, AIDS in Africa.
  15. The walls were papered in dark crimson, the design of which resembled pineapples—a symbol synonymous with hospitality in the South.
  16. I paid the check, marveling that the same murals of Dante and Beatrice have papered the café walls since at least my first visit in 1963.
  17. The walls and ceiling was not papered, but painted: you know what I mean; sort of panelled out, and decorated with stencils and hand painting.
  18. Climbing red roses on a creamy white trellis papered the walls and stretched across the ceiling, giving the appearance of a rose arbor in full bloom.
  19. It had to be covered with unbleached calico before it could be papered and when the work was done there were a number of narrow pieces of calico left over.
  20. What a really beautiful and chaste-looking mouth! from floor to ceiling, lined, or rather papered with a glistening white membrane, glossy as bridal satins.
  21. Above her bed are papered her fantastical pencil drawings of Frau Elena’s village, of Paris with a thousand white towers beneath whirling flocks of birds.
  22. The living room had been newly papered five years before and she and Miss Maria did not want any more holes made in that new paper than was absolutely necessary.
  23. Owen was working there at the same time, for the painting of the rooms was not done before Slyme papered them; the finishing coat was put on after the paper was hung.
  24. In the third, a lofty room, papered with white and lit up by a shaded lamp, stood two small cots, and a nurse with a white cape on her shoulders sat between the cots.
  25. The walls were papered with climbing red roses and deep green leaves on a creamy white trellis which stretched across the ceiling, giving the room an appearance of a blooming rose arbor.
  26. The small room into which the young man was ushered was papered with yellow; there were geraniums and muslin curtains in the windows, and the setting sun shed a flood of light on the interior.
  27. Walls papered in faded floral fall away and burst as a newborn meadow speckled with sun and a stream emptying into a greater stream where a small boat awaits with two glowing oars and one blue sail.
  28. Anyway, there was the mark on the wall where it used to be fixed, but when we did the staircase down, the place was papered over, and I suppose the landlord or the agent never give the table a thought.
  29. In the middle of the large drawing-room, which was papered with extremely old blue paper, two tables had been put together and covered with a large though not quite clean table-cloth, and on them two samovars were boiling.
  30. The chamber looked such a bright little place to me as the sun shone in between the gay blue chintz window curtains, showing papered walls and a carpeted floor, so unlike the bare planks and stained plaster of Lowood, that my spirits rose at the view.
  31. It annoyed him so much that one day when he awoke in a merry mood, Aureliano Segundo appeared with a chest full of money, a can of paste, and a brush, and singing at the top of his lungs the old songs of Francisco the Man, he papered the house inside and out and from top to bottom, with one-peso banknotes.
  32. Systematically, serenely, in the same parsimonious way in which he had papered the house with banknotes, he then set about smashing the Bohemian crystal ware against the walls, the hand-painted vases, the pictures of maidens in flow-er-laden boats, the mirrors in their gilded frames, every-thing that was breakable, from parlor to pantry, and he finished with the large earthen jar in the kitchen, which exploded in the middle of the courtyard with a hollow boom.
  33. The walls were paneled up to a white chair rail in a dark wood, not mahogany, to match the scarred floors that were partially covered by worn, hand-woven rugs from India, like cherry or walnut; the upper portions were papered to the wide crown moulding with a light yellow design of plumes that had the effect of giving vertigo if one looked at the pattern for any extended period of time and would to the casual observer seem quite unsuitable for a place of such intense work requiring concentration and stamina.
  34. This was when I chanced to see the third-storey staircase door (which of late had always been kept locked) open slowly, and give passage to the form of Grace Poole, in prim cap, white apron, and handkerchief; when I watched her glide along the gallery, her quiet tread muffled in a list slipper; when I saw her look into the bustling, topsy-turvy bedrooms,—just say a word, perhaps, to the charwoman about the proper way to polish a grate, or clean a marble mantelpiece, or take stains from papered walls, and then.
  1. I got the papers here.
  2. He holds up the papers.
  3. Our faces in the papers.
  4. Dana looks at the papers.
  5. We all signed the papers.
  6. Libby stared at the papers.
  7. It’s been in the papers.
  8. The papers presented by Mr.
  9. Why else? I need papers.
  10. And she signed the papers.
  11. There were no stray papers.
  12. I'll send you the papers.
  13. It was stuffed with papers.
  14. Kelly glanced at the papers.
  15. So long as you sell papers.
  16. Here are your new papers.
  17. I can sell more papers and.
  18. Papers could be seen inside.
  19. All news papers were banned.
  20. That much got in the papers.
  21. I will have the papers then.
  22. Kennedy Papers to the John F.
  23. Here are the papers, you see.
  24. He thumbed through the papers.
  25. Nothing but papers and books.
  26. He shuffled his papers again.
  27. The papers would have a ball.
  28. He’s all the papers I need.
  29. Papers flew into the hallway.
  30. Peel all the original papers.
  31. I grabbed a few scrap papers.
  32. The affair was in the papers.
  33. It’s in all the papers now.
  34. I read the papers, he.
  35. He holds out the papers to me.
  36. Papers fluttered to the floor.
  37. He holds up the divorce papers.
  38. Papers love that sort of stuff.
  39. I have some papers in the car.
  40. It is announced in the papers.
  41. I read about it in the papers.
  42. The papers took hold of this.
  43. I have his papers for Hermann.
  44. They had the papers with them.
  45. I've got the papers somewhere.
  46. Connie hands the papers to Rosa.
  47. She handed some papers to Paul.
  48. Those are my walking papers.
  49. You can shred the papers first.
  50. There remained only papers to.
  51. The papers and the tea appeared.
  52. My papers authorized a program.
  53. So now you can read the papers.
  54. I got my own ice, my own papers.
  55. You sleep in or read the papers.
  56. And made copies of their papers.
  57. I have the papers here, with me.
  58. There were no papers in that one.
  59. He was still reading some papers.
  60. He irritably shuffled his papers.
  61. I didn’t have the right papers.
  62. He refused to look at the papers.
  63. In the said papers, there was a.
  64. I looked at the papers available.
  65. A copy of my captain’s papers!.
  66. The lawyer papers, he snarls.
  67. Here is a copy of the final papers.
  68. He will examine the papers for me.
  69. But his papers were my great crux.
  70. Collect the papers and post them.
  71. The papers carried a story about.
  72. Melanie put down a stack of papers.
  73. He went to work recovering papers.
  74. I suppose I have 1500 papers or so.
  75. He looked again at the papers in.
  76. We'll leave these papers with you.
  77. Kenichi put some papers on his desk.
  78. Anne looked up from Pickwick Papers.
  79. There were three sessional papers:.
  80. She glanced at the stacks of papers.
  81. Provost, Case of Books and Papers.
  82. We got papers to catch the mess.
  83. The papers are handed out, and read.
  84. Stephen picked up one of the papers.
  85. I read about it in the papers, too.
  86. Letter to the Swedish papers, a, pp.
  87. He took the papers and started to.
  88. I know the content of those papers.
  89. I begin with the papers on his desk.
  90. Look at the Federalist Papers to see.
  91. There are a lot of papers in here.
  92. It was in the papers this morning:.
  93. I only have to cancel the papers.
  94. They examined each other�s papers.
  95. I’ll have the papers drawn up in.
  96. Do you have the papers handy?
  97. Vasya sat down to the papers at once.
  98. She called the papers and the radio.
  99. Carrie lowered the papers and sighed.
  100. She collected papers from the carpet.

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