nought sätze

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Nought sätze (in englisch)

  1. Nought in the universe refused:.
  2. She hears of conversation nought.
  3. But nought for this Tattiana cares.
  4. If not himself then he has nought.
  5. In Hebrews 2:14 "nought" [nothing] is translated from.
  6. All their efforts to avert these events had come to nought.
  7. She was afraid of being set at nought, as by her own brothers.
  8. You may pray to pass the Hours away, but it availeth nought.
  9. They steal Love an’ Honour an’ Life; we steal nought but Baubles.
  10. The smell of chocolate alone stayed behind and told all by saying nought.
  11. NOUGHT (nothing) him that has the power of death, that is, the devil [American.
  12. The very nature of things would have brought to nought its professed intentions.
  13. That through death he might bring to nought (nothing) him that had the power of.
  14. But that whole Eden Story is nought but Lyes! Name her Belinda then, ’twill please the Goddess.
  15. Our bird when he found the cage open would not fly, so all our subtle arrangements were for nought.
  16. The old man would hurt himself and then their progress, if there had been any, would be for nought.
  17. I’faith, Eden is like nought so much as a Maidenhead—a passing Fancy, the most temporary of Conditions.
  18. The world is a wilderness: it brings forth little but thorns and thistles; it is fruitful in nought but sin.
  19. Perhaps my Recollection of a Love call’d Lancelot was nought but something I had read in a Romance or dreamt abed.
  20. We felt as Castaways must, or as maroon’d Pyrates who know that nought but Birds of Prey visit their doom’d Islet.
  21. Come, Lancelot, I said (with perhaps more Mischief than Passion), since nought will come of it, pray, put me in my Bed.
  22. But she had nought for her teeth but the arm with which I held her and in that she nibbled mischievously when I pressed too close.
  23. Of Clap, Consumption, the Evils of Drink, Death in Childbed (and the other Ravages of the poor Harlot’s Life), he hath nought to say.
  24. Heaven Forbid that I should misconstrue your Honour and your Purity and lead you to believe I value you as nought but a Common Strumpet.
  25. For the Baggage hath elop’d, and I doubt not but all yer Struggles with the Window were nought but the most valiant Essays to stop the Wench.
  26. The Butler had a Batt’ring-Piece—for truly one could call it nought but that—that was not long but extreamly stubby and thick, and indeed Mrs.
  27. She’d eat nought but Mutton Chops, fresh Oysters, and fresh Goat’s Milk, she said, and she demanded that a Cook be hir’d to please her Palate.
  28. From him I learnt that ev’ry Misanthrope is nought but one who once hath lov’d the World too well; ev’ry Misanthrope’s a wounded Innocent, I fear.
  29. Should he discover me to be nought but his simple innocent Step-Child, all his ardent Adoration would blow away like Clouds o’er the Sea upon a windy Day.
  30. Perhaps there was no Sisterhood whatsoe’er betwixt us, and perhaps all her apparent Concern o’er my kidnapp’d Babe was nought but Trumpery, Tricks, and Mischief.
  31. In it, Women shall have no less Authority than Men, and Blacks shall equal Whites, for we are all nought but Souls in the Sight of God, and Souls have neither Sex nor Colour.
  32. What we term Religion is nought but Human Policy for Governing the unruly Passions of Man, and as such, it hath e’er pleas’d the Tyrant to enlist the Priest in his Service….
  33. Lord, grant that they may not labour in vain, or spend their strength for nought, and in vain, but let the hand of the Lord be with them, that many may believe, and turn to the Lord.
  34. I must have been in true Delirium by then, for I remember nought but shouting Littlehat! Littlehat! just before I stumbl’d in a Mud Hole and chanced to hit my Head against a Post.
  35. A medical man likes to make psychological observations, and sometimes in the pursuit of such studies is too easily tempted into momentous prophecy which life and death easily set at nought.
  36. For now he rises from the Bed of Bliss (tho’ not my Bliss, I’ll warrant) and brandishes his Sword (where before he had brandish’d nought but his Cock) and swears Vengeance upon ’em all.
  37. There were hours in which Bulstrode felt that his action was unrighteous; but how could he go back? He had mental exercises, called himself nought laid hold on redemption, and went on in his course of instrumentality.
  38. And e’en that Vanity—oft’, I confess, so noisesome and tedious—is nought but an Instinct for Survival; for a Woman knows that in a World where Women have no Pow’r—Beauty, like Witchcraft, is her only Substitute.
  39. Truly, we shall build a New Jerusalem, a Second Eden, far from the Fears that trouble this hellish Isle, where Liberty is nought but a Word and Men are imprison’d merely for seeking to survive rather than perish of Hunger.
  40. Fannikins, my Love, says Horatio, can you not know that Lancelot adores you? He struggles in his Heart betwixt the Love of Men and the Love of you, but sure he loves Men with nought but Lust, yet you have all his Heart.
  41. From outrage (matrimony) to outrage (adultery) there arose nought but outrage (copulation) yet the matrimonial violator of the matrimonially violated had not been outraged by the adulterous violator of the adulterously violated.
  42. Cleland, upon the other Hand, I consider no Friend of mine, nor of the Fair Sex in gen’ral, for the Portrait he paints of his simp’ring Strumpet leaves the World to think that the Whore’s Life is nought but a Bed of Roses.
  43. Nay, Lancelot, a most uncommon one! For the Tricks I’ve learnt in lo these last few Weeks would take the Crimp out of your flaming Locks and cause your very Toes to curl towards Heaven! There is nought common about my Strumpeting!.
  44. Let this admonish you to reflect on the constant Revolution in all Sublunary Affairs, for the greater be your Glory, the nearer you are to your Declension! We are taught by all we behold in Nature that Life is nought but continual Movement.
  45. I wept bitterly, and clasping my hands in agony, I exclaimed, Oh! Stars and clouds and winds, ye are all about to mock me; if ye really pity me, crush sensation and memory; let me become as nought; but if not, depart, depart, and leave me in darkness.
  46. I could escape thro’ the Windows if not thro’ the Door; but the Windows were—I now remember’d—painted shut! Many Times had I told myself to have ’em scrap’d, but always procrastinated, and now all my Efforts to force ’em open avail’d nought!.
  47. She was as fat as she was tall, a bit deaf in one Ear, and tho’ she claim’d nought but forty Years to her Credit, ’twas more likely that she was close to Sixty, with more than sixty Years’ worth of Tastings and Pan Drippings accumulated about her Middle.
  48. O how my Heart was sunder’d by that Thought! Yet my Longing for Bellars was nought but Lust—and was Lust a worthy enough Emotion on which to build one’s Destiny? Certainly not! Lust but toppl’d the House that Friendship built; Lust but sunder’d the worthiest Alliances.
  49. I began, then, to grow wary; for there is nought quite so unsettling as rattling along in a Coach without knowing the Direction of one’s Journey, and there is, withal, a Sense of Helplessness owing to the Fact that one cannot see one’s Way to escape, should Escape prove necessary.
  50. These will avail ye nought! Nor will a Golden Ball within the Privy Place (tho’ some Italian Libertines avow ’twill serve), nor is it true, as the Spaniards believe, that passionate Coitus prevents Fruitfulness an’ Excess of Voluptuousness so punishes the Womb that ’twill not bear.
  51. Hareton, recovering from his disgust at being taken for a servant, seemed moved by her distress; and, having fetched the pony round to the door, he took, to propitiate her, a fine crooked-legged terrier-whelp from the kennel, and putting it into her hand bid her wisht! for he meant nought.
  52. He saw I knew nought about it, and he told how a gentleman and lady had stopped to have a horse’s shoe fastened at a blacksmith’s shop, two miles out of Gimmerton, not very long after midnight! and how the blacksmith’s lass had got up to spy who they were: she knew them both directly.
  53. Hareton, recovering from his disgust at being taken for a servant, seemed moved by her distress; and, having fetched the pony round to the door, he took, to propitiate her, a fine crooked-legged terrier whelp from the kennel, and putting it into her hand, bid her whist! for he meant nought.
  54. Not one of Queen Anne’s Children liv’d to claim his rightful Throne; and how many other Noble Ladies had dy’d under the Hands of Generations of Chamberlens, or other Quacks (whilst the Physician, for his Pains, receiv’d a hundred Guineas and the Lady receiv’d nought but a Shroud!).
  55. He longs to found this Second Eden, this New Jerusalem, this Prig’s Utopia! He doth not know that Eden is nought but an Oasis in the midst of Hell and that Hell threatens to encroach upon it by the Hour! E’en the Eden of the Bible was surrounded by Hades—and the Serpent penetrated soon enough.
  56. One time he would be a playactor, then a sutler or a welsher, then nought would keep him from the bearpit and the cocking main, then he was for the ocean sea or to hoof it on the roads with the romany folk, kidnapping a squire's heir by favour of moonlight or fecking maids' linen or choking chicken behind a hedge.
  57. O I had no Head for Banking and Money (if I were Mistress of Lymeworth, indeed, I should call Sir Richard Hoare to handle my Affairs as Lord Bellars had done before me), but I knew that ’twas likely I was Heiress to nought but Debts, and that e’en paying out Lady Bellars’ Jointure should sore stress the Estate.
  58. Ay, says another, and so pampered was he that he would suffer nought to grow in all the land but green grass for himself (for that was the only colour to his mind) and there was a board put up on a hillock in the middle of the island with a printed notice, saying: By the Lord Harry, Green is the grass that grows on the ground.
  59. There’s nought to do now but pray, said Susannah, falling to her Knees upon the Floor of the Cabin, for Susannah, I have perhaps neglected to tell, was notable for her Belief that she was one of few Mortals upon Earth who had direct Access to God’s Ear and that her Pray’rs were heard when others’ were crassly ignor’d.
  60. Bess had died t'other year of some ague - brought on by way of her drinking and other activities, what with me being away for most of the time and her having nought else to do – so I had nought tying me to the shore, save for our twenty nippers, but then they were all old enough to catch their own supper by that stage, the oldest being three.
  61. I knew, by now, the Danger we were in, the angry Look of the Seas, the blackening Skies, the sudden Furies of the Winds, but I abandon’d my Fears to the Pow’r of the Goddess, telling myself that if I lost Belinda, my Life should be worth nothing to me, whereas if I found her, I should have nought to fear from the Fates as long as I might live.
  62. Not but what he could feel with mettlesome youth which, caring nought for the mows of dotards or the gruntlings of the severe, is ever (as the chaste fancy of the Holy Writer expresses it) for eating of the tree forbid it yet not so far forth as to pretermit humanity upon any condition soever towards a gentlewoman when she was about her lawful occasions.
  63. That same Effusion which he call’d “Nectar” or “Vintage Wine” in his Hot Fits of Lust, that same Excretion he term’d “Eggs,” were nought but Objects of Disgust when they issu’d from the Negro Slaves! Ah, give me Dogs before Men any Day, for they make no Bones (if I may be permitted a low Pun) about their Love of sniffing Shit and do not fault other Canines for it!.
  64. Sure, I was aware that the Novel itself was lookt upon as nought but an Inflamer of Dubious Passions in bor’d Ladies who should have tended instead to their Needles and Pray’r Books, but I reason’d to myself that the first Fruit of my Scribble (not counting all those Lit’ry Works I had committed to the Flames whilst still in Lord Bellars’ Keeping) should at least have a worthy End.
  65. For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:.
  66. Me Years in the Slave Trade taught me a Reverence fer Black People which hath lasted to this very Day, Lancelot continu’d, as he bath’d me most tenderly, fer I truly believe that if we, the English Race, were treated as we treat the Negro Race, we would be nought but Animals grovellin’ upon the Ground, whereas they still maintain a kind o’ High Spirit, a Love o’ Laughter an’ Life, such as we ourselves would do well to mimick.
  67. They took her from the Bow, then crept aboard, and ramm’d her Rudder with a Wedge of Wood ere she e’en knew that they’d arriv’d, whereupon they’d scramble up the Decks and oft’times take the Ship without a Shot being fir’d! The Spanish studded their Hulls with Nails ’gainst these Invaders and e’en smear’d their Decks with Butter! Why, oft’ they’d spill dried Pease across ’em to make ’em more Slippery! But it avail’d ’em nought.
  68. I could scarce believe my Ears! Whitehead the Deist, the Slaver, the Libertine, calling upon the Supreme Being to justify his Acts! What a Perfect Scoundrel the Man was! Would he stop at nothing? Would he stoop to anything—e’en blaming his Conduct upon the Idea of Order in the Great Chain of Being? O beware the Word “Order,” Belinda, likewise the Word “Discipline”; they are oft’ nought but Cloaks for Tyrants who believe in nothing but their own Dominion—and certainly not that of God.
  69. She was also very loath to wash her Hands, e’en after going to the Necessary House; for why, she reason’d, must she wash ’em when they would just get dirty again? She complain’d bitterly of the Want of a Scullery Maid, saying that so great a Chef as herself should not have to trouble with fiddling Work, such as dressing small Birds; consequently, she serv’d ’em up compleat with all the Feathers and Entrails with which the Creator had blest ’em (and nought but a bit of Catchope or Piccalillo for Sauce).
  70. For regarding Believe-on-Me they said it was nought else but notion and they could conceive no thought of it for, first, Two-in-the-Bush whither she ticed them was the very goodliest grot and in it were four pillows on which were four tickets with these words printed on them, Pickaback and Topsyturvy and Shameface and Cheek by Jowl and, second, for that foul plague Allpox and the monsters they cared not for them for Preservative had given them a stout shield of oxengut and, third, that they might take no hurt neither from Offspring that was that wicked devil by virtue of this same shield which was named Killchild.
  71. This being as it is, it is clear that this ape speaks by the spirit of the devil; and I am astonished they have not denounced him to the Holy Office, and put him to the question, and forced it out of him by whose virtue it is that he divines; because it is certain this ape is not an astrologer; neither his master nor he sets up, or knows how to set up, those figures they call judiciary, which are now so common in Spain that there is not a jade, or page, or old cobbler, that will not undertake to set up a figure as readily as pick up a knave of cards from the ground, bringing to nought the marvellous truth of the science by their lies and ignorance.
  72. Imagine then me Astonishment, he said, when after all me Readin’ o’ the Marvels o’ Sea-Travel in Dampier, I found meself on a Slave Ship—nam’d, with pow’rful Irony, the Grace o’ God—with a Cargo o’ dyin’ Africans, manacl’d to each other in the stinkin’ Hold, beaten within an Inch o’ their Lives by Men not fit to be their Masters (fer they were not e’en Masters o’ themselves), forced daily into the Hold to provide Rancid Food an’ Fruitless Medicine fer Men who needed nought but Air an’ Space an’ the Sight o’ their own Native Lands, who could not speak me Language, nor I theirs, but who, in their mass’d black, naked, shiv’rin’, vomitin’ Humanity, seem’d far superior to the Englishmen who lorded it o’er ’em.
  73. Then wotted he nought of that other land which is called Believe-on-Me, that is the land of promise which behoves to the king Delightful and shall be for ever where there is no death and no birth neither wiving nor mothering at which all shall come as many as believe on it? Yes, Pious had told him of that land and Chaste had pointed him to the way but the reason was that in the way he fell in with a certain whore of an eyepleasing exterior whose name, she said, is Bird-in-the-Hand and she beguiled him wrongways from the true path by her flatteries that she said to him as, Ho, you pretty man, turn aside hither and I will show you a brave place, and she lay at him so flatteringly that she had him in her grot which is named Two-in-the-Bush or, by some learned, Carnal Concupiscence.
  74. Look you, my dears, all the lineages in the world (attend to what I am saying) can be reduced to four sorts, which are these: those that had humble beginnings, and went on spreading and extending themselves until they attained surpassing greatness; those that had great beginnings and maintained them, and still maintain and uphold the greatness of their origin; those, again, that from a great beginning have ended in a point like a pyramid, having reduced and lessened their original greatness till it has come to nought, like the point of a pyramid, which, relatively to its base or foundation, is nothing; and then there are those--and it is they that are the most numerous--that have had neither an illustrious beginning nor a remarkable mid-course, and so will have an end without a name, like an ordinary plebeian line.
  75. Why should a poor Man hang fer stealin’ a Sheep or a Horse? Why should a poor Man hang fer stealin’ five Shillin’s worth o’ Toys from a Toy-Shop, or cuttin’ off a Watch from a Pretty Fellow that hath ten gold Watches if he hath one? Hath not that self-same Pretty Fellow stolen yer Daughter’s Honour or the Fruits o’ the Land where yer Father labour’d? Why should the Sweat o’ yer Father’s Brow be worth nothin’ an’ the Pretty Fellow’s Watch be worth yer Neck in the Noose? Why should it be call’d Lawlessness an’ Highway Robbery when a poor Man steals what he needs to eat an’ yet be call’d Fine Manners when a rich Man steals the Sweat o’ the poor Man’s Brow? Doth not God Himself say ‘Consider the Lilies o’ the Field’ an’ how little they toil an’ sweat? Yet He provides fer ’em! Why not likewise fer the Poor? Are the Rich alone God’s Lilies an’ the Poor nought but Clods o’ Mud?
  76. Eugene of course related nought,.
  77. The languid mind could smile at nought,.
  78. And reached, with nought his mind to engage,.
  79. Flourished, yet nought of this could Fancy see,.

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