zero sätze

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Zero sätze (in englisch)

  1. I zero in on the words.
  2. That is as good as ZERO.
  3. To him, Four Zero Zero.
  4. I hung up and dialed zero.
  5. Dial zero on the phone.

  6. I am 41 years above zero.
  7. There, there it is: zero.
  8. Read this: Reset to Zero.
  9. Let’s call it TIER ZERO.
  10. Soon the gap reduced to zero.
  11. What happened was Zero Corp.
  12. They came up with a big zero.
  13. Visibility is reduced to zero.
  14. It is both zero and one, yes.
  15. I loved the ZERO BELLY drinks!.

  16. The red line never touches zero.
  17. One thousand degrees below zero.
  18. The ball landed on a black zero.
  19. Zero gravity or complete reversal.
  20. She gave us bupkiss, nada, zero.
  21. When that hits zero? Blast off.
  23. The state of zero is the readiness.
  24. DJ’s these days have almost zero.
  25. With zero hesitation, he said, No.

  26. JOYCE: Two point zero is "C" average.
  27. The temperature is fifteen below zero.
  28. In most cases, this amounted to zero.
  29. It was there on hill Four Zero Zero.
  30. Its pretty much zero waste then?
  31. American culture at absolute zero!.
  32. G forces do not exist in zero gravity.
  33. Before long, they would approach zero.
  34. Once again there was zero recognition.
  35. Copperhead Zero Nine, Ramrod Two Zero.
  36. Zero at the bottom and zero at the top.
  37. Suppose the implied volatility is zero.
  38. The idea of a single Zero was daunting.
  39. My chance of success looked about zero.
  40. But there’s an added ZERO BELLY bonus.
  41. Just follow it with a zero for a space.
  42. We could find zero, one or more records.
  43. ZERO BELLY was just the thing for Bryan.
  44. Bravo Med One, this is Four Zero Zero.
  45. Y coordinate of the Cat is equal to zero.
  46. X coordinate of the Cat is equal to zero.
  47. Finally they reached Terminal Layer Zero.
  48. The slope of this line is close to zero.
  49. Remember he is flying in zero gravity.
  50. Some shares even briefly went to zero!.
  51. If B is the zero point then return C = A.
  52. Akashic Records and the Zero Point Field.
  53. Nobody ever came back from the Zero Ward.
  54. The RSI index ranges between zero and 100.
  55. Needless to say, I’d done zero research.
  56. Could you direct me to the Zero Ward?
  57. The zero means there is no such a position.
  58. The black hand on the scale points to zero.
  59. Without one and zero this could not happen.
  60. Soon, the cost of this investment is ZERO!.
  61. This comes when he reduces himself to zero.
  62. The zero is the highest point of readiness.
  63. Don’t play the zero percent transfer game.
  64. You begin with zero skills as a white belt.
  65. The clock struck zero and I hit the button.
  66. There was zero rationality in his thinking.
  67. But also at times you A Place Called Zero.
  68. It sounds as if Needless is ground zero.
  69. Now suppose your needle is jammed on zero.
  70. Then, as George rubbed, a zero was uncovered.
  71. While some reporters zero in on Stallman's.
  72. The teller said the account balance was zero.
  73. Zero symbolizes nothingness and emptiness.
  74. You want a credit or want at least zero cost.
  75. His chance of catching it had fallen to zero.
  76. Then it came time to play Less Than Zero.
  77. Zero plus zero plus zero makes zero, no score.
  78. Then you slash the maintenance budget to zero.
  79. I am not a sorceress I have zero powers in me.
  80. Setting it to zero will tell CodeIgniter that.
  81. They say Men of Midas has zero presence there.
  82. The Zero folded onto itself like a wounded bird.
  83. Remember what I said about being in Zero? A.
  84. You can build a business with zero investment.
  85. The price of a commodity will never go to zero.
  86. Zombie World is a zero person cannibal game.
  87. Is there a Ground Absolute Zero in the Arctic?
  88. The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero.
  89. That would not be fun at all in zero gravity.
  90. At point 1, the C wave starts to edge below zero.
  91. You may be better off starting from ground zero.
  92. He went zero gravity before going into freefall.
  93. That is what fire does in zero to low gravity.
  94. All the numbers on this number line are over zero.
  95. The extremes were 25° below, and 49° above zero.
  96. It needs to be stored at zero degrees centigrade.
  97. I dialled zero for the operator and then I waited.
  98. Sometimes, we know in advance that μ will be zero.
  99. She went from zero to sixty in 32 feet four inches.
  100. The sympathetic understanding in thoughts in zero.
  1. As though zeroing in on a radar fix of his intended.
  2. Verses 13 to the end of the chapter give father details, zeroing in on the way they.
  3. The opposition pounded the new president, zeroing in on his methods rather than his results.
  4. She was sound asleep on that beach, dreaming of being erased by shonggot the way a virtual can be erased by zeroing.
  5. You can usually pick out the empire builders with that question alone—they tend to have a hard time zeroing in on a concrete answer.
  6. One common variation of the trading range idea sees the market making successively smaller swings, as if zeroing in on a target price level.
  7. The notes were critical to developing a second talk sheet zeroing in on any weaknesses detected in reasons given for the prospect’s hesitancy to sell.
  8. Cami had to bite her lip in appreciation when she saw them—both looked completely fabulous, though of course, she only flashed her gaze over Blake before zeroing in on Vince.
  9. Nuke said he was going to play with their signal, and when we came around the corner next to the dish, it was pointed directly at the highway! He said, They’re zeroing in on my signal.
  10. This is why traditional technical analysis suggests that volume should be lighter in pullbacks—they are zeroing in on the (valid) fact that trading activity should be less on the pullbacks.
  1. I zeroed in on one and fired.
  2. Oh I fully expect to be zeroed out.
  3. They had them zeroed in, and zeroed them out.
  4. Imagination to be zeroed in on a productive day.
  5. They had them zeroed in, and zeroed them out.
  6. He decided and zeroed on one thing that would have.
  7. Then his eyes zeroed in on a little music jewelry box.
  8. Casanova dimmed out and spotlights zeroed in on the stage.
  9. His eyes zeroed in on a section in the documents called ―Hab.
  10. He didn’t separate from her, but his attention zeroed in on Ken.
  11. I was too far-gone, too zeroed in on that place on his body that.
  12. It’s like the whole bright side of the planet has been zeroed out.
  13. While he was there reading al my vital signs, his eyes zeroed on me.
  14. Car doors slammed shut repeatedly as the team zeroed in on the café.
  15. Clayton’s gaze zeroed in on the workbench in the middle of the room.
  16. Because there was nominally an alliance, they couldn’t be simply zeroed out.
  17. The rigid snapping of Stone’s shoulders told me I’d zeroed in on the truth.
  18. She finally zeroed in and asked, Did you find what you were looking for?
  19. In a sense, the tech who had done this had just zeroed his call-backs and run away.
  20. But all his attention was zeroed in on his aching cock and the way she was looking at it.
  21. For the third shot, he zeroed tightly on one of the plants and took a detailed picture of it.
  22. What’s he talking about? She zeroed in on the donut box and lifting the cardboard cover.
  23. Note: When the masculine power of Buddhism entered China it was zeroed out by the mother of all.
  24. It must have had a hardware access trigger burned-in because it zeroed all its callbacks and withdrew.
  25. I zeroed in on one that was legless and decapitated, but still flailing and firing its guns blindly at the sky.
  26. Then his kisses had traveled upward until he zeroed in on her mouth, and once there, he kissed her for all he was worth.
  27. The second he reentered her bedroom, Joel’s gaze zeroed in on the dark haired woman who was so completely occupying his thoughts.
  28. With this thought in mind, Henri started walking towards the stuffed animal, and as her eyes zeroed in on it, she noticed that it was moving.
  29. Having heard the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) scream in the cockpit Kamal knew the interceptors had zeroed on him now and he cannot move out of the PDR.
  30. With the gun in a vise and the bolt out, we zeroed the new sight on a chimney three blocks away, and later when I got to shooting the little gun I found no reason to change it.
  31. There I was, sitting on my stool, focussed on physical and mental stillness, breathing rhythmically, seeing the pendulum, zeroed in on the dot, full on determined concentration.
  32. He had found no better target and so had zeroed in on the Lieutenant again and I could see that he would take his shot very soon by the stillness and concentration that he showed.
  33. Every junior and senior male on the campus, of which there were thousands, zeroed in on my angelic freshman queen and the last time I ever dated her was the night of her inauguration.
  1. So many zeroes!.
  2. The Zeroes think different.
  3. And all those amazingly beautiful zeroes after it.
  4. To suppress the leading zeroes we could change it to.
  5. The zeroes who jerked him were constantly frustrated.
  6. The first check will allow for the date to be all zeroes.
  7. The computer will store that number with the leading zeroes.
  8. The context of the following scripture zeroes in on Peter’s.
  9. First, remember that all numbers in binary are just zeroes and ones.
  10. This zeroes in on the daily supply and demand for leading securities.
  11. For character fields we have to supply leading zeroes, if they exist.
  12. The first is that the year could end in two zeroes, like 1900 or 2000.
  13. There are no leading zeroes in either the date or the time portions of this format.
  14. The changelings couldn’t pretend to be zeroes or even readers, but they could go home.
  15. Riemann suggested that the zeroes of the zeta function all lie on a well-defined straight line.
  16. In our programs we don’t need to specify leading zeroes if fields are defined integer or decimal.
  17. When she recovered she had to actually count the number of zeroes on the cheque with trembling hands.
  18. Digital information is all ones and zeroes, which means memory cells are either charged or not charged.
  19. However, 2256 is a very big number; in fact, it’s approximately 1077 or a 1 with 77 zeroes behind it.
  20. The number under the picture, the one with its three zeroes, fascinated him a lot more than the picture itself.
  21. The zeroes of this function seem to be linked with the positions of prime numbers (numbers divisible only by themselves and 1).
  22. The human species populating the Earth today with billions of poor is the human subconscious drive to create more zeroes, not more heroes.
  23. If the group focused on zeroes, the computer would spit out zeroes with greater frequency, and in a manner that was statistically significant.
  24. We made it as far as the first shell hole but now the Germans were really zeroes in on us and it was almost impossible to raise your head without having it shot off.
  25. Whether it is the streams of zeroes and ones that make up the digital world or the thoughts that emerge in your brain as you read these words, there is in both the aspect of information creation.
  26. While his entire professional life had been mostly spent in the digital world, where the language of ones and zeroes dominated, he appreciated the importance of paper, pen, and deliberative thought that working with such old-school items seemed to inspire.
  27. While we are at it, what about a title for the report? Why doesn’t the account balance print with a decimal point and without those leading zeroes? Lastly, why do the names begin in lower case letters rather than upper case and what would happen if the account file had no records or didn’t exist at all? These are all valid questions, which need resolving.

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