nous sätze

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Nous sätze (in englisch)

  1. Enendons nous….
  2. Merde? C’est nous!).
  3. Nous comprendrons ensemble.
  4. Nous comptions sans notre hôte.
  5. Cher 'prince, nous dcvons etre amis mime par droit de naissance.

  6. He reached out through the Nous to Kaitabh; Release Rahu immediately!.
  7. Ce n'est rien, nous attendrons, and meanwhile she can feel it intuitively.
  8. Deux irlandais, nous, Irlande, vous savez ah, oui! She thought you wanted a cheese hollandais.
  9. Nous serons toujours bons amis, and if you win again, do not fail to come to me, et tu seras heureux.
  10. And, although he had the nous to keep the rest of his opinions to himself, it was obvious that Llewellyn would think it served him right.
  11. Ah, yes! Do tell us all about it, Vicomte, said Anna Pávlovna, with a pleasant feeling that there was something à la Louis XV in the sound of that sentence: Contez nous çela, Vicomte.
  12. Alphonse Karr, a French writer, forgotten to-day, once said, in trying to prove the impossibility of abolishing the death penalty: Que Messieurs les assassins commencent par nous donner l'exemple.
  13. Léo Taxil nous a dit que qui l'avait mise dans cette fichue position c'était le sacre pigeon, ventre de Dieu! Entweder transubstantiality ODER consubstantiality but in no case subsubstantiality.
  14. Although with our science, nous avons changé tout ça, the law of man as well as of woman remains as immutable as the liver in its place; and the breach of it is inevitably punished by death.
  15. A French writer, forgotten now, Alphonse Karr, said somewhere, trying to show the impossibility of doing away with the death penalty: Que messieurs les assassins commencent par nous donner l'exemple.

  16. In the Bible, it is laid down as the law of man: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, and in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children;” but “nous avons changé tout ca,” as Molière’s character says, when expressing himself with regard to medicine, and asserting that the liver was on the left side.
  17. But I tell you what, it's strange," he laughed suddenly ; " I shall certainly interest you directly with an extraordinary piece of news ; if your prince did make his offer yesterday to Anna Andreyevna (and, susj)ecting about Liza, I should have done my utmost to oppose his suit, entre nous soil dit), Anna Andreyevna would in any case have refused him.
  18. The French writer, Alphonse Karr, now forgotten, has said somewhere, when speaking of the impossibility of abolishing capital punishment, "Que Messieurs les assassins commencent par nous donner l'exemple," and many times after that have I heard the repetition of this joke by men who thought that with these words they gave a conclusive and clever argument against the abolition of capital punishment.
  19. The question at once arises, Is the production of this new nature in men, under the action of the Holy Spirit, absolutely dependent upon the intermediate operation of truth upon the mind and heart, or may we believe that the action of the Regenerating Spirit is sometimes independent of the action of the nous, or mind; taking effect directly on the pneu~ma, or spirit, and renewing it to lifeeternal? Is not the true answer as follows?

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