mind sätze

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Mind sätze (in englisch)

  1. In my own mind I.
  2. The mind is a tool.
  3. I had lost my mind.
  4. Life of the mind, n.
  5. His mind is a blank.

  6. She paid it no mind.
  7. His mind was a blur.
  8. Mary came to my mind.
  9. He makes up his mind.
  10. I'll bear it in mind.
  11. You have a small mind.
  12. Are bars of the mind.
  13. It is your mind that.
  14. His mind was still a.
  15. Keep in mind that it.

  16. She used her mind to.
  17. Is wearing on the mind.
  18. I didn’t mind at all.
  19. It’s all in your mind.
  20. He is out of his mind!.
  21. My mind raced to Lobo.
  22. His mind was on Yukino.
  23. We never paid any mind.
  24. I have changed my mind.
  25. He cast his mind around.

  26. My mind began to clear.
  27. She saw inside his mind.
  28. I had a lot on my mind.
  29. She let her mind drift.
  30. Deep inside in the mind.
  31. I hope you don’t mind.
  32. My mind will make it so.
  33. I don’t mind at all.
  34. But I change my mind.
  35. The mind is also complex.
  36. Something is on his mind.
  37. The Best Mind Power Offer.
  38. What? My mind went blank.
  39. I trust you don’t mind.
  40. Bah, my mind was sterile.
  41. Little boxes of the mind.
  42. I shall bear that in mind.
  43. Make up your mind then.
  44. Mind you, he was an alien.
  45. Honey, you read my mind.
  46. Body, mind, heart and soul.
  47. I didn't mind the teasing.
  48. To rise within and in mind.
  49. What is on your mind?
  50. You cannot search my mind.
  51. If you don’t mind, sir.
  52. His mind had mastered the.
  53. I was going out of my mind.
  54. My mind was turning to mush.
  55. It helps clearing the mind.
  56. My mind needed stimulus too.
  57. The elf was inside his mind.
  58. A face didn't come to mind.
  59. Her mind flashed on Daniel.
  60. HE hadn't changed his mind.
  61. Calras had made up his mind.
  62. I mean would you mind if I.
  63. We have the mind of Christ.
  64. Of different states of mind.
  65. He was body, mind and soul.
  66. Her mind was a cold forest.
  67. Not even winegar, mind you.
  68. I’ll keep that in mind.
  69. She revealed her mind to Onk.
  70. She must’ve lost her mind.
  71. He tried to close his mind.
  72. Have a mind to let things go.
  73. Keep the following in mind:.
  74. His mind cleared of thoughts.
  75. Inside, his mind was racing.
  76. I don’t mind, you know.
  77. Still sounds the same, mind.
  78. Speech goes not, nor the mind.
  79. His mind surrendered to the.
  80. His mind swam at the numbers.
  81. You have to keep that in mind.
  82. Happiness is a state of mind.
  83. Teewah Beach was on his mind.
  84. I'm glad you spoke your mind.
  85. She had to ease her own mind.
  86. It keeps your mind moving a.
  87. My mind was lit up with the.
  88. Nerissa didn’t mind at all.
  89. My mind was clear and focused.
  90. Mayhap I can change your mind.
  91. For a second, Cloud’s mind.
  92. But we have the mind of Christ.
  93. ALL things held ideal in mind.
  94. But her mind was still buzzing.
  95. So what do you have in mind?
  96. The thought itches at my mind.
  97. George? But never mind, Saint.
  98. That man could warp your mind.
  99. The light will clear the mind.
  100. Theo always kept an open mind.
  1. It is not worth minding.
  2. Minding, I hope, my neglected children.
  3. Landa continues to walk, minding her own business.
  4. Indeed, far from minding you seem eager to be off.
  5. None of them were minding their own business though.
  6. He quickly hurried to his feet, not minding his teary.
  7. His spirit was surrounding his body and minding what it sees.
  8. Stooges, not a couple of guys walking around, minding their own.
  9. I? Oh, minding the house—pouring out syrup—pretending to be.
  10. At first glance they appeared drunk, but minding their own business.
  11. She was minding the house for the neighbors while they were on holidays.
  12. The Kajins were minding their own business, nibbling happily on tree bark.
  13. In ten years time when he’s UK Sales Director, he won’t be minding.
  14. Lorry, not minding him, I really don't know what you have to do with the matter.
  15. She almost regretted being so honest last night about not minding getting pregnant.
  16. She knew each one of us through and through, never minding that it had been years.
  17. Minding the sheep, on a field far away from the farmhouse, where he was most likely.
  18. The guy minding the grim reaping machine had stopped and was eyeing us like more trash.
  19. Even in the Shire there are some as like minding other folk's business and talking big.
  20. We can’t let our guard down, but look! It’s over there, minding its own business.
  21. So there I was in Sainsbury’s minding my own business when a sweet old lady bustled up.
  22. You understand, there’s a big difference between minding the child and kidnapping her.
  23. We can’t let our guard down, but look…it’s over there minding its own business.
  24. He minds these facts by his spirit a minding based on witnessing and is beyond all doubts.
  25. Herded down to the foot of the hill, the adventurers saw another guard, minding the horses.
  26. Yes, I was just hiking in the hills minding my own business when the cold and snow set in.
  27. My help in Hatshepsut’s Pavilion soon amounted to much more than minding the shop occasionally.
  28. I would say that he wanted to take revenge on me, too, I replied not minding his hand on mine.
  29. The first time I went in for a stint of minding her shop it appeared to be deserted until, after a.
  30. To be minding your own business, immersed in the mess of your life, and then for it all to go black.
  31. Who’s minding the store? Reagan asks Ed Meese as the gurney passes the White House counselor.
  32. The bat might have been minding its own business if it weren't for the paranoid air to Hank's situation.
  33. It was quite amusing watching him minding his language, wondering what on earth he was doing there, and.
  34. She jumped to her feet and then straight over the campfire, never minding the hem of her shin-length skirt.
  35. For six months of the year I would be happier than any queen I ever heard of, minding the fat white things.
  36. And he went on as he made his way down the corridor, not noticing or not minding that I wasn’t following him.
  37. One might discover that the fault more often lies with the destitute rather than those of us minding our own business.
  38. This would ensure that you can go on with the interview, and be able to answer questions, without minding your throat.
  39. She pointed out Gleesons a large farm where she had worked as a young girl doing household chores and minding the children.
  40. What's the good of minding them? My sweetheart used to sleep with her mother and her sister-in-law, but I managed to get in.
  41. Lucky’s story is mostly composed of fiction where he is minding his own business and an insane vagrant attacks him with fire.
  42. Believing them, is indeed, one of the fruits of minding, and one of its results, and he who minds nothing, has no belief or faith.
  43. Mindfulness is being aware about our thoughts, words, and actions – and, in the context of this book, it relates to minding our karma.
  44. My dear child, how can I help minding? Though I've renounced all claim to your company—you're so beyond me—I at least greatly enjoy it.
  45. I verily believe that her not remembering and not minding in the least, made me cry again, inwardly,—and that is the sharpest crying of all.
  46. This is because boarding on a plane, taking care of your luggage, minding the weather, can already provide you with lots of stress for the day.
  47. But three months had passed and he had not left off minding about it; and it was as painful for him to think of it as it had been those first days.
  48. It was enough to put a lump in my throat, to suggest why Grover was dutifully minding his cards, chewing his soda can, and keeping his mouth shut.
  49. Harry ducked back into the station and charged the porter with minding her valise until they should return for it on their way back to Clive House.
  50. As to minding, it is witnessing of these facts and viewing them with the spirit's eye, and when thinking is true, it will surely lead its owner to minding.
  51. Once upon a time Benjamin Feral was minding his own business, sketching out designs for a new sculpture, when his mind inadvertently happened upon a story.
  52. Adoring her husband's virtues, she had very early made up her mind to his incapacity of minding his own interests, and had met the consequences cheerfully.
  53. I knew by now that a friendly drill sergeant was a bomb waiting to explode, and made sure to stand as far away as possible from the scene, minding my own business.
  54. With this oracular sentence Ben was well satisfied, not minding the naughtiness; but Letty took it ill, her feeling of superiority being stronger than her muscles.
  55. Spock had also been witnessed holding a drunken man by the throat and shaking him for kicking Chunky, who had been sitting outside the salon minding her own business.
  56. Reuben J was bloody lucky he didn't clap him in the dock the other day for suing poor little Gumley that's minding stones, for the corporation there near Butt bridge.
  57. It is as if a man were to declare that in order to obtain heat one must merely place every lump of coal in a certain position, never minding whether it kindled or not.
  58. We were driving under a tree minding our own business so to speak and since we went on a week patrol the Casspir was fairly well laden with sleeping bags and equipment.
  59. All they knew was that they would be happy and joyous and minding their own business; and then all of a sudden I would appear and start screaming at them for no reason whatsoever.
  60. Even though Jasper had been the one at the wheel, he told everyone that his negligent wife had been responsible for the accident because she’d not been properly minding their child.
  61. Then, when Flick was minding his own business, in his own time too, casually meeting with his cronies for a quick beer at 'The Guardian', she falls out of the bleeding air, and lands almost on his feet.
  62. Mr Bloom actuated by motives of inherent delicacy inasmuch as he always believed in minding his own business moved off but nevertheless remained on the qui vive with just a shade of anxiety though not funkyish in the least.
  63. It happened at Thirty-Fourth Street, and ever since, they’ve been minding their business like proper New Yorkers, perched at the far end of a scuffed plastic bench, ruffling wings every so often as though shaking folds from a paper.
  64. Ask ourselves are they living proof of what they are telling us? No! Of course not because those people are busy getting on with the business of minding their own business and unless we ask, they probably wouldn’t think to interfere in ours.
  65. She leaned her forehead on the cool pane, and stood half hidden by the curtains, never minding that her favorite waltz had begun, till some one touched her, and turning, she saw Laurie, looking penitent, as he said, with his very best bow and his hand out.
  66. She read books of travel, she learned poetry by heart, she grew skilful at combining her studies with her cooking; and propping up Keats on the dresser could run to him for a fresh line in the very middle of the pudding almost without the pudding minding.
  67. It was so plain that she couldn't move, that she couldn't do anything, couldn't get up and go in trains, that her conscience was at rest in regard to Everard; and she lay in the blessed silence after he left, not minding how much her limbs ached because of the delicious tranquillity of her mind.
  68. Minding his own business and bliss, Letchard passes by the town and gown of everyday that and this, seeing kids in pyjamas and cats as calm as cameras; and the running children land on their chins and the sun spins down and pops on a pin and Letchard waves to the tin thin light and smiles goodnight-B.
  69. Thus, minding has the first position in reaching true believing, it is achieved only after profound thinking, And thinking is not accomplished, nor do its wheels rotate until man be true in seeking knowledge (or seeking knowing Al'lah), this trueness which is attained but by fearing death and its consequents.
  70. Minding his own business and bliss, Letchard passes by the town and gown of everyday that and this, seeing kids in pyjamas and cats as calm as cameras; and the running children land on their chins and the sun spins down and pops on a pin and Letchard waves to the tin thin light and smiles goodnight-goodnight-goodnight.
  71. In order to reach minding a matter, it is necessary for the spirit to care for it, for the thought acts superficially in the matter which the spirit is not interested wholly in, nor is it fully true and insistent in seeking it, and by that, it (the thought) can not reach discerning a reality, nor can it give a decision, consequently, the spirit remains far from minding or witnessing it.
  72. If poorer in other ways she departed at least richer in philosophy, without a trace of jealousy of what he might do next, not minding what he did if only she did not have to do it, too, and he, until such time as he again was lured from paths of austerity and work by the hope that he had found the one predestined mate, enjoyed the condition in which he was altogether happiest, the freedom of spirit that disdains love.
  73. Of all professions, if I had liberty of choice, I would choose to be a gardener, and if nobody would have me in that capacity I would like to be a goose-girl, and sit in the greenest of fields minding those delightfully plump, placid geese, whiter and more leisurely than the clouds on a calm summer morning, their very waddle in its lazy deliberation soothing and salutary to a fretted spirit that has been too long on the stretch.
  74. But you see how compassionate heaven sends aid in our sorest need; Don Gaiferos advances, and without minding whether the rich petticoat is torn or not, he seizes her and by force brings her to the ground, and then with one jerk places her on the haunches of his horse, astraddle like a man, and bids her hold on tight and clasp her arms round his neck, crossing them on his breast so as not to fall, for the lady Melisendra was not used to that style of riding.
  75. Therefore, and in order to let the spirit come to a stage of minding in the case of knowing the Creator and the Provider, then believe certainly that there is no God but Al'lah and know that all the steering is but in Al'lah's hand, it is necessary to acquaint it with the fact that this lower life which it is pleased and content with, indeed, ends quickly and terminates imminently, and that whatever man collects from it and lives in it, he will surely die and leave it.
  76. She had said good-bye to Dwight at the foot of his staircase, alleging an engagement as she smiled a smile that couldn't but be bleak--it was indeed, she explained, because of this engagement, that she was there that day, and having thanked him for offering to see her to whatever door she was bound for, and said she could easily find her way alone and he wasn't to bother, and having done her best not to let this sound as if she were in any way minding anything, she walked away into the twilight, and out of his life.
  77. When you get at believing in that there is no God but Al'lah and become one of those who see that God's Hand controls the movement of all universe, when your spirit becomes immersed in this viewing and you become witnessing that no winds blow, no clouds cover the sky or stick together, no rains flow, no lightning flashes or shimmers, no thunder resounds, no sea runs high and low with restless waves, no water of river flows in constant flax, no volcano breaks out angrily, no flood streams in force and intension, no earthquake shakes the land making forgetful and heedless hearts tremble scared, no earth circulates in order to cause Night and Day and four seasons, no stars swim shining within systematic orbits: that is to say, if you become of those who witness that the universe with all its creatures is but one unit directed by a Hand of Wise and Peerless One and a Will of Cognizant and Omniscient One, according to your efforts, and your Daily-contemplations, and without Him even your hand does not move, your eye does not blink, your ear does not hear a sound or a noise, your heart does not beat pulsing between systole and diastole, your stomach does not secrete its gastric juice over the foods inside it, your liver does not store substances or secrete others according to a firm standards, your lungs do not expand and contract between inspiration and expiration, your blood does not flow in arteries and veins, the red corpuscles do not carry what they carry to and fro, the white corpuscles do not fight and struggle with microbes, the germs do not attack the body severely: I say, if you become sure of that by minding and spiritual witnessing, not by hearing from specialists or reading in volumes and books so that you become seeing that everything is controlled by God's Hand and that all people, notables or commoners, near or far, strong or weak, and even all the creatures, can not render you a benefit nor protect you from an evil, nor hurt you or cause any change in your state except by Al'lah's Leave, there; you will enter the fort of straightness and will never exceed God's bounds.
  1. Not that she really minded.
  2. I wouldn’t have minded a.
  3. And how absent minded he is.
  4. I can't say I minded, though.
  5. Not that Christian minded that.
  6. First, we should be open minded.
  7. Vacations for the Budget Minded.
  8. Not one that I minded, mind you.
  9. Not that she particularly minded.
  11. She no longer minded the old lady.
  12. Yes, I am minded to keep her there.
  13. Not that I minded it all that much.
  14. Most days, he wouldn’t have minded.
  15. I wish she'd minded her own business.
  16. He was just another weak minded fool.
  17. I told him he is fine, absent minded.
  18. He wouldn’t have minded that himself.
  19. The Lion minded & Donkey minded in the.
  20. A saying among the politically minded.
  21. I wouldn't have minded being a pharaoh.
  22. Not that some of the girls would have minded.
  23. Her father was closed minded on the subject.
  24. It was a town that I wouldn’t have minded.
  25. Brains of your allies are super minded to you.
  26. But no Entwhistle ever minded things like that.
  27. Why hadn’t he just minded his own business?
  28. The cold hearted, half devoted, earthly minded.
  29. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
  30. She would not have minded if there had been pain.
  31. Mathematically minded individuals with a penchant.
  32. He asked Thomas if he minded if he took a shot at.
  33. Are you cold hearted, half devoted, earthly minded?
  34. The most criminally minded of reptilian bird species.
  35. Even that I would not have minded because it is true.
  36. Not that Julie would have minded if she’d been here.
  37. One side of his mind wondered why he minded doing this.
  38. He is intolerant, narrow minded and has deep prejudices.
  39. But he didn’t sit down and no one minded the steel rod.
  40. And he wouldn’t have minded paying for the expenses.
  41. I wouldn’t have minded if he had even tried to keep a.
  42. All the conspiracy was master minded and hatched by Bhola.
  43. Hal asked if I minded his calling me unsolicited, at work.
  44. Secretly I hadn’t minded the banter between us yesterday.
  45. Yes, he was in love but was too narrow minded to admit it.
  46. Think: Heaven exists in the form of simple minded clichés.
  47. He did so because of his paranoid conspiracy minded nature.
  48. Planting his thoughts in the weak and even some strong minded.
  49. If it were all about work, she wouldn’t have minded so much.
  50. The first is for the student to be determined and strong minded.
  51. He said to the Mohawks do this, and do that, and he was minded.
  52. Matthew knew he had an academically minded friend in Ivan and.
  53. I had witnessed her great generosity and broad minded character.
  54. Had I not known it in its prime, perhaps I would not have minded.
  55. Thats true… yeah, maybe Im a bit absent minded this evening.
  56. Jane hated petty minded people and this man was a perfect example.
  57. Are you ready to fly? he asked her still a bit absent minded.
  58. As the proverb says, A double minded man is unstable in his ways.
  59. Not that the Tiger minded dealing with devils; he did it all the time.
  60. Educating the public to be critically minded is bad for corporations.
  61. Lucky was sitting on a rock, looking towards the sea in absent minded.
  62. When you are focused on being savings minded, you’re thinking about.
  63. She never minded roughing it, when on a mission; it was part of the job.
  64. How hard it is for the Pharisee to turn from his high minded opinion of.
  65. No doubt she wouldn’t have minded, but that possibility seemed remote.
  66. He saw that they were not minded to put up with any of his talk, no doubt.
  67. This sham of a religion provided cultic certainty for the weak minded and.
  68. He would have if a civic minded American on holiday hadn’t intervened.
  69. His attitude plainly revealed that he was minded to wash Simon Peter's feet.
  70. The people around her at the time were all silly and single minded, she knew.
  71. Con held his breath, determined to be open minded and not leap to conclusions.
  72. He paused, half minded to turn back to where the corridor had first branched.
  73. Those with money or with power are criminals or are criminal minded because.
  74. And if I do not operate with conscience, instead get stuck in the money minded.
  75. He minded its presence no more than a king minds the presence of his cupbearer.
  76. He's weak minded and takes credit for the missing that Emily has turned to ash.
  77. She was a nurse, who was in love with him but he was too close minded to see it.
  78. I have to give him credit, he is strong minded and he seems to have a good heart.
  79. The latins are broad minded and if our advance reports are correct, they love you.
  80. I knocked her back, of course, but I asked Annie in the car if she’d have minded.
  81. I wouldn’t have minded her predation as much if the damn things were brought in.
  82. Captain Nemo, on familiar terms with these dreadful animals, no longer minded them.
  83. He was too professional, too experienced, too single minded to be diverted by that.
  84. But what did that mean? A long life of enforced loneliness? Robert hadn’t minded.
  85. He was not the most mathematically minded person in the world, but when it came to.
  86. Instead there are two reform minded and peace minded leaders in both the US and USSR.
  87. You were acting the fluffy minded schoolgirl who was not watching where she was going.
  88. Superstition took such a hold on the feeble minded Christians that they had completely.
  89. What he minded very much was the idea that anyone would be snooping around his practice.
  90. I minded it a lot when the Galloways of the world eyed me over, but Flint was different.
  91. It’s a forest, said Nicole as she minded her steps through a thick, rustling brush.
  92. She really was a good looking woman and just as strong minded she shouted over to the bar.
  93. No one minded the silly flowers; they were more a stress reliever to the remaining members.
  94. I only had a few options, you know? I’ve never been military minded so I took this route.
  95. James spoke out of delicacy to me, but he was mistaken in supposing that I minded what Mrs.
  96. As an open minded entity, reap the harvest of mysteries revealed-benefit yourself and others.
  97. Not that I minded; they kept me busy, and when I was busy I didn’t have much time to think.
  98. Then she would forget how sick she felt, and smile and be ashamed that she had minded anything.
  99. She was gorgeous and she wasn’t a small minded loser like the group of men over by the fire.
  100. Another slave minded two small children, while a richly ornamented woman chatted with a friend.
  1. Of our F flat minds.
  2. A meeting of the minds.
  3. The union of the minds.
  4. He thinks I read minds.
  5. In the back of all minds.
  6. So our minds have a lot.
  7. Could he also read minds?
  9. Time played on their minds.
  10. The result of simple minds.
  11. I had raised in their minds.
  12. Their minds pressed on mine.
  13. I wanted to win the minds.
  14. It exists in our minds and.
  15. That was, if rats had minds.
  16. The last thing on our minds.
  17. The brilliant minds of the.
  18. Let me gather your minds.
  19. He minds about nothing else.
  20. I was of two minds over this.
  21. A no-win battle of the minds.
  22. They have such limited minds.
  23. I search the hearts and minds!.
  24. Our human minds may deny his.
  25. She seemed to be of two minds.
  26. Poisoning the minds of others.
  27. We must forgive our minds first.
  28. Holiness is far from their minds.
  29. No never minds about the wicker.
  31. Our minds and hearts to bless—.
  32. Who searches the hearts and minds.
  33. As I renew the minds of My elect!.
  34. For I search the hearts and minds.
  35. He knows the spirit of our minds.
  36. Embedded in the film of our minds.
  37. But they made up their minds to.
  38. It will always be on their minds.
  39. Their minds work more with body.
  40. She minds what she is doing, sir.
  41. They need only exist in our minds.
  42. Your minds and bodies were drawn.
  43. You stand tall in the minds of men.
  44. It is the same with your two minds.
  45. People in their minds will be free.
  46. We cannot truly love with our minds.
  47. Power, great minds can see things.
  48. You were tortured in men’s minds.
  49. He told me he could not read minds.
  50. The fire held four connected minds.
  51. His thoughts echoed in their minds.
  52. We own our brains but not our minds.
  53. A sort of drifting into their minds.
  54. One track minds the lot of them.
  55. Again, reasonable minds will differ.
  56. Roger was still in two minds about it.
  57. And poets search their minds to tell.
  58. Minds are like attracting like.
  59. To put it differently, the minds of.
  60. The two minds have opposite emotions.
  61. It is our conceptual minds of self-.
  62. Our minds are already made up Diane.
  63. The faction that enslaved their minds.
  64. Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think.
  65. They have it on their minds constantly.
  66. I was in two minds about these meetings.
  67. Guess what, Raf? I can control minds!.
  68. God has the Heavenly and Earthly minds.
  69. Where is the evolution? It is in minds.
  70. The union of hearts and minds was total.
  71. We can manifest anything with our minds.
  72. The Manifesto is a product of many minds.
  73. Great minds and all that, she said.
  74. Their minds came together as they both.
  75. In the minds of those he meets and frees.
  76. Their minds had been more openly devious.
  77. Krishn said earlier that ignorant minds.
  78. We are born with minds architectly abused.
  79. It was their own minds that were useless.
  80. Only the worst of human minds that seek.
  81. Their minds connected through the kigare.
  82. We’ve lost confidence in our own minds.
  83. They could fix their minds on any object.
  84. That’ll probably change their minds.
  85. Yeah, that would really blow their minds.
  86. They can move around and use their minds.
  87. Then Zem’s thoughts came into our minds.
  88. It only brings it up fresh in their minds.
  89. Then Bev’s thoughts came into our minds.
  90. He’s going to try to change their minds.
  91. The minds of such sages are mere instru-.
  92. Only those ignorant men whose minds have.
  93. It’s about people who can control minds.
  94. Yet the ads did not change people's minds.
  95. Our bodies are able to change our minds!.
  96. All brains are agreeable but not all minds.
  97. It isn't hard when we put our minds to it.
  98. Only pleasure was on their minds now, and.
  99. Candace consented to meld minds with Tanner.
  100. The minds of ignorant persons are, on the.

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