offensive sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Offensive sätze (in englisch)

  1. I go on the offensive.
  2. I went on the offensive.
  3. Kate went on the offensive.
  4. We have no offensive weapons.
  5. That's what I find offensive.

  6. Q What is an offensive weapon?
  7. They had to take the offensive.
  8. That is the most offensive.
  9. But not as an offensive weapon.
  10. They are less offensive at the.
  11. But Keller stayed on the offensive.
  12. Offensive wrinkles showed in those.
  13. Forced onto the offensive by sheer.
  14. Hate violent and offensive behavior.
  15. It may be seen as an offensive weapon.

  16. The Modi offensive rattled his opponents.
  17. I won’t teach you to go on the offensive.
  18. This scorn was not offensive to his master.
  19. But if you only knew how offensive it was.
  20. His hand was still in a offensive position.
  21. A name the old folks won’t find offensive.
  22. In 2009, we wanted to go on the offensive.
  23. We will be changing up our offensive strategy.
  24. D -105-gasoline that the horse finds offensive.
  25. Plus, my breath was still offensive to even me.

  26. The Liberal posters were not quite so offensive.
  27. It is a racial slur that is extremely offensive.
  28. I find that question offensive and inflammatory.
  29. The implied threat put Katy back on the offensive.
  30. Kutuzov did not consider any offensive necessary.
  31. More offensive than the last time I was asked.
  32. Kutúzov did not consider any offensive necessary.
  33. What startled them was his offensive tone of voice.
  34. He took an offensive stance and pulled me behind him.
  35. Numerical superiority during any offensive is critical.
  36. Recovering from her shock, Katya went on the offensive.
  37. That offensive, defensive maneuver was classic Jersey.
  38. He finally went on the offensive with an overhead swing.
  39. Now, it was my turn to launch an offensive, I began to.
  40. With a loud roar, a monster leader ordered the offensive.
  41. MY impression is that these people have offensive items.
  43. The tone in the Senator’s voice was offensive to Carroll.
  44. Now, If I told that joke, it would be considered offensive.
  45. Now Bomani is charging his offensive weapons and so is Noah.
  46. Tony Reilly met with the offensive coordinator and the coach.
  47. He was never offensive though…well at least not on purpose.
  48. Don’t you have something other than offensive spells?
  49. All sorts of offensive remarks were made at him in his hearing.
  50. This is Mike Callahan the best offensive tackle on the Lansing.
  51. He had now changed his defensive stances into offensive stances.
  52. But there was a offensive launched by the Chinese in early July.
  53. He has to choose which defensive and offensive weapons he wants.
  54. They issued an offensive incantation within the roiling barrier.
  55. Siri brushed aside such a stupid notion and went on the offensive.
  56. See if there is any offensive way in me so that you could return.
  57. Jaden sees the offensive and defensive weapon systems on the screen.
  58. When you enter the sales arena, you must have an offensive mindset.
  59. So using questions in a manner that is not offensive is certainly.
  60. Stokes was on the offensive and wasn’t going to let the matter go.
  61. Don't you have something a little more childish and offensive?
  62. My profession makes me an interrogator, I'm sorry if it's offensive.
  63. Qaradawi, openly sanctions offensive Jihad: In the Jihad which you.
  64. It appears to me that God will always look offensive when He appears.
  65. Pam seemed to have no qualms wearing the offensive shirt in front of.
  66. They must understand that we can only lose by taking the offensive.
  67. This offensive was later to be known as; The Battle of the Bulge.
  68. We could not survive a full strength Federation offensive at this time.
  69. Pon, the Tinju warrior, focused on their options to mount an offensive.
  70. They felt slightly bad about Stokes going on the offensive, but Jeremy.
  71. Many commentators went on the offensive and started bashing commodities.
  72. Balashev replied that there was nothing offensive in the demand, because.
  73. Q What if the friends I am with are found to possess offensive weapons?
  74. Someone once told me that baby sick was the least offensive sick of all.
  75. Again I called out _Sie_, and thought it the most offensive of pronouns.
  76. If war be defensive and offensive, still the whole is equal to its parts.
  77. As they marched round, the crowd jeered at them and made offensive remarks.
  78. Well how’s this offensive going then? I turned to him and replied.
  79. Balashëv replied that there was nothing offensive in the demand, because.
  80. With a shout, Orphenn rose to his feet, as did the others, taking offensive.
  81. The British launched a big offensive in Burma and then got pushed back again.
  82. Fair propositions will always be made to go hand in hand with offensive acts.
  83. At times the offensive cat urine smells in your home is not always visible to.
  84. It teaches you that it is unfit for the purposes of foreign and offensive war.
  85. The matron jerked her head as though she had suddenly smelt something offensive.
  86. His offensive was due to start in a mere hour with a massive artillery barrage.
  87. Incensed by the administration’s decision, he decided to go on the offensive.
  88. They would try improbable passes across the offensive zone, only to have them.
  89. On August 7, 1942, the Allies began their first offensive action in the Pacific.
  90. Will neither saw nor heard the crowd sound forth a solid and offensive applause.
  91. It should be remembered that at this time the U-boat offensive was at its height.
  92. That year they gained 7,474 offensive yards, the most offensive yards by a team.
  93. The ref waves us back into the second round, and this time, I take the offensive.
  94. It’s difficult to mount a major offensive with the troops scattered as they are.
  95. He was able to muster an occasional offensive maneuver that replaced Myserrah's.
  96. It exhaled a most offensive odour, which contact with my body helped to bring out.
  97. The walls were too straight, the floors too smooth, the unnatural smell offensive.
  98. La Nación is going to present it to the public essentially as an armed offensive.
  99. To Sam Ervin, there was nothing offensive about Park’s interest in profitability.
  100. The offensive behaviour had been nothing more than a glare in Kerry’s direction.

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