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    1. See if there is any offensive way in me so that you could return

    2. What he found particularly offensive was that every model available had an adjustable pain threshold that could be set up to 'suicidal'

    3. She usually opens her mouth only to belittle me with offensive remarks such as “I have all the ideas, I am clever, whereas you can't think of anything, you are brainless!”

    4. Now, If I told that joke, it would be considered offensive

    5. communicating with people try to use grammar that is correct and not offensive

    6. "Does she present herself in an offensive manner?"

    7. ‘Bunty wrote about his proposal in her diary … he was quite offensive when he proposed, didn’t even pretend that he cared about her, and he was considerably older than she was as well, so goodness only knows what he thought he was offering her

    8. “Notoriously, I should think, by your tone and vulgar language,” retorted Mandy, then she sniffed and wrinkled her nose as if catching whiff of an offensive odor and pushed past him without a backward glance

    9. Billy's body is telling him that he needs something with starch and carbohydrates, so he selects the least offensive option; tuna and cucumber, together with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps

    10. But whether their combinations be offensive or defensive, they are always abundantly heard of

    11. "My profession makes me an interrogator, I'm sorry if it's offensive

    12. "You have no personal papers or cards or license or tax certificates or anything to show me who you are?" the youth sneered, "I will fetch the manager, in the meantime I suggest you get that offensive goat out of here pronto

    13. He took an offensive stance and pulled me behind him

    14. Instead, he got severely reprimanded and libelously labeled as an evil, dangerous (probably Devil-worshiping) heretic by the top grey matter of the Church, was charged and convicted as guilty of messing around with the predominant and preferred belief systems of the time, and sentenced to be tortured continuously unless he publicly retracted his offensive findings and openly admitted something like, “Oops, I made a huge mistake

    15. To dream of pain in your ear indicates that you will receive some bad or offensive news

    16. These would be used later on either on raids or as offensive defensive weapons when you used the bombs you would light the fuse and let it burn for a few seconds and then heave it

    17. The visit of the tax-gatherer, therefore, was less offensive in this tax than in the hearth-money

    18. “No you don’t understand this new offensive your going to be taking part in is the final battle of the war

    19. “I will tell you something lads it doesn’t bode well if there is a big offensive planned because if all these civvies know about it and when it is going to happen then it stands to reason that the Hun does as well?” We thought about this and realised he was right security on the ‘Big Push’ as everyone was calling the offensive must have been non existent and that was bad news for us

    20. “Well how’s this offensive going then?” I turned to him and replied

    21. “More offensive than the last time I was asked

    22. “Haven’t you heard about the offensive that’s being planned it’s supposed to be huge

    23. “Yes we’ve heard that the ‘Big Push’ is getting pushier and the ‘Offensive’ is getting more offensive”, and again we all broke into laughter

    24. “I don’t know if we will be able to get any leave if anything happens until after this offensive that’s being planned

    25. There were also supply dumps springing up all over the place packed to bursting with all the things we would need for the forthcoming offensive

    26. In that respect, the raid is reminiscent of the 1968 Vietcong Tet Offensive in South Vietnam which, while a devastating setback militarily, was a huge psychological win for the Vietcong/North Vietnamese, due in no small part that after the offensive became public knowledge, Walter Cronkite (the most trusted man in America) declared the Vietnam War lost to the United States

    27. As we trudged along with the rain slanting down everyone noticed that if anything the build up for the new offensive had gotten even bigger with more supplies and men if that was possible

    28. “Yes there is something different about it I was talking to a bloke from the Engineers who told me it is thicker and has a different make up to ours so obviously someone on the Staff wants to check it out before the offensive starts

    29. “Don’t worry we will get round them somehow and get them to make up because I agree with you with this offensive coming up we are going to need all the mates we can get to see us through it

    30. Before we went up to the line we had a few replacements sent to us from the 2nd Battalion which was due to come over and take part in the offensive

    31. The weather was quite good and we could see all the stuff that had been amassed for the forthcoming offensive

    32. We had also received orders from the Staff that we should begin more offensive raids against the Huns to shake them up and keep them on their toes

    33. More and more extra troops were piling into the area for the forthcoming offensive and I knew that pretty soon we would be packed tighter than sardines in a can

    34. This did not suit the Staff at all and they ordered more offensive raids again this was done with the intensions of stirring the Germans up into an attack

    35. The training kept going on with us still attacking the dummy trenches and practicing for the upcoming offensive Lt Pearson called us together and we could see that he had a large sheath of cyclostat copies in his hand which he referred to

    36. I also told her that I hoped to be able to get some leave to come back home and see her and Rosie after the offensive was over I signed off as usual in the pink but I felt anything but not having any mail from her had really put a damper on my heart

    37. We were now told that we would be returning to the front line and that we would stay there until the offensive kicked off and that today we would receive our first proper briefing for the attack and that we would be attacking the dummy trenches again this was greeted by a big groan from us

    38. “Well what do you think lads dose this offensive stand a chance or what?” Frank replied

    39. Both his friends had looked as if they were about to empty their stomachs at the sight of men with holes burnt through their skulls the size of grapefruits, and Adem realised later how offensive it must be to Carl as he was a devout Christian who did not believe in mankind killing one another

    40. A few days later we were all packed into our trench in the pre dawn light weighed down with our kit and waiting for the offensive to kick off in about half an hour

    41. “All that is left for me to say is good luck for tomorrow and that you should be proud to take part in this offensive it is the biggest one mounted in this war by our army and it should help relieve the pressure on our French allies at Verdun

    42. “So this offensive is to take the pressure off the French at Verdun is it?” I just shrugged my shoulders but Nobby on my far side replied

    43. ” During sworn testimony taken in the case, Marine officials admitted they would allow speech that favored Islam, but not Nieto"s speech because they considered it “extremist, indecent, and offensive

    44. I had heard that the offensive was not going well at all the attacks had started again but our lads were still getting nowhere

    45. I smiled at her and I was grateful for her concern and just to have someone to talk to then I asked her how the offensive was going? She shook her head and replied

    46. I just hoped everyone at home was alright but my main concern was Helen I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t written unless all mail was held up because of the offensive I had to tell myself it was this or I would have gone mad

    47. And so it had been agreed, drawn up by treaty, not to deploy them as an offensive or defensive weapon

    48. Mrs Shaw had written that she thought it would be a good as time as any for me and Helen to have a break from one another as we could hardly meet up now what with Helen’s condition and the offensive

    49. We will send out a warning to withdraw from Coalition borders or face the consequence of our military offensive

    50. So, in adherence to some kind of perverse morality, these little menaces were never deployed as a long-range offensive weapon

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    offence offense offensive unsavory unsavoury violative loathsome nauseating nauseous noisome queasy sickening vile disagreeable ghastly evil disgusting invidious foul distasteful abusive abhorrent detestable nasty hateful monstrous impertinent abominable odious reprehensible insulting horrible repugnant horrid aggressive impious blasphemous unspeakable accursed unutterable corrupt indecent invasion attack