queasy sätze

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Queasy sätze (in englisch)

  1. Monty had a queasy moment.
  2. Both choices made him queasy.
  3. I feel kind of queasy, mother.
  4. Her stomach instantly felt queasy.
  5. Next to him was the queasy Moynahan.

  6. There was no queasy in my gut about it.
  7. She would be more tired, but less queasy.
  8. There was a queasy, nauseous feeling in the guts.
  9. I felt queasy a little and was glad for the wine.
  10. Dread, fear of the unknown, a queasy, sinking feeling.
  11. He had a terrible headache and his stomach was queasy.
  12. Strong hot tea helped to settle my still queasy stomach.
  13. She turned back at the queasy sounds of crunch and squelch.
  14. Even he becomes queasy at the environment forming around him.
  15. Had they not shook that fence I would still be feeling queasy.

  16. The sight of that made me queasy and I had to look away quickly.
  17. Sam’s stomach grew queasy and she started to feel physically ill.
  18. The Patriarch summoned a sardonic smile that made Ursempyre feel queasy.
  19. Half an hour later, I feel slight queasy and frankly shocked to my core.
  20. Instead, the queasy smell of plastic bandages and bleach filled the room.
  21. All that sucking and burping had made the both of them feel quite queasy.
  22. My stomach felt queasy watching the blood gushing out of the boy’s neck.
  23. His heart began to thump hard and a queasy feeling settled in his stomach.
  24. Joseph sighed heavily, pressed hands against his queasy stomach and nodded.
  25. He was totally dehydrated and a little queasy from the afternoon’s binge.

  26. Dick put his arm around me, which always made me queasy when a guy did that.
  27. She blinked away the queasy sensation, took a sip from her glass to restore.
  28. Won’t be that way for long, he thought with a queasy twist in his stomach.
  29. Still queasy, the blood that rushed to his bent head brought him to his knees.
  30. Thomas was filled with a queasy fear, disbelief that this was happening at all.
  31. A small meal seemed to keep it calmed down, but now her stomach was queasy again.
  32. Jesse finished the spaghetti and felt a bit queasy after drinking nearly seven cokes.
  33. Aiden did as he was told, although it was hard for him to ignore the queasy sensation.
  34. I was feeling queasy beyond my norm and spent extra time throwing up in the bathroom.
  35. I've gotta go, was all he replied before hanging up leaving me with a queasy stomach.
  36. Feeling suddenly queasy, he looked up to find a pair of executioner hoods looming over him.
  37. He climbed onto the bed with his head pounding and his stomach feeling very light and queasy.
  38. He soon returned, holding the bowl as far from himself as he could, a queasy look on his face.
  39. It made Imbrahim more than a little queasy to reflect on the implications of such a thing; it.
  40. I don’t think I want to know what happened to the boys, Ailia said, feeling rather queasy.
  41. Although Hubbell wasn’t home, Joe still had a queasy feeling that this hole could be a bear trap.
  42. Thomas, still a bit queasy from the Changing, forced himself to take a second and gain his composure.
  43. Curse you queasy stomach! I thought seeing all eyes were on me, but I stopped on a pair of mint green eyes.
  44. I had never seen quite so much blood, all at once, and although I had a strong constitution, I felt queasy.
  45. Simply looking at it filled them with awe but disoriented them as well, making them feel queasy after a while.
  46. The pet Pekinese that sits at my feet is sick twice on the floor just in front of my table and I feel queasy.
  47. I unfolded one of the notes, and to be honest, from the moment I read My dearest Katherine, I got a queasy feeling.
  48. Several weeks after arriving back at home she woke up one morning feeling a bit queasy and then the next day more so.
  49. Sometimes the idea thrilled me, and I could feel my heart flutter, other times it was almost enough to make me queasy.
  50. Well, I thought, perhaps another beer would help to settle the queasy feeling that had started up in the pit of my stomach.
  51. As Thaddeus progressed down the long hallway, there was a feeling of falling through space that made me feel slightly queasy.
  52. I walked back to my camp feeling queasy, equal parts flustered and flattered by his interest, a shot of bald desire quaking through me.
  53. I feel queasy, remembering what Anthony told me about her changing hairdo and wonder whose hair she is wearing and how that person died.
  54. The traffic noise also seemed a few decibels higher, or it could have been the gunshots still ringing, bouncing around his queasy brain.
  55. But finally they were ready, and he could remember when they dropped out of hyperspace—always a queasy feeling, and not fun, to say the least.
  56. I stopped to eat lunch in the midafternoon heat, my monumental hunger slightly deadened by the queasy realization that I didn’t know where I was.
  57. But confound this tumid, queasy feeling--this restlessness, swelling, and heat--it was jealousy! jealousy! jealousy! which he had sworn never to feel again.
  58. Peering at the fathomless patches of stars through the wide branches of the tall pines overhead, Joseph thrilled at the queasy sensation of being sucked out into space.
  59. He was a little queasy about these computer programs claiming to be people for they had not existed outside Asia till he arrived at 61 Cygni, even though they were of Earth.
  60. The thought of my new condition left a queasy feeling in my stomach, which compounded by the throbbing in my head and my general all-around pain soon escalated into something worse.
  61. So in place of a present she made him go down on her ten times, that was the deal, which he thought she probably picked because he didn’t really like to do it, the smell made him queasy, especially now, when that whole area seemed used.
  62. Monique was surrounded by a few of father’s associates; one of them still surreptitiously giving her the eye – a man over twice her age who no longer cared for propriety or feared the wrath of her father; the discomfort making her mildly queasy.
  63. Our Congress today had been so queasy over the question of interfering with freedom when it came to our own security that it is considering a ban against listening in on terrorists’ phone calls and had been woefully slow to block illegal entry into the States.
  64. You’re going to determine your investing style by asking yourself some key questions: Do you need your money next year or can you let it grow for a while? Are you saving up for a house? Can you withstand big day-to-day changes in the stock market, or do they make you queasy? Then you’re going to research funds and pick exactly the right investments to meet your goals.
  65. Bloom there for a languor he had but was now better, be having dreamed tonight a strange fancy of his dame Mrs Moll with red slippers on in a pair of Turkey trunks which is thought by those in ken to be for a change and Mistress Purefoy there, that got in through pleading her belly, and now on the stools, poor body, two days past her term, the midwives sore put to it and can't deliver, she queasy for a bowl of riceslop that is a shrewd drier up of the insides and her breath very heavy more than good and should be a bullyboy from the knocks, they say, but God give her soon issue.

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