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    1. Only His opinion matters, since He [Jesus] is the only

    2. In certain situations, it is best to simply accept that there will be a difference in opinion between generations

    3. He’s of the opinion that your Mother will never speak to him again, at least that is the impression he is giving me … though to be honest I could just shake him!’

    4. There is a firm opinion in the minds of many that God’s healing is

    5. They already had enough room for Morg in her opinion

    6. But I encourage him, asking questions and occasionally giving my opinion, and he seems to appreciate my interest

    7. In addition, he allows nobody to say anything in class any more, as he doesn't tolerate even the slightest indication of a personal opinion

    8. "In my opinion Most Learned," Abdol said, "we would be very remiss in out duties if we underestimate the military potential of the Kassikan once we get on the ground

    9. "That one I just rode was pretty near a perfect lover in my opinion," Jaseem said

    10. congregation without elders who has a false teacher for a preacher is in greater danger, in the opinion of this writer, than a congregation with a faithful eldership in place

    11. The interesting thing is that when God speaks, He is so precise in His words that He acts as though there is no other opinion

    12. Any other opinion is a false Gospel

    13. "And south is almost backtracking," was Luray's opinion

    14. ROBERT: This theory of yours about women having regrets after sex, is it a textbook theory or is it your own opinion?

    15. ’ He replied succinctly, reinforcing my opinion that he has a razor sharp mind

    16. The opinion of the witness is nothing but opinion

    17. ROBERT: In your opinion, there was no need for any other medication?

    18. ROBERT: In your opinion, do you think you made love to her with her consent?

    19. " 'Yeah, OK' didn't count as conversation in her opinion

    20. "In my opinion that naivete is due to where I was raised and not my age and maturity

    21. Berndt echoes my opinion when he inspects

    22. There were differences of opinion, ranging from weird through cute to typical boy

    23. The ratings and the weight of public opinion were too great

    24. First of all, in case you haven't figured it out yet, cold-turkey is the best way to quit, and in my opinion, the only way to quit

    25. “What is your personal opinion of Ava?” Kelvin asked

    26. both he and his wife were of one opinion

    27. are, in my opinion, an underlying cause of cancer

    28. your opinion by trying to over-clarify it

    29. · Local opinion about the project

    30. practice: Knowledge of opinion is useful

    31. When that opinion is known the

    32. opinion) is unthinkably unknown

    33. ‘Dave, can I have your opinion on this?’ Bill asked

    34. silver threads and the diamonds, she completely revised her opinion

    35. Invalidate negative opinion

    36. when an opinion is invalidated it is not enough

    37. And in my opinion, Socrates will most likely take care of all of your needs, and place you light years ahead of where I was at this same stage you find yourself

    38. others your beliefs without them asking for your opinion

    39. But there are two of us in this relationship and I have an opinion too

    40. He knew it was useless trying to change her opinion of them now

    41. Tom formed the opinion that the two men were old

    42. backside” was his considered opinion

    43. Chrissie had been inclined to stay, taking the tack that the devil of a boss she knew was better than the devil of unemployment, but her opinion changed when Masa had a go at her after the last show of the day

    44. " He stands and is about to go, but stops and adds, "Although, if you want my opinion, what were the bloody parents doing letting seventeen year old girls out on their own somewhere like that? If you want to know who's really fucking stupid, ask yourself that one

    45. Letting the medically insane into a canteen is, in her considered opinion, a tragedy in the making

    46. For all that he had little opinion of Ozzie, Andy didn’t relish being on the receiving end of a well-deserved shouting session

    47. Several hours later, they stand together in the front room of her house; her head cocked on one side, Chrissie stares at the wall for a good ten minutes before pronouncing her opinion

    48. And although I don’t have a terribly high opinion of the man, I honestly think our Andy was telling the truth when he said that he wouldn’t have used it if he hadn’t been so desperate to get away from here

    49. “The general opinion over here – at least, in those organisations

    50. In the end she convinced herself it wouldn’t be prudent, while another side of her mind said she was just afraid to go out and still a third opinion that he might even have something to do with it after all

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    opinion ruling belief feeling impression notion persuasion sentiment thought view popular opinion public opinion vox populi judgement judgment legal opinion estimate estimation guess theory thesis theorem postulate consideration surmise conviction conception inference deliverance rostrum soap-box