ordination sätze

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Ordination sätze (in englisch)

  5. The Law of Natural Ordination.

  8. It�s the law of natural ordination.
  10. This thing over the ordination of women to the.
  11. Stations of the Cross, Icons, Ordination to Religious.
  12. He had attended special ordination classes Thomas did not know.
  13. His parents in Milan had given him the watch on the day of his ordination.
  14. Jacob felt more filled with the Spirit than he had at any time since his ordination.
  15. Jesus' discourse at the ordination of the twelve constitutes a master philosophy of life.

  16. The Church of Rome holds that Confirmation, Penance (or Confession and Absolution), Ordination.
  17. It does contain much helpful instruction, but it was Jesus' ordination charge to the twelve apostles.
  18. They had gone dancing together, seen the sights of Europe together, and witnessed the ordination of a pope together.
  19. We all know that a si quis must be read before an ordination, and I contend that a si quis should be required in every case before an Institution.
  20. The whole experience took on the ambience of a wedding, funeral, Bar / Bat Mitzvah, confirmation, ordination, profession of monastic vows, and Baptism.
  21. On the 23rd he was going to a friend near Peterborough, in the same situation as himself, and they were to receive ordination in the course of the Christmas week.
  22. Jesus talked with Matadormus concerning the requirements of ordination and requested that he defer decision until after he had thought more fully about the matter.
  23. Such an ordination conferred the title of "rabbi" upon the teacher and also qualified him to act as a judge, "binding and loosing such matters as might be brought to him for adjudication.
  24. He destroyed the meeting place of their religion and the people therein, he came to himself, was awaken to Gods’ ordination, and cried out with a believing heart, to destroy that which had been his nemesis.
  25. And if Angel were not going to enter the Church, what was the use of sending him to Cambridge? The University as a step to anything but ordination seemed, to this man of fixed ideas, a preface without a volume.

  26. Ever since the ordination of you and your brethren as messengers of the kingdom, you have been self-governing in all group administrative affairs except that I designated you as the acting head of these chosen ones.
  27. His own ordination as an under-priest of the Order of Chihiro had come about only because he was a skilled seaman who’d been tapped for command in the Navy of God, but before that, he’d captained Church couriers and transports for almost twenty years.
  28. In all cases where this committee of three were not unanimous in agreement, they brought the candidate to Jesus, and while the Master never rejected a single person who craved ordination as a gospel messenger, there were more than a dozen who, when they had talked with Jesus, no more desired to become gospel messengers.
  29. I cannot refrain from saying that a sacerdotal ministry, a mediatorial ministry, an infallible ministry, a ministry of men who by virtue of episcopal ordination have any monopoly of knowledge, or any special ability to settle disputed questions of faith or ritual such a ministry, in my judgment, is an innovation of man, and utterly without warrant of Holy Scripture.
  30. Edmund was at this time particularly full of cares: his mind being deeply occupied in the consideration of two important events now at hand, which were to fix his fate in life, ordination and matrimony, events of such a serious character as to make the ball, which would be very quickly followed by one of them, appear of less moment in his eyes than in those of any other person in the house.
  31. Not one asked himself if he should take part in an act which his conscience reprobated, but each accepted himself as one who had simply to fulfil a certain function; let it be the Czar, anointed of God, an exceptional being called to look after the welfare of a hundred million men; let it be the noble; the priest, the recipient of grace through ordination; the soldier, bound by oath to fulfil commands without hesitation,—it is the same with all.
  32. They do not face the question that is presented to them, whether or not they ought to take part in what their conscience judges an evil act, but fancy themselves various conventional personages—one as the Tzar, God's anointed, an exceptional being, called to watch over the happiness of one hundred millions of men; another as the representative of nobility; another as a priest, who has received special grace by his ordination; another as a soldier, bound by his military oath to carry out all he is commanded without reflection.
  33. Edmund had already gone through the service once since his ordination; and upon this being understood, he had a variety of questions from Crawford as to his feelings and success; questions, which being made, though with the vivacity of friendly interest and quick taste, without any touch of that spirit of banter or air of levity which Edmund knew to be most offensive to Fanny, he had true pleasure in satisfying; and when Crawford proceeded to ask his opinion and give his own as to the properest manner in which particular passages in the service should be delivered, shewing it to be a subject on which he had thought before, and thought with judgment, Edmund was still more and more pleased.

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