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    1. don't have it first and then do what's necessary to keep it, in order to be what it is you want to be

    2. You don’t have the luxury house and lifestyle, do what you need to do to keep it, and then be who you need to be in order to keep it

    3. create your thoughts the way that you need them to be in order to create the life that you want to have? Well, that's done through affirmations

    4. Positive statements train your brain to have the thoughts that you need in order to believe what you want to believe

    5. It’s a form of control, but it keeps order

    6. inadvertently teach a child that in order to get your approval they

    7. Think about all the things that would have to align in order for the universe TOM ANDERSON

    8. Your brain and the universe need that in order to get you what you want

    9. activity? How can I use my time more effectively in order to create and live the life I want? How about those little times that we talked about, like putting something in the microwave

    10. to be in order to have what you want? Would you have to be more open

    11. What would you be doing in order to have that conversation that you want to have?

    12. itself in order to have the company I want?

    13. need to be, in order to have that?” When they are innately aware of the answer to that question, they would immediately do what they needed to

    14. that we need in order to walk with Him effectively

    15. From there we can formulate where the United Order is most likely to meet to try and use the Super Chip

    16. There are seven things to keep doing in order to stay young your whole life

    17. The United Order has a model that works in a similar way, but their model has such a drain on power resources that they can only use it for a small amount of time

    18. order to communicate with God is our communion with

    19. It’s in a United Order base hidden within the city in the basement of a building posing as a bank,” Ackers said in one large breath

    20. A good mail order place is called Mo

    21. David says here, ‘I seek thee early in order to see thy

    22. “This is supposed to be a front for the United Order, so the technology will be quite a bit more advanced,” Johnny said

    23. “I don’t like to wait,” Scar said, leaning over the shoulder of the nervous computer operator who everyone in the United Order just referred to as The Operator

    24. The United Order soldiers sprang into action, bringing up their laser rifles and aiming them at Silence

    25. Many of us are in a better financial situation that we did not have the luxury of when we had to work and spend so much time away from our children in order to feed, cloth, and keep a roof over their heads

    26. Cockroaches belong to the order Blattoidea (family Blattidae), and can live up to a year

    27. Johnny and Nancy kept running, trying to put more distance between themselves and the United Order, doing everything they could to keep the Chip safe

    28. They had just retrieved the Super Chip from the United Order, they should be celebrating!

    29. He knew that Ackers never left the base, and the chances of him actually coming to Johnny’s house were the same as the chances of the United Order knowing that Johnny Clunker was Johnny B

    30. He was caught already! How did this happen? The United Order wasn’t supposed to know any of their real identities, let alone where Johnny lived

    31. Organic Fertilizers should be used in combination with compost in order to develop rich, humusy soil

    32. The Order of the Wolfians, as its members call themselves, believes that Blitzer is actually the original and purest vampire

    33. If need be, the beards are bleached in order to emulate their deity

    34. Unfortunately, the order accepts no interviews

    35. His first order of business was to find out who was in the room without being caught

    36. Which brought him to his next order of business; he had to find out who he was dealing with and how best to deal with them

    37. It could be that only The Order of the Wolfians knows Blitzer’s true purpose, if anyone does at all

    38. The United Order showed up with over two dozen soldiers who are now tearing the house apart to find it,” Nancy said as she continued to watch the house

    39. If the United Order gets the Chip there won’t be much we can do other than a full scale attack

    40. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    41. In order to be who you really are, it is necessary to understand what you really are

    42. It requires you to focus your mind at one point and stilling the mind in order to perceive the self

    43. It means focusing the mind on one point, stilling the mind in order to perceive the Self

    44. To Order please see visit my website under Store

    45. Word order of the adjectives

    46. "One more question Lieutenant, was it really necessary to cause a bloodbath in order to break this trafficking ring?"

    47. What she chose to reveal was invariably better than the inter-intelligence communiqués where one agency often hid detail from another in order to maintain tactical advantage

    48. In order to use the authority and power of Spirit we need to use our faith,

    49. He paid a high price in order to gain us in Jesus Christ

    50. I had lived there continuously for thirteen years but of course, I couldn't go back in time and go to school in the local Christian Brothers in order to be fully accepted by the natives of Darklow

    1. He ordered his assistant to fetch some over-priced coffee from the nearby Starbucks and contemplated his next big deal, a large painting of Jesus and Lady Julep entwined in a strangely sexless pose

    2. There was a flurry of ordered chaos down there

    3. She ordered two large beers, took them back to where

    4. As the boy sat at table and ordered half a litre of the house red while he

    5. so I have one ordered for then to bring us home

    6. brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly

    7. Lack of respect - He had no respect for others; ordered their destruction without any conscience

    8. The metal storm headed straight for Horcheese and her redsuits, and Jordo ordered her to get the hell out of there, but Burn shouted over him

    9. She ordered him to lay out his plan in detail

    10. As the boy sat at table and ordered half a litre of the house red while he perused the by now predictable menu his heart sank in converse proportion to the rising pulse in the veins of the aforementioned lady

    11. The dungeon guards had been ordered not to feed Son so that he would

    12. ordered the top ranking officers in his army to join the fight to kill Son

    13. Son then ordered that the three slave girls be released

    14. had ordered the hit on Son

    15. "I don't think I want someone who's ordered to have sex with me

    16. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly of empire in the heavens

    17. I would have said 'No, I would have loved to lie with you if you did it of your own free will, but now that you are ordered to, no

    18. into a chatter of lead, walking slowly, ordered in their falling

    19. Luray probably enjoyed it more because Alan hadn't been ordered to do it this time, he had initiated this of his own free will

    20. I wandered into the corner of the bar area and ordered an orange juice from the barman

    21. He ordered two Margaritas and gave one to me

    22. to a place which is ordered and where

    23. of lead, walking slowly, ordered in their falling

    24. The old girl ordered another brandy-shandy and waited

    25. He collapsed into the booth, ordered a double strength Americano, put his head in his hands and wept like a baby

    26. Then, before I could protest, he ordered two glasses of the tropical yellow delight Uncle Pani used to make and we sat and sipped in silence

    27. Most of them were beginning to wonder why Jake had not yet ordered an attack

    28. ’ Berndt said, breaking in on our conversation as he skilfully turns the wagon in through a well ordered gateway

    29. I ordered two eggs with potatoes

    30. The ladies on the wall ate with frightening enthusiasm, enjoying every scrap, and then they ordered more which they slipped into carrier bags standing by their knees

    31. He ordered the farmers to grow carrots, and beets, and sweet potatoes in a special area explaining that this was for the wee ones

    32. 'Hello sir, how's your head? Still on fire?' He ordered me a raki in the candlelight, the last thing that I wanted, but he offered me a seat with a group of men who seemed to be talking about the future of the village so I joined them

    33. She sat there at their stylish titanium sculpture of a kitchen table glowering at him as she ordered him out of the house

    34. I ordered tea while the waiter cleared our plates

    35. Ava ordered green by brand name and ordered him a blue tea, whatever that was

    36. There is a warm mug of Tesh in each room, and I ordered the fires lit

    37. 'You ordered a crate with ten bottles

    38. He ordered tea and khakra for all of us

    39. 'Boys, run around the backyard twenty times,' Ish ordered in his drill sergeant

    40. “Take him to his room please,” he quickly ordered, “I can work on him easier there

    41. This song, a song that he had never heard before but seemed to know instinctively, filled him with warmth and life, and quite to the barman’s shock and pleasant surprise, Ken ordered his last pint with a smile

    42. Her back still to him and in a voice now dripping with contempt Naria angrily ordered,

    43. "The possibility exists that it could have been ordered to intercept us

    44. We ordered tea and sat on the stools outside the shop

    45. the waitress came over the old tart ordered two large brandy-

    46. He collapsed into the booth, ordered a

    47. In her usual efficient way, Jane has got the reception all sorted out – various people have been dragooned into helping and all the food has been ordered

    48. He ordered his minions to break

    49. Rytal rose and ordered the others to their feet; all turned and bowed to Naria

    50. Signaling two of her squadron with hand motions, she ordered them to rise up another twenty feet and recheck for traps

    1. "I am ordering you ahead

    2. You really think you can stop them? I’m ordering you to fly ahead and warn Hardway

    3. Ever since then the head chef insisted on ordering fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for banquets and special occasions through old Ted’s niece, and all the while the unsuspecting Ted had been convinced that his niece was strangely obsessed by fresh fruit and vegetables

    4. then the head chef insisted on ordering fresh seasonal fruit and

    5. early stages of the marriage, she soon set about ordering the world

    6. This latter facility was the result of having been given the responsibility of performing the daily ordering and planning based upon the restaurant's business load, the current menus, and the seasonal availability of supplies

    7. After ordering a pot of coffee, he returned the phone to its rightful spot and looked back at her

    8. Regulars looked on with suspicion at the stranger who was ordering a beer

    9. "Your oldest girl was here yesterday, ordering more hats from the Miss’s

    10. I’m ordering you to stay

    11. " Arkaneh grabbed the radio and started ordering on behalf of his lieutenant the other 3 groups to get to the warehouse on Brine Street

    12. Consciousness involves the intentional ordering of information, so that when we are conscious, the way in which we experience reality is the result of our own process of selection, ordering, and classification of information

    13. Implicit in consciousness is the intentional selection, filtering, and ordering of information

    14. When the breach of contract consisted in the non-payment of money, the damage sustained could be compensated in no other way than by ordering payment, which was equivalent to a specific performance of the agreement

    15. The long grass rustled at her feet as the White Rabbit hurried by–the frightened Mouse splashed his way through the neighbouring pool–she could hear the rattle of the teacups as the March Hare and his friends shared their never-ending meal, and the shrill voice of the Queen ordering off her unfortunate guests to execution–once more the pig-baby was sneezing on the Duchess’s knee, while plates and dishes crashed around it–once more the shriek of the Gryphon, the squeaking of the Lizard’s slate-pencil, and the choking of the suppressed guinea-pigs, filled the air, mixed up with the

    16. “You sit,” he said, not ordering, but as though he wished to do the honors

    17. Melanie carried on ordering the household around

    18. He then explained the issue of the infected men and women, stating that Carl Wilder was ordering changes be made to custom and law regarding victims of vampires

    19. They’d ask the owner of each establishment if they would be interested in having this exciting new game in their place of business, a game that would attract their patrons and keep them there ordering more food and drinks while

    20. He watched as, now the catering was sorted, like father, like daughter, she was ordering her own particular slave to get her whips, get her drink and then get down on all fours and start barking like a dog

    21. Monty had put his live-in slave into the cage with another young, barely clad nubile, ordering them to put their tongues in every orifice until they were both licked clean, he of course would decide when that would be

    22. Winston Churchill began ordering the carpet bombing of German civilians before the US entered the war, by over a year and a half

    23. In the proper ordering of things, God gave Man dominion over the Beast; that is to say, they are not co-partners in Nature

    24. Likely, much like Bush and his administration of torturers, Obama and all who took part in ordering drone assassination may be unable to travel to most nations outside the US once he is out of office, not without facing arrest and trial

    25. Goodness and Justice, understood within a temporal framework, represent conventional ideas based upon (plausible) principle abstractions consensually agreed upon by majority opinion in order to promote a proper ordering of things within a society or between nations

    26. As the train sped along, rocking me back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm, I half dozed, only vaguely aware that Uncle Hobart was ordering something from the trolley service

    27. The long grass rustled at her feet as the White Rabbit hurried by--the frightened Mouse splashed his way through the neighbouring pool--she could hear the rattle of the teacups as the March Hare and his friends shared their never-ending meal, and the shrill voice of the Queen ordering off her unfortunate guests to execution--once more the pig-baby was sneezing on the Duchess's knee, while plates and dishes crashed around it--once more the shriek of the Gryphon, the squeaking of the Lizard's slate-pencil, and the choking of the suppressed guinea-pigs, filled the air, mixed up with the distant sobs of the miserable Mock Turtle

    28. Ordering another cup of tea, Frank thought about what he’d been told

    29. Kissinger has also long been accused of ordering the murder of General Rene Schneider of Chile for refusing to overthrow the elected President, Salvador Allende

    30. He had demonstrated his power over me the second time we had met, ordering me burn my finger in a candle flame

    31. He was ordering her—telling her what to think, what to feel

    32. Ordering yet another round of stiff drinks, he apologized for, ‘only having a couple

    33. The idea of ordering the men to wear the stuff; well, that might take some courage

    34. (We used to drop flechettes from such boxes; but I was having trouble ordering them

    35. “I’ve taken the liberty of ordering a case of squid,” he added with a grin

    36. Recognising and rejoicing in your ordering

    37. His father had subsided without ordering any action at all for him

    38. He told me that three times before quaffing off his fourth martini and ordering another

    39. ordering bar: two white men; one had on glasses, while the other one was

    40. Cara had just finished ordering a glass of white wine when Tyler Harris walked into the room

    41. Edward also insisted on ordering a bottle of champagne and cigars, and although I would have preferred my own cigarettes, some fear of perhaps not fitting in or appearing too provincial made me accept a cigar

    42. 16 As the sun when it arises in the high Heaven; so is the beauty of a good wife in the ordering of her house

    43. ordering of the feast

    44. cities that were in the country, and taking care for the good ordering of them; at which time he came down himself to Jericho with his

    45. Elijah, ordering the opening of the doors for Cerberus to enter: Let them in, the moment of truth is finally here

    46. because you're ordering a la carte," the waitress warned her

    47. Senator Green was at the bar ordering his twelfth martini, which Serina thought, was probably about eight too many

    48. “I watch how he was with her, he treated her like he owned her, ordering her around

    49. choices, are very disciplined when it comes to not ordering the

    50. “Are you ordering me around?” I asked and she stubbornly raised her chin “Yeah, I ‘am, you have a problem with that?” she asked and I smiled deviously

    1. Prayer is one of the important ordinances or orders of

    2. Someone was yelling orders

    3. He had seen worse cases where traders had very specific orders to fulfill and would come back for more, either from a surviving victim, which was rare, or from their genetically comparable family, much more common, if they still needed more parts

    4. Russ happily barks orders to workers, who load crates of moonshine on a waiting truck

    5. The trade has become so lucrative that the top buyers are now placing orders for specific types of skin

    6. "It means they need tattoo artists to fulfill the orders

    7. "What orders them?" the woman asked

    8. "Occasionally there are orders now for living organs, live beating hearts to be removed and filmed for the pleasure of the client

    9. "I had specific orders to fill," he said

    10. Yet, the popular person commands and the others carry out his or her orders with spontaneous joy

    11. Ahmed was already there giving orders to try and handle the overload

    12. Again, orders are to follow

    13. At other times, when their orders growled with pain and confusion, we suffered the blows and the smarts of fist and hard metal

    14. She hardly had to shout her orders to him and that was most of her orders

    15. Actually they only heard the sail orders and only because they had to be passed on

    16. ‘I’ve strict orders to keep you safe

    17. orders, rags, boys and guns, mixed together,

    18. and to a background score of barks and orders,

    19. A few deaths for incompetence in following his orders and they all soon cowered from him

    20. As they had been told early in the voyage, Byia and Eelon were not like normal captains, they let marVan the navigator bawl the orders and functioned more like business managers of the Vikenvor, so she had no real reason to be on deck other than socializing

    21. Margaret was soon awash in orders for other scenes with the dragons’ likenesses and it became the rage to have one of her quilts hanging on the walls of their caves

    22. "The captain gave strict orders that you were to be kept out of the lab, both labs

    23. "It's orders, it's not personal," Thom said, but his tone of voice made Alan suspicious that it was

    24. Lord Tarak was running down the hallway shouting orders to several warriors

    25. He thinks this should occur in all higher orders also, but we will never contain enough antimatter to perform that experiment

    26. Too bad it took a separation and orders from the captain to bring it about

    27. They agreed with his plan and issued orders to the fleet to proceed to the planet for re-fitting

    28. With a quick apology about neglecting her duties, Mistress Sera returned to the kitchen issuing orders for lunch, and admonishing the cooks for not having the sense to begin on their own

    29. The Tailor promised her an entire wardrobe if the orders came in as he expected

    30. proclamations in every place of congregation and he sent orders to

    31. They are not signaling but their mission orders are still being transmitted

    32. He thought about what Ava had said, this dark matter potentially holds two orders of magnitude more compute power than all the silicon and aluminum in the galaxy can provide

    33. ‘sailors’ under Naria’s own orders

    34. He watched his friend barking out orders and almost laughed at his expression

    35. Tarak shouted orders instructing them to make a run for the shelter on the far side of the mountain; even the Hausa seemed to understand the urgency

    36. that the wheel had three orders clipped to it

    37. about the orders attached to the wheel

    38. Naria’s orders were that she be kept informed of any Scather ships in the area

    39. They were under strict orders to remain silent, no radio contact after they entered our galaxy

    40. We have orders to get him up if he isn’t back in twenty four hours and we’ve never gone over twelve before

    41. Despite my protest that I am quite able to buy my own, Dave ignores me, orders for himself and pays for both of us

    42. “Darryl did say data would be copied in all higher orders didn’t he?” she asked

    43. The lads are already crowding out the bar, yelling orders and intimidating some of the tourists

    44. A steady stream of orders flow to and fro across the bar

    45. The young man ignores comments from punters and comic alike, leans on the bar, and orders a pint of snakebite

    46. He finished with a series of Productions and Vanishes amongst the audience, the old coin behind the ear stuff, and then, like Cinderella, he left with his meal and beer voucher before last orders when his Dad turned up to give him a lift home

    47. The doctor orders a blood count, blood sugars, paracetamol and aspirin, and makes a call to arrange an immediate CT scan

    48. George had custom rod orders to fill and set Harry to the task of sectioning and planing the strips while he directed the girls in wrapping the guides, strippers and tips

    49. He orders a vodka

    50. He repacked his texts in his trunk and picked up the daunting stack of correspondence, orders, and status logs which Mr

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    order ordering order of magnitude purchase order decree edict fiat rescript parliamentary law parliamentary procedure rules of order monastic order club gild guild lodge social club society ordination holy order orderliness grade place range rank rate arrange put set up enjoin say tell dictate prescribe consecrate ordain ordinate govern regularise regularize regulate progression consecution succession procession disposal line distribution command canon direction injunction instruction law mandate prescription pattern arrangement regulation harmony management placement array disposition ranging trimming grouping kind class family genus sort tribe degree classification station hierarchy organization organisation brotherhood sect community company fraternity custom ritual usage rite plan tradition calm quiet peace peacefulness serenity