oversee sätze

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Oversee sätze (in englisch)

  1. I oversee the Upper Midwest.
  2. It was all too much to oversee.
  3. It belonged to Stubb to oversee the business.
  4. I will stay behind to oversee the transition of command.
  5. If qualified elders are present, they should oversee the.
  6. It was too much for them to oversee the joint on a day-to-.
  7. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to oversee the infirmary.
  8. As Moses grew up he was promoted to oversee the construction and.
  9. And this is the Great Chamber where I oversee the Council Meetings.
  10. Then came the day you visited, to oversee the renewal of the Wards.
  11. Then, of course, we had to oversee the unloading of all the furniture.
  12. I need somebody I can rely on to oversee the rest of these operations.
  13. And therefore, Captain, I want you to continue to oversee this personally.
  14. He has indicated that he will be there in person to oversee the delivery.
  15. Here King Gerren pledged that he would oversee the rebuilding of Caer Cadwy.
  16. He even found time to take responsibility to oversee and supervise the minister.
  17. A select few of our ancestors remained in this facility to oversee the bar-Seth.
  18. It had haunted him since Tanyvilas, like a shadow, he never quite could oversee.
  19. Greedily, among despicable wretches, though I had to oversee the operation somewhat.
  20. The mayor wanted to set up a commission to oversee everything about the convention center.
  21. Among all of the others were Mevarn and Laino and she could not oversee looking at them now.
  22. Therefore men, you are the one who will oversee order in your house under God’s direction.
  23. It was small consolation that the old man had said, Moshe, I need you to oversee the whole.
  24. I followed the group in as Parker went ahead to direct them and oversee the precise placement.
  25. The soldiers’ horses, having begun to stray, were rounded up, and given to Judah to oversee.
  26. Pneumo showed up at Zeughuas a little ahead of the team to oversee operations, and to meet the.
  27. Didn’t seem like the most sanitary guy in the world to oversee all the cooking, Thomas thought.
  28. I have been appointed by the king to oversee the instruction and welfare of all these trainees.
  29. It will be wise therefore, to appoint someone of wisdom to oversee a project spanning seven years.
  30. Judges were then appointed to oversee and perform priestly duties, according to the Torah and the.
  31. With no ‘committee’ to report to, no agency to oversee us, no laws that could bind us – and, no.
  32. The most ancient among mankind’s first manifestations are now ready to oversee our ways—their ways.
  33. It was appropriate that the Tyrants’ commander oversee the interrogation of such an important prisoner.
  34. Henry no longer came to oversee the doctors work as he was very worried that he would find something wrong.
  35. To be a competent professional in any field is to be a clear channel for the spirits who oversee that field.
  36. Vice President, Alvarez Johnson, is staying at the White House to oversee things until the President returns.
  37. I met the psychologist who would oversee my treatment as I took advantage of whatever care the VA had to offer.
  38. During the meal the king casually brought up the topic of the special project he had in mind for Zarko to oversee.
  39. No matter whose individual fault it was, it was up to the Gathandrian city to oversee the welfare of these lands.
  40. The business owners are members and they select an Executive Committee to oversee the policy formulation of the chamber.
  41. Surely she wouldn’t redact her own records? The medical committee would oversee, but they’d have no reason to redact.
  42. Taken a step further, the business owner could recruit and train a manager to oversee the daily activity of this business.
  43. There were too many factors and too many players involved for any one group of living conspirators to oversee and control.
  44. They’ve probably brought in someone trained in dealing with autism to oversee the boy and keep him balanced emotionally.
  45. Caer Cadwy was a good base to oversee the growing Saxon settlements that were a threat all along the southern and eastern lines.
  46. Kenneth will you liaise with the Chiefs of Police in both areas please and oversee the setting up of Silver and Bronze agencies.
  47. I'll need two men to deliver reports and coordinate with your staff face-to-face, not to mention oversee the movement of cargo.
  48. It is my responsibility, as First Elder of the land, to welcome you to us and to oversee the learning that you must swiftly undergo.
  49. Further, the Supreme Court has exercised its judicial discretion to appoint a judge to oversee this important and much-noted trial.
  50. Captain Jansa left me and returned to the bridge to directly oversee the pulling of the ship close to the shore line in the darkness.
  51. His job was to oversee the transition and to direct committees and groups that would facilitate the change to a more equitable system.
  52. Since she is still technically an apprentice teacher, Spring is not assigned to directly oversee any of the yogis throughout the retreat.
  53. Emma, we are truly blessed to have you oversee the kitchen and now God continues to bless us and your kitchen by replenishing supplies.
  54. Fitzgerald was told that an evacuation team would come to Naoetsu on September 4 to oversee the POWs’ transport to Yokohama, and then home.
  55. Fujimori fled to Japan while the Peruvian former United Nations Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar stepped in to oversee new elections.
  56. With your permission, Sir, he said, snapping the case closed, I promised the Bo’sun I’d oversee that sail room survey this morning.
  57. Once the engagement is agreed on, he wants word to be sent immediately – that very minute – so he can come and oversee the arrangements.
  58. Brink continues to oversee US drug distribution and the call girl operation personally, with the help of his 6’ 9 HR Director, Jack Smoley.
  59. Someone had to oversee the recipients; the risk of a malfunction always existed with a basic monitoring program without an intelligent overseer.
  60. A competent, inspired professional in any field is constantly receiving inspiration and new ideas from the spirits who oversee his or her field.
  61. There are also spirits which oversee particular human activities such as agriculture, art, construction, cooking, healing, mathematics, mining, etc.
  62. American relief efforts have resulted in the ignominious death of eighteen United States servicemen dispatched to oversee the distribution of food.
  63. You have a practice to run, a business to oversee, a case to try in the morning—or better yet, a golf game or grandchild’s baseball game to get to.
  64. And Barnabas entreated Paul to go first to Cyprus and oversee his own in his village; and Lucius entreated him to take the oversight of his city Cyrene.
  65. With no further words I steered Phalon away from the King’s group and headed northward to Smirnaz to oversee that very commitment as the caravan headed for Toll.
  66. An hour later, Samantha, Mattie, and Jeff were sitting in the back row in the main courtroom, waiting on the judge who would oversee the probate of Donovan’s estate.
  67. John wasn’t sure why or how Mag had known to show up at that exact moment, but he suspected that she was there to oversee the operation of the strange boxlike device.
  68. The usual practice is for members of the IRA to oversee the loading of the consignment, and then deposit a post-dated cheque, cashable when the arms are safely delivered.
  69. The women agreed to join forces in order to help solve the riddle and oversee their men’s recovery, since it appeared the men shared the malady, what the hell ever it was.
  70. It was small consolation that the old man had said, Moshe, I need you to oversee the whole operation, from a vantage point where you can spot any surprises before they happen.
  71. There was less time required to oversee the Battalion clerk responsibilities, and the men assigned to the PX required little of his time, but his duties as a medic seemed to grow.
  72. It was his job to oversee the monitoring of their whole operation, and to ensure that any interruptions to the service they provided to their customers were immediately rectified.
  73. That’s strange, observed one of the guides, peering cautiously as they stepped around the lowered bar, there’s always one or two Egyptians to oversee anyone who enters or leaves.
  74. Aidan knew of others in the town that had clerical and banking backgrounds and would as he put it be ideal candidates for the formation of a committee to organize and oversee such a development.
  75. The Zoarinians have a secretive sect in their higher ranks of hierarchy that oversee the most intimate affairs of the empire, including the actions and private lives of the governors themselves.
  76. The bureaucrats always thought every scrap of paper with writing on it had to be saved and a bureaucratic post established to oversee every ton with the requisite senior and oversight councils over them.
  77. Greyghor’s, initially, but each shipment to one of the other manufactories was accompanied by a member of Fultyn’s staff to oversee the fabrication on-site of still more of them from the master patterns.
  78. The quantity to be collected, and the district within which it is to be collected, are so small, that they both can oversee, with their own eyes, the collection and disposal of every part of what is due to them.
  79. The head of the mission, being a delegate of the ministry, has the right to oversee the Tunisian service of antiquities, and has also for both Algeria and Tunisia the permanent inspection of libraries and museums.
  80. Vaughan’s role at the Bank of England was to oversee and protect all the Bank’s operations, from the physical security of cash and bullion to the security of its many complex and highly sensitive computer systems.
  81. In his hand he kept a note book, which within was written words wailing: love; a young man’s anger; the neon carvings of drugs; creed; masks of passport; excellent wishes and totem pictures, convoking the ethnic earth to oversee.
  82. But since he had moved to DC in the midnineties to oversee the operations of Special Olympics—while keeping his hand in education and his social-emotional learning project—we came to realize we were operating in closely linked worlds.
  83. It is inconvenient to have to oversee all the production of the conquered people, and thus the third means is introduced, as primitive as the two former; this is, the levying of a certain obligatory tax to be paid by the conquered at stated periods.
  84. And when it came to pass that they finished teaching in Antioch on the first of the week they took counsel together to set out for the places of the East and after that to go into Cyprus and oversee all the churches in which they had spoken the word of God.
  85. Father Ahndyr Brauhylo, the Schuelerite under-priest assigned to Truculent to oversee the prisoners packed into her hold, was determined to see them delivered to their destination and consigned to the Punishment, but he was disinclined to be any more brutal about it than he had to.
  86. With a rueful grin of his own, (once their laughter subsided some) Gerry ruefully agreed that perhaps he’d better have one of his men pick up the car for her instead of himself, but he would oversee the transportation of it, and her luggage, to insure she got them expediently and safely.
  87. It was all paid for in gold dust, and while the barman weighed it out, the customer would ostentatiously turn his back, disdaining to oversee the transaction; showing equal trust, trading-stations would often provide unlimited and unsecured loans to any prospector, and there are no known cases of anybody not getting their money back.
  88. The Department of Health and Human Resources --- Get it out of the Insurance Business and cut---‘way back’!! I would suggest that the agencies that oversee Drugs and Medical Equipment evolutions, need to have less ‘buracracy’ and more ‘ability to work faster’ as the palethra of new drug and medical equipment are created and need approval to ‘enter the marketplace’.
  89. In Chesford’s case they excelled, and formed a Special Finance Committee to oversee all major projects; it was an important group, their brief was to highlight the prestige of city and promote it throughout the country-They attempted to achieve this by developing grandiose schemes, usually at great public expense, thus earning- the committee a nickname amongst council employees.
  90. The reason this one evil entity entered into that innocent fetus before it was born is simple: it wanted to gain dominant control over the actions of this to-be-powerful future king, so it could over-power and oversee and control the machinations of all the other evil entities that entered into the baby at birth; so it’s evil will and plans could be pursued over and above that of all the other evil entities which surrounded this child from birth.
  91. The captain strode off to oversee the work of his crew,.
  1. I was overseeing a city, after all.
  2. No overseeing of the legal system at all.
  3. Maeve was overseeing the kids from there.
  4. I thought he’d be overseeing the whole thing.
  5. A cowboy named Bud was overseeing his herd in a.
  6. I have insisted on Ayurvati overseeing the delivery.
  7. This was to be under the overseeing eye of Congress.
  8. Remember that when overseeing and reading the Vedas, keep.
  9. Bishoprick: A protector of the faith; the office of overseeing.
  10. According to him he had been the foreman, overseeing the workers.
  11. There is an idea of an over-soul, overseeing all your reincarnations.
  12. When the news came through, Jil was overseeing a game of twister in a.
  13. An anxious thought nagged at Moshe as he worked at his overseeing duties.
  14. It was time he should have been spending with his men, overseeing the most.
  15. The Japanese Self Defense Force was trucking in supplies and overseeing the.
  16. He had been tasked with overseeing the rooting out of such persons in Markarth.
  17. He was on the bridge sipping coffee while overseeing the cast off from Hong Kong.
  18. Ozzie stood off to one side, overseeing, yet in some indefinable manner, outside.
  19. At present, none of the upright religions have gods overseeing them anymore, and.
  20. However, I expect you to serve on the committee overseeing the development of this.
  21. This is when the ‘Official Overseeing Gods’ part of their acronym was added on.
  22. Ashpenaz explained to him that Zarko was to be overseeing the project on the king’s orders.
  23. You really should leave this job to me, some people just aren’t good at overseeing missions.
  24. Shobal, in the middle of overseeing the safe transfer, moaned, What about Myserrah, and the.
  25. For now he would be there, overseeing everything that happened to her, living through her somewhat.
  26. Conrad and Joel were with her every step of the way, with Gerry and Jack overseeing everything else.
  27. Shobal, in the middle of overseeing the safe transfer, moaned, What about Myserrah, and the baggage?
  28. Meantime, overseeing the other part of the ship, Captain Peleg ripped and swore astern in the most frightful manner.
  29. The Order of the Quill is responsible for training and overseeing the Church’s scribes, historians, and bureaucrats.
  30. He entered the club by the back way and found Ruth in the main room overseeing the decorations for the Halloween bash later.
  31. Yeah, Feltus mumbled as he recalled the judge’s fondness for personally overseeing the executions of those he sentenced.
  32. He told them they were official proof of his diligence in overseeing the investments in their country he was there to supervise.
  33. She handed us over to another woman who introduced herself as Officer Johnson; she said that she would be overseeing our training.
  34. They started out at a slow trot, with Shobal on the right, to one side of them, fretfully overseeing the beginning of their journey.
  35. I SPENT THAT WHOLE DAY at the Hall, on the phone with the field or at a grid map of the city, overseeing the manhunt for Frank Coombs.
  36. Arlene Lavitt, the detective overseeing the massage parlor killing in Albuquerque, was less forthcoming when I reached her at her desk.
  37. We have had a report that Morientes is now overseeing that operation as he has a 25% stake in the company employed to build the complex.
  38. We will be in charge of your group, though we will not be overseeing your training unless necessary, she said looking at us closely.
  39. Created in 1913, the Fed is the central banking system of the United States, responsible for overseeing money supply, interest rates, and credit.
  40. Along with running her department, supervising her staff, and overseeing the processing of thousands of deceased human beings, Claire also managed Dr.
  41. It turned over its ownership of the second-largest furniture showroom owner and operator in the United States to the special servicer overseeing the mortgage.
  42. Take the exceptional Mary Callahan Erdoes, who leads 22,000 financial professionals, including some of the finest portfolio managers in the world, overseeing an astonishing $2.
  43. I should think she'd hate to poke herself where she isn't wanted, said Jo crossly, for she disliked the trouble of overseeing a fidgety child when she wanted to enjoy herself.
  44. Retired Air Commodore Mark Perkins was a frequent visitor to Buscot Park now that he had been given the responsibility for overseeing the transformation of Professor Jack Barclay into Dr.
  45. Two small monorails ran along against the walls that could rapidly take a person up to the sentry ports on the cave sides, an advantage point for overseeing machinery that came and went into the cave.
  46. In the first quote Jesus seems to be saying that all children have angelic intercessors, who may stand before God directly in representing or overseeing the interests of children personally and individually.
  47. Ron Smith, as well as doing cognitive behavioral therapy at least once a week with my therapist in Providence (often on the phone) and speaking at least once every few weeks with the psychopharmacologist overseeing my meds.
  48. After a short group discussion, Rox’s motion was accepted by the Council, with Global Science Administrator Daran Mien, who was overseeing the mandate of the Time Patrol, directed to enlist the help of the Time Patrol for the project.
  49. You will have the responsibility, with helpers, of deciding on the best day, notifying me by a bird carrier, and then overseeing the event in the town where you last saw Finn, when I have spread the word and all have arrived, said Chica.
  50. So, in January of 1999 I became the chairman of the DCCC, overseeing a staff of 126 and spending all my free time—and some of my not-free time—traveling all over the country raising money for Democratic congressional candidates to win back the House.
  51. Above me is a truckload of prosecuting authorities and security agencies and even organizations overseeing those State Institutions? If this becomes official, then I am duty bound to disclose my findings which will have every chance of being covered up or made to go away.
  52. He receives instructions every few weeks from Vito’s aide and continues to do his job, expanding drug distribution, overseeing a growing array of hookers, twice told to handle a hit, a wine steward behind a restaurant in Yonkers and a bus driver leaving for work in the Bronx.
  53. If this is the case, then from the attitude towards Christmas taken by overseeing elites, the Western world is in serious trouble with a considerably less magnanimous competitor poised ready to assert the cultural direction those in the realm once known as Christendom no longer seem willing to exhibit.
  54. Historiographers can satisfy their taste for history even more, overseeing the Bahamas Historical Society Museum where an interesting collection of chronicles and anthropological artifacts exhibits an excellent depository of history, particularly that of the Lucayans, the first inhabitants of the archipelago.
  55. Duchairn hadn’t discussed it with Maigwair, but he knew the Captain General must have his own suspicions about how those particular vicars and archbishops, who just happened to represent over half the prelates involved in overseeing the Army of God’s operations, happened to have gathered in that particular church on that particular day.
  56. Andy was a healthcare lawyer who had worked in several high-ranking positions at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) during the Clinton administration, and was then director of government relations and legislative counsel for the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors—a very influential group representing the mental health executives overseeing all publicly funded care in every state.
  57. Though, in overseeing the pursuit of this whale, Captain Ahab had evinced his customary activity, to call it so; yet now that the creature was dead, some vague dissatisfaction, or impatience, or despair, seemed working in him; as if the sight of that dead body reminded him that Moby Dick was yet to be slain; and though a thousand other whales were brought to his ship, all that would not one jot advance his grand, monomaniac object.
  1. When you've overseen that, leave some soldiers from ODB to stand watch.
  2. By all rights, Fescor or Skagant should have overseen the escort fleet.
  3. As head of the church, Jesus has chosen that each congregation of his body be overseen, or led by a plurality of.
  4. It was not debated by Parliament, of course, but passed to the king’s council, which was overseen by the chancellor.
  5. A split-screen combination of live-action and miniatures was used and overseen by 20th Century Fox’s Fred Sersen (Czechoslovakia).
  6. It was overseen by Theramin of the Council, and by Dilimon, Second Captain of the Sentry Corps, as neutral parties, and witnessed by Hilsith.
  7. When asked, Roelle was told that not only was magic used to return the waste to clean water but also something called science that the King had overseen.
  8. It was a state of the art Communication Centre overseen by the communications officer, Mark Goodliffe, a 36 year old displaying more technical degrees than the cabin wall space allowed.
  9. Their cases are overseen by what are called health homes that combine aspects of primary care and community mental health, with cases actively overseen by nurse liaisons and case managers.
  10. While it was a national issue, healthcare is generally delivered at the state level, so each state had to pass its own form of insurance parity, overseen by its own state insurance commissioner and attorney general.
  11. It has, however, overseen or authorized the following enterprises, the most important of which will be found described in their alphabetical order: Sfaks; Sousse; Henchir Maatria; Dougga; Teboursouk; Henchir Tinah; Maktar.
  12. He’d made certain—unobtrusively, of course—that every man of his remaining guard force had heard what had happened to the guards and inquisitors who’d overseen the forced march of the Camp Tairek prisoners to Sardahn.
  13. He even wanted to attack Ireland thinking crazily that the Irish would welcome British troops invading their country! The British invasion of Norway… his Norway operation, which was personally overseen by Churchill himself was a fiasco.
  14. A man had waited outside the window; someone had brought the gems; the deed had been overseen by your son; he had pursued the thief; had struggled with him; they had each tugged at the coronet, their united strength causing injuries which neither alone could have effected.
  15. Could it be that the office started out as a kind of executive head, overseen by a council of the community, to deal with urgent matters concerning communities further afield, and as these grew in volume became an ad hoc judicial reviewer of those matters seen as of lesser importance?
  16. Because GAAP imposes relatively rigid sets of rules and are overseen and reviewed by independent professionals who render opinions (public accountants), audited financial statements are often the only numeric reports available to security analysts that give them reliable, objective information prepared in a disciplined setting.
  17. So the outrageous spending of R246million of taxpayers' money is not worth investigating but the whistle-blower will be hunted down and punished by the minister? Is this really the ANC of Oliver Tambo?’ Any self-respecting head of state who had overseen what Zuma's administration went through in one week would throw himself on his assegai.
  1. It oversees "the show".
  2. It oversees the actions.
  3. Congress oversees the USA Patriot Act.
  4. He works at it, oversees his herd and adds to it.
  5. Today, 90 percent of oversees missionaries believe evangelical doctrine.
  6. The FAA oversees and enforces civil aviation regulations and air safety.
  7. Spirit Council which oversees much of what happens on this part of Earth.
  8. I'm in trouble with the ethics committee that oversees my professional body.
  9. Guardian Angel: He is the main spirit being who oversees that life you are now living.
  10. The chief knowledge officer at FERC oversees the Office of Knowledge Management and Integration.
  11. Hence she oversees purification and expiations specifically, and magic and enchantments generally.
  12. He oversees a nation of approximately 25 Million people with the fourth largest army in the world of 1.
  13. One Church leader who with 7 others oversees over 20 Million believers was asked if titles are used for them.
  14. Master Teacher: This is the most advanced enlightened entity that oversees your human life, and those assigned to help you.
  15. This is the most advanced energy being that oversees your human existence, and those energy beings who are assigned to assist you.
  16. Only Thedora is acting as my servant, together with Bwikov’s valet, who oversees everything, but has been absent for the past three days.
  17. The main entity that oversees your life, sometimes on a daily basis, is the one most people call their ‘Guardian Angel’ or simply their ‘Angel.
  18. Morgan’s Asset Management Division, it’s grown by more than half-a-trillion-with-a-T dollars—more than a 30% increase! Today Erdoes oversees the management of $2.
  19. PJM is a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) that oversees the largest electric grid system in the world and services more than 50 million customers in the United States.
  20. As always, Berndt is practical and sensible – it is he who locates our bags and checks that they are as they should be and he who oversees the ggs being settled in the stable.
  21. The unit develops strategy and policy, and oversees the management of cases relating to sexual offences, domestic violence, human trafficking, maintenance offences and children in conflict with the law.
  22. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported finding in excess of two hundred different professional designations for financial advisors—more than half of which are not tracked by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which oversees how investments are pitched to investors.
  23. The next act of Ra was to create a very small Goddess, Mutir —which means ‘Obey Him’—and then Ra mated with Mutir and gave birth to the ugly Goddess Mut—who was both male and female and who created everything else that exists out of herself: first she created the other Gods and Goddesses, who then gave birth to Nut, the Sky Goddess, who oversees us all.
  24. Though in settling them some regard is had commonly, not only to his labour and skill, but to the trust which is reposed in him, yet they never bear any regular proportion to the capital of which he oversees the management ; and the owner of this capital, though he is thus discharged of almost all labour, still expects that his profit should bear a regular proportion to his capital.
  25. We also call on the major public insurers—the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and its various entities, as well as the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which oversees medical benefits for federal employees, the Departments of Defense (DOD) and Veterans Affairs (VA), the Indian Health Service (IHS) and others—to disclose the same criteria and protocols for their coverage decisions, so both private and public insurers will achieve parity.
  1. Muhammad himself oversaw what can only.
  2. He oversaw a Peace Corps program in Africa.
  3. He also oversaw the shipping lanes of the planet.
  4. I oversaw almost all aspects of its creation and construction.
  5. Or perhaps the same entity in the first scenario created and oversaw.
  6. Only the farm manager had access and he always oversaw any storage operations personally.
  7. He’d trained Homer in the art of war, and also oversaw his education in all forms of knowledge.
  8. One of her husband’s friends oversaw that no dead bodies ended up haphazardly behind their houses.
  9. He oversaw all the on goings of the castle and kept a close watch on the visitors coming to the castle.
  10. But Doreen assured me that he oversaw Dan putting all the stuff back into the cupboard and locked it up securely.
  11. He oversaw the victories in North Africa from El Alamein to Tunisia, the invasion of Sicily, and the Italian campaign.
  12. This had to do with corporate control in conjunction with the government, which oversaw what the media would broadcast.
  13. It was because many nations, including France, had been bribed by Saddam in the oil-for-food program that the UN oversaw.
  14. What was wrong with the White House Communications Agency, the military unit that oversaw communications for the White House?
  15. The biggest chore of training was coping with the nitpicking, rank-pulling, much-loathed lieutenant who oversaw their flights.
  16. There were seven regions, or Holds, on the planet; each ruled by a Lord, who looked to and oversaw the population in his care.
  17. The old man was always present at the fittings, gave the final instructions and oversaw the alterations and the finished product.
  18. Butterfield spoke with Bill Hopkins, the senior civil servant and chief clerk of the White House who oversaw the support staff of some 400.
  19. To manage African populations, England appointed administrators who created tribes and oversaw select native inhabitants who ruled them.
  20. Sister Margaret Ann, a nun who oversaw Rosemary’s later care at Saint Coletta, revealed that the 1949 transition to the school was traumatic.
  21. Ken oversaw other accounting people, but he was most comfortable hunched over a big, green accounting form, plying his Cross pencil and pink eraser.
  22. The unions rightfully raised hell, and I oversaw the remedying of the source of the leak and negotiated a much smaller fine than originally sought by OSHA.
  23. The Khrushchevs went off in a huff and two years later Khrushchev oversaw the building of the Berlin Wall to stop anyone else heading west in search of a fridge.
  24. And then guests started to arrive and everything clicked along as Cami oversaw her employees while they began the check-in procedures that were so familiar to her.
  25. By that time his star was rising quickly, and the following year he was appointed to the powerful Central Committee which elected and oversaw the elite Politburo.
  26. The second person who took an unusual interest in our Post stories was Judge John Sirica, who oversaw the trial of the five Watergate burglars and their supervisors, G.
  27. Hester oversaw the removal of the artworks, as they were loaded onto a trolley and brought to an elevator, then straight to the top floor for valuation and display and destruction.
  28. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA – Roosevelt loved initials!) helped farmers replant their lands and it also oversaw the construction of a huge network of hydroelectric dams.
  29. That would however more than probably open a nasty political can of worms in the Congress, which oversaw and confirmed the promotions and appointments to general officer positions.
  30. The rise of the age of the common man and the birth of modern science brought about a diminished ability of the Church to dictate the limits of behavior of the populace that it oversaw.
  31. He had tracked down the General Manager that oversaw all the London stations, who had told him that all London mainline stations had lockers available for hire by members of the public.
  32. And then there was the evening-suited staff, who oversaw the tables and settled disputes or simply eased themselves around, trying not to get in the way of the customers throwing their money away.
  33. He oversaw a thriving refueling operation, a substantial free trade zone, a cargo marshaling and transfer operation as well as a small city of support personnel with all the services they required.
  34. Aung San U served in that puppet government but he quickly turned against the Japanese and formed the government that oversaw the end of the Japanese occupation and negotiated independence for Burma.
  35. Lieutenant Paul Deavers was the officer who oversaw my case on the police force, and Detectives Peter Donaldson and Mary Waterton were the private investigators who’d been assigned to my case at Shadow Creek Security.
  36. Once the kitchen was tidied up, Nick became businesslike, and suggested that they (indicating Henri, Falcon, Conrad, Joel and Kathy) adjourn in the living room, while Jack oversaw the security team shift changes and assigned new duties.
  37. But the Bédardists and Pasqualates who oversaw the soup kitchens and winter housing projects were another matter, and so he knew about the creeping malaise, the uncertainty—even fear—which had stolen through the hearts and minds of Zion on the heels of the stunning reverses the heretics had handed Mother Church’s defenders.
  38. But before families reached this extreme point, there were a growing number of mental health courts in each state—and a variety of cities—that oversaw everything from involuntary inpatient commitments to court-ordered outpatient treatment with medicine (called “assisted outpatient treatment” or “outpatient commitment”).

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