supervise sätze

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Supervise sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was supervise the rearing.
  2. It was her turn to supervise again.
  3. The chief jailer did not supervise.
  4. I had to supervise eight bank representatives.
  5. Heymon left to supervise re-lighting the drive.

  6. He is one of the guys I supervise, she replied.
  7. His failure to properly supervise his emotional and so-.
  8. I will supervise the cleanup operation in the meantime.
  9. One of his other jobs was to supervise the Student Council.
  10. We found a uniformed policeman to supervise our tour of the car.
  11. Would you like me to supervise their work, or remain here?
  12. Navy than if I had stayed behind to supervise the build-up at home.
  13. The offices listed below regulate and supervise state-chartered banks.
  14. We strongly advise that a responsible adult supervise Internet access.
  15. I was starting to get used to having servants that I had to supervise.

  16. Architalos felt it was time Stavros learned to supervise the plantation.
  17. And you can hire and supervise workers to catch, clean and pack the fish.
  18. He seldom had to take the deep shaft any more and supervise crews down there.
  19. University Housing to supervise other students in the halls; similar to being.
  20. He even found time to take responsibility to oversee and supervise the minister.
  21. In a group session with a therapist whom 1 supervise, one of the men in the group.
  22. Your guardian angel will supervise how and when the others will interact with you.
  23. Ralph left Alan Fernhill to supervise the unloading, and walked towards his new house.
  24. A healthcare professional must supervise this allergy test because of the possibility of.
  25. Warriors will be stationed at the site to supervise the slaves and to carry out the assays.

  26. In return he would supervise Paddy Cronin, Andre and the other boys in the use of his drills.
  27. Thus, you need to properly supervise your kids to avoid exposing them to negative influences.
  28. Stalin made it his business to supervise Lenin’s health at the end and diminish his influence.
  29. It is the sales project manager’s job to direct and supervise the project from beginning to end.
  30. She had long wanted to give the hospital its own latrine, so that she could supervise its cleanliness.
  31. The very poor Indonesians prefer to supervise a boat for a quick big money rather than die in proverty.
  32. It is the largest air fighting unit which one commander can efficiently control and directly supervise.
  33. He didn’t need to start as early as the other men, as his job was to supervise the harvest of the seasons.
  34. They supervise and care for the candidates until they are commissioned as missionaries and move to the field.
  35. I will personally supervise the progress of those contracts, but I will take a special interest in your XF-83.
  36. The captain roared in laughter with Bonnet, then walked back on his ship to supervise the storing away of the cargo.
  37. He told them they were official proof of his diligence in overseeing the investments in their country he was there to supervise.
  38. During this time the United Nations and others arrived to supervise elections which ZANU won and the rest as they say is history.
  39. The Time Patrol will enforce our surrender and will supervise our new government until true democratic elections can be organized.
  40. It also charges savers to supervise companies at £1 on share deals of over £10,000 which is collected for the panel by stockbrokers.
  41. Doctor Shelton, could you organize and supervise the selection and move of these people, in coordination with Count Raymond, of course.
  42. In 1806 the old prince was made one of the eight commanders in chief then appointed to supervise the enrollment decreed throughout Russia.
  43. Gilbraith’s wife refused to live in Montana, hence he was allowed to do his work and supervise us from the Golden, CO, regional office.
  44. When I identified it, hopefully, we’d get the contract and then I would supervise the cleanup project and follow up with monitoring data.
  45. Then, there is still a considerable benefit to assist the first learning teams by having a consultant join the team and supervise the process.
  46. She worked herself up to GS-9 lab technician and prided herself on being the first woman to supervise men there, back when that was unusual.
  47. He tried to tell himself that he was not at the club to supervise a daycare, and that the men were all adults who could take care of themselves.
  48. In such cases the counselor is well trained in his profession and can supervise the client and modify the approach based on the inputs from the client.
  49. Well, he was on his way, but I stopped him, told him that you needed me to supervise your bath and it only made sense that I would bring you some shoes.
  50. Calling his foreman and telling him to continue alone to supervise the work of salt extraction, Pierre got closer to the edge of the water in order to better see.
  51. That reporter was covering with his cameraman and a Paris Match photo journalist the work of the Afghan police road checkpoint she was helping supervise in downtown Bala Buluk.
  52. Half of the surviving Vietminh force had already started marching back east along the jungle trails, with Ngo staying behind to supervise the orderly withdrawal of his division.
  53. His duties allowed him access to the prisoners’ quarters to supervise the distribution of food, and he was able to confirm that a young blonde woman was being held at the camp.
  54. It is therefore important for a doctor to supervise the use of narcotic drugs for pain relief because of all the dangers associated with addiction to the drugs as explained above.
  55. He had to personally supervise the offloading of luggage from the cargo hold of the Alpha Airlines DC-3s and DC-4s to intercept the inbound bags or packages that had distinctive markings.
  56. It would have been impossible for Manstein to personally supervise the whole of the vast areas under his control and undoubtedly atrocities did occur, but Manstein did not countenance them.
  57. This far-north site was a management problem for me, who secured a manager for the Duluth stations who was so talented as to rise through the ranks to supervise all the Park radio stations.
  58. Thomas Langley, whose job it was to supervise the builders, was standing in the south transept with Elfric, pointing with his one arm at the collapsed vault, obviously discussing Merthin’s work.
  59. It was Joshi who would provide Modi a daily late-night update on his Twitter messages, supervise all Twitter interactions, and help translate Modi’s Twitter account into half a dozen regional languages.
  60. Also, during the basic and specialist training phase of female recruits, chaplains attached to their courses will supervise the training to ensure that male instructors and commanders do not abuse their powers.
  61. The competitors are international and from all levels of society, and the race is organized by thousands of volunteers who supervise the proceedings from five headquarters: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Nome and Wasilla.
  62. One old-fashioned point of view he enforced upon his children’s vision: the elder daughter must supervise and chaperon the younger ones to the last jot, and it must be done without disturbance of the business atmosphere.
  63. Attorney General McQueeney, whose employees would make the arrests, supervise the detentions, and prosecute the cases, knew that she had neither the staff nor the facilities to carry off such a mass round up and prosecution.
  64. A second business principle: Do not let anyone else run your business, unless (1) you can supervise his performance with adequate care and comprehension or (2) you have unusually strong reasons for placing implicit confidence in his integrity and ability.
  65. Hamish who had no knowledge of the illegal operations with the drugs but of course was heavily involved with the breeding programs had elected to stay and supervise the shutdown of the incubators if it became necessary after Jacob told him about the pending raid.
  66. But the administrative chiefs who regulate and supervise convict labour in Siberia, and from whom subordinates take their tone as well as their orders, are careful to exercise a discriminating treatment in the case of persons of noble birth, and, in some cases, grant them special indulgences as compared with the lot of convicts of lower condition.
  67. About half of the metal strips, called ballast and used to balance the Raven, were now ready, made of sun metal and quite heavy, the carriers were using pouches made to Coatl’s specifications, two pouches were joined together in such a way that you wore one pouch in front and the other one behind, Jodas and I had tried them out and we both agreed that we found them to be quite comfortable, close to forty porters were already wending their way towards Chichen Itza on the Yucatan peninsula, the master shipwright stationed at Jaina on the coast reported that they had now seasoned half the timber that Coatl would need to build the Raven and work could begin as soon as Coatl arrived to supervise the workforce.
  68. That, on the supervise, no leisure bated,.
  1. He was leading and supervising.
  2. She told him she would be supervising his.
  3. Gillenormand as supervising guardian over him.
  4. I, the supervising adult, should not have allowed.
  5. His supervising mentor said he was considered one of.
  6. But they still had an Orderran supervising them on the actions.
  7. A nuclear worker, whose job it is supervising the construction.
  8. Nick Adams finished supervising the re starting of the production line.
  9. Bhagirath was supervising the key task of the securing of the prisoners.
  10. Instead of supervising the cell search, he was doing what he always does.
  11. The warlord is still here, he is supervising the rest of the troops left behind.
  12. A female therapist I was supervising told me in a distraught manner that her male.
  13. It was still working, for Caris now spent most of her time supervising the hospital.
  14. The high wooden desk of the supervising manager overlooked neat rows of chart tables.
  15. Sati was on the school terrace, supervising the making of improvised bows and arrows.
  16. The student I was supervising wanted to look at whether any of the techniques used in.
  17. Xavier doesn’t even have to be out there supervising the X-men as they stop bad guys.
  18. When I first started supervising research dissertations and psychology projects I came.
  19. Hall? asked Corporal Whittington, who was supervising a bit of a clean-up operation.
  20. Thank you, sir, he said, supervising the boys who kept burbling water all over the place.
  21. Garcia saw Athena sitting on the large marble stone chair, supervising the theft of the cache.
  22. Rocket saluted and went back to supervising the others, a bigger swagger in his walk than before.
  23. In Delhi, Gupta was supervising the NDOC which handled the BJP’s Internet and mobile planning.
  24. Proud parents looked on, turning their broad flanks to the warmth, and supervising benevolently.
  25. As the shift ended, all the Warriors supervising the slaves dashed off quickly to their barracks.
  26. Tanya could not be with us as she was supervising a helicopter pilot training course with the RAF.
  27. Silas had watched on with frayed nerves, supervising the reintroduction of his eggs into the nest.
  28. Rex has given me the honor of supervising his collection and you a place in Europe to market it.
  29. That was more by way of supervising: keeping the lads from busting each other’s heads and arms.
  30. International Short Story Competition, at times making me feel as though he was supervising, as if it.
  31. When she finally met him he was in the arena where he was supervising the setting up of the competition.
  32. St Mark’s, supervising the carpenters who were constructing the new roof as the old was demolished, he.
  33. Fidel eyed with appreciation the nine local carpenters that he had been supervising and also teaching to.
  34. Free from his campaign in Amritsar, senior leader Arun Jaitley was now supervising the final push in Varanasi.
  35. The American pilot was still there, supervising the operation and preventing any friction or misunderstanding.
  36. Stupid sentimental feminazi should be supervising the restaurant or going over the books, not worrying about you.
  37. Going down two levels, Tina found Denise Lonsdale supervising the unloading of the crates of rare metals with three men.
  38. Staying besides Elizabeth, she signaled Jack and Mike Crawford, who were supervising the other apprentices, to approach.
  39. Al-Dayrani heading one of the meetings that was held with the scientific medical team supervising the research on cupping.
  40. I prefer to be on the floor, supervising the dispersal of materials, but I have really good foremen and I’m rarely needed.
  41. Ferguson also told Sergeant Cooley that his role would be confined to providing and supervising the waiters for the luncheon.
  42. It had to stop at the western entrance to the camp, where Italian soldiers were supervising Afghan soldiers guarding the gate.
  43. Other men directed traffic away from the booth, supervising as the truck behind Levi was backed out and directed to another toll booth.
  44. The communication engineer and two electronic engineers were already tackling the problem so Chris’ job on this one would just be supervising.
  45. When the samurai supervising the work called a halt to it for the night, Jenny and the other ashigaru were tired, dirty and drenched with sweat.
  46. After 25 years of buying and supervising a great variety of businesses, Charlie and I have not learned how to solve difficult business problems.
  47. Campo was that when he would be in our class supervising the class taking an exam he would actually take his chair and put it on top of the desk.
  48. He spent most of his time walking around with a large set of keys opening up areas for construction workers and supervising deliveries and storage.
  49. Along with running her department, supervising her staff, and overseeing the processing of thousands of deceased human beings, Claire also managed Dr.
  50. Johnny, who was watching anxiously at the wooden rails, nodded his head a few times and went back to supervising the lads busy at their morning chores.
  51. Because of a late night at the school supervising a local science fair, Kurt had forgotten about everything other than his job and what was in front of him.
  52. I knew Ruth was probably cleaning or supervising the cleaning of the rooms and Matthew was bustling about, making sure there were sufficient supplies for the Inn.
  53. That evening, we got a phone call from Jaitley, and sent Siddharth and a production unit to meet Sudheendra Kulkarni who was supervising the entire sting operation.
  54. Then one morning he found himself in the offices of a bond-trading firm at 7 World Trade, supervising the hanging of some portraits shot back during the plague years.
  55. Ralph had not seen the man since that day, but his brother Merthin had, for the knight-become-monk was now responsible for supervising repairs to the priory buildings.
  56. Reverend Keller, Wilding said, pulling his identification from his hip, I’m the supervising agent of the Las Vegas division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  57. As he was taking place in the back seat of the sedan, Eden looked with worry at Nancy Laplante, who was supervising the unloading of the trunks containing her special equipment.
  58. An elderly Roman centurion was actually supervising the changing of the guards at the gate when Nancy and the two Miriam showed up, mixed in a sparse crowd of merchants and pilgrims.
  59. They landed on Leper Island and found Merthin with Brother Thomas, supervising the masons building the abutment from which the bridge would spring across the northern branch of the river.
  60. He was standing next to a portal that had opened in the great trunk of the tree and he was supervising as trolls snatched up the closest humans and threw them into the opening, one by one.
  61. The people in the port were mostly Ishak and Titskan Watitch doing all the work, Hasinai doing most of the supervising with the usual contingent of Choson artisans and Leni lenape merchants.
  62. President Johnson and General Westmoreland were responsible for supervising one of the poorest war efforts in American history and consistently lied to the American people to cover up that fact.
  63. During all this time Hunter, who looked more worried and miserable as the dreary weeks went by, was occupied every day in supervising what work was being done and in running about seeking for more.
  64. The task took all night but no explosives were found, nothing on the bridge had been tampered with, and the officer supervising the task declared it safe at six o’clock on the Wednesday morning.
  65. Rather than spend his days lying around La Hacienda drunk and stoned, occasionally supervising his workers, he began passing both days and nights in San José, scurrying from one brothel to another.
  66. As Johnnie Babcock can attest, although Pops had great confidence in Johnnie’s management skills, Pops never hesitated a minute to overreach him, intervene and take control of my supervising functions.
  67. She found her with Winnie Zambela, the ship’s assistant purser, as they were supervising the storing of countless crates and kegs in the wine and liquors cellar of the Main Cafeteria Deck, on Level 10.
  68. Then, the week before Christmas, he’d arrived at the old building for his scheduled visit with the kids to find Regan out front, supervising movers as they angled his piano, now hers, into the open maw of a van.
  69. After he had quickly glanced at all the questions, he looked up to notice the Maths teacher, who was supervising the exam, was going through the paper himself and mentally working out the solution to the problems.
  70. Knight Pierre Alphonse d’Orléans, wearing a simple shirt and short trousers, was supervising his black employees, who were busy extracting blocks of sea salt from the salt flats bordering the beach on which he stood barefoot.
  71. As we allow, or even enjoy, our inner child to come out and play, with the supervising inner parent and teacher, we will find that he will have enough activities to keep him satisfied, at the appropriate times, and that he will not act out on his own.
  72. Two others alit from the opposite side and began to walk the other street, then another three opened the rear double doors and began wrestling two bulky packages towards the beach with the driver supervising, but not one entered the store with bread.
  73. At the beginning, I was placed in front of the rider who hired the horse and off we would go for a placid clippety-clopetty promenade with my mother briskly pacing at our side, performing the double function of taking her exercise and supervising my safety.
  74. In these dialogues, my sister spoke to me as if she were morally wrenching one of my teeth out at every reference; while Pumblechook himself, self-constituted my patron, would sit supervising me with a depreciatory eye, like the architect of my fortunes who thought himself engaged on a very unremunerative job.
  75. Far over in one corner a little man with high cheekbones, the milk color of the Spanish infiltration, thick glasses, a black coat, a gray hat and gray, unpressed pants and neatly laced shoes, moved about among the stones, supervising something or other that another man in overalls was doing to a grave with a shovel.
  76. Far over in one corner a little man with high cheekbones, the milk colour of the Spanish infiltration, thick glasses, a black coat, a grey hat and grey, unpressed pants and neatly laced shoes, moved about among the stones, supervising something or other that another man in overalls was doing to a grave with a shovel.
  77. To write the latter correctly, to keep the Committee informed of the amount of cement used, of fresh piles driven, of water pumped out, of concrete put in, to notify casualties, as they occurred, in a manner that might suggest the Committee's obligations under employers' liability, but did not harrow their feelings; to be at the works by nine o'clock every morning and not to leave till five; to be either in the iron shanty called the engineer's office, or supervising the making of concrete, or clambering about the massive beams and piles, or shouting through the telephone, or interviewing the ganger, or doing one of the hundred other things that were in the day's work; surely this was all that was required to be done, and he flattered himself that he had done it very well.
  1. When I supervised their student.
  2. Carl supervised while Trask mixed the mortar.
  3. Doc Perkins supervised, and was very impressed.
  4. The supervised gentleman then proceeded to shout.
  5. Dad said it would be okay, if Terry supervised us.
  6. I merely supervised to ensure it was done correctly.
  7. The visits were supervised, which really angered Adam.
  8. I'm still on supervised release and the guys in prison.
  9. Ark and supervised the removal back to the barracks and.
  10. The staff also supervised exciting minibike rides each day.
  11. Isaac supervised the sterilization of the operating suites.
  12. They were supervised by a Guardian and the usual six Warriors.
  13. Those who choose this option should be supervised by physicians.
  14. My aunt supervised, more or less, since she was an amazing cook.
  15. Such levels of supplementation should always be supervised by a.
  16. The use of honey to treat wounds should be supervised by a doctor.
  17. Geshe kelsang has also supervised the translation of a collection.
  18. At most of the places I supervised, I would take call-ins directly.
  19. While Tragus supervised the farm, Nerissa had much time alone with Eury.
  20. Such levels of supplementation should always be supervised by a doctor.
  21. This is very enriching,especially when supervised by specially-trained.
  22. The four zones agreed upon and supervised by the Al ies’ applicable mil-.
  23. We nurses are even allowed to mix with the male guards in supervised areas.
  24. Inside the complex, Conrad Phelps supervised the final stages of evacuation.
  25. Ashley knew a lot of the agents she supervised had been killed over the years.
  26. Children under primidone treatment, especially, have to be closely supervised.
  27. One more thing Doctor, was she supervised during her nocturnal rambles?
  28. I will let you have access to our archives, supervised by one of our Sisters.
  29. Glenn Seaborg, the discoverer of plutonium and nine other elements, supervised Dr.
  30. The bleep bleep of the bedside monitors that supervised Sarah-Jane formed a bizarre.
  31. Another trial discovered that women with chronic low back pain who began supervised.
  32. The ship-building was supervised by a local master and his crew of skilled carpenters.
  33. The older children were in foster care with regular supervised family visits allowed.
  34. Pseldonimov's mother would not sit down to the table; she bustled about and supervised.
  35. Supervised bed rest, for two to four days, coupled with appropriate physical therapy and.
  36. They only do what they want to, when they want to: only supervised and organized by elders.
  37. General Sir Frederick Morgan had since 1942 supervised the planning of the Normandy invasion.
  38. Despite Syd’s obvious expertise, Joshua supervised him closely, and kept giving him advice.
  39. Provided I took my medication and remained supervised in the asylum, there was no problem.
  40. I decided I probably should, so I pitched in while Cuauhtzin supervised with his usual rudeness.
  41. With Warrens help, he made great progress as both supervised the start up of the bomb fabrication.
  42. Bob helped Louie carry the green biohazard bins to the infamous station wagon as Rooster supervised.
  43. In all the hours spent sitting sharing their feelings, deVeau and Hinckley have always been supervised.
  44. I was exceptionally lucky to have my shooting training supervised by Ottó Simonyi, a police marksman.
  45. George supervised his men, using several languages, to use mechanical hoists to raise the heavy canvas.
  46. Make sure that the broker or intermediary used is authorized and hence supervised by the City authorities.
  47. At the same time, (as at Belsen), well-fed squads of police or party officials supervised the victims….
  48. Elly and her brother sat back and supervised but I was a doer and when I was done doing it was time to eat.
  49. I half listened to him rattling off statistics about the ship while I supervised Olive’s piano practice.
  50. Manaea supervised the hired stretcher-bearers in its refurbishing, including a thick layer of straw for the floor.
  51. The conversation might have continued, but Tom's mother came out of the house and supervised him much more closely.
  52. End-of-year examinations for this class in the Real Work of School were set, supervised and marked by the head teacher.
  53. Because I supervised the Park Greenville TV and radio stations in eastern North Carolina, I had to visit Raleigh often.
  54. They were supervised by local residents who ingratiated themselves with the Germans in order to better their condition.
  55. Mistress Hulle supervised the servants as they loaded the provisions into the storeroom, checking each item on her list.
  56. The children attended these meetings and their socialization process was supervised and monitored by the adults present.
  57. He supervised pin the tail on the donkey, spin the bottle, musical chairs, and all the rest, amid fits of shouting laughter.
  58. The executor is supervised, or at least reports to, the court, and may come under close scrutiny by the will’s beneficiaries.
  59. Indeed, the Preah Vihear temple belongs to Cambodia, but the adjacent land should be jointly developed, supervised and managed.
  60. The team he supervised was credited with helping to make terrorists think twice about their raiding forays into the United States.
  61. Just after ten the next morning, Daniel was back at the convent, securely ensconced in the library and being supervised by Sister Ruth.
  62. As Ted had been informed about the delivery, he later escorted the men to the flat and supervised the placement in the second bedroom.
  63. The actual construction of the tower was carried out, and supervised by Iran's finest master stonemason, Ghaffar Davarpanah Varnosfaderani.
  64. He constantly complained of the supervised visits, saying the foster parents were stupid morons, using words I don‘t want to repeat here.
  65. Inside the shelter, older teenagers supervised children drawing and playing at tables while others sat in circles listening to Bible stories.
  66. Like a father speaking to a son he thought he knew—or perhaps an old general addressing a soldier he had supervised from the earliest days.
  67. He knew that he ought to have systematically worked it out and supervised it, and that he had meant to do it, and that it had never been done.
  68. He meticulously supervised the work of his entire crew, barking out unyielding commands instead of his usual polite-but-forceful recommendations.
  69. Sepilar was the Tianist who supervised the construction of the Tower, while Osilar created the fountains inside the walls with his Flaran powers.
  70. Where they are in control of what they want to do cooperatively: only supervised and helped by elders who also try to cooperate with the children.
  71. Mistress Twig was already waiting for us, but instead of taking us to the slave star, our two trainers supervised us in setting up the picnic area.
  72. If free enterprises are bureaucratically supervised, managed, or regulated by governmental agencies, then control of production is being exercised.
  73. Nancy then directed and supervised them, but always showed them politeness and consideration during the three days that the renovation work went on.
  74. Fayez Al-Hakeem supervised the slaughtering of ten sheep, where they pronounced Al’lah’s Name over five sheep whilst they did not over the others.
  75. Stenhammar was leasing from King Carl XVI Gustaf since 1965, and the crossbreeding began and was supervised by the Agricultural University in Uppsala.
  76. Captain Curra supervised the engineering and support crews who spent the majority of their time testing and programming the sensor and weapons systems.
  77. Johnnie Babcock, who supervised hundreds of Park employees, put up with managers contacting him each day with problems they would try to lay on his desk.
  78. Thomas knew the quality of Merthin’ s craftsmanship, having closely supervised the work Merthin and Elfric carried out at the cathedral over several years.
  79. Where to start? A friend of mine who was doing his PhD in the psychology of personality was being supervised by no less an authority than the great Hans Eysenck.
  80. Valera and Mother Superior supervised the cook in the kitchen, and Gustav was in his Santa costume by the time all the carols had been sung two or three times over.
  81. He had been given a quick and closely supervised tour of German athletic facilities and been assured by his Nazi handlers that Jewish athletes were being treated fairly.
  82. Sometimes he supervised while others stacked notes into the cash machines, other times he would help securing cash into the safe or taking it out of the safe for the tills.
  83. The opposition parties were asked to form an interim Government, pending democratically run and internationally supervised elections, which were promised within six months.
  84. Much as they are supervised, they manage to steal some and pass them on to collaborators who travel to the Zambian border, often walking great distances, to sell one or two gems.
  85. A court will take the factors listed above into consideration - but the penalties may include fines, termination of parental rights, supervised access to the child, and jail time.
  86. Mothers would realize the importance of their jobs; the need to supplement the family income would be secondary to the need to raise the children in a safe and supervised environment.
  87. What happens when there's one of those unforeseen hitches and the court-appointed and supervised doctor can only save one life— either the woman's or a baby she was forced to have?
  88. Jesus was then wholly self-conscious concerning his relation to the universe of his making and also to the universe of universes, supervised by the Paradise Father, his Father in heaven.
  89. Atomic weapons had been declared illegal and counter productive to world peace and the United Nations organized a peacekeeping force that supervised any arsenal collected by any country.
  90. Between the loud voices of the celebrating soldiers and the four-piece band, Colling had to shout to be heard over the noise as he supervised the men serving beer and tending the fountain.
  91. For the last three days, Buey Dan, as the Lizard, had supervised the extraction of last minute information from the hooch maids and waitresses and other female and male workers on the air base.
  92. Since 1933 banks have been required to divorce themselves from their affiliates, and their operations in securities other than government issues have been more carefully supervised and restricted.
  93. EIGHT DAYS LATER I was appearing at district court to plead guilty to one count of driving under the influence of a prescription drug, with a supervised probation of not less than twelve months.
  94. The existing foetuses within the system will be allowed to mature to full term and will be offered for adoption through government supervised agencies as wards of the state under the existing system.
  95. Martinmon had in prior days personally supervised four laborers in the removal of wheels from several railroad cars, as he was particularly aware of the need for careful and safe work during such a task.
  96. He had been kindness itself during her anticipated her wants, kept the children from bothering her and supervised the store and miserable convalescence, but it was the kindness of an impersonal stranger.
  97. He pondered the question all week, as he supervised a hundred burials, and planned the big Sunday service that would be both Anthony’s funeral and a remembrance for the souls of all the Kingsbridge dead.
  98. CIA interrogators carried out some interrogations, but more often supervised or directed the kidnapping of suspects to be tortured in third party countries, usually dictatorships with no laws against torture.
  99. As the two who most closely supervised and worked with these managers, Babcock and Feldman recall the first general manager had a practice of parking his briefcase outside his front door when he arrived home at 5:15 pM.
  100. And there are opportunities for fruitful work here for Oberon and for Miravelle, and this is a self-contained universe in which the Taltos can be supervised without conspicuous constraints and be protected effortlessly and be.
  1. He supervises the fights.
  2. You are allowed to bathe while he supervises.
  3. It supervises the functioning of the commercial banks and.
  4. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs supervises and finances the construction and.
  5. The sheriff or another representative then supervises the sale of the property by auction.
  6. He’s the one who dictates policy, supervises the system of government and has the authority to declare war.
  7. The Wing Commander supervises the training and tactical operations of his groups and is not concerned primarily with administration and supply.
  8. She holds a PhD in literature from the University of Texas at Austin, where she currently teaches literature and creative writing, and supervises a poetry workshop at the Austin State Psychiatric Hospital.
  9. My daddy, Jack Lane, settles what civil disputes don’t end in brutality first (which doesn’t leave him many cases to hear) and supervises one of the teams restoring power and getting street sweepers out again.
  10. Air Force specifications for a crew chief are as follows: The nature of his duties—He flies with multi-engine bombers and transport planes and makes repairs and adjustments during flight; he substitutes for or helps the copilot in operation of flaps, raising and lowering landing gear, and other mechanical operations; he serves as aerial gunner during attack, supervises the ground maintenance of the ship to which he is assigned.

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