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Overtake in einem Satz (in englisch)

Let us overtake her.
You should overtake.
But I shall overtake him.
overtake him more difficult.
I'll overtake you and help if I can.
They’ll overtake us within an hour.
Amalekites began to overtake the Jews.

steamed after the ship to overtake it.
Only an eagle could overtake them now.
THAT DAY should overtake you as a thief.
Confusion began to overtake her as the.
that somebody was trying to overtake him.
stumbling behind, strove to overtake him.
The Riders were too swift to overtake,.
� Townsend felt despair overtake him then.
It was evident that any attempt to overtake.
again, was that the Fleet would overtake him.
I slowed to let the car catch up and overtake.
body as she lay there watching it overtake her.
For destruction will overtake all of the earth.
But before he could overtake him, Gollum was gone.
We followed along quickly hoping to overtake him.
had managed to overtake the thief without noticing.
Razumihin thought a minute and ran to overtake him.
A shadow was overtaking them.
are incapable of overtaking It.
keep her emotions from overtaking her.
competitors, we can think of overtaking.
she didn't realize what was overtaking her.
heard mingling with and overtaking one another.
against the sinking feeling that was overtaking her.
motorcycles and trucks were everywhere, overtaking,.
fall upon’ as in a giant warrior overtaking you with.
diversification and overtaking pigs in numbers of species.
coming sometime without warning- always with an overtaking.
c) No overtaking is permitted in the vicinity of road dividers.
secrecy overtaking the computer industry-a wave first noticed.
Miss Avery begins to back away, due to the shock overtaking her.
alcohol really such an overtaking substance? She wondered fearfully.
him made up for lost time and were in the process of overtaking him.
You’re driving fast, and overtaking on a corner at high speed is risky.
But you died when I was seven, she whispered, anger overtaking her.
He sprinted toward the doctor, overtaking him before he reached his SUV.
Alpatych kept meeting and overtaking baggage trains and troops on the road.
She moaned and thrust herself upward to meet him, her passion overtaking her.
With each step Sam felt stronger, more positive about overtaking the fugitives.
Overtaking the vehicles travelling along the road Grailem runs as fast as he can.
Yaw: zigzag motion of a vessel carried off its heading by strong, overtaking seas.
I snapped straight up, scientific curiosity overtaking the need for clean clothes.
Afraid of the mental illness which was overtaking me with the speed of this insane.
I heard a voice calling through the arcade: They’re here! Overtaking the bridge.
Ben was in the lead, and Dahms quickly passed Sam, but Gaal was steadily overtaking her.
the phone, on the PC, in front of the TV and radio, overtaking, adventuring, and endlessly.
� She had to close her eyes and concentrate in order to prevent panic from overtaking her.
Overtaken by that.
had overtaken the campus.
They are overtaken by it.
of this world has overtaken them.
Assiduously the world is overtaken.
flying high on the overtaken vessel.
I was overtaken by the thrill and.
But I was overtaken with curiosity.
was overtaken by the following crowd.
is overtaken by pirates and he gladly.
He was overtaken with emotion by the.
Both of our faces were overtaken with.
glanced up at the girl whom she had overtaken.
In case we are overtaken by loss of remembrance.
He then collapsed on his knees, overtaken by grief.
"And what would he have done had he overtaken us?".
Yet who is aware of it, until it has overtaken them?.
Overtaken and overcome by the Romans, we only exist now.
‘I’m sure that we’ve overtaken him again,’ said.
No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.
Another time a couple came in and were overtaken by joy.
It was overtaken by Michael’s physical move to Oklahoma.
I was completely overtaken as the boat moved by the force.
It would only be a matter of seconds until he was overtaken.
that burned close by and were overtaken with a sense of panic.
Panic was quickly overtaken by the darkness that enveloped her.
At one point on their walk, the three companions were overtaken.
His followers collectively burst into tears, overtaken by grief.
him, and he has already overtaken him by some accident, he would.
bizarre misfortunes that have overtaken her kind, or so she claims.
And death overtakes them.
and ‘thine’ overtakes them.
You slow as your fizz overtakes you.
Remaining stationary It overtakes all.
The midday sensation wonderfully overtakes the crew.
technology overtakes the magic, what is the wizard’s.
Jeremy arches his eyebrows and a grin overtakes his face.
A warm, floaty sensation overtakes his nerves and senses.
Looking to the day, when the plowman overtakes the reaper,.
Kaite overtakes you in a blue streak dashing over the pavement.
In this moment, in this second, a rush of memories overtakes her.
He overtakes you on the hairpin curve, forcing you to brake suddenly.
Sadness overtakes him with the thought this night could possibly end.
If the urge to communicate with me overtakes you: email: [email protected]
You relax and a confusing numb happiness overtakes you like heroin does a junkie.
She laughs and cries in the same breath as the warm red glow of the fire overtakes them.
They are broken down when calamity overtakes them, washed away by the fierce waters thereof.
About another hour till Admiral Hahlynd overtakes them, Defiant’s third lieutenant said.
Backing out he runs into the kitchen and out of the back door as a fit of coughing overtakes him.
Consequently the loyal henchmen are not even safe from the same fate which overtakes their victims.
retros so the rock overtakes us, and then tuck in behind it as it careens towards the transit point.
After this he runs away and returns to his master, where the intense desire to kill himself overtakes him.
They are not exempt, however, from fairly sharp declines in market value if insolvency overtakes the system.
A strange sensation overtakes him, unlike any he has ever felt before when he looks at the painting of baby Yeshua.
Say, "Have you considered? If His punishment overtakes you by night or by day, what part of it will the guilty seek to hasten?".
The night overtakes the day, as it pursues it persistently; and the sun, and the moon, and the stars are subservient by His command.
Silence overtakes us, and the four of us sit there, eyes aimed at the dome, watching the asteroids float by and collide with other asteroids.
Horror overtook me.
Dounia overtook him.
Poverty overtook you.
Fatigue overtook him.
Desperation overtook me.
But then, greed overtook me.
Then, oblivion overtook him.
Sleep overtook me instantly.
25 Then Laban overtook Jacob.
A great weariness overtook him.
A wave of panic overtook Daphne.
So the punishment overtook them.
Also in 2009, China overtook the U.
A loud rumbling overtook the castle.
lorry loaded with BMWs overtook them.
Events, however, overtook the Allies.
That man that overtook you was Moses.
Someone overtook him; it was Polenka.
The footsteps overtook her in moments.
But my survival instincts overtook me.
The beat of the band soon overtook them.
Darkness overtook the house rapidly, and.
of action, but sleep finally overtook him.
A strange calm overtook Sister Scholastica.

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catch overtake overcome overpower overwhelm whelm overhaul pass