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    1. “And when they were gone out of the city, and not yet far off, Joseph said unto his steward, Up, follow after the men; and when thou dost overtake them, say unto them, Wherefore

    2. ‘You sound as though you know Wales pretty well,’ I commented, as he pulls out to overtake a caravan

    3. Roman’s will seemed to overtake the effects of the paralyzing agent in his

    4. had managed to overtake the thief without noticing

    5. As he looked around, eying the collapsed entrance and then the dusty bedrolls and fire pit full of ashes, the reality began to sink in and to overtake him

    6. In calm air, it could easily overtake them, but as long as the wind blew hard, Homer’s boat would stay well ahead

    7. I closed my eyes and let sleep overtake me, all the while thinking that this was a good last memory

    8. Strangely, as he watched light overtake the darkness outside, he felt extreme physical tiredness as well as emotional exhilaration in what he had accomplished

    9. steamed after the ship to overtake it

    10. Actually, the Shenandoah was catching up to the Milo, but would never overtake her before the Milo arrived in San Francisco

    1. “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted” (Galatians 6:1)

    2. Whether one is overtaken by the lies of whatever religion in which they are immersed, or if they have a valid mental illness, or if someone was abused by their father as a child -- it all comes down to the same thing

    3. At one point on their walk, the three companions were overtaken

    4. “But hang on, how did you ‘protect it’? It was overtaken by Queen Oizys a few weeks ago, before we defeated her

    5. ‘I’m sure that we’ve overtaken him again,’ said

    6. They had overtaken the wall and were making their way farther into the city, but they returned as they saw Barrin there

    7. I got off the tram and retraced my steps back to the house I now no longer felt the same trepidation that had overtaken me the first time I came here

    8. Except for those two moments, last night and now again to-night, when the anger had overtaken her

    9. flying high on the overtaken vessel

    10. Yet who is aware of it, until it has overtaken them?

    1. retros so the rock overtakes us, and then tuck in behind it as it careens towards the transit point

    2. Consequently the loyal henchmen are not even safe from the same fate which overtakes their victims

    3. They are broken down when calamity overtakes them, washed away by the fierce waters thereof

    4. Looking to the day, when the plowman overtakes the reaper,

    5. You slow as your fizz overtakes you

    6. Kaite overtakes you in a blue streak dashing over the pavement

    7. Instead of thinking rationally to prevent problems we wait till catastrophe overtakes us, with the predictable result; we’re on the brink of annihilation

    8. You relax and a confusing numb happiness overtakes you like heroin does a junkie

    9. A strange sensation overtakes him, unlike any he has ever felt before when he looks at the painting of baby Yeshua

    10. If the urge to communicate with me overtakes you: email: prethj@activ8

    1. When he is unsuccessful with overtaking this woman, he then goes after the rest of her offspring – those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus

    2. She moaned and thrust herself upward to meet him, her passion overtaking her

    3. I was about ten years old and recollect an Army Sergeant-Major grabbing me by the arm whilst overtaking me to make sure I stayed far enough away for I truly wanted to collect the hand grenade as a trophy

    4. “But you died when I was seven,” she whispered, anger overtaking her

    5. Indeed only after a little more than a hundred steps Hilderich felt cramps and stiffness overtaking his aching body, especially the legs where he put much of his strength to propel himself upwards on the steps that seemed fit only for giants

    6. Hilderich repeated his question, this time shouting, demanding, fury overtaking him despite the parts of his mind that warned him of teetering on a precipice of unfathomable depth, every step reeking with deadly danger:

    7. these inhospitable, but completely natural, reactions about fertility from overtaking your mind and

    8. Yaw: zigzag motion of a vessel carried off its heading by strong, overtaking seas

    9. Miles scrambled to his feet and charged her way, almost overtaking her, but the door closed before he could snatch her

    10. By the end, she can hardly speak or eat, the swelling overtaking the petite features of the woman he loves beyond all things

    1. ” He led her to his bed and they removed their clothes and climbed in and clung to each other as exhaustion overtook them

    2. Dark overtook him on the North Sentinel Heights Canal

    3. "The pain overtook me, as it often does nowadays, and I couldn't finish the tests

    4. A sudden grin overtook her face - though she knew not why

    5. lorry loaded with BMWs overtook them

    6. Then I thought about seeing Helen and all of a sudden I wasn’t so sure the black moods that had overtook me since Gallipoli were frightening and things seemed to have changed irrevocably forever

    7. I turned away from her my mind in turmoil but my body responding it felt so strange and shyness overtook me

    8. They stayed for many years at the same level whilst juniors (non-white) overtook them

    9. On the one hand, whenever the image that was now permanently burnt into his mind popped into his consciousness again - something that it did with a disabling regularity - a terrible black rage overtook him, and he could think of nothing other than tearing Conrad Hunter’s bowels from his body and making him eat them in front of him

    10. What were they up to? And why? How long before something happened? And what would that be? Was she to be arrested? Panic overtook

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