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    1. Ever since the great patriarch had sworn a pact with the dark stars, ever since he had

    2. “The three-dimensional seal ensured the witch's pact with two rival demons, one of the void and one of the fire”, explained Arion, as we were crossing the stone bridge, having just abandoned the tower

    3. “Lady Chimaera owed her extraordinary vampiric powers precisely to that pact

    4. “For the time being, she has lost everything: her precious pact with the two demons, her physical body and lots of energy

    5. 'Through the prayers I have named you in the pact with Athena so to withdraw would leave you in a mindless state and recovery is er, unknown

    6. June as they had a secret pact

    7. Me I had made a pact with myself that I would only think of Helen if I couldn’t help it or when we finally got out of this shit hole

    8. And as a formidable nuclear power they have much to gain from a pact with Russia

    9. It is a spiral you just cannot win and then you make a pact with satan to bullsh-t the rest of the world to believe you are winning at COIN

    10. If so, it had been a fool’s errand: his soul wouldn’t be bought for a handful of golden coins! Never had they cooperated in a single venture, with the exception of an unwritten or spoken pact of mutual non-interference

    11. Cousin Jerry had been shunned by the rest of the family for his politics when Stalin signed the pact with Hitler in August of 1939, and as far as Colling knew, his mother had been the only one of his relatives who had maintained any sort of contact with him

    12. As I walked on to my next class, I wondered if Rory and Devon were in cahoots and did they both plan to battle their counterparts that day as a pact

    13. Witty started cackling even louder and told me,” Dude, check this out, last week, we made a pact and we both ate beans, sauerkraut, and broccoli in our omlettes for breakfast just so we could fart our asses off and then blame poor Sabinta who sits in between us, it was hilarious,” he said

    14. Still, we had made a pact that none of us would rest until Dorian Christian was resting permanently

    15. Clinton copresidency, as it did when your husband was president? A lot of people feel yours is not so much a traditional husband-wife relationship as it is a mutual pact with a political aim

    16. That’s the pact of Christianity, isn’t it? ‘For your Love, I’ll keep trying to make myself better

    17. Hitler had signed a “nonaggression” pact with Stalin

    18. When Hitler signed the pact, he undoubtedly was planning his invasion of Russia

    19. Yet, in March 1960, Castro signed a pact to sell to Russia 3,200,000 tons of sugar for $97 million

    20. already had a pact with Paul and she had done everything she could

    21. When we were young, we made a blood pact; witches were present, wolves, and angels

    22. (They are making a pact between them and God will serve as a witness to this

    23. Somonik: “By the fire of the Source! Do you realize that the Pact of Kraka was signed over forty-one million years ago?!!!”

    24. “And almost everything that matters about my enemy has to do with the Pact of Kraka

    25. Before the Pact of Kraka, Draconian population and society was cyclical for hundreds of millions of years

    26. He has made his pact with the dark and he will not gainsay it, even if the path back were to be opened to him ever again

    27. Thus we formulated and proposed The Pact of Kraka, which established the rule of The Ninety-Nine, and a voluntary limit on our population of ten million less one, and formal permanent peace with the unicorns

    28. “Finally, a consensus of ninety-nine one-hundredths of our population declared themselves to be in favor of the pact, and a great gathering was planned at Kraka for the signing, but before that day came my enemy, who was second-eldest at the time, challenged me

    29. She who was then third-eldest had declared for the pact, so I knew that it would be signed whether I was victorious or whether I died, so long as my enemy was destroyed along with me

    30. Only a clean victory by him could lead to the downfall of the pact

    31. And with demons in our skies, don’t you dare whine to me about the population limitations of The Pact of Kraka

    32. The pact for beauty, the pact that brought the Achaeans to Troy, was a pact for

    33. Ulysses made another pact after Troy fell, urged on by Athena and Zeus, the pact of

    34. formed a pact to protect Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, wife of

    35. Lord Irwin and Gāndhiji signed a ‘Delhi Pact of Truce’ on 5 March 1931

    36. He helped work out Lucknow Pact in 1916 between Indian National Congress and Muslim League

    37. They all made a pact, eleven of the children put their differences aside and went along to help Peter

    38. You can also just use the mud itself as a mud pact that will make your hair grow

    39. The Kiridae had made a pact with him, agreeing to send some of their mercenaries to join his personal guard, and Derek had said they’d send caravans of food and supplies that the Kiridae couldn’t get on their own

    40. Sisyphus betrays a pact

    41. With a stratagem, he has managed to convince Zeus to let him return to the world of the living with the pact that he would return to the world of the dead as soon as he completed the task for which he asked and obtained permission to return to earth

    42. He does not respect the pact and therefore her is punished

    43. So Travis told him about the students at Charles University in Prague, about Anna Husak and how the Soviet and Warsaw Pact armies had invaded Czechoslovakia, and he related what he had seen and how he had helped

    44. without making a death pact with one another

    45. Me and one of the mate"s made a pact to never go on such a big bender and to only get into the narcotics with each other present, he could see what Bridget was trying to do, fund an endless 24/7 party lifestyle

    46. If they did have a pact with the energy vampires, they sure knew how to hide it

    47. Under the terms on the contract, both parties agree to a non-aggression pact at the beginning of the secession process

    48. a pact, and his signature still

    49. “What's he saying? You said we could work a deal with the demon, make a pact, and they would grant us anything we wanted

    50. So a pact was made if Riz kept to himself what Billy was capable of, he would not get his butt kicked again

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    accord pact treaty contract make terms agree on pledge promise assent enter into