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    1. contract with that person

    2. And in that contract there are

    3. effectively is to study the contract thoroughly and

    4. stipulations of this contract

    5. covenant or contract with Him

    6. There was nothing else in Herndon's folder but a scrap of scratch paper and a blank copy of the storage contract

    7. He’s got a job over at Hinkley Point where Adrian works – a five year contract

    8. “Every would-be salesman signs a contract which contains a penal clause: If the salesman doesn't sell enough within the first month of work, which is ''on trial'', they are not only fired without being paid but they also have to pay 50,000 drachmas to the company!” she explains with glowing eyes

    9. ‘Yes, but I don’t think there’s anything in the contract which means you have to leave

    10. ‘Then we have to do the legal bit, drawing up a contract and signing it in the presence of an official witness … one of the High Guild, for example

    1. The muscles are contracted in geometric shapes and the contracted muscle is stretched

    2. "Oh god," Parker said as Horcheese’s now-removed left arm contracted into a default position

    3. The places on her torso where the artificial limbs attached were pink ovals, lumpy with contracted fibers and at the center of it all was the titanium bone and the expected set of ports for the neural interface processors that did the fantastically complicated and nuanced task of translating between machine language and the language of the human neurological system

    4. ‘Kate’s also concerned that she might have contracted an STD

    5. He was afraid he was going to be paralyzed by the native anti-violence virus they had all contracted

    6. Nine days following birth they contracted

    7. ‘You’ll be suing me for damages next, illness contracted in the workplace and all that

    8. contracted and he doubled up in pain

    9. This was another committee he should have looked into concerning the bad tail, they used operatives often and he wouldn’t be surprised if they had contracted that bad tail

    10. Waterhouse and his entourage arrived punctually a half hour before the Monday appointment held in the offices of the contracted construction company, Brown & Backhouse

    1. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    2. Practice all the Yoga asanas described in the chapter on constipation, and in particular practice the water-drinking habits of the Yogis and the relaxing and contracting movements known as Uddiyani

    3. Now, you can let go of your fears about contracting flu viruses

    4. His vision was contracting to a small porthole

    5. 'Was this really something he wanted to pursue? Do I actually have so little contact with what he describes as 'conscience'? Am I just a mass of 'I's, each pulling this way and that? Don't I have my own independent will? Do I actually have possibilities I should have, but don't see right now? Do I even trust this strange old man anyway? I wonder who he is and where did he come from? He reminds me of an old guy I worked with at that Government contracting job

    6. Low moans could be heard up stairs, from the wood expanding and contracting to the differing temperatures outside

    7. Among the barbarous nations who overran the western provinces of the Roman empire, the performance of contracts was left for many ages to the faith of the contracting parties

    8. The company you are contracting with short-term will

    9. more in the long-term than contracting or outsourcing the work

    10. But this million being raised, not by a call upon the proprietors, but by selling annuities and contracting bond-debts, it did not augment the stock upon which the proprietors could claim a dividend

    1. Zitteraal takes out his penlight, opens one of John’s eyes, watches as the pupil contracts immediately when he shines the light into John’s eye

    2. The developers, all five of them, were under contracts so stringent they could probably not afford to ever leave

    3. Even if they were, they had certain contracts that could not be ignored and would have given them a free ride anyway

    4. Within a month the paperwork was done, the local council searches were completed and contracts were signed

    5. Oh well, who needs peace and quiet anyway - just hope it’s not that annoying man in personnel again fussing about one of the part time contracts

    6. As Samuel signed for the check, Harry rose and in a calculated impulse, placed the respective contracts before each of the gentlemen who quickly accepted and signed them; Harry returned them to the document pouch nestled under his arm as calmly as if adhering to the script of a play

    7. Those kinds of things weren’t in teaching contracts

    8. By the time the ink had dried on her transfer contracts, Mandy was in possession of the construction plans and interior design drawings for the new establishment

    9. The interest of money is always a derivative revenue, which, if it is not paid from the profit which is made by the use of the money, must be paid from some other source of revenue, unless perhaps the borrower is a spendthrift, who contracts a second debt in order to pay the interest of the first

    10. When the law does not enforce the performance of contracts, it puts all borrowers nearly upon the same footing with bankrupts, or people of doubtful credit, in better regulated countries

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    contract contract bridge declaration get take shrink abbreviate abridge cut foreshorten reduce shorten narrow concentrate condense undertake compact compress constrict press squeeze sign sign on sign up draw together decrease deal understanding covenant pact obligation syncopate curtail epitomise epitomize come down with break out with incur make terms agree on pledge promise assent enter into