pane sätze

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Pane sätze (in englisch)

A pane of glass is all.
Oft staring through the window pane.
Nose whiteflattened against the pane.
He peered through the small glass pane.
Now try to analyse the Risk Detail pane.
A long fingernail scraped an attic pane.
Stuck on the pane two flies buzzed, stuck.

Dollar Index futures chart in the left pane.
That was when the first hale stone hit the pane.
In one leap, he pressed his nose up to the warm pane.
I gathered myself and then leaped onto the window pane.
She passed the paper knife over the window pane, then.
Through the broken pane the snow could be seen falling.
He tapped on the pane with a very small and feeble knock.
I limp toward the door, which is a pane of frosted glass.
The room consisted of a large pane glass window, which.
Tanya was standing on the window pane and appeared to be.
I looked to the window, a hanging pane of splintered glass.
Only a big fly buzzed and fluttered against the window pane.
He jumped up, opened the casement pane and put his head out.
Now there’s a bird at my window, he beats upon the pane.
She could see Clifford looking at her through the glass pane.
He looked hard at his battered reflection in the pane of glass.
He peered through the pane as he had done at the public house.
Beside him, the clatter of the rain on the window pane sharpened.
There is no opening except the one pane, said our learned guide.
Rammes Cain stood staring through the window pane at the downpour.
I will have our probe jump through that glass pane and…AAAH!.
Some could be erased with a breath, like ice flowers on a winter pane.
The street lights outside reflected his haunted expression in the pane.
Zach squinted through the glass and wiped his breath away from the pane.
A fly flew up suddenly and struck the window pane with a plaintive buzz.
It is in this large pane (that is titled My First Web Page) that we will.
In the left-hand pane, expand Internet Explorer and click on Connections.
I hit send order, and it appears in the bottom pane under the orders tab.
And what he saw made him lean wildly against the small red pane, blinking.
The lower time frame is in the left pane, the higher time frame in the right.
Then she jumped up, approached the window and brought her face up to the pane.
Now he watched as the snow brushed softly and silently against the window pane.
Water sprays out a hole near the top of the tank, and the pane cracks in half.

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