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Pane in a sentence

glass pane on each.
To pane (of glass).
A pane of glass is all.
e pane of glass was frosted.
his image in the pane of glass.
and place it against a pane of.
out through the hole in the pane.

something that seemed to be fish pane.
Nose whiteflattened against the pane.
He peered through the small glass pane.
Now try to analyse the Risk Detail pane.
A long fingernail scraped an attic pane.
Stuck on the pane two flies buzzed, stuck.
the solid pane above the man with his fist.
Dollar Index futures chart in the left pane.
"Have you some putty to break the pane with?".
eyes a pane of glass away, heard the sickening.
That was when the first hale stone hit the pane.
In one leap, he pressed his nose up to the warm pane.
tom board of the window pane, exposing a gap that was.
I gathered myself and then leaped onto the window pane.
Through the broken pane the snow could be seen falling.
She passed the paper knife over the window pane, then.
pane and locking mechanism when they could just as eas-.
I limp toward the door, which is a pane of frosted glass.
The room consisted of a large pane glass window, which.
He tapped on the pane with a very small and feeble knock.
there’s a plain small blue crystal pane in the western.
Tanya was standing on the window pane and appeared to be.
I looked to the window, a hanging pane of splintered glass.
Only a big fly buzzed and fluttered against the window pane.

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acid dose dot elvis pane superman zen paneling panelling