partly sätze

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Partly sätze (in englisch)

I was partly at fault.
That was partly why I.
It was partly the truth.
It was only partly true.
What? It was partly true.
Partly, but that's not all.
Although it was partly true.

Sayce and partly by himself.
It was partly how bossy she.
It's partly what made me ill.
Partly burned in the furnace.
Partly for that realize it.
It was only partly successful.
It’s partly what made me ill.
His crime was partly concealed.
It was partly assumed, however.
That was partly my fault, Aslan.
This was partly because he was.
The evening sky is partly cloudy.
This was partly because it was 7.
Maybe that's why I'm partly yellow.
But I was partly telling the truth.
MacArthur was at least partly wrong.
This was partly to the good as far.
Mind you, this is partly caused by.
Perhaps the fault may be partly mine.
This I hauled up partly on the shore.
It's partly how the jury system began.
This is partly because we have become.
Toller's prediction was partly verified.
The name Boss was partly hung on.
But this difference arises, partly from.
It is partly a science and partly an art.
That’s partly what got me through this.
He knew she had been partly to blame for.
I think that’s partly why she moved here.
Nevertheless this impression is partly false.
That's partly why I say it, said Pavel.
He surfaced near a small beach with partly.
But such a reflection is only partly correct.

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