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Partly в предложении (на )

1. I was partly at fault.
2. That was partly why I.
3. It was partly the truth.
4. It was only partly true.
5. What? It was partly true.
6. Partly, but that's not all.
7. Although it was partly true.

8. Sayce and partly by himself.
9. It's partly what made me ill.
10. It was partly how bossy she.
11. Partly burned in the furnace.
12. Partly for that realize it.
13. It was only partly successful.
14. It was partly assumed, however.
15. His crime was partly concealed.
16. It’s partly what made me ill.
17. This was partly because he was.
18. That was partly my fault, Aslan.
19. The evening sky is partly cloudy.
20. This was partly because it was 7.
21. But I was partly telling the truth.
22. Maybe that's why I'm partly yellow.
23. MacArthur was at least partly wrong.
24. This was partly to the good as far.
25. Mind you, this is partly caused by.
26. Perhaps the fault may be partly mine.
27. This I hauled up partly on the shore.
28. It's partly how the jury system began.
29. This is partly because we have become.
30. The name Boss was partly hung on.
31. Toller's prediction was partly verified.
32. It is partly a science and partly an art.
33. But this difference arises, partly from.
34. He knew she had been partly to blame for.
35. That’s partly what got me through this.
36. I think that’s partly why she moved here.
37. That's partly why I say it, said Pavel.
38. But such a reflection is only partly correct.
39. Nevertheless this impression is partly false.
40. He surfaced near a small beach with partly.
41. But she's also responsible, at least, partly.
42. They are partly housekeeping suites, i.
43. The longevity of Omega Electronics is partly.
44. He was partly irritated and partly mystified.
45. Science is only partly understood by mankind.
46. He partly knew, too, what the letter contained.
47. He pawed up the hay until it partly covered her.
48. My ancestors had been partly Jewish by heritage.
49. Partly through paying me to help you, I suppose.
50. This had been partly why he had stolen the ship.
51. By the silver coin was a brown pouch partly open.
52. I say "partly seated" because there was more of.
53. It was partly obscured by a small stand of trees.
54. This advice was partly true, and partly incorrect.
55. It happens to me a lot, I know, partly because my.
56. The hatch lay partly open and their pulsating cry.
57. Few stars glittered in the partly cloudy night sky.
58. He let his mouth linger on hers, partly because it.
59. Partly because of what they had both just seen, but.
60. This was partly behind his revulsion for propaganda.
61. It’s partly to do with an expansion of my job.
62. This is partly due to the fact, that most companies.
63. He was used as a tool, and it was partly our fault.
64. This, at first glance, paradoxical belief was partly.
65. His eyes were partly closed and rolled up in his head.
66. But he had already partly shown his hand, 631 of 967.
67. The shock and the incipient pain had partly sobered him.
68. Paul stayed all that time partly because he liked the.
69. He had a reputation forexcessive vanity, due partly to.
70. This was partly because of Caris’s saintly reputation.
71. Those arguments were partly solid and partly sophistical.
72. And partly it was the deeply sensuous nature of the work.
73. I wasn’t shocked, after all I was partly a witch myself.
74. That’s partly why I play the piano, I said to her.
75. It stood in a corner of the park, partly hidden from view.
76. Follow the present energy healer, he is partly right.
77. Partly from nerves, but better safe than sorry he thought.
78. Unfortunately, such a pursuit partly promotes unhappiness.
79. He had been shot several times and his throat partly slit.
80. And this is partly real, partly unreal, as if reality.
81. In this narrative we see that Josephus partly agrees with.
82. For partly in the primeval shaping of the hill, partly by.
83. Autumn started sobbing, partly in grief and partly in anger.
84. Plausible but Partly Fallacious Assumptions by Stockholders.
85. So the remedy may be partly spiritual, and partly physical.
86. They walked slowly and cautiously to the plinth, partly in.
87. The Wilsons took their vacation partly because Karen wanted.
88. Their coronary attack may even have been partly due to the.
89. It would at least partly explain things, wouldn’t it?
90. Partly because of the poor vision, things at the corner of.
91. In fact that is partly why we are all meeting up on Saturday.
93. Staring at the scene before him, Paul’s mouth partly opened.
94. He's a blood horse, he is, partly; not the part you see, of.
95. I believe that contracting herpes was partly about bridging.
96. This is partly why many people still struggle with basic sins.
97. This standoff position was, I think, partly due to my rearing.
98. The cavern we’ve just left was partly the same, added.
99. I think that at least partly makes up for the drive-in movie.
100. On a about, and partly to make sure we pick up anyone who bolts.

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