patsy sätze

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Patsy sätze (in englisch)

1. But Patsy is gone on.
2. My soul was with Patsy.
3. Patsy hated Quinn, I can.
4. Patsy was the first to start.
5. God I love Patsy, she moves me.
6. Patsy and Melissa kept in touch.
7. Never again would I be the patsy.

8. I share a soul fragment with Patsy.
9. Let me tell you what Patsy is up to.
10. Patsy was the milk monitor for the week.
11. Patsy enjoys her sewing group nowadays.
12. And of course, there is always the patsy.
13. Patsy just smiled and started to walk away.
14. His hatred of Patsy was as intense as ever.
15. You don't have to worry about Patsy anymore.
16. Aunt Queen will be pleased and so will Patsy.
17. But why you? I'm the one who murdered Patsy.
18. Patsy was already opening the door to the barn.
19. Says she saw Patsy in a dream singing that hymn.
20. I met Patsy and Bob one fateful day on top of Mt.
21. Ken had remained standing while Patsy was speaking.
22. We owe Patsy and Bob an eternal debt of gratitude.
23. Patsy left him on the porch with the stack of files.
24. If you can't do that, you're most likely the patsy.
25. The mention of Patsy had enveloped him in darkness.
26. Patsy has always been my guiding light in politics.
27. She’s making a patsy of you, said the Patrón.
28. Patsy had never met the couple that stood before them.
29. But when you know more about Patsy, you'll understand.
30. Patsy headed for Bob and placed a huge kiss on his face.
31. At that moment a young man rushed up and spoke to Patsy.
32. Patsy all dressed in pink cowboy clothes, with a guitar.
33. Patsy had attached to him all the hate her soul could tender.
34. The matter of announcing this turn of events was left to Patsy.
35. Patsy cleared her throat with a small cough and began to speak.
36. I saw it without mistake, but I never saw the spirit of Patsy.
37. And Patsy wrote that, now, she knew what was coming, she knew.
38. I think you murdered Mr Nikelseer and set Lance up as the patsy.
39. Patsy glanced at the papers in the briefcase she held in her lap.
40. I wanted to play it for Patsy, to see if it would quiet her soul.
41. Patsy denied the whole thing, but Bob suggested they wait and see.
42. Patsy went on to hit MacArthur with another surprising revelation.
43. Melissa gave Bob and Patsy a final hug and stepped onto the train.
44. Patsy whooped with delight and threw her arms around MacArthur's neck.
45. Lee claimed that he was a patsy, and that was what he turned out to be.
46. I'm meeting with the newspapers on Wednesday, Patsy called after them.
47. The rapid-fire speech finally settled on Patsy who sat waiting her turn.
48. And then I realized who had been the proverbial patsy in the poker game.
49. Patsy reached for the rear passenger door and the others gathered around.
50. It was Patsy and Bob who ultimately captured and exposed the Power Base.
51. She poured it into cups and Patsy carried them two at a time to the desks.
52. They turned to look at Patsy and Bob as they approached between the tables.
53. As Patsy had said, she was pretty enough, in a pale, unhealthy sort of way.
54. Patsy did not want to engage in any unnecessary conversation at this point.
55. Patsy Kelly had locked eyes on Melissa's as MacArthur has spilled his surprise.
56. At this point Patsy began to laugh and cover her mouth trying to stifle her mirth.
57. Patsy and Bob and their three children met the Miller family at the train station.
58. Even Aunt Queen had mentioned to me with some reserve that Patsy could really sing.
59. Patsy and Melissa sobbed with excitement, as this was their first meeting in two years.
60. There's an old saying in poker that if you're not sure who the patsy is, you probably are.
61. Hartridge had smiled at him and asked him to sit in the front next to a girl named Patsy.
62. To answer your question, Patsy, yes, 'Corny' will be able to reproduce anything eventually.
63. Bob, Ken and Patsy turned for the farmhouse and waved to the others as the truck was started.
64. I've never in all my long wandering years been hated by anyone the way Quinn was hated by Patsy.
65. Ah, there hadn't been a single soul in the world of Blackwood Farm who had felt love for Patsy.
66. Except, that is, in Germany, where Patsy Girl became a Top 10 hit almost two years later.
67. As the hall emptied, Patsy came over to where Melissa and Ed were waiting at the back of the hall.
68. Patsy collected the empty cups and took them on a tray down the hall and into a kitchen, where Mrs.
69. Patsy had read from a mission statement that seemed to define the overall purpose of the Power Base.
70. Melissa and Patsy sat out on the patio with a cup of coffee, talking like the old friends they were.
71. We keep heading more toward direct international investing, but worry that we're going to be the patsy.
72. The two families took the rest of the day to enjoy the country and the farm that Patsy had rejuvenated.
73. Patsy spoke directly to Ken, As you must realize we have been planning this caper for a number of years.
74. She said she’d release the emails between us and make me out to be either a traitor or some naïve patsy.
75. Patsy hung up the telephone just after her husband wished her good night and reminded her that he loved her.
76. Hands were raised and Patsy excused herself for not knowing all of the names when she called on the questioner.
77. Later, having discovered their mutual love for Patsy Cline, Richard was moved to ask him if he ever played cards.
78. Patsy put some tea on to boil while the Millers took their bags into the guest room in the back of the old farmhouse.
79. It's a nice place to start to change the world," said Patsy, "Did you come in through Woodstock or from the south?".
80. Patsy started singing the song they always sang as they drove down the long driveway from the highway to the farmhouse.
81. Bruce, Keith and Sandy were born a year apart as Patsy has settled down to the business of raising a family in a hurry.
82. The Sea Venture comes home from Bermudas and the play Renan admired is written with Patsy Caliban, our American cousin.
83. After the election of General Douglas MacArthur and the Constitutional Party, Patsy Kelly took some time off for herself.
84. Kelly? You have to come with me, we have a problem with the prisoners, Patsy nodded and quickly followed the young man.
85. Patsy Kelly and her group had selected this station at the last moment because of its powerful transmitter and central location.
86. Patsy went for a pitcher of water while MacArthur settled into a large wooden rocking chair sitting with three others on the porch.
87. Tina's a dancer,' Patsy explained apologetically, 'and her agent managed to get her a tour booking as a replacement at the last minute.
88. I guess my mom never imagined her best knives being used for safecracking, said Patsy with a wistful tone as she remembered her parents.
89. Warren Buffett once wrote: If you’ve been in the poker game for 30 minutes and you don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.
90. In all the years I've known him, he has never mentioned Patsy to me or even answered by E-mail one single solitary question about his mother.
91. Following his radio appearance MacArthur returned to Woodstock to meet with Patsy, Bob and a small group of party members who acted as advisors.
92. As they approached the farmhouse at the end of the lane, Patsy and Bob came out onto the verandah and peered into the dust that billowed up behind.
93. The fact that he was still in office was largely due to the fact that Patsy and her organization had de-emphasized the role of Truman in the Power Base plans.
94. Immediately following the inauguration of the President and the trial that imprisoned the men of the Power base for life, Patsy and Bob decided to get pregnant.
95. Her mother's birthday that was and Charley was home on his holidays and Tom and Mr Dignam and Mrs and Patsy and Freddy Dignam and they were to have had a group taken.
96. The children were educated at home, as was the norm, and only when each had turned fifteen and when each had entered schools would Patsy return full time to public life.
97. Resisting the urge to linger, she punched in the first numbers she saw, a Sam Cooke, a Patsy Cline, and Drift Away by Dobie Gray, while he cleared a spot on the couch.
98. But nothing changed for me in the agonized and straining apparition, except that Patsy raised her right hand just a little, and her parted lips made just a small bit of a word.
99. Suddenly there was a huge rumble from inside the mountain which shook the ground and spooked his new horse, Patsy, he called it, because he had been castrated at a young age.
100. MacArthur was proud of this accomplishment and it was the motivation behind this success that brought him to meet with Patsy Kelly and the new Constitution Party of the United States.

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