mark sätze

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Mark sätze (in englisch)

And mark it with B.
Mark it on the wheel.
The Mark of the Beast.
My mark in this world.
Or quick off the mark.
An easy mark for Mark.
Not far off the mark.

Mark was an only child.
This is a mark of good.
She hands Mark the beer.
The Mark shook his head.
I’m Mark, by the way.
Mark worked as a car-.
And borne the mark of.
Mark the center of the.
It is the mark of a man.
Mark brought in the tray.
I scoped out the mark.
Mark slams into the room.
Mark heaved a deep sigh.
The man was an easy mark.
Mark did that on his own.
Mark still seemed to be.
I mean, ok, I will, Mark.
And I have heard of Mark.
Mark was holding court *.
Mark the full circle of.
It was probably just Mark.
Mark pushes the hand away.
He made a mark on the map.
It was just a job to Mark.
Damn, Mark said to himself.
He hired Mark on the spot.
Mark was right, of course.
In Mark 13:20 and 2 Thess.
I noted the King’s mark.
The idea that a high mark.
But those eyes left a mark.
Mark we have this account;.
The star marking my way.
The marking of time ceased.
Marking time, crossing off the.
Theo had seen this marking before.
Marking milestones will give you a.
He knew better than to risk marking.
Marking his territory like a wild beast.
Jimmy lowered his book, marking the page.
You know, there's no way of marking time.
He looked at the square marking January.
But the fool, marking her anger, went on:.
Marking th' embarked traders on the flood;.
They’re marking things, like I used—.
He is marking down the men to die, Dunk realized.
The permanent marking had spoiled over the years.
A happy time for children, marking Fred’s passing.
The writing on the truck said ACME Pitch Marking.
Blunt stood at the podium marking notes on a yellow pad.
Use the book as a collection of signposts marking a path.
His foot touched the elevated edge marking the other side.
I’d think it’s because it’s the Marking of a vow.
Just two days after the celebrations marking the trio’s.
I couldn’t believe she was marking her territory already.
Then he recalled a tale about children who left a marking.
We counted the days by marking an X on our calendar every.
Grey stones were put on the snowy ground, marking a square.
Marking or Spraying: Cats do this to mark their territory.
Five points had been starred on the map with a marking pen.
He stopped in front of a grave with two boulders marking it.
Seven is God’s marking impact and six is the humanity show.
He spotted glass balls filled with a liquid marking the path.
A giant dead possum is marking the spot where the gas leak is.
We joined the boat at Millbank, near a stubby pillar marking.
Surgeons use medical marking pens; they are using shallow wounds.
Tokens; with heads of State printed on them, marking their value.
One wore a purple-hemmed chiton, marking him as a member of the.
The lightening thunders were marking flashes of lights in the sky.
As a society, we’ve found ways of marking these transitions with.
Dumond reluctantly pulled out a pen and began marking through names.
The file was returned without any marking or signatures as if the.
So Caesar marked the spot.
This drone is not marked.
I PRESSED THE bell marked T.
Yet, I perceived a marked.
The fire danger was marked.
The Empire is marked in red.
This marked the border with.
A gang brand marked his skin.
He just marked you, as taken.
The bar marked A in Figure 6.
All those pills are marked.
This marked the beginning of.
A golden, ornate LM marked it.
Two monuments marked the place.
Only one line marked the paper.
He pressed the one marked 'E'.
Her arms were marked with scars.
FIRST WATCH: He is a marked man.
But few marked what Isildur did.
Its pitch seal was marked with.
In some cases, there is marked.
It had been marked double urgent.
I have marked the relevant pages.
I know that I’m a marked kitty.
Vincent’s have marked the hours.
You see it marked here in the map.
Lustrium plates marked the grave.
At the point marked A in Figure 7.
Its arrival would be marked with.
It causes marked distress and is.
Do you see? I've marked every day.
The small crescents marked on the.
She went to the one marked library.
We placed our teams on the marked.
I marked the spot upon my own head.
That marked his initiation into sex.
He marked the spot with an x.
It had gas marked on it in Russian.
His political life had been marked.
Do you see? I’ve marked every day.
I set up some marks.
We saw bite marks on.
I don't want any marks.
The number 3 marks the.
Off to find easier marks.
No signs of needle marks.
The marks he left on my.
The burn marks and water.
Marks will be lost for a.
Anthony Marks, that was it.
Wiggles for rope burn marks.
On that line put five marks.
Cut marks on the skull and.
It paid me thirty-five marks.
Chief Marks wants to see you.
At least her marks were good.
The ashplant marks his stride.
Punctuation Marks in the name.
The marks are perfectly fresh.
Pedal marks indicate the use.
The bullets had left no marks.
The purple and green marks on.
Plus, I found the needle marks.
I called Greg Marks from the car.
He has no marks of distinction.
Note the char marks on his skin.
Count up all the marks required.
Count up all the marks obtained.
No smoke damage, no scorch marks.
The makers of the marks and the.
What about the saw marks?
Apparently, he saw the bite marks.
All bore the marks of devastation.
What about the marks on the body?
A slight crease marks his forehead.
Silver marks are rare in our kind.
Well that marks the end of my area.
I began in earnest to raise my marks.
Follow the scratch marks on the rock.
Many marks were inked on it, he said.

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