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    1. Each time you lose a pound you can mark it as completed

    2. When you're achieving those steps, mark them off

    3. Menopause was assumed to mark an end in women's interest in sex

    4. Confirm plans verbally with your surgeon; mark areas to be treated

    5. Mark: 16:17: And these signs shall follow them that

    6. Though it met its mark, he'd not tightened the drawstring the full amount

    7. Mark your city map with dots or stickers to show where you work, live, and spend time

    8. Ask him or her to mark on their city map their school, house, library, etc

    9. “This is a mark of my trust

    10. This signature is a mark of my honesty

    11. His wide variety of clients - including in the past, such celebrities as Olivia Newton-John and Mark Harmon, attests to his effectiveness in connecting with people who share his motto (“happy, healthy, holy”) when it comes to living and interacting with the natural surroundings

    12. "He had another mark

    13. An event so important that it was worth a permanent mark on the skin, first to assure success, second to commemorate once it had taken place

    14. "He's got a mark on his forehead

    15. ‘Yes, I’m sure it was all right when we came back with the paint yesterday – I’d have noticed if there was a mark like that on it

    16. "The time till then is not even a small mark on the future we have in front of us

    17. healing I would mark it with a yellow post-it

    18. He tells us we are two weeks over due and our debts, which had both been at around the €3000 mark are now over €13000 and weekly payments have been upped from just over €250 per week to over €1000 a week to get them paid off within term

    19. condition of the tree after that (Mark 11:14)

    20. In Australia and New Zealand no-one willingly has this mark put to their skin

    21. It is a mark of humiliation at the hands of other prisoners, a warning to the prison population about who and what you are

    22. Why couldn't it be this guy? But there was a mark on the forehead of the guy in the picture, a crescent shape

    23. His arm was covered in tattoos which showed up as dark shadows under the black light, but one mark fluoresced more brightly than the others

    24. "Look, I respect your tradition Travis, and I respect everything that you had to do in order to gain that mark, but you have seen what they are capable of, you saw what happened to Rocco

    25. without the mark of human death, a time when lone wolves would appear as out of the

    26. The word is a seed (Mark 4)

    27. She could barely mark up a cherub

    28. The only difference between us is the mark on my head

    29. Mark 16:15,16; Luke 24:47; John 20:23)

    30. A small spiral bound notepad and a short, stubby pencil, just like the ones my father might use to mark his score when playing golf at Ouzai

    31. The Kid and the others, Matthew and Mark as I have come to call them as the misting of memory reduces them in my mind’s eye, the ones who spoke about their God and their belief, they all tried to impress on me the truth of love and vengeance

    32. I could not mark the world with my anger, but by looking my demons in the eye, by taking that black heart of oblivion in my imaginary hands and squeezing it until it burst, I found the strength to stand as a man in the darkness

    33. have two children, Laura, who lives in Chicago, IL and Mark of Littleton, CO

    34. Klowee had her first decade and was introduced to the privileges and responsibilities of a one decade in the native tradition with only a vedn cake frosted with whipped sugar froth to mark customs of Earth, a token of which only he and Beeta partook

    35. Just the fact that his home was proudly built out of cut timber and earthenware block was enough to mark it as foreign

    36. She saw a time to come when the world would be at peace and left without the mark of human death, a time when lone wolves would appear as out of the air to reclaim their eternal place in the heart

    37. The story actually starts in Mark 4

    38. In Mark chapter 6, Jesus is back where good religion tells you you’re supposed to stay

    39. also great for balancing one’s health given the kind of eating Most runs have their watering stations at every 5-km mark

    40. ”’ – Mark Dery

    41. in a bright red t-shirt, as a mark of respect

    42. mark the passing of a moment on a Friday afternoon

    43. that mark the years and days of families

    44. passing signs that mark places of living,

    45. a myth, my name a mark upon the grave,

    46. bearing the mark of the wheel

    47. we still mark spots on maps with monsters

    48. fall short of the day's mark

    49. It had probably landed in an uninhabited area because it was the size of a building and would have left a mark

    50. I could still make out the heel mark in the shattered glass

    1. The other was a faded old geological map of the Gengee, where a desolate wasteland deep in the West Gengee Empty was marked up in Portuguese

    2. Today only a couple little salt lakes, one hundred and two hundred miles in length, marked the bottom of the sea that had been trapped in the highlands a thousand Earth years ago

    3. The stages in concentration are themselves well marked and can be stated as follows:

    4. marked the boundary of Aunt Billie’s little estate

    5. They walk down some more stairs, head toward a door marked

    6. Two vials of insulin clearly marked with professionally preprinted identifying pharmaceutical labels

    7. Capped lancets with a glucose meter marked with the manufacturer's name

    8. The security official was of Nigerian ethnicity, like Joshua and Daniel themselves He recognized the facial scars that marked out their family and tribe across their cheeks

    9. Enough to put the notion into the head of a baggage handler that the brand new bright pink carry-on there, ostensibly marked for that very flight, was actually intended for a different airline entirely

    10. It was the drive status screen, all entries were marked unavailable

    11. Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen

    12. ancestors coded and catalogued us, when they marked us out as a lesser breed, even

    13. I was marked out

    14. What signs did I miss on London’s streets? When was I marked out? Why was I here? And always that last question, one that persists even now that I am safe and at home here in Beirut

    15. The physical discomfort that marked out my time alone was matched by a succession of mental aches and pains

    16. He thought once again of the stages of evolution, this stage is marked by conflict between the urge to be an individual and the urge to be part of a greater organism

    17. On this planet it is the decades of age that are marked and neither had reached their first, when they will be considered a child

    18. They sat in areas marked by destination signs over a section of tables

    19. The ones we haven't marked up are pretty out of date

    20. [most] marked Africa’s 20th century history

    21. He continued to curse the dog that dared to stalk his halls this early in the day, but thought better of raising his voice in anger when he saw the shaggy shape of the bear that marked Citizen Danton out from the usual visitors

    22. His existence, such as it was in the bosom of La Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen Marat’s regular outbursts

    23. And then, when your ancestors coded and catalogued us, when they marked us out as a lesser breed, even then we stood the prejudices and the spite

    24. marked by the run of tears falling

    25. Four unidentified items marked as ‘belonging to my mother’ … ‘a small silk bag containing locks of Karentze’s hair as a child’ … JJ must have those things … a section headed ‘For Karalintze’ which only showed numbered containers

    26. The woman unlocked the door marked ‘Personal Items’ and pushed it open

    27. marked on the side of a conning tower

    28. He has the silver markings on his back and around his eyes that marked him as part of Jake’s army

    29. have marked the gaps in my world

    30. Practice this exercise every day and you will soon notice a marked improvement in your posture and a new feeling of freedom from backache and a new feeling of lightness as your straightening spine allows your lungs to take in more oxygen

    31. The feathers round its eyes are beautifully marked with delicate black stripes

    32. The way you have adjusted and dealt with your grief and your pain has marked you as a leader

    33. Your gentleness with Lady Elizabeth, thinking of her need over your own, this marked you as a man of great compassion

    34. In fact, Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick

    35. Each desperate contestant was made to stand in front of the panel of judges on a spot marked with a silver star, and almost without fail the judges poured torrents of scorn and condescension down upon their heads

    36. Crates marked Afghan, Uzbek, Cyr, Scy, Ity, Try, Cthge and every Greek island including Faria stacked high to the roof on galleries along four or five avenues

    37. ‘It was in the post … marked ‘private and confidential’ … the envelope’s here in the bin

    38. He got away, just barely, but she marked him with that sword of hers

    39. He is from the ‘First’ line; marked with a white streak down his mane

    40. Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick

    41. front of the panel of judges on a spot marked with a silver star, and

    42. 7And he put forth a parable to those which were bidden, when he marked how they

    43. ’ Owen argued, ‘It’s a marked difference so there has to be a cause somewhere

    44. An elderly, but very dapper man dining with two other, younger men, who I have privately marked down as probably belonging to the gay community, exclaims loudly and, rising, makes a dramatic exit, leaving the other two at the table

    45. He picks up a set of kitchen measures and selects the one marked up as tablespoon sized

    46. "So I saw" says Davie with marked ill humour

    47. Once the business with Shaun was concluded and Ted Line's cards were marked, he slipped out the back door, choosing discretion rather than confrontation

    48. of fir marked the boundary between lowlands and

    49. The carpet in the downstairs bar area is dark and pock marked with cigarette burns and as Bex and Leona walk through the club they find their shoes sticking to the carpet

    50. was told that he was being marked down as a candidate for the

    1. Theo had seen this marking before

    2. sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered

    3. I counted the days not by marking the passing of the usual solar landmarks, but by reckoning the drift between waking anger and dreams that always twisted in chimerical fear

    4. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly of empire in the heavens

    5. The bar codes were an irrelevance, made obsolete by gene marking and biometrics, but the simple fact of their visibility made them an essential part of the control

    6. We pass a sign marking a junction on the M6 – what did those instructions say? Oh yes - junction 10a is the one we need – to Shrewsbury

    7. There were no signs or marking,

    8. Shaun is learning the trade, marking time while he builds a future, well aware of the rumours that Jock is getting ready to sell up

    9. However, the men soon discarded their outer garments, warmed by the labour of digging - the sweat marking dark shadows on their t-shirts

    10. the far side of the tennis court was a line of trees marking the

    11. They went to each of the evenly spaced little stakes marking the next post's location

    12. The road is quiet and Billy is vaguely aware of bird song, of blackbirds and robins marking territory and singing out loud to keep their tiny little hearts from bursting

    13. ’ Sally said, scrawling on the marking sheet

    14. red pen in hand, marking not only that class’s papers but every class’s of Mr

    15. You know, there's no way of marking time

    16. "He marked me, so the others would leave me alone?" she wasn't sure if she liked the thought of his marking her, it sounded like something a dog did to his territory

    17. marking the place as the Cross of Charles

    18. She moved with haste, familiar with the landscape and guide posts of rubble and debris marking the path before her

    19. Just two days after the celebrations marking the trio’s

    20. One wore a purple-hemmed chiton, marking him as a member of the

    21. " Arkaneh shoved his shovel into the ground, marking the place to bury the bodies

    22. ‘It’s not marking ‘cos it isn’t of this realm Dan

    23. world with a big read 'X' marking your location, but

    24. They went through the house and stowed family items deep into the recesses of the cellar with Elizabeth methodically marking each item and entering them into a small notebook

    25. Close behind the trenches the Spanish dead had been hurriedly covered with earth, and the road to the city was strewn with dead horses, marking the cavalry retreat of the First

    26. The marking aircraft always attacked from the opposite side from where the fast jets (Hunters) would come in for the strike to divert attention away from the strike

    27. As it had lain hidden amongst the pine needles, the whitish spots marking the snakes back reflected the dim moonlight back up at him, giving away the adder's presence

    28. Increasing municipal and state government budget deficits, occasioned by reckless spending by both political parties at a time most could actually boast a budget surplus, (no saving money for a rainy day) has government officials marking time exploring imaginative ways of speeding up the process so they might obtain the money faster

    29. I was unceremoniously shoved into the kitchen and heard the door slam behind me with a finality marking a new beginning to my life

    30. In his left hand, was a small book with a finger marking the place?

    31. The permanent marking had spoiled over the years

    32. “Oh, yeah, I think Mason painted them with that silver line marking paint

    33. He shook instinctively, ash marking the spot of the slight burn on his skin

    34. And all of this was due to this marking? The marking, which also Elior had on his shoulder

    35. and showed his wife the marking that he was speaking

    36. The golden pennants with the darker marking of the seven-star swayed above their heads and thousands of voices were now raised in the lamentation sing for the eight hundred and thirty two of their kind whom they now buried under hills of stone

    37. marking pens on a table next his rotating chair

    38. Tobias, blood trailing down the side of his face and marking his white shirt with red; Tobias, fellow Divergent, standing in the mouth of this furnace in which I will burn

    39. Through the windows along the back of the control room, I see the same empty night sky as the one above the city, interrupted only by small blue and red lights marking the runways for airplanes

    40. It leaves a circle of light on the target, marking the impact site

    41. So far we have learned that the burial process and marking of the grave is a scriptural practise and not merely old-fashioned tradition

    42. It was her way of marking how life in this reality had only had true beauty to her when he was in her life

    43. marking the entrances or doorways of their houses with the blood of a ram, at the

    44. I had left the camp in the capable hands of Ah Uk and with Sacook was at the road head marking the path it would take

    45. The Jews did this at Passover by marking the entrances or doorways

    46. • If other than above, then marking will be binary 11

    47. safe?” Xen closed her notebook, marking her place with her pen

    48. much to cook, lack of cash saw to that, but at least it would be something a little different, marking out one day in the year as being special

    49. marking placed so as not to harm the animal‘s health

    50. I was busy marking up a map showing home totals delivered by a TV station in each county of its coverage

    1. evidence of cats, namely the empty tins of food, scratch marks on the back of the

    2. Ricci makes little quotation marks in the air with this fingers

    3. He makes little quotation marks in the air with his fingers

    4. On attaining the age of two, near puberty, the child is considered an adolescent and three marks the beginning of adulthood

    5. For the most part we relied on the vague memory of days and the scratched marks that we made to count them on the walls of our cell

    6. We first joined with them again a couple of days into the New Year, and saw upon them the tell-tale marks of a similar beating

    7. The sails were all furled to little check marks and still they were buffeting the ship this way and that as the wind swirled and gusted

    8. Cut marks on the skull and

    9. he counts scattered claw marks

    10. marks distempered time with the brittle brass

    11. trailing marks of green on late winter frost,

    12. what point in time, marks the crossing

    13. marks the crossing of that far horizon

    14. canals of mortar, marks the spot where he is buried

    15. This leads me into wiping down the draining board, for which I need to run some hot water and before I know where I am, I’m wiping down the cupboard doors, rubbing at the marks on the fridge door and starting on the shelves

    16. He got hundred per cent marks in the

    17. that Ish kissed on screen (and left saliva marks all over), took six wickets, and

    18. Some faint hoof marks gave him hope, and he eagerly followed them into the dense forest

    19. " She marks his card and returns to the subject at hand

    20. Well that marks the end of my area

    21. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees with his chin in his cupped hands, and starts to count the scuff marks on the floor

    22. "I bet she hasn't shit in them", Maggie mutters to herself, a reference to ancient tradition that marks out the true devotee

    23. ‘Then how do ya explain the marks of teeth gouged

    24. calculators were pounded over and over, and marks on paper were chiseled down

    25. thorns found their marks in his legs

    26. ‘Look, there are marks there on the cliff – it looks as though something heavy slid down it recently

    27. ” He placed two equally spaced marks on the circle between each of the points of the triangle

    28. He has to know that Ken and Jock are history and that the slate is clean, or, if not clean, that at least the chalk marks are illegible

    29. Faber the former headmaster, there has not been any student who has responded to the Malvern Entrance Examinations with the full marks of a perfect score

    30. The purple and green marks on

    31. was paintless, primed in gray, with sand marks in several areas around its base and

    32. Worse than that, there had been many times she had to spend hours trying to get a person to grasp the concept that marks on paper could represent the sounds of speech

    33. He received full marks during his Hundred year, largely due to it covering subjects and skills for which he had already demonstrated mastery

    34. Harry plowed through the Summer Term receiving marks of Distinction for his every assignment, and the preliminary term of his Sixth Form years was passed

    35. His cape was slightly torn from the battle, and his suit had a few scorch marks

    36. "Then why’d you pull away?" he asked taking the cup she offered, with a puzzled look upon his face "I don't understand, what have I done to make you fear me, if you don't blame me for the marks?"

    37. "But then I saw the marks, the ones I, if not personally placed there – allowed to happen" he struggled with each word

    38. will be the thing that marks them, and the

    39. In America the fraudulent tapes were re-examined and bore marks that confirmed their irregularity

    40. "Ouch! Come here you little fiend!" Alec said, swatting at the air with one hand while covering the claw marks on his cheek with the other

    41. And he marks well both the time and place, for the Life-Light is all important

    42. With the greater part of rich people, the chief enjoyment of riches consists in the parade of riches ; which, in their eye, is never so complete as when they appear to possess those decisive marks of opulence which nobody can possess but themselves

    43. "Absolute nonsense" said Betty brushing her sleeves down and buttoning her cuffs, "But full marks for a very pretty tale, and thank for having us all the same, it was decent of you to rescue us

    44. The difference in their accounts of the populousness of several other principal towns of Chili and Peru is nearly the same ; and as there seems to be no reason to doubt of the good information of either, it marks an increase which is scarce inferior to that of the English colonies

    45. You don’t need to enter the quotation marks as MS Access will automatically do this

    46. • A historical event marks the end of a period and,

    47. It bears the evident marks of having originally been, what the honest and downright Doctor Douglas assures us it was, a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat their creditors

    48. The young Breton woman had impressed at every turn, sometimes asking a few too many questions about marks and what earned them the Guild’s attention

    49. box but they kept crawling out, increasing the bite marks

    50. Many marks were inked on it, he said

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