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    1. We hustled through the, by now, usual steps: a rapid and perfunctory wash, followed by a hasty breakfast of bread and water

    2. When her long range scanners were calibrated and routines set in, she did a perfunctory internal scan of the ship itself

    3. received a perfunctory kiss with no eye contact

    4. A perfunctory call had been placed, just to cover all bases, to the City of Limon Police Department, technically independent, but administered by the Port Authority

    5. While they were not searched, there was a demand each time to see their passports, and each time, Colling also handed over 100 zlotys in payment of what the men who described themselves as the militia called an “impost,” which seemed to be the only requirement to their being allowed to pass, because examination of their papers was perfunctory in both cases

    6. Any way back to academia, because the Law Reviewers had cushy jobs lined up after successful second year internships with hot shit firms in LA, SF, Chicago, and NYC, classes were perfunctory, attendance voluntary, no hard academic work was done by any of the five of us

    7. In a perfunctory look to the north, he suddenly realized, “The pillar of fire and the cloud, they're

    8. grumbled and gave her perfunctory hugs and kisses

    9. “The civilization was not perfunctory, but universal and all-pervading – furnishing the country not only with political systems, but with social and domestic institutions of the most ramified description

    10. His monologue seemed more perfunctory and less spirited than before

    11. The Commodore then proceeded to give his perfunctory death soliloquy---it was to be a short one

    12. When he did his responses were curt and perfunctory

    13. Just a perfunctory see-through of your hold and you’re free to go, Captain Carron

    14. Disorder (PTSD) in the DSM-IIIR is still perfunctory in its inclusion of women's

    15. The obligatory inspections were perfunctory

    16. Seeing nothing new in the inbox on the corner of his crowded desk, he glanced around in a perfunctory manner as if to ensure that everything was still in its proper place

    17. With a perfunctory laugh, Wickland replied rather arrogantly, “It is a delicate situation that is for certain

    18. He then patted her down for a pistol, but his search was quite perfunctory and he didn’t bother feeling the inside of her legs

    19. The Saudi prince painted a perfunctory smile on his face and bowed slightly to Koslov

    20. A group of two Spetsnaz commandos did effect a short patrol around the bow section in the morning, but their inspection tour proved to be a perfunctory one, with the Russians only entering the main compartments to look briefly inside for anything unusual

    21. Jack went back in the house and performed a perfunctory search for evidence, which appeared in

    22. The young doctor gave me a perfunctory 20 second check by feeling my

    23. “I see,” Captain Hanes said, giving her a perfunctory smile before forming a steeple with his fingers

    24. ” With that perfunctory end to the exchange, he grabbed his son by

    25. perfunctory bygones blessed by the maker Aum

    26. Dr Singh droned on monotonously for about forty minutes about the UPA’s track record over a decade in government—from RTI to NREGA to the proposed food security bill, he pressed all the usual buttons in a rather perfunctory manner

    27. That may be the reason that I started answering the other hated perfunctory question -

    28. Later, when every softly spoken conversation was exhausted, the heartfelt (and perfunctory) toasts made, Hunter and his friends escaped back to Astley Manor

    29. Neither prophets nor messiahs have any time for ritualized religion or perfunctory spirituality, for these are products of a belief system's treaty with the status quo

    30. Then they settle down in the corners of the sofa and talk about the things they really want to talk about--neighbours, food, servants, pastors, illnesses, Providence; beginning, since I was ill, with a perfunctory inquiry from the visitor as to the health of _die gute_ Rose-Marie

    31. What are perfunctory bedroom prayers hurried through in an atmosphere of blankets, to this deep abasement of the spirit before the majesty of heaven? And as a consecration of what should be yet one more happy day, of what value are those hasty morning devotions, disturbed by fears lest the coffee should be getting cold and that person, present in every household, whose property is always to reprove, be more than usually provoked, compared to going out into the freshness of the new day and thanking God deliberately under His own wide sky for having been so good to us? I know that when I had done my open-air _Te Deum_ up there in the sun-flooded space among the shimmering bracken I went on my way with a lightheartedness never mine after indoor religious exercises

    32. The Perfunctory and Cons in Yogic practices:

    33. Among others whom he called up was Langhorne, and the conversation with him was as perfunctory as possible, consisting merely in repeating his name, followed by an apology from Kennedy for "calling the wrong number

    34. Consequently her kiss was of the sort that was to be expected, perfunctory and brief, whereupon Wemyss said, 'Lucy----' in his hurt voice

    35. His telephone did not ring and none of his colleagues said anything other than the perfunctory greeting

    36. During the past year, he had seldom bothered to show up, and when he did he had made a perfunctory appear -

    37. His hands started on their journey over her upper torso his perfunctory technique crude in its baseness

    38. ” She said it almost perfunctory and pressed on

    39. Nothing short of mundane and perfunctory aawargi (recklessness) would satiate his soul

    40. They gave Elm and Hemlock a quick perfunctory glance and continued with their own conversations

    41. His examination had been perfunctory

    42. Captain Hiro nodded his head forward in a perfunctory bow, which was soon followed by the rest of his officers in attendance

    43. There was an equally perfunctory clap of applause from a smattering of those in the crowd as Katie smiling big bowed over as if she’d gotten a standing ovation, even as she most likely had just given the drummer and electric guitarist situated behind her and eye full

    44. He shakes Carter’s hand in the most perfunctory manner possible, then immediately walks to the side of the stage, where he can look out over the Massachusetts delegation

    45. His nod to the prior and prioress was so perfunctory as to

    46. “I’ll try the cathedral,” Caris said, and with a perfunctory wave she left

    47. was so entirely perfunctory and pointless, that I was sure he had not in the least followed my remarks

    48. She had never given him more than perfunctory courtesy before, outstretched to his almost took his breath away

    49. him more than perfunctory courtesy and it was very flattering to have a former belle like He visibly expanded under her interest

    50. These and other of his words were nothing but the perfunctory babble of the surface while the depths remained paralyzed

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    casual cursory passing perfunctory superficial pro forma regular thoughtless involuntary artificial habitual unreasoning